Integration of Jyotihsāstra and Tantra
K. Chandra Hari

Any theory of astrology will be dumped as pseudoscience without any second thoughts by
arrogant champions of modern science. Such instant responses are simply imitation by way of
which prejudice goes contagious rather than an expression of scientific habit of mind.
Undoubtedly, astrology as is being practised and presented today is pseudoscience and futile
shall be any effort to defend the same. Conflicts, confusions and ambiguities are strewn all
around the so called astrology due to lack of scientific approach in chisling the junk corpus of
literature that has comes down to us through many dark centuries. Astrology as known gives
the allusions of a mathematical science such as Physics but modern astrologers lack immensely
in the ‘sense’ needed for a mathematician or physicist. Irrational and unscientific foundations
of the prevailing schools of thought in astrology may be amply illustrated using the ‘Paradox of
the Circle’.
Paradox of the Circle
The basic mathematical construct employed in astrology is the heavenly circle upon which the
planets can be conceived as moving from ascribed positions of 0
to 360
. In order to specify an
angle obviously there is the need for a reference point in the sky and a graduated circle and
astrologers truly bite the dust when confronted with questions of the reference point under use
for astrological angles.

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Where to choose the
zero? & Why?

Astrologers have no sense of science or sufficient exposure to science to realize that if the
astrological phenomenon entails the operation of some kind of force that is modeled in terms
of the heavenly circle vis-a-vis Zodiac, then it is necessary to have a unique zero point for
specifying planetary angles. Realization of a mathematical derivation and prediction ‘as an
event’ necessarily calls for the conception and modeling of a force implicit in the bio-cosmic
realms. Even as a pseudoscience that admits reasoning, it is imperative that astrologers need to
find answers for the questions such as:
1. Do they admit the operation of an ‘astrological force’ as causative of the destiny of
human lives?
2. If yes, how such an ‘astrological force’ is modeled to derive planetary angles
representative of the same?
3. How the model of the ‘astrological force’ and the predictive tools of astrology are
physically and mathematically related?
When we seek answers to the above questions, the paradox of the circle emerges in astrology –
astrologers find the zodiac as ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’ to borrow the
words of Winston Churchill. Astrologers invariably are at ludicrous maximum in their claims
of success but their mathematical construct – model of the ‘astrological force’ – can invoke
laughter in anyone acquainted with the basic notions of science in the use of system models for
predictive purposes. One can meet with a multitude of ‘Zodiac’ in astrology arising from
confusion and conflict in the choice of zero point and lack of clarity in respect of the
underlying physical rationale. Astrologers today have only vaugue notions about the
underlying physical force that translates a mathematical derivation into a predicted event i.e.
agency or cause factor of astrology is not experienced to such precision as to yield a
decipherment of the zero point of the model known as Zodiac. We can see multitude of models
in the study of atmospheric and meteorological phenomena but there such variation is
mandatory by the physical aspects of the problem whereas in astrology different mathematical
models are under use for characterizing the same physical entity and all models tend to claim
equal predictive successes. Therefore the astrological exercise even though often finds
description as mathematical in character, physically it is a beating around the bush and the
outcome is invariably statistical in nature, governed by laws of probability and to some extent
augmented by intuition. In a physical sense, the basic principle of astrology is the equivalence
of microcosm and macrocosm and the mathematical effort is to convert such equivalence into
a set of ‘longitude functions’ and ‘parameters’ vis-a-vis tools for prediction. Such equivalence
had to be unique and hence it becomes obvious that the mathematical construct representing
the same must be unique, there must be a unique zero point for the longitude functions.
Multiplicity of zero points and hence models to represent the same force and claims of success
with all such models leave astrology in a ludicrous realm farther from science and here we
meet with the second paradox of astrology.


