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You see. In practice there is. you will become part of an elite that has learned and mastered the models and skillset known as NLP and will reap the benefits associated with that mastery. listen or watch NLP trainings.” Yogi Berra Welcome to “The Number 1 NLP Skill You Must Develop!” The purpose of this training guide is to get you in the right spirit to master the amazing field of Neurolinguistic Programming. the real secret to mastering the field is not to read.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Introduction “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. As you persist in your efforts. I can sum up mastery of NLP to a single word: practice. Written by Martin Messier Page 3 .

com Written by Martin Messier Page 4 . Very few students actually spend the required time on it. Instead of spending time practicing the fundamentals. Martin Messier Martin@HowToMasterNLP. only one out of ten people who learn about NLP actually go on to master the field. In this training guide you’ll read about the most critical skill you must develop to master NLP. If you find this training guide helpful. I’ll also include a series of exercises that you can practice in order to become proficient at that skill in short order. feel free to pass it on to someone you know that may also find it beneficial. they end up focusing on fancy techniques that in the end don’t help them further their lives.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Unfortunately.

Influence… In my experience as a teacher of NLP. Belief Change. new behavior generator. I have noticed a pattern. Persuasion. change history pattern. Written by Martin Messier Page 5 . belief change.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Fast Phobia Cure. like:      the fast phobia cure. Most new students of Neurolinguistic Programming get incredibly excited about the change techniques that have made NLP famous. Some students of salesmanship also get excited about the possibilities to learn how to persuade and influence better. many others.

when my NLP students want to develop a new skillset. they immediately start searching for the "doing" part of the skillset. But to give tonus to the "doing". After all. to a certain extent. Often.. the "doing" seems to be what produces the results. And yet. This starting point will give you a thorough Written by Martin Messier Page 6 . And it is. The words to say. And it's only natural to do so. the intonation to use. Let me share something with you. it's virtually impossible to become proficient at any other skill in NLP. the posture to adopt. Without this skill. With it. And that's where you need to start as well. it's the most overlooked skill of all.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master What they forget about is the most crucial skill.. you'll magnify the power and impact of everything else you learn tenfold. they must start somewhere else.

00 to attend a week-long seminar. Observation is part of the fundamentals that very few masters emphasize to their students.000. when paying $3. who has time to spend 5 days learning to observe? And yet. we'll discuss specifically how to develop your sense of observation. The number 1 skill of NLP The most important NLP skill is observation. it would be the most valuable investment of your time. After all.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master understanding of what you need to do and will increase the precision of your actions. In the next few pages. Written by Martin Messier Page 7 .

+ servāre to keep. esp. –verb (used without object) 1. to ob. equiv. regard.OB. or note for a scientific. to notice 2.[uhb-zurv] –verb (used with object) 1.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Definition: TO OBSERVE ob·serve . or notice: He observed the passersby in the street 2. 3. or other special purpose: to observe an eclipse. pay heed to] Written by Martin Messier Page 8 . perceive. official. ME observen < MF observer < L observāre to watch. save. to regard with attention. to watch. so as to see or learn something: I want you to observe her reaction to the judge's question. to see. view. attend to. to act as an observer [Origin: 1350–1400. watch.

The real question to ask yourself now is: "What can I start to notice that I didn't notice before?" You don’t need a PhD to become an outstanding observer. And you will as well.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Think about it. Written by Martin Messier Page 9 . are keen observers. the co-founders of Neurolinguistic Programming. I began to notice patterns where I was blind sighted before. Both John Grinder and Richard Bandler.. No kidding. They created the original models of NLP by carefully and diligently stalking and tracking the patterns of behavior of outstanding communicators. Because I learned to observe.. Learning to observe. Seems obvious. But you probably need to become an outstanding observer to get a PhD. This transformed my life.

The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master I prepared a series of exercises to get you started on the road to becoming an astonishing observer. Don’t worry about being perfect. Let’s get started. Written by Martin Messier Page 10 . Just focus on doing the exercises and maintaining your practice.

Let it happen. You have a simple goal: find the seven dolphins hidden in the painting. It’s that simple. it’ll only take longer. If you stress yourself out. Written by Martin Messier Page 11 .com/en/jim_warren.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Exercise 1 – Find the seven dolphins The first thing we’re going to do is head over to: http://www. Click on that painting and wait for it to load on the page. Take the time you need to do this.html On that page you will find a painting by Jim Warren called 7 dolphins. Relax and allow your unconscious to sort out all the patterns. You don’t have to see all of them in 2 minutes. Not even in 1 hour or even 1 week. Relax and take all the time you need to find each of the seven dolphins.planetperplex. Avoid stressing about getting an exercise right as quickly as possible.

