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The Parables of Jesus part 2 Opening Prayer The Parables Great Physician (Mark 2:13-17) Discussion / Questions Why

Why do you think the Pharisees asked the disciples why Jesus was eating with sinners and tax collectors? (Trying to find him doing something wrong) Why did Jesus compare the sick to sinners? (the sick need help and sinners need help) If the sick need a doctor then who do sinners need? (Jesus)

Divided Kingdom (Mark 3:20-27) Discussion / Questions Both Jesus' family and the Pharisees accussed Jesus of being crazy and/or working with or for satan. Why did his family or associates say he was out of his mind? (maybe embarassment or fear) Why did the Pharisees say he was possessed? (Trying to frame him or turn them against him) Jesus refers to dividing a kingdom or house. Neither can stand or stay in tact if they are against themselves. He makes this point to illustrate the reason why he is not possessed, for why would satan drive out hisself or part of his kingdom? In verse 27 Jesus refers to a strong man being tied up and his house being plundered. Who is the strong man a reference to? (satan) What is the strong man's house? (the world) How is Jesus plundering it? (by driving out demons)

Christian Light (Mark 4:21-23) Discussion / Questions What is the lamp that Jesus refers to in this parable? (the Gospel, the message of our salvation, the truth God has made evident to us as Christians) What does Jesus mean when he says you do not cover it but place it on a stand? (that which God has given us is meant to be shared with all (put on a stand) and not kept for ourselves (hidden)) What does Jesus mean in the repetition of verse 22? (that which was given to us intimately and personally in private is meant to be revealed)

Growing Seed (Mark 4:26-29) Questions / Discussion Jesus here is comparing the kingdom of heaven [from start on earth to transition to heaven] to the way that seed is planted, grows, and eventually matures to be harvested. Comparing the parable to what they represent what does the seed represent? (Christians) What about the seed sprouting and growing? (the progression of a Christian life from acceptance of salvation and the process that ensue thereafter) What does being ripe mean then? (your purpose to do God's will on earth has ended) What does he mean by putting the sickle to it since the harvest has come? (going home to heaven)

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