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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rudolph Muller, Founder, MYADSL Rick Joubert, Executive Head: Mobile Advertising, VODACOM Arthur Goldstuck, CEO, WORLD WIDE WORX Mike Stopforth, Social Media Consultant, CEREBRA Leon Orsmond, Disruptivator, OSMOSIS Grant Shippey, CEO, AMORPHOUS Patrick Collings, Partner, SAGACITE BRAND AGENCY Colin Daniels, Digital Business Development Manager, JOHNNIC COMMUNICATIONS Allan Kent, Creative Group Head, SAATCHI & SAATCHI Justin Hartman, New Media Strategist, THE TIMES and founder, AFRIGATOR Herman Heunis, Managing Director, MXIT Paul Jacobson, New Media Lawyer, JACOBSON ATTORNEYS Matthew Buckland, MD, MAIL&GUARDIAN ONLINE Lize Esterhuizen, Web Editor, STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY David Wessels, CEO, SARUGBY.COM Mike Balkind, Web Editor, JHB LIVE Jenny van Niekerk, Marketing Manager, ORANJERIVIER WINE CELLARS Eric Edelstein, Chairman, TRAFFICSYNERGY.COM Tyler Reed, Chief Strategist, YOUNIQUE ONLINE MARKETING Jonathan Bishop, Head of Visual Communications, NETCARE


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24, 25, 26, 27 March 2008 Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg “Find Out How To Really Communicate With ‘Generation Y’ – The Youth Of Today!” OVER 70 DELEGATES ATTENDED THE 2007 EVENT! PLUS! INTRODUCING YOUR ALL NEW FRESHTHINKING PANEL OF SPEAKERS:

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• • • • • • Investigating connectivity across the country to determine your marketing strategy Discovering how to gain buy-in from decision makers in your industry Exploring brand new concepts and ideas to freshen up your marketing drive Capitalising on your target market by understanding the new consumer’s needs Discussing Web 2.0 and the effect of this social phenomenon on your brand Analysing and tracking your digital marketing strategies for increased exposure

• THE A  Z OF NEW MEDIA JARGON - defining all the terms you need to know in utilising the digital arena • MULTIMEDIA BRANDING - integrating web and mobile strategies to create a comprehensive, cutting edge marketing strategy
WHAT PAST DELEGATES HAD TO SAY ABOUT IQPC’S PREVIOUS NEW MEDIA EVENT: “Loved the conference, attended all 3 days. Speakers and topics were extremely up-to-date, topical and well-versed in their particular fields”

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1 You will have direct access to the most senior people in the industry; the key decision makers who are responsible for creating innovative marketing strategies 2 Your clients and your critical potential clients will be attending the 2nd Annual New Media Marketing and this is the perfect chance to make yours the brand they remember 3 You will have the option of receiving a full participant list prior to the conference so that you can see exactly who is attending and target those who are specifically relevant to your business 4 The exhibition area is strategically placed in the conference venue to enable maximum interaction with all attendees. You will have full and prolonged exposure to this select audience. 5 Our focused and highly researched presentations will provide you with the in-depth knowledge of the industry to further your business, improve existing relationship and pursue new contacts. As 2nd Annual New Media Marketing is not a tradeshow, there will only be a limited number of opportunities available. To secure premium sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, call IQPC on +27-11-669-5000 or email: sponsorship@iqpc.co.za

“Very interesting overall. I enjoyed the ‘theory’ speakers being backed up by the ‘real world’ applications”

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Workshop Format: 07:30 Registration 08:30 Workshop Commences 12:30 Workshop Ends Refreshments will be served during the morning

Building the Business Case for New Media Marketing After having attended our previous New Media Marketing event, Jenny van Niekerk realised there was a whole world of marketing strategies that Oranjerivier Wine Cellars had not yet tapped into. In this session she will detail how, after the conference, she embarked on a plan to bring her company up to speed in the digital era. • Reaching the end consumer through the use of New Media Marketing strategies • Using blogs, podcasts and e-retailing to create an interactive and user-friendly medium for attracting new business • Moving beyond traditional marketing by gaining buy-in for this initiative from top management Jenny van Niekerk, Marketing Manager ORANJERIVIER WINE CELLARS 12:30 Lunch And End Of Workshop Day

Your marketing strategy sits above of your business strategy and includes everything that helps you deliver value to your customers: differentiation; understanding your value proposition as well as delivering a competitive advantage. However, traditional advertising strategies are no longer enough to convey this. New media skills have gone from being something only “web people” need to have to something that every marketing person needs. “Convergence” is no longer a vague notion - it has arrived in some of South Africa’s leading organisations. In this half-day, practical session you will learn: 1. …to define blogs, podcasts and viral campaigns 2. …to understand the difference between and value of mobisodes and mobizines 3. …how all new media elements can be combined in a comprehensive marketing strategy Grant Shippey, CEO AMORPHOUS

