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101 Best Adventure Activities to do in India Posted on 21.

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India is a land of various adventurous opportunities for an adventure seeker. There are plenty of things to do, see and experience around the sub-continent. Right from trekking in Ladakh to rappelling in the waters of Dandeli down south, kayaking in Himachal to scuba diving in Goa, as an adventure seeker you would be spoilt for choice. And if thats less for you, please take a look at the various range of activities we have listed for you to enjoy whilst your adventure trip in this beautiful country.

Lets start with Ladakh, the cold desert of the north as it is fondly called 101. Paragliding in Ladakh: Watching the breathtaking views of Ladakh from the heavens above is an awesome feeling.

Paragliding in Ladakh Paraglide from 4000m+ above sea level? Challenge the fierce and strong winds gushing towards you over the Indus Valley? You could also come to Lamayuru and paraglide with a take off at 60km/h. Some of the best spots around Ladakh for thrilling paragliding experiences would be Tsemo Gompa, Stok Kangri and Leh Bazer as well. 100. An amazing road trip to Khardung La would show you what Ladakh has to offer.

Khardung La Pass The well known Nubra Valley is not only famous for hiking and trekking trails, but for road trips as well. The open wide roads leading to Khurdung La also known as the Highest Motorable Road in the world at 18380ft, throws open challenges. Are you ready to take on the steepness of Chang La, Khardung La. Contact http//

99. Zanskar river rafting: Challenge the turbulent rapids of River Zanskar, battling gorges and obstacles along its way.

Zanskar Rafting The best spot to raft would be the Doda River in Ladakh. You could even go for a jeep safari or have a long drive around Pensi La. After rafting, the most popular attraction around would be the famous Drung Durung glacier. And if you want more of rafting fun, there are more avenues flowing wild at its 6000 metre high peaks. Dont forget to have a look at the famous monasteries as well. 98. Markha valley trek: One of the most beautiful trekking tours you would experience in Ladakh.

Markha Valley Trek Source: Rumbak is amazing to camp at, and if you fancy mountaineering, you could do so at Skiu and Kandala. While on the Markha Valley trek, you could also cross bridges, especially the one from Skiu to Markha. Move towards Tchatchutse, and trek forward to the famous Kang Yaze peak as well. And on the way check out the well-known Hemis Monastery. 97. The Stock Kangri climb is for those who like to challenge the strenuous veins in them.

The strenuous climb takes you to 6000m+ where you would mingle with the local Ladakhi folks living in high altitudinal surroundings. The Stok Palace and the Spituk monasteries are attractions here, and in addition to that, the Stok Kangri climb would bring you face to face with Tanglang La and the Lachalunga La, which are two of the highest passes in the world. 96. The famous Chadar trek is thronged by many trekkers from across the globe every year

Chadar Trek Source: Manish Lakhani Chadar Trek is an unusual trek than any other treks in the world, Chadar trek is walking on the Frozen River. The Zanskar River Freezes in winter making a thin film of ice enabling to walk over it in a thin Gorge, where the temperature falls to -30C. Chadar trek attracts trekkers across the globe. This is not for the Weak hearted.

95. Ride the stallions and enjoy Horse Polo at Ladakh, who knew playing Polo here would be so much of fun.

Horse Polo Ladakh Source: Horse Polo in Ladakh is famous and appreciated all over the globe. The appreciation has made most in the world understand Ladakhi culture and tradition. Horse Polo is a very popular sport played in the rugged terrains of the famous Karakoram range. And no game of Horse Polo is enjoyed to the full without a dose of Surna and Daman, a musical soiree. 94. Graze the wheels hard and rough on your Biking Trip in Ladakh

