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Your job is to prove that advertising really does pay. Your agency (group) will develop a campaign for a client's new product. Pitch Requirements: The client asks that all pitches include hard copies (print outs) of the proposal with a creative platform and one ad concept designed for television and magazines. As part of agency policy, you will be responsible for presenting your individual area of expertise to the client. Team Directions By the end of Day One (5/17): 1. Determine your team. Assign each person a role based on the attached job descriptions. Pitch Presentation Date: June 4 or 5 (as assigned), 2012 Copywriter: Art Director: Account Executive (AE): Researcher (for groups of 4): _ 2. Product you will be pitching: 3. Review the name and description of the company (or choose an existing company) who will be selling/ creating your product (this is not your group – your are being hired by this company to market their product). 4. Determine Target audiences HW (Due Friday, 5/18): If any of the above tasks are left undone by the end of the day, be prepped and ready with notes on your ideas for the team by the following meeting. Be sure to scan over Day Two’s tasks and see if you are responsible for preparing notes and outlines. CW: Write 1-2 paragraph product description R: Write 4 demographics and 4 psychographics for the target audience. By the end of Day Two (5/15): 1. Brainstorm key competitive forces and their claims. In what direction do you think they are going to take their ads? How do your ideas stack up to theirs and how do you want to differentiate yourselves from them? 2. As a group, review the list of key components to be included in a creative platform and then answer the list of questions provided. (CW: You are responsible for writing up this portion; see individual directions for more details.) This will establish a group understanding of what direction to take in creating your ads and will help your team stay focused. 3. Develop 2-3 key objectives that you hope to accomplish with the advertisement and the subsequent 4-8 tactics necessary for implementing it. AE may need to revise these later. HW (DUE Monday, 5/21, by the end of class): CW: Write up creative platform answers on a separate sheet of paper and turn in with question sheet AE: Write up list of objectives and tactics (in bullet points) R: Identify 2-4 competitors and explain why each one is perceived as competition
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By the end of Day Three (5/21) 1. AE: Work on final slide presentation organization with group. Meet as a team to discuss where you are at in the project – if you have fallen behind you will need to work extra hard to stay on top of things. CW/R: Create slides for individual portions of presentation. 05/25): AD: Produce 1 design sketch for magazine ad and 1 storyboard for commercial. 2. Work on individual tasks that are due for Day Four (listed below for Homework) HW (DUE Friday. determine the details of the mediums for your campaign— magazine and television. The team. Media selection should be based on a market and financial perspective. HW (DUE 06/01): AD: Produce cover for hardcopy proposal and create slides for individual portion of the slide presentation. especially art director and copywriter. HW (DUE by end of class period on Thursday. not what you personally want to implement. the particular TV station and time of day. This may include the type of magazine in which you choose to place your ad. Art director will refine later. 05/31): AD: Produce final artwork for magazine ad CW: Produce Script for commercial/ copy for magazine ad AE: Produce Rough Draft of slide presentation order (printout – 6 slides per page) R: Create 1-2 graphs of results of research (focus group questions/ target audience) By the end of Day Six (05/31): Review outline and practice your presentation all together. R: Write focus group questions that will be asked for research By the end of Day Five (05/25): AE should check in with group members to make sure no one is falling behind. Art director and copywriter will refine these for the final presentation. TV commercial concepts must be displayed via video (Talk to Mrs. the season the ad will run. Each group member has tasks they should be working on. Review tasks and see what still needs to be done for the final assignment. Communications Hall Page 2 . 05/24/12): AD: Create art & copy rationale CW: Write target audience rationale AE: Write media rationale R: Write competitive overview By the end of Day Four (05/24) 1. Assist with organization of slide presentation and hardcopy proposal. should take the creative platform and media strategy and brainstorm one concept for both your mediums (art and copy together). 2. Make sure you've incorporated recommendations from your AE (and the researcher if one exists). AE: Write 1-2 paragraph conclusion for presentation and proposal (should convince company why you are the best agency). etc. After completing the platform. 3. Create PowerPoint outline for oral presentation. H if there is any difficulty in meeting this requirement for the group). HW (DUE Wednesday.

