TMSA – Tanker Management And Self Assessment

Risk Assessment, Incident Investigation and Management of Change By- Capt. Mirza A. Nasir

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• SOLAS – A result of sinking of the TITANIC. • • • •
Concentrated on Hull design, communications. MARPOL – Originated from the grounding of the Torrey Canyon in 1967. Again, concentrates on material requirements. OPA 90 – the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989 – Double Hulls and Rapid Response Groups. ISM Code – First approach towards systems. TMSA – An amplification of ISM. Even more compliance driven than ISM and leading to improvement of Company’s SMS.
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TMSA – Tanker Management And Self Assessment
More than 2 Years have been passed since OCIMF has given guidelines “TMSA” to ship operators. And Nearly all ship-operators have implemented TMSA in their system.

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TMSA - A practical approach towards improvement in safe operating systems adopted by Ship operators.

•An amplification of ISM to make pillars of safety

stronger (SOLAS, MARPOL, ISM and STCW). •Even more compliance driven than ISM? •A comprehensive guide on managing vessel operations. •A benchmarking tool giving checklist of key performance indicators. •A lot of work for the Safety & Quality Department including various other dept! •More emphasis on the shore staff of organization including their retention period.
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Both Elements are related very closely in a continuous process in form of chain. • Incident Analysis & Incident Management • Basic.Management of change 2.TMSA 1. Element 7 . Element 8 – Incident Investigation and Analysis. with following Key achievers. contributing & Root Cause Analysis • Control and Elimination of cause • Risk Assessment & Risk management • Change analysis Univan Ship Mangement Limited 5 .

Element 7 –Management of Change Change – A Law of Universe Univan Ship Mangement Limited 6 .

Why.What. When and where? What? • It is the process. Univan Ship Mangement Limited 7 . tool and technique to manage the change in the present running system. How. It is used to achieve the required outcomes and to realize the change effectively within the individual change agent.Element 7 -Change Management Fundamental approach .

Element 7 -Change Management Why? • To ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes. Univan Ship Mangement Limited 8 . in order to minimize the impact of change related incidents upon service quality and consequently to improve the routine& critical operations of the organization.

• Improvement in the strength of barrier • Change Analysis • Barrier Analysis Univan Ship Mangement Limited 9 . • KPI and statistical data.Element 7 -Change Management How? • By Risk assessment and Analysis.

Element 7 -Change Management When? • If it has been Occurred? • If it is Identified? • If it is scheduled? Univan Ship Mangement Limited 10 .

during port approach. Univan Ship Mangement Limited 11 .Element 7 -Change Management Where? • Physical location – on board the ship or in shore organization • Environmental conditions – out at sea. in port.

Change . Significant 5. Univan Ship Mangement Limited 12 .An action resulting in a new infrastructure. Minor 4. -Categories of Change3. Major 6. Urgent Categories are debatable with undefined scope boundaries.


Univan Ship Mangement Limited 14 .Procedure for “ Change” • • • • • • • • • Need – To continue or improve the system Requirements – Personnel or Data Request – By Ship or shore Acceptance – By SQM/Tech/Ops Manager Action – Revised process Risk Assessment – By Ship and shore organization Approval – By Chairman/ Advisory board Implementation – on ship or shore Change Analysis – Deviation between what is expected and what actually happened.

Unplanned 1. Planned 2.Types of Changes 1.Pre approved or Standard Changes Minor – Change in the Emergency Muster station Major – Change in Hot work Check List • • Univan Ship Mangement Limited 15 . Planned Changes.

2. Unplanned Changes Urgent Change – Requires faster steps • Change in Organization (unexpected Sign off of key personnel on board. resignation of key staff on shore) • Impact of change (on ship and company) • Personnel's affected by change (directly or in directly) Univan Ship Mangement Limited 16 .

Sub . Directly • Process In directly • Equipments • Personnel • Responsibilities • Regulatory bodies • Documentation/ PMS Univan Ship Mangement Limited 17 .Types of Changes .

