To Sri Manmohan Singh Ji Honourable Prime Minister of India New Delhi Respected Sir



With pain and deep anguish I wish to bring to your kind notice that a greater and heinous political conspiracy that is being hatched in Andhra Pradesh by the ruling Congress party in collusion with the main Opposition TDP, the Andhra Pradesh Government and the Central Bureau of Investigation. Unable to face the elections and stand the judgement of the people, a shameful conspiracy, mocking the democracy, is taking shape at the behest of the Congress party. This is not a mere allegation, but I have credible and reliable information on how and where the conspiracy took shape and who were party to it. Last week, senior Congress leader Mr Vyalar Ravi was in Andhra Pradesh in guise of campaigning for the by-elections scheduled to be held for 18 Assembly and one Lok Sabha seat on June 12. Mr Ravi had secret meetings with Chief Minister N Kirankumar Reddy, TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu, CBI joint director Laxminarayana and Director General of Police V Dinesh Reddy. In these meetings the conspiracy was hatched. As part of the conspiracy, the CBI would arrest me in the next three to four days. Simultaneously, Congress and the TDP would indulge in large scale violence and create law and order problem in the state and throw the blame on me. It is shameful that the ruling party itself is a party to the conspiracy unmindful of the disturbance and chaos the violence would create in the state. Showing the violence as an excuse, the State government has conspired to approach the Governor for postponement of elections. In such a scenario, there is a possibility of the Governor recommending postponement of the elections to the Election Commission of India. To give credence to the information that I received, Kirankumar Reddy, Chandrababu Naidu, PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana, Rajya Sabha member K Chiranjeevi and several other Congress and TDP leaders began issuing statements that I would be arrested sooner. A section of the media is also playing its part in the conspiracy. Meanwhile, a section of media reported that the CBI joint director Laxminarayana met Governor ESL Narasimhan and the Director-General of Police met the Governor and apprised him of the situation. These are not just allegations, but true picture of the shameful conspiracy that took shape a few days ago. I received credible and reliable information on the conspiracy, hence I am knocking at your door. To give credence to these fears, as reported in the media some Congress and TDP leaders have been talking about possible outbreak of violence in the event of my arrest. Chandrababu

Naidu, a few days ago, went a step ahead and even hinted at the possibility of general elections to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly in six months. These statements clearly indicate that they are party to the conspiracy that took shape and ready to be implemented in Andhra Pradesh to defame me and tarnish my image. The CBI court issued summons to me on May 9 asking me to appear before it in person or by pleader on May 28. While this is so, why there is much talk by Congress and TDP leaders about my imminent arrest? Why they have been propagating this information and what is their motive? What is the conspiracy behind such voices? On the other hand, the police are trying to create a situation in Hyderabad on May 28. A few days ago, Hyderabad city Central Zone DCP visited the CBI court premises twice conducted a reconnisance. Besides, the DGP office issued a confidential circular to seal off all the roads leading to Hyderabad on May 27 night itself. From the beginning, the CBI had been trying to implicate me in the case. The CBI grilled famous industrialist Nimmagadda Prasad for several days and coerced him to name me in the case. When he did not budge, the CBI arrested him on flimsy grounds. Similar attempts were made by the CBI during questioning of several other industrialists. Having realized that they have no chance to win even a single seat, the Congress and the TDP have hatched this shameful conspiracy only to prevent me from taking people's mandate. They are sure that they are not in a position to even get deposit even in single seat. The conspiracy is something which is unheard of and nothing short of mocking at democracy. No politician with moral value would ever stoop down to such a low level and play with the lives of the people only to scuttle people's mandate instead of facing the elections politically propagating their ideology. Hence, I sincerely request you to use your good offices and get to the bottom of the conspiracy. I also earnestly request you to prevent the conspirators from going ahead with such undemocratic and shameful conspiracy. Thanking you Sincerely yours

YS Jaganmohan Reddy

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