Bike Trip Ladakh Biking across the Trans- Himalayan route, crossing the famous Rothang pass and the Kulu Valley or even the well known Lahaul-Spiti Valley has its own charms and thrills. The ancient Gondhala Fort lies en route to the town of Keylong, which would be when you bike at the more plains. Dont miss the famous Sankar monastery, Shanti Stupa and Leh Palace en route. 93. Its a pleasure joining the Cycling trips around Ladakh, you get to experience so much. On this trip you would be talking to the heavens, because cycling here would be at the highest points of the world. You would also go through tiny colorful hamlets and villages, passing by beautiful Buddhists Gompas and snow peaks on the way. From Leh to Alchi it is a 64km ride, a zig zag one, which would keep you hooked to the breathtaking panoramic scenes around. 92. Take a look at the rugged mountaineuous ranges from close quarters on a Yak Safari in Ladakh. The largest animal of this cold desert is the yak. The animal is very shaggy and weighs around a ton. Go on a valley exploration riding the back of the Yak and enjoy your Yak safari, spanning the glacial valleys, lakes, streams, snow peaks, forests and meadows as well 91. Fancy a bumpy ride across the desert of the north, go on a double humped Camel safari The Double Humped Camel safari takes you around Stupas and Gompas, Khardung la Pass, Stok Kangri and adjacent peaks. Be at Khalsar and Khardung, two well known colorful villages in Ladakh. Dont miss the famous Shayok river and Hunder, and meditate at the famous Diskit monastery too. You should also visit the famous Nubra Falls and the Hot Springs as well.

90. Enjoy the bounties of eco-tourism in Ladakh while spotting IBIS and snow leopards around Snow Leopard Conservancy is of utmost importance in Ladakh. Villagers protect Leopards and their natural habitat. Hemis is a Snow Leopard reserve and to watch the Ibis one would have to visit the Shey marshes are located in outskirts of Leh. If you spend the day travelling to Puga, Ibis spotting wouldnt be missed by you. Lets move on to Meghalaya, shall we 89. Caving in Meghalaya: The Exotic Seven Sisters water falls and the spooky Mewsmayi Caves.

Cave in Meghalaya The Nohkalikai Falls and the famous 7 Sister falls. An eco-park, the Thangkharang Park and well known Mawsmai caves (deepest caves of Asia) along with 100 odd limestone caves, such as Siju, Syndai and Mawsynram. The Langshiang Falls at Meghalaya is one of the largest waterfalls in India. 88. Camping under the living bridge: Quite a different experience from other camping tours and trips.

Living Bridge Cherrapunji Right across torrential streams of Meghalaya, you would find the living bridge. Famous name given to this living paradise is Jingkieng Nongriat, also known as the Double Decker. The area is filled with terrains, rugged and challenging, and very deep gorges and valleys, making trekking here ideal and exciting, especially the David Scott trails. Contact 87. Cycling in Meghalaya: Go cycling around the wettest zones of this planet on guided cycling tours. The well known Umiam Hydro Electric Project and the famous Naphak Lake. Dont miss the Crinoline Falls and the Um Song River. Or even the Singsong gorge, and the Weiloi and Umngi, both of which are known to be the best natural water springs of the region. Contact: The mutli-diverse offerings of Rajasthan can keep you hooked for a long time

86. Dune bashing in Rajasthan An amazing safari experience in great Indian Thar combined with its amazing culture and hospitality. Unending sandunes of Bikaner and Jaisalmer, plenty of uniquely tented accommodations, jeep safaris and camel safaris, medieval forts and revisiting the royal era, sighting the Chinkara antelope, the Great Indian bustard, cultural shows and dances by local dancers, delicious Rajasthan cuisine, shopping at the local bazaars, Pink city tour etc 85. Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan Fly over Royal Rajasthan for an amazing aerial view.

Hot air ballooning Rajasthan Source: Colorful balloons, comfortable and peaceful moments soaring through the skies, flying over forts and castles, sand dunes, world standard safety norms, 60 minutes of flight, refreshments and a certificate of first flight as well Contact Skywaltz 84. Horse riding trips in Rajasthan Travel through the royal desert on the back of this aristocratic animal

Source: Travel through the rustic terrain of the royal Rajasthan riding on a royal breed of horses near Udaipur. From tailor-made horseback safaris to cozy candlelight dinners, everything is possible. Eco-friendly safaris in the Aravalli Mountains and historic Marwa plains Contact Princess Trails 83. Ranthambore: Visit the Ranthambore national park famous for its Tiger safaris through the rocky terrain of the Aravallis

Ranthambore National Park Roaring tigers and an array of flora and fauna in the jungles of the Ranthambore national park and adjoining sanctuaries, a glance into Rajasthans rich bio-diversity heritage spread over an area of 1334 sq. kms. Best time to Visit is from October to End of June. 82. Ziplining at Neemrana Fort: A thrilling aerial tour around Neemrana fort palace in Alwar.