Paradox of the Causative Force
Astrology can be perceived as a science, a logically consistent system of observations and
theory only if the astrologers are able to postulate and give evidence for a causative force. No
known forces of modern science can explain the astrological phenomena.
• Can there be a force unknown to modern science which manifests as the cause of
destiny? A force that can be described using cosmic longitude functions independent of
• If there exists such a subtle bio-cosmic force, how the same can be intercepted or
perceived/felt/observed and understood to be the underlying causative factor of a time-
model or Zodiac used in prognostication?
• Given the existence of such a force or medium/agency that causes the astrological
phenomena, how do the astrologers reconcile the multiple models with the single force?
In fact the above paradoxes are just the two sides of the same coin. Multiple Zodiacs have
come into existence owing to the inexperience of ‘an astrological force’ which may be spotted
mathematically by the astrologer. As for example, consider the case of the two well known
systems of Zodiac, Tropical and Sidereal. Both the tropicalists and siderealists claim success in
explaining the destiny of human beings but such ‘great astrologers’ miss out even the basic
reasoning power expected in a human being carrying nearly 1400 grams of brainy tissues.
• How can two longitude functions differing by more than twenty degrees successfully
address a complex phenomenon like life to yield successful predictions?
As is well known, the tropical Zodiac evolved out of the naked eye observations of nature and
the sky in tandem. Tropical Zodiac is Seasonal Zodiac and is tuned to the perceptible changes
in nature and phenomenon like day-night length variation. Equinoxes and solstices are
reference for the zero point and traditionally vernal equinox is accepted as the zero point and
thus zero point marks the human visual experience of the equal day and night of spring season.
But when considered in the context of astrological phenomena, there are two equinoxes which
are essentially the same – what is being called as spring equinox in the northern hemisphere is
autumnal equinox for the southern hemisphere and vice versa and thus there is no logical or
known phenomenal reasons to explain the choice of a zero point of the Zodiac with reference
to the northern hemisphere of the earth. If spring equinox is to be the zero point, then ideally
speaking the north and southern hemispheres of earth shall have life unfolding as per two
different schemes of ‘longitude functions’ that differ by 180
. Can such ‘an astrological force’
be conceived to justify the choice of the zero point? Can such a force be experienced within the
It is important to remember here that the Tropical Zodiac and the associated time reckoning
vis-a-vis Calendar and the Zodiac underlying the astrological phenomena may be two different
things. Seasonal changes are caused by solar insolation variations, wind patterns, oceanic
currents etc which are part of the giant macrocosmic energy spectrum and such forces have the

inherent regularity and irregularity which strike no parallels/correlations/ connections with
the human destiny or unfoldment of life in the perceived flow of time. Seasonal phenomena
and weather phenomena have interconnectedness but such forces find no reflection in the
temporal course of human life which has come to be described as destiny.
Even though the tropical zodiac stands out as based on the human experience of some natural
phenomena such as cycle of seasons vis-a-vis calendar, it is insufficient to explain the
‘astrological phenomena’ and the underlying causative force. But its conception and existence
is logical and scientific being tied up to visual logging of the seasonal cycle.
Tropical versus Sidereal
Here we have a ludicrous maximum. Sidereal astrologers having no sensible understanding of
any ‘astrological force’ derive longitude functions from the heavenly circle in the most arbitrary
way by decrementing the longitudes by varying arc lengths in the range 20
– 25
. Despite the
knowledge that the tropical zodiac is a mathematical model of the seasonal cycle based on
visual experience of the nature, siderealists have been working on irrational and arbitrary
notions maintained like pets, no matter what the reasoning or experience may say, the rabbit
caught by me has two horns. Only crutch for them to lean on is the tradition that has come
down through dark centuries which profess a sidereal zodiac. Similar questions as above arise
here as well:
• Given the fact that the ancient people had a season based Zodiac arising out of
observations of the natural phenomena (Tropical Zodiac), how could an entirely
different concept having an increasing ‘phase difference’ come into existence?
• Can an experience based tropical zodiac be replaced with an arbitrary fixed stellar
framework having no perceptible experience upon nature?
• A fixed stellar zodiac which may be conceived with reference to any star of appreciable
visibility can be representative of the unique ‘astrological force’?
• Astrology implies creation of one of the numerous star based Zodiac and crediting the
same with a set of astrological phenomena?
• Or is it the mathematical abstraction of a human experience different from the visual
experience of the seasons?
• Ancient origin of the Zodiac can be in arbitrariness or say at some point of time (epoch)
to choose a particular configuration as fixed and assign to them the role of an
‘astrological force’?
• Such an arbitrary fixed zodiac could have survived the centuries without any notions of
an experience of the astrological force inherent in the same?
• What could have inspired the ancient savants to deny the precession of the equinoxes
and to stick to a sidereal zodiac?
It must be noted that in the 2
century before Christ it was the observations based Tropical
Zodiac that inspired Hipparchus to abandon the Babylonian notions of a Sidereal Zodiac in
favor of the spring equinox based modern zodiac.

