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Recommended Strategies for Reebok Opportunities Threats Strengths S-O Strategies

Should use the best of their designand innovation capabilities forcapturing increasing sportswearmarket.

More emphasis should be given inproduct development for ReebokJuniors as their market is quicklyincreasing.

Should introduce Juniors collectionin RVS stores also.

Should collaborate with upcomingtechnical innovation firms for fastand better technical products.

Should make the best of increasingtechnical awareness amongconsumers by emphasizing theirtechnology as USP in promotion.

Should capture market for commonwealth games, not just the athletesbut the fan gear as well.

Should put more emphasize on IPLand Force India productdevelopment. More variety shouldbe added to it. Price range shouldalso be increased for increasing thereach.

Disposable income of the customersare increasing, they should becaptured and loyalty must be buildS-T Strategies

Completely focus on theirstrengths because buildingon that they can maintaintheir share in the market.

More attention should bepaid to the domestic marketas dollar fluctuation effectsexports but Indian market isincreasing.

Keep maintaining the quality,durability and promote onthat for building brandloyalty as Chinese productswill not able to provide allthat.

by use of their good CRM practices. Weaknesses W-O Strategies

Outsourcing or working incollaboration with technicalinnovation firms for fast technicalimprovement.

Watch completion closely and workon prices effectively.

Should pay more attention tocompany owned store as market isincreasing and margins are higher inself owned stores and also they arebetter managed.W-T Strategies

Maintain existing customersfirst and try increase loyaltyin them by providing thembetter services to surviveexisting market share.

Work more on theirstrengths over competitorsto sustain.

Capture tier I and tier II andalso the lower middle class inurban areas in order toincrease the reach of theirproduct and create loyalty inthose markets as well so asto keep competitors behind. Conclusion

Focus on finding the most promising customers (kids and women) andintroduce more products or improve current ones to satisfy potentialincrease in demand

Keep expanding into current and future domestic markets by beingaggressive and the worldwide leader of the footwear and apparelindustry.

Accelerate funding for numerous marketing campaigns in order to get tospecific markets or customer groups.

Focus on improving working conditions and human rights atinternational manufacturer centers and at the same time increasingtheir productivity.

Implement product diversification with companys newest technologies .

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