A total of 2 kms Zipline with breathtaking aerial views on zips between battlements, hill forts and ridge tops, world class safety equipments and trained assistants to accompany. This is a 2 hours Activitiy right from your trek uphill to Zipline exit, rest breaks, time to listen to their historical & Cultural commentary. Contact: flying fox 81. Bikaner-Jaisalmer 4*4 amazing jeep safaris through the rough terrain of Rajasthan adrenaline pumping jeep safaris between Bikaner and Jaisalmer along the rural landscape of Rajasthan through the sun and the sand and the cool desert nights. Sights of Rajasthan villages and camel carts passing by with stretches of vast emptiness as well 80. Elephant polo in Rajasthan: Enjoy the royal game on the fields of Jaipur

Elephant Polo Rajasthan Play the elephant polo popular amongst the members of the Rajasthan royalty, the only place in the world where you would see these colossal and majestic animals move around the field after the ball at great speed. Contact Royal Jaipur polo foundation 79. Kite flying in Rajasthan: Enjoy the amazing Kite festival in Jaipur colorful kites flying in the skies above the Jaipur polo grounds in the three day Kite festival held in January, a mega inaugural ceremony and air force helicopters in the sky. 78. Camel safari in Rajasthan: A unique way to explore the rural Rajasthan.

Camel Safari Jaisalmer ride on the back of the ship of the deserts around Bikaner,Khimsar,Osian and Jaisalmer to see the vibrant and hospitable Thar. You can choose between a half day safari to 10 day desert expeditions. 77. Elephant polo in Rajasthan: Play the game of the kings and enjoy the heritage sport. enjoy this equestrian sport on the royal elephant of Rajasthan on the polo grounds where the royalty plays. Gets that adrenaline rushing while watching the elephant play or get the polo experience yourself and enjoy playing it?. Camel polo is also quite popular in Rajasthan. Contact:

76. Royal wedding in Rajasthan: Get married the royal way. What could be more thrilling then getting married in a royal fashion in India. have an unforgettable celebration for your dream wedding at the worlds best heritage hotel, The Raj Palace in Jaipur; variety of palace locations and venues, local folk performers, a grand event. Contact royal wedding India 75. Vintage car rally in Rajasthan: Experience a ride in the golden oldies.

Vintage Car Rally Jaipur vintage cars from 1920s till 1960s, a line up of the age old beauties like the 1930 Morris and the Cadillac 1957 rolling through the streets of Jaipur in all their elegance and charm. Contact Travel Rajasthan 74. ATV ride in sand dunes: a roller-coaster ride through the sands of the Thar desert. A drive of 15 kms towards the sand dunes of Sam, near Jaisalmer; an adventurous ride of a lifetime in the golden sands, photographs while adorning Rajasthan attire, foot tapping music, enchanting folklore. In the midst of the ocean, the lands scarcely populated beckon the adventure seeker 73. Scuba diving in Andaman: Dive into the waters of the Bay of Bengal and explore the amazing aquatic world. The Goodness Factor scuba diving in Havelock, Neil, Barren Island, scuba certification courses, warm water and largest variety of coral and fish life, untouched by commercialism. 72. Snorkeling with elephants: Swim with the elephants underwater

Snorkeling with Elephant Snorkel with the famous ocean swimming elephants of the Andaman Islands, a once in a lifetime opportunity ;get mesmerized by the elephants grace and relative weightlessness underwater, meet the gentle giant named Rajan with the mahout on his back. 71. Island camping: Get an amazing camping experience in the beautiful islands of Andaman Tents on beaches and between the island forests, close to the nature, amazing view of the sea, bird watching.