• Drawing an analogy with the Hipparchus act, what experience could have been the
basis of the Sidereal Zodiac when it existed before the Hipparchus epoch?
These are questions that the astrologers evade or answer poorly even in ideological terms.
Great many astrologers attempt to explain the astrological phenomena with graduation level
Physics of the last century quoting tidal effects, solar flares etc relying on theory of gravitation
and electromagnetic forces. But none of these macrocosmic forces – be it of the Classical
Physics age or of the Quantum Physics age can explain the ‘longitude functions’ of astrology
and the symbolism attached to it. Astrological force belongs to neither the macro-particle realm
of classical Physics nor the micro-particle realm of Quantum Physics as known today at the
end of the first decade of the twenty-first century. Primarily, this observation qualifies astrology
as a pseudoscience but if anyone is to give some credo for the ‘ancient wisdom’ alluded in
astrological literature, the line of inquiry opens up as to whether a third realm of Physics exists.
• Can there be a third realm of force that is causative of the astrological phenomena?
• Can there be a third realm of experience for the human being?
• Modern science denies the existence of a realm of experience beyond their methods of
investigation, instrumentation and theoretical notions?
It becomes apparent that the ‘astrological force’ demands an altogether different paradigm of
thought and methods to explore the possibility of a third realm of Universe beyond the reach of
modern science which is microcosmic instead of micro-particle. Only under a New Physics,
astrology can hope to be described as a science or valid discipline of study given the mind-set
rooted in notions of modern science. Of course, a new Physics with a new realm may still be
described as pseudoscience by a section of the society and hence the presentation of astrology
as based on a new realm of experience may serve the purpose of placing the discipline on a
firm footing of scientific habit of mind which may help eliminate the genes of pseudoscience it
has inherited over the dark centuries of confusion.
Microcosmic 6-Dimensional Physics
Present author don’t mind the theory that is presented here being called a pseudoscience by the
modern mindset which works in the limited sphere of known knowledge and logic. There have
been many theories in the past which got rediculed at their birth by the then champions of
modern sensory five dimensional science. Science of the blind, the four dimensional sensory
Physics would have been without the world of light unless the intelligence makes leap to share
the knowledge from those who had the eyes to observe the light and its sources. In the same
way, astrology or in a more general sense, the Indian heritage sciences which propose the
micro and macrocosmic equivalence is rooted in a sixth sense, a new faculty unknown to
modern science, often described as ‘inner eye’ or the ‘prāna chakshu’ meaning the ‘eye of the
breath’. This 6
sense can be found amply reflected in the remnants of the Indus-Sarasvati
Harappa Civilization especially in the portraits we see of Pasupati.

Pasupati symbolized by the humped bull as well is Ūrdhvaretas, meaning ‘the one who has his
vital fluid flowing up’ with the force exercised through Prana. Prana had been the integrating
force operating between the microcosm and macrocosm which gave the experience of ‘One-
ness’ – the spiritual extreme described as ‘advaita’ – denial of the separation between
microcosm andmacrocosm, experience of the ‘Uni_verse’. Universe is a very remarkable word
indicative of the universal prevalence of Siddha wisdom that achieved integration of all the
manifestation into ‘one single whole’ described in scriptures as:
This is Whole. That is Whole. From the Whole happens the Whole. When the Whole is
manifested of the Whole, Whole remains
The subtle spheres of life and the outer cosmos are complete in themselves and have the
integrated existence as One Whole in its primordial form. That is what is signified by the
holiest of all symbols that the human beings have created:
Aum is Ardhanārīsvara, half woman and half man in eternal union, Yoga. Ha + Indu making
the Hindu, sun and moon observable in the abode of Nāgas, Nāgapuram.

= == = =¨É + ++ + + = == = ¶ÉÊHò + ++ + Ê¶É´É = == = ªÉÉäÊxÉ + ++ + ˱ÉMÉÆ = == = ªÉÉä-MÉÆ
It becomes apparent that there is only one power, the one and single subtle energy underlying
the cosmic game of creation and annihilation, Great Mother Aparājitā, the Unvanquished,
who expresses Herself in two polarities, Umā Pārvati – born of the Hill or the Mountain
(Parvata), the Su_Meru manifested in all beings including the Mother Prthvi and the
vagabond, Akula, Her Spouse who makes merry in the cremation grounds, the bliss of Yoga.
This model of the Universe is perfect Physics known as Tantra and just as the tensor calculus
had to be developed for expressing the notions of general relativity, the 6
dimensional Physics
or Tantra could be expressed only in terms of symbols which came to be described as Mātrkā,
the set of 51 alphabets known as ‘Deva_nagari’- the City of Gods or the City of Nagas. These
51 Nagas or Ganeshas made up Her limbs and She is extolled in the sacred scriptures:


