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580728 ye) C05807281 (oy) (untitled) ‘Visitor Request Summary ‘Stowe: Compas Dati ove aon : Bulge Haars Patra feted vives (OMB) unos o/s Meng hada Spoteepanee Mar Had : \ (ontitiea) C0SB07320'85% Fax ae oe} wb)(3) (by) DATE Tuesday, May 10,2011 To GeorgeLittlec/d | FAX # Ee j worpaces = 2 MESSAGE: Letter from Filmmakers Mark Boal & Kathryn Bigelow Dear! | Aruched please find a leer from waiterfproducer Mask Bol and diretoriroducer Kathrya Bigelow that ‘was emailed to George Litt this aftemoon, Can you confian receipt ofthis Ite? I, Yam reachable via phone alr via emai a ea To . Jonathiait Leven Assistant to Mark Boal €058073208 1:40.44 goo2 MIAEMAIL May 10, 2011 Mr. George Lite Cental Intelligence Agency Office of Public Affairs Washington, D.C, 2050S Dear Mr. Little, Please consider this brief note an introduction end a request for information. AS you may know, as a follow up to our film The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow and 1 are making s feature film about the extraordinary effort to capture or kill Usama Bin Laden. Given the historical mature of the subject matter, we intend to make accuracy and authenticity hallmarks of the production, for we believe that this is one of those rare instances where truth really is more interesting than fiction, At this point, we have discussed the film with DCIA and Jeremy Bash, and vre hope that ‘now is an appropriate time to engage with your office end discuss the parameters of our research, If you agree, we would very much appreciate your guidance, and look forward ‘o talking at your convenience about the appropriate next steps. ef | Mark Boal OT TRaUNFyIresigeier= <= EASY STREET PRODUCTIONS - £280 NIGHTINGALE DRIVE, LOS ANGELES. CA90069.