70. Surfing in the Andamans and talking to the seas The best places to go surfing in the Andamans would be Little Andaman and South Andaman. The region is famous for eco-tourism and has other places of interests, such as the Ross Island, the Cellular Jail and the Havelock Island as well. The sandy beaches offer plenty of adventure activities, and you come in close contact with corals, fish and marine life as well. there are plenty of beach resorts, trekking, camping and nature trailing to be enjoyed as well. Contact http// Kerala also known as Gods Own Country has a lot to offer those who look for an adventure 69. The famous Snake Boat Race of Kerala

Snake Boat Race Kerala With plenty of backwaters to its name, Kerala apart from Ayurveda and classical traditions is also famous for the Snake Boat Race. Famous Snake Boat Races would be Champakulam Moolam Boat Race, Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali, Payippad Jalotsavam and the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Be amidst the fan following and cheering, watching the locals on long boats snake through the backwaters and create a furore. Contact http// 68. Enjoy your wild Trek to Chembra the Chembra peaks are the highest in Wayanad, Kerala and are at an altitude of 2100m above the sea. The trek is strenuous and would take an hour almost to reach its zenith, the watchtower. There are lakes and perennial fresh water springs en route, and the famous Shola forests on either side. You also get to see Kalpetta and the Nilgiri Hills as well while on the Trek to Chembra. 67. Relax and unwind with House Boat Stay in the backwaters of Kerala The most preferred and very famous attractions of Kerala would be staying at one of the houseboats on the meandering backwaters of the region. Calmness and serenity makes it a perfect zone to be at for any peace seeker. You have a range of houseboats with varied facilities to choose from, and Kerala would keep you happy and content while you stay in one of them. 66. The evergreen experience of Bamboo Rafting in Kuruva Situated on River Kabini, Bamboo Rafting in Kuruva is a thrilling experience. Plenty of wildlife around to spot, clusters of small islands merging with the waters, trekking to the tribal temples in the village around Kuruva, and sleeping at tree houses or camping the night in the midst of nature, this is an experience that you wouldnt forget.

65. Sunset Cruise in Kerala, mystical and enchanting From Marine Drive to the Cochin Shipyard, watching fishermen at work, dolphins at play, relax with a drink as the sun goes down, and engulf yourself in the lush green thickets around. This is what the sunset cruise in Kerala is all about. The cruise is a perfect amalgamation of the old and new, modern and traditional that is. Cruising the backwaters would take you to Willingdon and Bolghatty, where you get the best hospitality ever. The emancipation of thrills and chills, best felt at Gujarat 64. Off-roading in Kutch: An amazing off-roading experience in the flat desert of Gujarat.

Off Roading Kutch vast stretches of flat barren lands spread over 28,000sq kms , scorching heat, little vegetation and sign of humans, explore the vast emptiness of this wildlife sanctuary famous as a breeding ground for flamingos in monsoons; drive 4*4s or any other car. Contact expeditions on wheels 63. Gir: Experience the bio-diversity and natural heritage of the Gir wildlife sanctuary.

Gir wildlife home to Asiatic lion, the Gir national park provides n opportunity to have a look at this endangered king of the jungle, bird watching, tribal and cultural tour and a wildlife safari semievergreen and evergreen forests, grasslands, rocky hills and streams running through Contact Gir national park 62. Sky diving in Deesa: fly in the skies of Deesa and have a great time. Sights and sound Indias first ever skydiving zone, training available, get that adrenaline rush while flying in the skies on colorful parachutes. Contact Indian Parachuting federation Chennai can be seen best when you travel the local way

61. Auto rickshaw rampaging in Chennai: Experience the most exciting Auto rickshaw ride ever starting in Chennai.

Auto rickshaw enthusiasts battling out in an amazing Rickshaw safari on an extensive route covering four states of India-Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu; a 13 stage course over 1900 kms. Join the game. Contact: The dotting islands of Lakshadweep, perfect for those who want adventure and fun 60. Surfing and sailing: Have a time of your life enjoying these watersports in and around the seas surrounding Lakshadweep Islands. Sailing and surfing facilities available at Kadmat Island and Kavaratti, amazing views of the Arabian Sea and scenic, beautiful beaches lined up with coconut trees. Contact Lakshadweep tourism 59. Scuba diving: Explore the depths and the beauty of the sea waters around Lakshadweep.

