1. What FAITH is not:  Faith is NOT Religion : Some say “WE HAVE OUR FAITH – our religious ideas, dogmas, traditions passed down for generations” When someone says that they usually mean religion - a man made method to reach out to God.  Not just in thought: e.g. thinking that the Bible is God’s word and continuing with the same lifestyle. Jam 2:14, 19-20 – Even the demons believe and tremble.  Not a means to manipulate God: It’s not an arm twister or a magic maker.  Not Hope: Hope relates to the future (May be/ May not be). It is not a positive or negative set of desires. (Faith takes a promise as done now) You can have hope and yet be anxious and look for results while lacking the confidence and assurance that faith has. 2. What is FAITH: There are two types in the broad sense.  NATURAL faith (human faith)  Inherent: (God given) believes what it sees, hears, smells etc. Dependent on the 5 senses. – Things that we know exist. E.g. When we sit in a chair, travel by flight.  Supernatural Faith:  Also given by God on hearing the Gospel Eph2:8 - saved by grace through faith. Not something we can achieve on our own strength, it is a gift from God. Grace is known to all men Tit 2:11  God calls all those things which do not exist as though they did Rom 4:17 – Abram to Abraham, before it happened  Heb 11:1 substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. E.g. when God created the earth He created light before the source i.e. the sun. ‘Hope of things not seen’ – this implies that HOPE is a necessary condition 2Thes 5:8, Heb 6:19 ‘Evidence of things not seen’ – Answer to prayer in the now 1Jn 5 :14,15, Jn 14:12, Mk 11:24 e.g. like a cheque of a millionaire waiting to be cashed in the bank  Rom 10:10 not just intellectual (not just based on evidence or proof) but of the heart. 3.     WHY FAITH: Heb 11:6 Impossible to please God, have a relation with God. Eph 2:8, 1Pt 1:8,9 How else would we be saved! 1Jn 5 :14,15, Jn 14:12, Mk 11:24 How will our prayers be answered 1Jn 5:4-5, Mk 11:23 We are more than conquerors.

Hbk 2:4 The Just shall live by faith Healing and Deliverance Ministry Heb 13:8. Yet in a classroom in school there’s only one 1st ranker. Gal 5:1-6 Galatians Rom 1:17. How do we develop Faith: Again a reminder – faith is a gift of God.  Heb 10:35-39 God is not pleased. Christianity is not a two way swinging door. then faith in something else  Heb 3:7. Faith >> by hearing >> hearing by the Word of God Supernatural Faith.not human but Godly faith e. Jn14:12 when we accept Christ our measure or level of Faith is the same as Christ Haven’t we heard of people who accept the Gospel and within hours are raising the dead to life? Philemon 1:6 that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgement of every good thing which is in you in Jesus Christ.g. number of neurons from birth. 1Jn 5: 1-4 We keep His commandments. it’s Sin Rom 14:23  Rom 1:22 If not faith in God. Gal 2:20 The same Jesus who healed the sick lives in us 1Cor 4:20  Rom14:23 If it’s not faith. The average human uses only 20% of their brain capacity! Jesus. 5.8 and 16-19 You will not enter God’s rest 4. Eph 2:8 Analogy: Brain – we all have similar brain mass. not something we have achieved on our own. What if we hold back?  Do not go on your own strength 1Cor 10:12 If you think you are going strong. Why? Though we have the same brain mass how we develop our brain and use it is what makes the difference. He is talking about application here.20 . that’s when you are most vulnerable. You can read 2Kings 6:24 – 7:20  Heb 6:9-12 Do not be discouraged. 19.  Rom 10:17 -> Pro 4:20-22 – study the Word.    Heb 11:1 Bring things from the spiritual to the natural. What happens when someone hears the Gospel (Jn 3:16) What do we do when the word comes – we act on it! Jam 2:14. when He speaks of Little Matt 8:26 and Great Matt 8:26 faith.

Jude 20. to develop the fruit of the Holy Spirit. but Peter was able to do it because he stood on the word that Jesus spoke. Spend time with others strong in faith – fellowship Pr 13:20 Know before you see 2Cor 5:7 walk by faith not by sight.      1Jn 5:4-5 overcoming the world sounds as impossible as walking on water. The world says seeing is believing (most of the time natural faith also doesn’t work that way) Always remember God Knows: Isa 42:9-10 . 1Cor 14:4 Pray in the Spirit – edify yourself e.g. charge yourself like your phone battery. Speak God’s Word into your Life Josh 1:8 – your tongue has the power of life and death Give thanks 1Thes 5:16-18 and Praise Heb 13:15 Gal 5:22-23 maintain your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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