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Top Ten Burkinabè Youth Activities
1. Introduce motivated youth to the chef du village and other community leaders

Youth Development Committee

2. Teach youth how to use the closest library 3. Identify role models and their characteristics 4. Create pen pal program 5. Develop sports camps or Coaching for Hope 6. Set up a big brother/big sister club 7. Start a garden 8. Write and perform a play 9. Start a summer reading program 10. Make a world map

Developing Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow

Contact Info
Phone: 226-74-29-02-99 Email:
Informational Brochure 2011

Youth Development Conference, May 2011
The Youth Development Committee played host to the highly anticipated “Peace Corps Youth Leadership & Active Citizenship Conference,” in May 2011. The idea was to promote the abilities and forward-thinking of youth host-country nationals. The committee then collaborated with youth-at-large and other PCVs. The conference was a unique opportunity for motivated youngsters to travel to Ouahigouya, meet youth peers from around Burkina, and take part in a training that was a remarkable success! The week culminated with the youth presenting project designs that they had been thinking about over the past months and were able to further develop over the course of the week. After learning tangible information including HIV/AIDS methods of contraction in addition to the undefined qualities of leadership, the conference inspired youth to act as a resource and actively participate in their local communities.

Dates to Remember
Day of Peace, Sept. 21st National Children’s Day, Oct. 10th Human Rights Day, Dec. 10th

About Us

The Youth Development Committee is future-oriented, aiming to prepare youth to be trusted and vital resources within their community. Using the tenets of leadership, management, and citizenship, Burkinabè youth will confidently direct self-initiated activities that impact both their peers and community leaders.

National Library Week, Apr. 8th14th, 2012 Global Youth Service Day, Apr. 20th-22, 2012 World Environment Day, June 5th Friendship Day, Aug. 7th International Youth Day, Aug. 12th

Our Action Plan
Create an outlet for creativity Promote volunteerism Enforce critical thinking skills Encourage active citizenship Foster community engagement Promote leadership and teambuilding Provide professional resources

Committee Members

Check our website for more information on the 2012 Youth Conference!

Brook Abitz Nathan Cornett Daniel Dovell Anne Greteman Brianna London

Vida Tehrani Lindsy Townsend Diana Williams Elena Zavala

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