·||·~|| +|-||-| ·|||·|·| ·|·||·||·| ·|·|-|
|·|+| +-·|||| |·|·|·| ··||| +||« ·|+-|
·|||· +| | ·||||·|·|+·|·|| ·||·|·|||+
.|·|·|| | ·|·||| ·||·|-| -| ·|·||| ·|·| ·|-|
She is Uma, Haimavati, daughter of the Mount over which the Moon, Himāmsu resides, it is
nothing but the cerebro-spinal column within all human beings. She is described as the Mother
of Earth, Bhū-Mātā, Mother of the Great King Naraka of Prāgjyotisha and the enchantress
Aparājitā who devoured Naraka, spouse of Sun or Vishnu, the Great Bitch of the Bhairava,
Kulatā, Mahāmāya deluding the world as eternal virgin, spouse of the Great Scoundrel.
+·||·|·| ·|-- ·|-||| | ||| ·|||·|··|·|
+-| ·|+|| ·||| ·+ ·|| | ·|r |-||-|·|·||·|
||· ·||||| ·| ·|·||| ·r ·|+|·|+·|-|
·|·||·||-|| ·||·|| ·|||·| ·||·||-++|··|·|+|
Man’s Quest for Himself
Man has become extrovert today. He is more than necessarily proud of his external
manifestations with which he has decorated his limited sphere of outer world upon the surface
of earth and little out into the space which he can never fathom in full with his hands or
machines. He declares his descent from the ‘primitive’ ancestors thriving on the machine
oriented paradigm forgetting that his internal world had been much the same, a few thousand
years back. Little reflections can lead us to the realization that the quest of the extrovert seen
today in fact is only a byproduct of the inner quest he had begun millenniums back when he
had lived on the hills where his spine had felt Her pulse like a wave of gravity that is elusive
even today for the modern scientists. In the evolutionary time, in the process of creation and
manifestation, She had put man above a threshold, when She straightened the spinal chord to
be in the line of action of Her gravity. Homo Erectus, the man who walked on earth, perhaps
had an under developed brain, but she had set forth an avalanche of developments in his brain
aided by his limb movements and the vocal chord that emerged as part of his anatomy. His
unsung prayer was intercepted millenniums after and it is recorded in Saundaryalahari:
·|·|| ·|-·|· |·|-·| ·|+-|·||·| ·|-| ||·|-||
·||| .||·|-|·|+·||·|·|-||n|r || |||·|·
·|·|·||·|·||·|·||·|||·|-·| ||-||·||
She had programmed him in such a way as to make all his utterances, movements, dance and
the rounds he made of the hills emulating the sun and moon became flowers at Her feet. Under
the shower of Her blessings, soon the primitive Homo Erectus emerged into a warrior who
invented sports and wafare, music and dance. Somewhere along the path emerged the

ferocious dancer and his Tandava – the Janma siddha who began scripting the scriptures. The
animal had evolved into an explorer in quest of himself and the in the long run inwards he was
to discover the truth that he was the creator himself.
Brain and its whirls, the structure that has poured creativity in human life, was the result of
physical movements, spirit and the spells. Geniuses were born of the Warriors across many
lives. That is why there is a connection between the Warrior and the Bhadrakali, Aparājita –
the Unvanquished. She evolved within the Warrior in Her subtle form and the Warrior
spotted Her and the Warrior is the first Upasaka. Warrior is the first disciple.

Born of the Warriors She is Unvanquished
In life’s journey from apes to the two legged
Man ceased to be ape as gravity acted on navel
With his spine straight up, the warrior arrived

His movements found a new rhythm and grace
And his brain evolved in a new style and pace
Spells got born of his spinal root and the throat
Straightened limbs and spells played great magic

In the fierce warrior, brain evolved in faster pace
In the new whirls of his brain She got locked up
He felt her with awe as his discoveries progressed
And soon He realized Her to be his eternal spouse

She is Nature, indeed the wonder of all wonders
She is the vast expanse and the five fold creation
She evolved and emerged in the spine of warriors
She is adored and admired and she is Aparaajita

She found delight in the agile steps of her warriors
Who sought her in their readiness to sacrifice
She in turn chose to take the garb of their mothers
Lalita, she played her Leela to impart her wisdom
Mātangi, the serpentine radiance of the Vālmīka
Mother darling of the first poet born of the Kirātas
He was Vālmīki, name that he bore of the Mother
And Mother Vaikhari sought expression thru him

O’ Mother Chandali, the Kiratas turned Chandals
In your grace the Nāgas began the quest of truth
It is little known that you are born of the warrior
The true warrior who is ever victorious in combat