07:30 Registration And Early Morning Refreshments 08:30 Opening Remarks By Chairperson Patrick Collings, Partner SAGACITE BRAND AGENCY 08:40 Investigating Wireless Internet Access In Supporting The Deployment Of A Sustainable Internet Solution Throughout Africa • Exploring the demand for internet access on the continent and how it affects marketing practices • Discovering why fixed-line, dial up internet connections are no longer adequate for marketers to utilise in building their brands

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Bridging the digital divide by comparing the costs of wireless and broadband to fixed line costs Rudolf Muller, Founder MYADSL 09:20 Incorporating Search Engine Optimisation And Social Media Into Your Marketing Spend: Gaining The Competitive Edge By Ensuring Your Brand Is Number One • Optimising your brand recognition by using search engine marketing SEM as part of your media strategy • Leveraging publicity for your brand by utilising Social Media effectively • Analysing user driven content and the effect this has on advertisers and brand specialists Justin Hartman, New Media Strategist THE TIMES and Founder AFRIGATOR 10:00 Mid Morning Refreshments 10.30 Assessing Affiliate Marketing And The Instant Global Sales force It Creates • Investigating Affiliate Marketing – what is it and how I can I use it to maximise my marketing strategy? • Considering the differences between Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation • Comparing the South African landscape to international trends Eric Edelstein, Chairman TRAFFICSYNERGY.COM 11:10 Adopting New Technology Platforms In A Healthcare Environment • Using different technology platforms to communicate with a staff that is not stationary

Investigating the use of a variety of technologies to communicate Netcare’s move towards wellness and health • Advertising across new technology and traditional media platforms to maximise a message’s exposure Jonathan Bishop Head of Visual Communications NETCARE 11:50 Investigating How SARugby.com Dramatically Increased Traffic By Changing Their Online Strategy • Creating customer-centric content by identifying your users and constructing consumer profiles • Holding users in conversation: making sure you are listening to what your customers want • Identifying the convergence of real-worlds and digital worlds to use your brand effectively in both. Dave Wessels, CEO SARUGBY.COM 12:30 Effectively Capitalising On Your Target Market By Identifying Mobile Trends In South Africa • Crunching numbers: Discovering how many South Africans are using mobile devices and services • Exploring the future: Where mobile technology is going in South Africa • Following the money: the factors that work for and against mobile banking and commerce Arthur Goldstuck, CEO WORLD WIDE WORX 13:00 Rapid Network Exchange Meet, network and exchange business cards with fellow delegates and speakers in IQPC’s exclusive, lively networking session. In this revolutionary, quick-fire format

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you can meet every single delegate and exchange best practice and learning. Bring along your business cards, this will be exciting! 14:00 Lunch For Delegates and Speakers 14:40 Investigating The Development Of Mobile As A Medium To Rival Traditional Media: The Vodacom Experience • Taking centre stage: Investigating mobile as the 7th mass medium • Setting local standards by engaging on a global level • Developing a credible medium by delivering auditable and verifiable measures and standards Rick Joubert, Executive Head: Mobile Advertising VODACOM 15:20 Exploring The Evolution Of MXit: How We Captured The Youth Market • Advertising to a captured mobile audience by using Splashscreen advertising • Using MXit’s own advertising service to market themselves to their existing database • Increasing user-base by identifying the existing market as an advertising tool to spread a viral campaign Herman Heunis, Managing Director, MXIT 15:50 Mid Afternoon Refreshments 16:30 Creating Brand Awareness By Using Inventive Mobile Marketing Ideas During the fever of the Rugby World Cup 2007, a few employees at Johnnic Communications decided to capitalise on this wave of patriotism by creating a ringtone called “The Zulu Haka”. In this session, Colin Daniels will highlight the innovative mobile strategy used to download the ringtone and what it meant for the various stakeholders. • Explaining the methods used in creating the “Zulu Haka” download

Educating consumers on the use of mobile technologies by maximising traditional media sources • Taking advantage of innovative developments in the new media space to influence future marketing strategies Colin Daniels, Digital Business Development Manager JOHNNIC COMMUNICATIONS 17:10 Closing Remarks By Chairman 17:25 Close of Day 2

07:30 Registration And Early Morning Refreshments 08:30 Opening Remarks By Chairperson Patrick Collings, Partner SAGACITE BRAND AGENCY 08:40 Exploring The Role Of “Consumer 2.0” – The New Role Of The Content User And It’s Consequences For Content Providers • Assessing the role of the “blogosphere” in the growth of new media marketing • Extending your target audience reach by incorporating social media into your business model • Taking user-generated content to a new level in the form of Crowdsourcing: putting the design of your marketing in the consumers’ hands Matt Buckland, MD MAIL & GUARDIAN ONLINE 09:20 Discussing The Explosion Of Social Networking And The Impact On Brands In The Digital Arena • Exploring the social networking consumer – who are they and what are they looking for?