Scuba Diving Dive into the waters of the Arabian sea and get the feel of the waters, see the corals, the vibrant aquatic life with fishes, turtles and what not; explore the seas around the Kadmat and Bangaram islands Contact Lacadives Wilderness best personified in the heartland of India, Madhya Pradesh calls 58. Bandhavgarh: Follow the footsteps of the tiger in Bandhavgarh national park. Spread over a total area of 437 sq. kms. with high number of tiger sightings in the adventurous safaris on jeeps and 4*4s,places to see like Mahaman Pond, Sehra-the fort view, climbers point, Gopalpur-a place for bird watching, climbers point and lot more. Contact:

57. Kanha National Park: Visit the national park which inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the jungle book. Lush sal and bamboo forests, grassy meadows and ravines, tigers, the swamp deer (Barasingha), Bamini Dadar (sunset point), Sambhars and gaurs grazing around in their natural habitat and the national park spread over 940 sq. kms. and best season to visit is February to June. Contact: The best adventure sports you could experience in Uttaranchal 56. Rafting in Rishikesh in the white turbulent water for thrills and chills

Rafting in Rishikesh Famous as the capital of India for white water rafting, Rishikesh never disappoints. Shivpuri is the best spot to go river rafting in Rishikesh. Rafting happens between Kaudiayala to Rishikesh spanning over a distance of 36 kms with 13 rapids in the stretch and grades varying from 1 to 5. And along with that you could also enjoy other adventure activities, such as cliff jumping, kayaking, rock climbing, trekking, yoga, nature walks and mountain biking as well 55. Unleash the wild side in you Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park Source: Jim Corbett NP a heaven for Adventure Seekers & Wildlife Enthisiasts. The first Indian National Park comprising528 sq. Kms. of hills, grasslands, lakes, rivers, marshy depressions. The only NP with maximum number of Tigers. Nature walks are famous at the Corbett and so are jeep safaris as well. one would also love to visit the famous Dhangari Museum and the Corbett falls, and not to forget, the Girija Devi temple too. Best time to Visit Mid November to Mid June 54. Flying fox in Rishikesh brings out the daring person in you The Asias longest Flying Fox built over the river Hiaul, with a launch platform as high as 120 Mtrs, where the distance covered over the valley is 1 km accelerating upto a speed of 160 kmph. Fly like a bird through the jungles at soaring heights, and watch from a height the monkeys and birds below. Ziplining happens throughout the year, and the best month to be here would be in December. Contact http//

53. Challenge heights and overcome the fears by bungee jumping in Rishikesh Jumping from a fixed platform and talking to the waters below in Rishikesh is a wow experience to say so. Rocky cliffs around the river Huel where bungee jumping in Rishikesh is performed surely drives up the energy. With rubber chords tied to your ankle and jumping from 83mts, the highest known in India, you sure dont want to miss this challenge. Contact http// 52. Pump up the adrenaline with cliff jumping activities Jump from a rocky cliff which is about 30ft high, close your eyes while doing so and savor the moment. Rishikesh has now become a hub for cliff jumpers from across the globe. Every year there are thousands who throng the rocky terrains of Shivpuri which is 12kms down is the best spot to experience both cliff jumping and river rafting. Contact http// 51. Trek around the valley of flowers and enjoy the serenity in Rishikesh

Valley of Flowers Source: 3600mts above sea and surrounded by snowy peaks, colorful is the valley blooming in all its hues and shades, with fragrances from flowers exotic and wild, the Valley of Flowers is also known to be a haven for fairies. Trek Distance of about 17 kms and the best season to visit is April to May. Since 1982 it is known to be a national park and today, it is a well known World Heritage Site. Contact: 50. Trek to Skeleton Lake and solve a mysterious trail this time, you sure would love the adventure