A Nāga is never defeated as he never retreats in war
Either he wins upon the earth and moves forward
Or he wins your feet and ascends to the worlds above
The ever victorious Mother bears the name Aparājita
It is not just accidental that the Mountain tops are covered with snow. Snow is a macrocosmic
manifestation of the sphere of Moon atop the cerebro-spinal axis of human beings and it was
on the mountain peaks that She expressed herself with clarity in the brains of Siddhas. This is
evident from the hundreds of Saktistals spread all over India like Kāmakhya, Kutajādri etc.
She had made the Homo Erectus to scale the Mountains and in the process She had tuned their
brains to Her spells and Matrkā and thus He evolved as a dancer carrying Her corpse – She
had burned herself within the little scoundrels making the root of the spinal chord a chita, spot
of cremation.
In the man’s inner quest, he spotted Her as the Mother of Ignorance, Avidya, who deludes
when he realized her the Mother who confers enlightenment, Srī Vidyā. Darkness is realized
only when the light dawns as the darkness is the absence of light. She is the subtle force at
work and perceptible at the sixth sense which can be developed only by practice. It is clearly
·|-|·|| |·||| -|·|-|·|·| -||·||·|·||·|
·|-|·|||·||-|· ·|·|·||·| ·|·| ·|··||| ·|·|
|·|-||·|||··|·+ ·|| ·||r ·-|·|·||||
·|·|-|-·|+|·| ·|·|·||·|·| +|||··|·|
She is the whole Universe. Her footprints are the genuine miracles she performs by
coordinating her limbs or agents with which She permeates the whole of manifested world.
None can violate Her laws. No body can perform a miracle unless She expresses through Her
forms. She is the One who is worshipped as the Kuladevi by the Nāga tribes and the Nāgas
represent Her Spells, the speech. When the mind is vanquished, She turns up as the
Unvanquished, Aparājitā who is seated on the Nīlāchala. Then She leads the Man in his quest
to make him realize his true self as Pasupati – Her own spouse who had commanded the
creative sports, Leela, in which he got deluded. She is Lalita of a thousand names....
Horoscope and the Underlying Force
She is the subtle force underlying Jyotisha and rules over Kulam, mostly installed at the hilltop
nearest to the household. I shall not go into a more detailed tantrik exposition of Her prowess.
It is suffice to note that the manifestation of the Great Serpent Kundalini is the force
underlying Jyotihsastra.
·||-· r |·· +÷ |-|-|||| -||·|· ·|r -||+|·|||·|-· r |·
-|·|-|||· ·||||-| ·||·+-··|||·||-| ·| ·||·||-| ·|·||| +-|||-|
Kundali or Horoscope is a manifestation of the Great Bhujangi and hence the Jyotischakra had
the name Rahu-Sikhi Chakra, Phaneesvara Chakra, Kalasarpa etc. Nowhere in the Vedic

Astronomy, has the experience of the Cosmos by a Yogi found mathematical description.
Jyotischakra belongs to the Harappan antiquity and the Nagas (even today 90% of the Indian
dark-skinned population are Nagas irrespective of the divisions created under Chaturvarnyam).
Nāga meant originally the Kulakundalini as She resided on Naga = Mountain Meru =
SuMeru and hence received many appellations like Naga-nandini, Girinandini, Parvati, Nagini
etc Planets were Her nine fold manifestations and hence planets were also called as Nāgas and
found installation as Linga in places like Kamakhya, Kalahasti, Kumbakonam etc. This mystic
power known as Naga or Bhujangi achieved its peak during eclipses and it was because of this
experience of the Yogis, the geometric points Rahu and Sikhi got observed on the physical
body. Astronomical nodes are in fact a translation of the experience of the Yogi to the sky.
Otherwise, tell me who could have discovered the intersection of the orbits of the sun and
moon and how?
Even the word ecliptic has its origin from eclipses just as we have got Rasichakra from Rahu-
Sikhi chakra. Yogic experience of eclipses and the impact of the luni-solar phenomena on the
breathing patterns, in short, the experience of the COSMOS by the Yogis led to the
decipherment of Jyotischakra.
We all know that the tropical zodiac can be observed with the eyes in terms of seasons and
other changes in nature such as the variation of day light. None has any doubt that the concept
of a tropical zodiac with reference to the equnoxes and solstices emerged from the observed
phenomenal sky. If experience and observations are the key to the human inventions/concepts,
how could the sidereal zodiac evolve?
Who could have drawn the Rasis over the sky?
Can anyone observe Surya-samkrama?
Can samkrama be mathematical like the Cow of the book which cannot eat grass?
One may draw the cow in a thousand ways – whatever color may be added, the picture cow is
not going to eat grass. Can such foolishness be there in Indian antiquity of the great Yogis like
Patanjali and the Lord Siva himself who garlands himself with the Indian Cobra?
Suryasamkrama in fact is an experience and it arises with Pranasurya. Samkrama means the
switching of breath between the nadis and all of the astronomical phenomena spoken in
Jyotisastra texts belong to the domain of Tantrik experience. Jyotischakra is the abode of Great
Bhujangi and she confers enlightenment to all. She is Sri – One Who Manifests over Sara i.e.
the Siva Svara = Breath that chants AUM NAMA: SIVAYA. She is Sri Vidya and
Jyotischakram is infact Sri Chakram.
Can the sidereal zodiac or Jyotischakra which is the crux of the Indian Calendar, customs and
traditions be the product of someone’s imagination going awry? Do we find any such
irrationality anywhere in the disciplines that make up India’s heritage?
If the sidereal zodiac emerged in Indian antiquity there must be surely an experience
underlying it.