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Maximising the use of your brand in social networks to increase the power of your visibility • Forging relationships with your online customers and ensuring your brand’s well-being through these partnerships Mike Stopforth, Social Media Consultant CEREBRA 10:00 Mid Morning Refreshments 10:30 Engaging The Youth Of Today Through Social Media • Exploring the mindset and habits of savvy youngsters • Investigating the power of instantaneous and multi-tasking communication amongst the youth through their use of mobile and social networks • Exploring the importance of engaging and interacting with the youth to build brand loyalty Tyler Reed, Chief Strategist YOUNIQUE ONLINE MARKETING 11:10 Creating An Electronic Environment For Academic And Social Networks: The E-Life Of Students At Stellenbosch University • Moving from hard copy to electronic copy: Incorporating an interactive, digital environment into the primary learning environment • Educating the end-user by means of leadership initiatives to create a viral, word -of- mouth campaign throughout the Stellenbosch campus • Augmenting the Stellenbosch brand through the use of New Media Lize Esterhuizen, Web Editor STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY 11:50 Exploring New Media And Technology Law And The Effects Of This On Your Marketing Deployment • Understanding the risk of defamation through the use of social media • Reviewing the intellectual property rights issues on the Web and the options

you have when marketing your brand Protecting your relationships with your customers through adherence to New Media Law Paul Jacobson, New Media Lawyer JACOBSON ATTORNEYS • 12:30 Lunch For Delegates and Speakers 13:30 Discovering The Second Life Of Brands In this session you will look at the appearance of brands within virtual worlds such as Second Life and explore what brand strategies have worked and what haven’t. The topic will explore the significance of virtual worlds and explain how they are already far more established in society than we realise. The future of virtual worlds as a marketing platform for brands will also be discussed. Specifically, the topic will cover: • Second Life as the pioneer of a new way of interacting with brands and where it succeeded and where it failed • The reality of brand independence and how brands take on their own virtual lives independent of their brand managers • Virtual worlds as a mirror and influencer of society and what this mean for brand communication • The close parallels between product placement and brands in virtual worlds and where they intersect • Guidelines for building successful brand strategies in virtual worlds Patrick Collings, Partner SAGACITE BRAND AGENCY 14:10 Changing The Face Of Marketing By Integrating New Media Into Your Traditional Marketing Strategy • Maximising traditional forms of media to educate users about new media options • Making use of the “Web 2.0” phenomenon effectively to ensure you are not left behind in reaching social media consumers

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Re-engineering your New Media campaign to include interactive and visual elements for ease of use for the consumer Allan Kent, Creative Group Head SAATCHI & SAATCHI 14:50 Mid Afternoon Refreshments 15:20 Investigating How Viral Strategies Help Make Communities Dominate Brands • Disrupting current technology by embracing the long tail theory • Partnering with Ster Kinekor & Off Limit to produce a viral campaign that launched the Maponya Mall Ster Kinekor • Demonstrating the power of flash mobs, urban spam, guerrilla sms , sound bombs and other new market spaces: further case studies from innovative clients Leon Orsmond, Disruptivator OSMOSIS 16:00 Speaker Round Table This is your opportunity to meet with the speakers in a one on one setting. Discuss and debate topical issues surrounding New Media Marketing with the experts Leon Orsmond, Disruptivator OSMOSIS Allan Kent, Technical Director SAATCHI & SAATCHI Matt Buckland, MD MAIL & GUARDIAN ONLINE Patrick Collings, Partner SAGACITE BRAND AGENCY 16: 45 Closing Remarks By Chairperson 17:00 Close of Day 3

You have learnt the theory, now join your peers in this interactive masterclass where you will be able to take the skills taught to you by industry professionals and put them to practical use.

Workshop Format: 07:30 Registration 08:30 Workshop Commences 16:30 Workshop Ends Lunch, mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments will be served during the day.

Integrating Web And Mobile Strategies To Create A Comprehensive, Cutting Edge Marketing Strategy We are living in an era of convergance, driven by the digital age. No longer is convergance just a “tech” thing, but a social phenomenon that has a major impact on consumers and marketers alike. The author of “Convergence Culture”, Henry Jenkins describes the phenomenon as a place “where old and new media collide… [and] where the power of the media producer and the power of the media consumer interact in unpredictable ways”. Companies are being affected in terms of content creation, content distribution and content consumption. What is your company doing to stay ahead of the trend? Are you utilising the cheaper and easier methods of producing multimedia strategies? In this full day, practical session you will be able to answer the following questions: Q: How do I integrate web and mobile strategies? Q: How can I effectively design my campaign to fit on a web platform as well as a mobile platform? Q: What are the best types of strategies to use when merging web and mobile into one comprehensive marketing campaign? Q: How can I incorporate a New Media approach into my traditional advertising format? Michael Balkind, Web Editor, JHB LIVE

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2nd Annual New Media Marketing
24, 25, 26 & 27 March 2008
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