Mysterious or Skeleton Lake The mysterious Skeleton Lake is at the Garhwal region at a height of 3224 m, and the trek is a moderate one to achieve. The best time to go on this trek would be between June to September end. On your trail from Bagubassa you would pass through breathtaking landscapes of Trishul, Badrinath and Nanda Ghunti peaks. When the frozen lake melts, you would see the remains of

around 300 odd humans, known to have perished five centuries ago, well preserved and respected. 49. Enjoy a wonderful time skiing in Auli Auli with its twenty kilometers of mountainous slopes, Skiing slope of about 3 kms ranging from an altitude of 2915 m 3049 m), clean and pristine is a paradise to ski at. Woody patches across the slope balance the power of the winds velocity, making the sport a sheer pleasure to indulge in. One can even ski and relax for some time at Bukharis resorts and log huts as well with a 500 m long Ski-lift carrying the Skiiers. 48. Visit Dayara Bugyal High Altitude Meadows beckons the nature lover and adventure seeker.

Dayara Bugyal a range of heights from 10,000-12,000 ft, this is a medow vast and dense across Uttaranchal. Winters bring out the true beauty of this place, and skiing here is an adventure seekers dream come true. A total of twenty eight kilometers to indulge and enjoy the sport in. in addition to that, the Barnala Lake is the perfect place nearby to go camping at, an excellent way to soak in the ambience of nature. Contact http// The majestic shorelines of Orissa 47. Surfing in Orissa: Surf along the coastline of the eastern state Orissa. surfing in the Bay of Bengal, beautiful and untouched beaches with white sand on the PuriKonark marine drive, superb views and a variety of birds and fishes to be seen. Contact surfing yogis The rocky and rugged encounters down south, the sultry state of Karnataka calls 46. Challenge the limits of heights and ruggedness indulging in Hampi rock climbing

Hampi Rock Climbing Source: The Virupaksha temple is overseen by large bare boulders, plenty or walls and slabs around to climb, steep creaky flakes surrounding the region makes it a thrilling point to be at. Shop at the

local Hampi bazaar after a day of sports, traverse the NW province of Hampi for more adventures, challenge yourself to the eastern end of Hampi, which is the steepest zone around. Free standing boulders found near the Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple and the Hemakuta Hill, making it an ideal spot for the adventure sport. Contact http// 45. Be one with the wild waters trying Dandeli river rafting

Dandeli Rafting A perfect spot for those who love nature spotting, wildlife and adventure. The famous Western Ghats and the River Kali offer adventurous trails and activities, such as trekking and kayaking or even rafting in the waters of the river Kali. Abundant wildlife on the banks of the river, breathtaking flora and fauna, rugged terrains on the backdrop, mingle with the locals and have a great time. 44. Tadiyandamol trekking is a one of a kind experience One of the highest points to enjoy the experience of trekking in Karnataka. Very close to the well known Makutta forest. Around eighteen trek routes to discover on your way to the peak. The famous routes are Honey Valley and the well known Palace Route. Plenty of wildlife and rugged hillocks on the way to the peak would be seen. Plantation of coffee, beetle leaves, areca nut and coffee fall en route to the peak. This trek is a 8km uphill trek with scenic views of the western ghats. 43. Bheemeshwari river rafting exposes you to the abundant wilderness out there Enjoy the sweet sounds of the wild, the rustling waters, the chillness in the waves and the mystical humming in the air, thats Bheemeshwari River rafting experiences described. Home to the Mahaseer, rafting on the Bheemeshwari is a sheer pleasure all by itself. A total mix of adventure, wildlife and nature, is what you would experience. Also an ideal location for Corporate Outbound around Bangalore 42. Pump up the energy and stamina, challenging yourself to the Kudremukh Trekking expedition A total of 13 trekking routes are available at the Kudremukh Trekking venture. The famous ones are, Samse Kudremukh Samse, Navoor Hevala Kudremukh Navoor, Navoor Kudremukh Samse, Horanaadu Sringeri and beautiful Nature Camp in Kudremukh. Take a look at the rolling the hills of Kudremukh range during the trek or soak in the splendid views of the range from above, Kudremukh will keep you hooked.