Look at the Three Eyes of Pasupati who is Nagaraja
What are the three eyes of the Pasupati: Sun, Moon and Agni? We all have these three eyes,
may be we are blind, eyes are yet to be opened. But we have the three eyes dormant as the
nadis sun, moon and agni (jyoti) within us. Agni is same as Kulakundalini, Kali and Her
abode received the name Jyotischakra which is located in Manomayakosa. We have stoola
netras (physical eyes with which we see the phenomenal sky outside) and we have also the
sookshma netras with which we feel the inner sky, inside the manomaya kosam and the latteer
observations using the “eyes = sun, moon and agni” led to the frame up of the Jyotischakram –
the sidereal zodiac, Nirayana Chakram which can be traced to the great antiquity of the
Urdhvaretas of Harappa as mentioned at the outset.
True Hindu is the one who has the experience of HA + INDU = Sun and Moon within and a
HINDU is Naga because the Bhujangi has awakened within and the body has turned out to be
Nagapuram. As is the case with spiritual experience, Jyotischakram cannot be shown to a
second person because it is an experience. Jyotischakra is lighted up by the 51 saktipithas –
Kamakhya and Kalighat are truly on the Jyotischakra and it is because ofHer Grace that the
astrological predictions come true. Kundali simply reflects Her Blessings and that is why
Jyotisha is strictly applicable only to a true sakta who live as per the tradition with no default
of the dues meant for the Sarpa, Pitrs and Kuladevi. An astrologer who lacks the blessings of
Sarpam, Pitrs and Kuladevi shall never realize the truth of Jyotischakra and he will go on
drawing cows with the imagination that it will eat grass one day.
Jyotischakra as a Model of Universe
It becomes apparent from the above that there is only one Being and that is the Universe as a
whole. The one and only one spirit of the Universe has caused the creation in a play mode and
appears as a querist upon the surface of earth – a special and wonderful place upon the vast
non-Euclidean space-time carpet – in a most favorable ambience to create his own habitat. The
Great Inquirer He is, He is in quest of his own meaning to realize that He is the One and only
Jyotischakra in fact is a mathematical model created by the Siddhas who had the realization of
the self to unmask the mystery of life as a tool in the play at progress. For a model to yield
predictions that have a corresponding set of eventualities there is the need of a medium or
force. A model of time as in Jyotischakra can yield prediction of life events only if the model is
representative of the underlying force.
It is of cardinal importance to realize that the force underlying Jyotihsastra is different from the
physical forces like graviation and electromagnetism which obey the inverse square law. That
is, the physical forces known to science as permeating the space between earth and the outer
cosmos are all functions involving distance. But the force or energy experienced in Jyotihsastra
and modeled as a force of time or destiny is independent of distance – it is described by
longitudinal functions independent of distance. It is more mysterious than gravitation and
cannot be computed. It is represented by the ten longitudinal functions of a horoscope and the

potential can only be felt by the natives who invoke Her and experienced by the manifestation
of predicted events.
Like all models, Jyotischakra also has its limitations and due to the complexity of the
phenomenon, the model cannot be validated in the same manner as we do in modern science.
Science itself has arisen from the human ability and efforts to model the nature but science
does it in a piecewise manner to integrate them for a better understanding of the outer world.
Tantra on the other hand attempts to model the inner world or the game of the inner spirit in a
way that addresses the oneness of the innate spirit getting manifested in a bewildering fashion.
Tantra attempts a wholesome theory combined with an experience of the precepts and
predictions and seeks the realization of the Unity and therefore the keyword is Yoga. It is the
transcendence of all that which forebids the Yoga, transcendence of all that which divides. It
identifies the cause of conflict and the source of duality as the mind and thus seeks the deletion
of mind to experience the bliss of Yoga.
Sri Chakra – The Fractal Geometray of the Force
Aparājitā, the force underlying the phenomenon creates itself with self-similarity across scales
like fractals and the Sri Chakra reflects the fractal geometry of the Great Mother.

Motherhood of this subtle force that rules over the ‘Universe’ is a description of the self-
similarity principle by which the giant cosmic energies arising out of the original polarity Siva
and Sakti descends to the earthy plane and puts itself at rest at Mūlādhāram – the threshold
achieved in creation by the Great Mother Aparājitā. The bliss of Yoga as referred above too
has the macro and micro manifestations under a self-similar re-creation.
A well known example of the self similar re-creation is the case of Vastupurusha. Wherever
one draws a square, Vastu appears in a self similar form across scales. Sri Chakra is a
representation of such fractal character of the great creative energy who can be intercepted by
the means provided by Siddhas. We shall not go into the details due to paucity of space.
Karma, Prāna and Yoga
Just as gravitation is a property of the space-time continuum, karma and destiny arise out of
the micro-macrocosmic oneness. It is a characteristic of the ‘Universe’ – creation striving for
the experience of indivisible whole – the One and only One at play. His Leela or Lalita make