-Implementation of Electronic Data Control System  Existing process -Amendments in Passage plan format -Change in frequency of QMS review Univan Ship Mangement Limited 18 .CHANGE IN PROCESS • Types of Process  New process -Installation of ECDIS on board.

CHANGE IN EQUIPMENT Addition Replacement Removal from service Reduction in performance Modification Univan Ship Mangement Limited 19 .

e.e. Manager Support organization – i. Master Shore Organization – i. Agent etc Univan Ship Mangement Limited 20 .CHANGE IN PERSONNEL On board Organization – i.e.

Training .CHANGE IN RESPONSIBILITIES Leading to Process Promotions .Evaluation .Experience and Age Univan Ship Mangement Limited 21 .

ICS etc Univan Ship Mangement Limited 22 . IMO.CHANGE IN REGULATORY BODIES • Change of CLASS • Change of FLAG • Change of Regulations by Class. Flag.

Vision • • • • • • • On Shore Safety Management Committee Yearly targets with KPI Quarterly Review/ Status of Targets Analysis with Statistics Objectives achieved Change in process if required Change Analysis Univan Ship Mangement Limited 23 .How we go about Change Management? 1.

New Process in our companyElectronic Document Control System “IORA” – Used by US Navy Update and feed Back by ship staff Compression of Data during Export/Import Update and feed Back by shore staff SHIP SHORE Univan Ship Mangement Limited 24 .

Inspection. Audits.New Process.Document Control System Electronic Document Control System– IORA • Shipboard QMS review • Onshore management review • Incident reporting • Risk Analysis • Changes in SMS • Update of rules & regulation • Defects status tracking – VIR. Supplies of Stores & Spares • Update of ANTM for Chart correction Univan Ship Mangement Limited 25 . PSC.

Existing Process in our Company -Examples 1. Take over of Vessel in fleet • Pre joining & sailing of Senior officers • General Inspection by pre joiners • Familiarization by pre joiners • Superintendent’s role • Other Sailing Staff • Effectiveness of Checks as per SMS Univan Ship Mangement Limited 26 .

Change of Sailing Staff • • • • • Handing Over report Taking Over report Familiarization Feed back from the company Contingency preparation – back up Univan Ship Mangement Limited 27 .2.

depending upon the rank Company’s Criteria Individual capability Appraisal reports Joint Decision/ interview/ evaluation Familiarization Specialized training if required Univan Ship Mangement Limited 28 .3. Promotion Process • • • • • • • • Carrier development record Parallel sailing .

if applicable • Change Management Every Change requires Risk Assessment Univan Ship Mangement Limited 29 .Risk assessment for routine and non routine Tasks • Initial Risk Assessment • Detailed Risk assessment • Change of Authorization.

Element 8: Incident Investigation & Analysis Univan Ship Mangement Limited 30 .

Incident Investigation& Analysis • INCIDENT.Any event which is not part of standard operation and which causes or may cause. an interruption to. or a reduction in the quality of that operation is an incident Univan Ship Mangement Limited 31 .

7.Incident is followed by1. Immediate Correction Investigation Corrective Action Preventive action Risk Assessment & Risk Management Change in Process Change Analysis Univan Ship Mangement Limited 32 . 2. 6. 5. 3. 4.

Correction . Suppliers. Class. Corrective Action and Preventive Action and Corrective agents • Correction: To resume the normal and safe operation on board the vessel after detection of direct cause. coast Guards etc) Univan Ship Mangement Limited 33 . • Corrective Action: Measure taken to Control the cause • Preventive Measure: Measure taken to Eliminate the cause “Corrective Agents” are• Ship Staff • Company Staff • External Bodies (Port Authorities. Flag. Port agents. MRCC.

Example • Incident: Fire during use of cutting torch due to flash back. Use of Flash back arrestor in cutting torch on all ships.Install the Flash back arrestor in Cutting torch. .Change in the procedure of checking the Cutting Torch & Nozzle. . • Correction: . Univan Ship Mangement Limited 34 .Circulation of Safety Alert in company and all fleet vessels. • Corrective Action: • Preventive Measure: - .Extinguish the fire.