The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Exercise 2 – Ask yourself new questions Questions direct your focus and being able to ask new questions will enable you to enrich the resolution of your experience. head downtown where many people usually walk around. Take all the time you need and allow your mind to free flow or diverge while you’re doing the exercise. lock onto one person and ask yourself a few questions. Eventually. imagine that you’re that person’s shoe. at first with a clear head. Written by Martin Messier Page 12 . If you live in the city. such as: what would it feel like to be this person? Where is this person going? Can I think like this person does? Is that person married? What is that person thinking? How fast is the person moving? Next. Start observing people. How do you feel as the shoe? Are you comfortable with a foot inside you? How fast are you moving? Repeat this process with at least 20 different people.

Accompany the rhythm of their footsteps. Then. if you practice it regularly. You’ll feel your whole body relax as this happens. To this day. Let your arms swing in the same rhythm. I still practice it because it’s really the toughest NLP gym I know. Allow your head to position itself like that person’s head. Pick a stranger who is walking at least 20 feet in front of you and begin to walk just like that person. Allow your entire posture to adjust itself until you are practically a mirror image of that person. just let the sound and rhythm of the environment soak you up while you sit and relax. will do more for your NLP skillset than any other I can think of. Allow your foveal vision to relax and let your peripheral vision take over your sight. Go to a public place such as a shopping mall and sit on a bench for at least 10 minutes. get up and start walking around. Relax your body and allow yourself to adopt that person’s gait. After about 10 minutes.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Exercise 3 – Model people This powerful exercise. Written by Martin Messier Page 13 .

you’ll feel your body “lock onto” theirs and at that point both your walks will match. often. but to get a strong feeling sense of how others conduct themselves in the world. If you’re really tall. If you’re a woman. imitate short people. and you want to make sure you’re not labeled as doing the latter. imitate men’s walks. There’s a big difference between imitating and stalking.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master When you do this right. at one point. You’ll certainly feel a warm feeling in your chest and. choose people who walk really differently from you. Written by Martin Messier Page 14 . As you become more proficient at this exercise. Try not to get caught. Note: Be discrete! Your goal here is not to be a caricature of others. the person you are following will turn around and look if they are being followed.

The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Exercise 4 – Search for a specific word For this exercise. but if none are available a novel will do. Go through the same section one more time looking for the new word you have chosen. Choose a third word and go through that section again counting how many times that word shows up in the text. Ideally. Next. Any word will do. A non-fiction book will probably be the best bet. although it would be best if you don’t choose the most frequently used articles. such as “the” or “a”. go back to the beginning of the section you read and choose a new word. On that page. Quick question: What was that section of the book about? Written by Martin Messier Page 15 . pick a noun. Now. Flip the book open to the first chapter. Count how many times that word appears. Next. choose a word. Keep track of how many times it shows up. Go on for at least 50 pages. Notice how many times it appears in these pages. do it one more time. search for that word in the text. you’ll need a book that you’ve never read before.

Written by Martin Messier Page 16 . Or you might notice a street crossing that makes up an X.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Exercise 5 – The Imaginary Photographer Go out by foot in the city or in nature and pretend you are a photographer and look for sights that would look like a letter of the alphabet. in addition to being fun. will make you a lot more alert to what is around you. For instance. two trees leaning outward from the same base is V. This exercise.

you’ll get out of your own way and allow your competence to find you. the only way to acquire it is to practice. When you relax. no one would pay $3. Remember the need to relax. practice. practice and practice some more.00 on a seminar to just observe. As I mentioned at the beginning of this training guide. My final word of advice is to make sure you set aside uninterrupted time to practice. Caveat: don’t stress out about this. The only such seminar I can think of would be a drawing seminar. Written by Martin Messier Page 17 .000. such as calibration and modeling. since drawing is 90% observation and 10% technique. Just like any other skill. This might very well be the most important skill you will ever develop in your lifetime.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Conclusion Becoming an outstanding observer will pave the way for developing more complex skills as you move along.

howtomasternlp. experimenting and testing new NLP models and methods. I focus on finding the 20% that produces 80% of the results.The Number One NLP Skill You Must Master Get more! If you got value out of this training guide. I invite you to subscribe to my exclusive product information list. When I find something that works. I systematize it and offer it to my squad of faithful practitioners. I’m constantly studying. Others never hear about them. Written by Martin Messier Page 18 . If you’d like to join the squad and get a heads-up when I release these additional resources. head over to this page and drop in your email address: http://www.

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