up a continuum of the Great Being and His shadow. His shadow Lalita is the gateway to His
portal Universe, the integrated Wholeness of the bios and cosmos.
Tackling the Mind
All human activities are prone to the frailties of mind. Mind is the supreme sensory apparatus
where processing of impressions take place. Mindware may be the correct term as in effect the
mind is the human software that controls the responses, reactions, shape perspectives, gives
names or labels, divides between & others and changes with time in an uncertain manner.
There is no certainty about my mind that can be assessed. It normal working is described as
‘commonsense’ but differs from individual to individual. It is skeptic by nature and goes by
logic with the help of the collected impressions and the curvature that it has developed over
may be many lives, often described as ‘Vikalpam’. Mind can seldom see itself unless trained by
a superior intellect and wisdom and is always bent on trumpeting its own virtues.
Mind cannot admit of a power beyond its business happening in the domain of commonsense.
All the seekers of the divine at one time or the other shall feel the need to take a leap beyond
the realms of reasoning to gain the experience and comprehension of the divine. Great Mother
leaves her footprints in the form of miracles but the commonsense is bound to ignore or deny
the same as the genuine miracle is not a magic, it happens through the coordination of the
concerned agents of nature. She is the approach to Lord Siva as she alone can offer the
convictions needed to sustain the path, faith in abtruse concepts like soul, rebirth and her own
role as a preceptor and principal of her school, Sri Vidya.
There are no means to control the flux of mind. No circus by which the nature of the flux and
fear can be controlled except the Japayoga. Faith or conviction in the irrational is a very slow
process and happens as her miracles gain space little by little at the cost of the rational mind. In
due course, the rational and skeptic mind is weakened and it loses its own credibility and the
reasoning falls back on itself to have its own kill. Mind cannot be won in a confrontation, it
can only be made to kill itself under the shower of Her blessings. No amount of sermons can
help anyone to change his or her mind and this is well evidenced by the spoiled national
character of India despite the lip service to multitude of scriptures and the so called divine
personalities offering the path of righteousness and salvation.
Sakta wisdom underlying Jyotihsastra and Tantra is explained in the verses given in the
following pages. Truth of Jyotisha can be understood and experienced only with the blessings
of Lalitā Tripurasundarī as Mahāmāyā Herself is at play with Her delusive tricks in the
underlying phenomenon. Related ideas which have a historical bearing and details related to
the Nāga tradition etc have been explained in another article on Nāgas and their Śākta-
Śambhava heritage.
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1. As above; so below
Universe – verse is only one
But two eggs together make it
Macrocosm the cosmic egg
And microcosm the earthly one

Eggs of Brahma and the Pinda
Both full and make up the whole
Sages have sung about the two eggs
This is full and that is full etc etc

Great Mother has crafted the Pinda
For the Great Soul to play His game
No questions before the supreme
He wished to create and she did

The Cosmic egg got replicated
That the Great one may step in
As if sprouted like the Banyan
Big tree out of its little seed

This inquirer of the little egg
How could he manifest?
Unless existed in the big one
And for what he is to inquire?

The little one is the great one
Deluded by the veil of Mother
And his inquiry is upon the Mom
To realize his self in her bosom

Universe, experience of the One
Advaita, so is it in Indian parlance
Transcending the game of Two
And Jyotisha explains its physics

As above so below, says the lore
Great Mother has laid this egg
Look up and see the sun and moon
Gravitating around the earthly home

2. Earthy Egg and Tantra
She chose to craft this egg with earth
And she drew in the gravitating duo
To power the little egg with breaths
And she put two nostrils by their name

Jyotisha is not the arithmetic on paper
Neither the cowries nor the degrees
Not even the signs or the stars
Heavenly belt is just a contrivance

Time is incomprehensible to all
Only experience can be modeled
To make any computation possible
Let me emphasize we need experience

We experience the seasons by the eyes
And so we have framed the seasonal year
If we have a different year, then surely
We shall have to look for other experience

No sage will declare an arbitrary zero
Spica, Regulus and all the rest at par
Unless the sages had a feel of the zero
No reason for a different wheel of nodes

Jyotischakra is the wheel of nodes
Nodes of sun and moon gave the name
Rahusikhichakra for the wheel of time
The serpent of time alias kalasarpa

The feel of the one, Universe
It does not arise by parroting jargon
It is a feel of the body, tan, and so
Has the science known as Tantra

Tantra is the ancient name for Physics
Body is the instrument to explore
Men and women simply play his game
Of realizing himself to be the only One