Suptd. • Assessment – Equipment/ Material/ Personnel/ Design/ • Analysis of Records .Logs. • Report of findings • Over all Analysis and Result Univan Ship Mangement Limited Training Deficiency/ Management Problem 35 . • Inspection – Safety & Quality Auditor. Statements etc. Maintenance schedule etc • Collection of Evidences – Photographs.Incident Investigation By study the case to investigate the Root cause of Incident. Interview.

• Change Management – Change and Change Analysis Univan Ship Mangement Limited 36 .Implementation of Change • Risk Analysis & Risk Management – by key personnel and trained concerned staff.

• we can say that we are doing Analysis on Safety Barrier of the operating processes and procedures of company and bringing the changes in the system by improving the strength of the “Safety barrier”. Univan Ship Mangement Limited 37 .What we are achieving by “Change management” and “Incident Investigation and Analysis”? • An improvement in system process to enhance safety in all operations by Ship Operators.

Analysis on Failure of Safety Barrier • • • • • • Performance Functioning Design of barrier Maintenance of barrier Result of Dormant energy or Unwanted Flow of energy What are the changes required to rebuilt the safety barrier stronger? Univan Ship Mangement Limited 38 .

Safety Barrier Strength.Brick in the wall BAR TE M S DORMANT ENERGY SY S RIE R S ACCIDENT IPM E NT ” KE Y HAZARDS M AN AG E RO CE DU RE S EN T FA CI LI TI ES ICE S M AC T PR PE OP L EA RE ACTIVE ENERGY EQ U /P & TH E” Flow of Energy 39 Univan Ship Mangement Limited .

Change Analysis and 3. Univan Ship Mangement Limited 40 . 2. Incident Analysis. Barrier Analysis.Chain of Continual improvement in the Safety Systems by 1.

Element 7&8 “SAFETY BARRIER” IMPROVEMENT CHART Risk Assessment Control Cause Incident Correction Investigation Element 7 Corrective Action Eliminate Cause Preventive action Hazar d BARRIER Ship Organization Shore Organization Flag State Class Sur Errors •Reports •Evidences •Root Cause Analysis Process •Minor •Significant •Major •Urgent Management of Change Element 8 Improvement in barrier/ Barrier Analysis STCW Courses Training Simulators Internal Audits External Port Oil Majors/ Univan Ship Mangement Limited Audits Authorities PSC Insp. Company’s S & Q dept QMS Reviews 41 Seminars .•SMS-Procedures •Regulating Bodies •SOLAS •MARPOL •ISM •STCW •Various Codes Lead factoroperations “Incident – Change” Cycle .

Mirza A. Nasir Univan Ship Mangement Limited 42 . Stronger the barrier lesser the chances for the conversion of Hazards in to Incidents. – Capt.TMSA approach in Building Safety Barrier • “Hazard Reactor Dormant Energy” can be stopped by the Safety barrier before it changes into the “Active Energy” . There is no doubt that this safety barrier can be made stronger by using techniques and guidelines given by OCIMF through TMSA.

Background & Company Profile We have managed about 350 vessels of all types and sizes Univan Ship Mangement Limited 43 .

we have a diverse range of vessels under our full technical management (Total strength – 49 ships) Fle e t Ve sse l Type s Distribution 20 19 18 16 14 No of Vessels 12 12 BULK CARRIER TANKE R GE NE RAL CARGO CAR CARRIE R WOOD CHIP CARRIE R CONTAINE CARIER R VE OIL CARRIE G R SAIL YACHT 10 8 6 4 4 5 5 2 2 1 1 0 BULK TANKE R GENE RAL CAR CARRIER Univan Ship Mangement Limited WOOD CHIP CONTAINE R VE OIL G SAIL YACHT 44 .Fleet Composition Presently.

Univan Ship Mangement Limited 45 .• Thank You very Much for your valuable time.

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