The ability to work together in harmony and unison says a lot about a company. quality of ad concept and on their ability to present and articulate.Final printout of Magazine ad (8. Communications Hall Page 3 .) Any research conducted Be sure to organize all of these facets in a logical manner and work on team flow. convincing strategy to the client (75 pts). esp. Part of the presentation grade will reflect group cohesiveness. your group needs to include the following in your PPT presentation:  Opening/ Title slide  Objectives & Tactics  Introduction of team members and roles  Media rationale  Brief product description including key  Art Director’s Rationale features  Artwork/ Concept Title Slide  Audience profile w/stats  Digital Artwork for Magazine Ad  Researcher’s competitive overview  Television Commercial  Researchers Focus Group findings with  Conclusion/ Wrap Up Graphs You will also be expected to explain: • The product and its target audience • The packaging and/or logo • An explanation of why your company is best for the job • • • Your creative platform The ad concept itself (CW and AD. look sharp.5x11) and final storyboard of commercial  Focus group Qs and competitive overview  A conclusion Rough drafts must be included in a back section for credit. Your presentation needs to be a minimum of 10 minutes and a max of 15 minutes—including a viewing of the commercial and Magazine Ad.The Stuff You Will Be Graded On: The Pitch (oral presentation by group): On the day of the pitch. Hardcopy Proposal: A printed proposal will be submitted the day of your presentation. Each person’s name must be on the title page and be recorded on each piece of work to which s/he contributed. The proposal should include:  Outside Cover  Title page with team member names  Product description  Objectives and tactics  Audience profile and rationale  Creative Platform and answers  Media rationale  Art and copy rationale  Intro slide for Ad concept  The actual ad concept . Evaluation: Each student will be graded individually for written contributions in the portfolio (75 pts).

Develops any graphics for the oral presentation. Writes 1-2 paragraph product description to be used in proposal and presentation b. Creates slides for his/ her portion of the presentation and gives to AE for PPT presentation. c. Art Director 3. b. Develops 1-2 graphs of findings. Writes conclusion for proposal and presentation that offers final convincing argument on why this potential new client should pick your agency. and text for the ad. media rationale. Proposal should be neatly bound and have an organized and consistent look (all pages using the same fonts. e. b. Fills out the Creative Platform handout. Researcher (only for groups of four) Communications Hall Page 4 . e. which incorporates work from each team member (including title page.) e. d. Assists copywriter with creative platform and audience rationale by providing demographics and psychographics. Oversees production of oral presentation. subheads. f. Serves as traffic manager and ensures that all deadlines are being met within the agency. including tag lines (slogans) and any fine print. These graphs should support the AE’s media rationale. Produces hardcopy of advertising proposal. Develops 2-3 paragraph media rationale. which must be presented in the hardcopy proposal and as a part of the presentation. d. Produces cover of advertising proposal. a. the product. their preferred design style. Copywriter a. art director’s rationale. Produces final advertisements (sketch/video/storyboard). Account Executive (AE) 4.Individual Roles Each person’s name and title must be on the top right corner of each of the documents or deliverables that he/ she developed for the hardcopy proposal. 2. (see notes from class on rationale) b. a. e. # placement. c. (See handout from class on creative platform) d. a. Develops 3-4 paragraph art rationale for all creative work (artwork and copy) which must be presented in the hardcopy proposal and as part of the verbal presentation. (See notes from class on audience profile) c. Assists AD with production of commercial. d. Creates slides for his/ her portion of the presentation and gives to AE for PPT presentation. product description. audience profile. g. using focus group questions and target audience demographics and psychographics. Creates one-page list of focus group questions ascertaining the target consumer’s purchasing attitudes toward your product and the competition’s. 1. This should be included in the hardcopy proposal only. c. Creates slides for his/ her portion of the presentation and gives to AE for PPT presentation. Writes up the agency’s objectives and tactics for forming the advertisement in paragraph form. objectives and tactics. etc. the target audience. creative platform. concept. These questions should be completed by the entire group and answers the questions about the client’s desired image. It can include fictitious yet realistic statistics. Develops a 3-4 paragraph audience rationale that must be presented in the hardcopy proposal and as a part of the presentation. Writes 3-4 paragraph competitive overview. Organizes PPT presentation with the help of the group and collects slides for individual group members for their sections. which must be presented in the hardcopy proposal and as part of the presentation. type spacing and pg. Creates copy (text/script) for magazine ad and commercial. Audience profile can include fictitious statistics and focus group information (but make it realistic). Assists AE with media rationale f. and conclusion – rough drafts placed in back). Media rationale should include examples of specific magazines or channels.

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