3. Sun and Moon in breath
Sun and moon float in our breaths
Nostrils have received river names
Ganga and Yamuna and they flow
Down the Meru, Videha to Lanka

Take a glance at the six wheels
As told by the Purnananda yogi
It begins speaking of Meru within
And so begins astronomy texts too

In Indian astronomy, Jyotisha
Planets encircle Meru in both spheres
In macro and microcosmic space
Find description in same terms

What a great fun if it is a lingo game?
Jyotisha and Yoga express the truths
In the same lingo and in same fashion
And both spoken by the deified penis

What a fun if the penis adorns itself
With the King Cobra in symbolic gesture
And the symbolism derived of dry jargon
With no evidence to support any claims

Great wisdom, the champions say of it
Great Pudding carrying the elegant note
Keep away from mouth, none can relish
So is Jyotisha, just jargon and no effect?

Inverse square law makes it very clear
In all fields, gravity, magnetism etc etc
Physical forces decay fast with distance
And so the stars and nodes can’t alter lives

Grahas simply make the karma known
By the model of time achieved in Jyotisha
Karma is mid-heaven and the destiny too
Karmavidya is both ganita and phala

4. Sages Modeled Time
Sages modeled time as they could feel
Seasons circled before their two eyes but
They had the feel in the third eye of a time
That resonate with the vital fluid within

Great Mother had unleashed great forces
To have all the big sculpting and crafting
And she chose to hide herself in the residue
The compliment of her creative big bang

In the earthly life she resided as avidya
And the spate of species replicated her
All females born of the great female
And she anguished of being half woman

Ardhanāri had her tasks finished in awe
To fulfill the wish she carried to make way
For the great game that Lord had willed
And he made his step to be the Yogi here

Yoga is a very subtle word indeed
No doubt, it speaks of the union of two
Ardhanari and Isvar to be Ardhanarisvara
All those who walk here on two legs

Yoni plus Lingam, make the word Yoga
Yoni the female and Lingam the male
She had envisaged man as a hermaphrodite
That she can make him learn and realize

Indus seals depict the ūrdhva_retas
Erect penis of the ancient seal reveals
How the mother has set the climax
For the game he had willed for delight

Ignorance to eliminate itself in delight
As the vital fluid reversed its surge
To awaken the bhujangi at the root
In her upswing is the universe born


5. Mysery of life and delight
The bigbang within the microcosm
From this that is born which is no less
And from that the whole is born
This is the mystery of life and delight

It is for this big game of bigbang
That the great yogis modeled time
Both geometry and the numbers
Chosen to make the feel expressed

Sixty and ten were intelligently chosen
To keep the computed time in resonance
With the universal surges of the yogis
And the time structure of their breathing

The third eye of the great yogis saw
In delight the great Cosmic Yogi
Encircling the heavens across the nodes
Asvini holding the head, revati the feet

Feel of the breaths is not approximate
It is precise as we see with the numbers
And the count of breaths in 21600 kala
Made time’s limbs from head to feet

Videha is 12 finger breadths above
And there the 0 got marked, Aries began
Down the spine and to the feet below
It is 21600 minutes and 360 degrees

The feel of the sages of the Cosmic Man
And the projection that the earthly sages
Had in the heavenly belt of the lunar nodes
Found Mūlā as fiducial to mark the penis

Sages called the fiducial point Mūlādhāram
Seat of the potency of the Urdhvaretas
Prana ever in control and in eternal sex
Hermaphrodite of the heavens in glory

Sages instituted the worship of genitals
Symbolism of the micro and macrocosm
The egg that she laid united with Isvar
Ardhanārīsvara as the doctrines describe

6. Ha + Indu = Hindu
Every Hindu is Ardhanārīsvara for sure
Hindu means Ha the sun, Indu the moon
Hindu is the yogi who has realized both
And the wheel he sees of Prana in heavens

Zodiac is the wheel of prāna in heaven
Model of time gains meaning with the feel
Of its macrocosmic limbs in the microcosm
Yogis ventured to model it to transcend it

Can a river be crossed without walking over?
No way to transcend unless we experience
If we are to transcend time and destiny
We need the feel of true zodiac in breath

Has Spica at 180 ever gave such a feel?
No, none has so far spoken of any such thing
Regulus, Ardra, Aldebaran or Zeta Piscium
For such stars Jyotisha remained on books

Jyotisha is Tantra and its proof is in Tanu
Jyotisha is the physics of the realized sages
Time is born of calculation with reference
Time that is felt inside has Mūla as reference

Feel of the universe is the test of Jyotisha
Every science may find other applications
None laughs at Kepler after walking around
And citing the feel of flat earth they had

Birth charts and twisted logics are fun
Birth chart is a discovery of some fool
All those who walk on two legs are sages
And Jyotisha is their boat to transcend time

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