Peace Corps Togo is seeking an individual for the position of Project Assistant

April 3, 2012 April 21, 2012 Full time: 40 hours/week

1- Major Duties and Responsibilities
The services to be performed under this contract will be subject to the ultimate responsibility and authority of the Peace Corps Country Director who is responsible for all Peace Corps activities in the host country. Services to be provided The Project Assistant (PA) provides support to Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) by assisting the project managers of all four of Peace Corps Togo’s projects: Girls’ Education and Empowerment, Community Health and AIDS Prevention, Small Enterprise Development and Environmental Action and Food Security. The PA position involves a combination of PCV support and site development. The PA serves as the principle link to the field for the four project managers. Volunteer Support In collaboration with the project managers, the PA will provide Volunteer support, which require will him/her to: Visit Volunteers periodically at their sites or at national projects to offer advice and assistance to them and their counterparts/supervisors and document activities and results in regular site visit reports; Assist Volunteers in improving their job performance and their social and cultural adaptation through cultural insights, and direction to relevant and available resources; Support Volunteers with personal and cultural counseling and guidance on various policies and procedures; Site Development In collaboration with the project managers, the PA will assist in developing and maintaining the projects by Visiting potential sites, meeting with community leaders, explaining Peace Corps’s goals, identifying work partners, ensuring that housing repairs are made. Other Duties and Activities In collaboration with other staff members as appropriate the PA will: Develop public relations activities in order to enhance Peace Corps’ visibility; Perform other duties as assigned and take appropriate initiative in identifying other responsibilities. Supervision The Project Assistant works under the guidance of the project managers but is ultimately responsible to the Country Director. Qualifications: Education: A Level (BAC) Prior Work Experience: At least three years of experience working with community-based project development, management and evaluation in a multi-cultural context Language Proficiency: Fluency in written and spoken French and oral fluency in at least one of the following languages Kabiye, Kotokoli, and Moba. Basic English. Skills and Abilities: Basic computer literacy and proficiency in Word and Outlook. Ability to work as part of a team, to work successfully in cross cultural situations with Americans, to write effectively and concisely, to organize time and activities to meet reporting deadlines. Valid license to operate a motorcycle. Applicant will be based in Sokode, Kara, or Dapaong. How to apply All the applications including a cover letter and curriculum vitae in English with three references, copies of most recent diplomas and police record (Casier Judiciaire) must be sent by e-mail only to the following address: by April 21, 2012. This advertisement can also be found on the website:


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