41. Get indulged in sea kayaking in Gokarna and have a lot of fun

Kayaking in Gokarna Kayak in its calm and serene waters, in total peace and tranquility. SwaSwara in Gokarna is the best place to check for kayaking in the two rivers that form the shape of cows ears. The area has a lot of positive energies around and the rhythm of the waters submerges your soul deep within. 40. Ready to be on the longest ride, try the bicycling tour of Nilgiris It is known as the longest bicycling venture in India organized by the RideACycle foundation. Storm through the rugged hillocks of the Nilgiri Hills; challenge the majestic infinite splendor or the rolling mountains that comes en route, this is a ride of pitting mental and physical strength and stamina. Contact http// 39. The best of Dolphin Trips seen and experienced in and around Karnataka Devbagh off Karwar is the ideal place to indulge in Dolphin Trips and spotting. Plenty of beaches, colorful surroundings, sea wading activities, kayaking, rafting and fishing along with dolphin spotting is done here. You could even go mountain climbing, canoeing, or live in log huts around the River Kali while being on Dolphin Trips down here. 38. Experience cascading waterfall rappelling experiences in Karnataka

Waterfall Rappelling at Coorg The Goodness Factor if you love the waterfalls and want to explore it deep and further more, you should try waterfall rappelling in Karnataka. Waterfall rappelling in Coorg Descending the rugged slopes, wet and moist gushing with the force of water, makes it an exciting challenge to overcome. Descending from fifty feet all the way to the base of the waterfall can be thrilling. Nothing to think of on the way down, but with confidence you experience a thrilling sloppy downfall. 37. Ultralight Flying in Coorg

Ultralight Flying in Coorg Source:

This is a single occupant sport only for recreation purpose. Theultralight can reach upto 55 knots in the maximum calibrated airspeed which can fly at an Altitude of 5000ft. Coorg is first place in South India where this sport was started.

The untamed features of Sikkim, remote and inaccessible at times is best for adventure tours 36. The wild waters and the untamed rivers of Sikkim are best for rafting The best places here to go river rafting would be on Teesta and the Rangit. Untamed and with an intensity of their own, the howling rivers beckon rafters to their challenging rapids of grade 4 and above. Trekking adventures and kayaking are very famous on these rivers; dont miss the awesome thickets on the banks of each river, dotted with tiny hamlets, remote and inaccessible. 35. Span the highs and lows of Sikkim on Biking trips Biking across the old world charm of Sikkim is a sheer experience by itself. Famous routes such as the Martam Village to Temi Tea garden, Temi Tea garden to Ravangla, Ravangla to Tashiding, Tashiding to Yuksam and Yuksam to Pemayangtse, introduces you to the locals and traditions of the region. You would come across famous monasteries, lush green gardens of tea plantations, and plenty of snaky trails to bike around. 34. Get on this time with the famous Dzongri Trek

Dzongri in Sikkim Famous caravan trails, urban Himalayan expedition, oak laden trails, mossy meadows with exotic flora and fauna around, and trekking at 4000mts, the Dzongri trekking experience is moderately rated and can be done in a week. Go through wild forests of butterflies and animals, visit exotic orchids and listen to the humming of wild birds and fluttering butterflies as well, this is an experience of a lifetime. 33. Ride the Yak Safari and enjoy your expedition in the rugged terrains the yak safari would take you on two important trails, namely the Dzongri area and Tsomgo Lake. Experience sightseeing at Tashi View Points, Kabi Lungtsok, Naga Waterfall, Confluence of Lachen Chu & Lachung Chu at Chungthang. On the Yak safari you would encounter rugged terrains and the colorful Chopta valley in full bloom as well. 32. The exotic Rhododendron Sanctuary Trek at an altitude of 4940m, for more than a week and a half, the Rhododendron Sanctuary Trekking expedition happens. The best time to be on this trek is from early June to late

September and from October to November end. Climb the valley and cross the Ratong Chu River, pass through villages such as Tshokh and finally reach the thick rhododendron forests. 31. Mind blowing and very powerful is what we describe the Goechela Trek as

Goecha La Trek A very popular trek in Sikkim, the Goechela Trek starts at Yuksam and takes you to Dzongri, across the Alps of Thangsing and the Samiti Lake at 4200m. Breathtaking rugged terrains and mountain glaciers greet you whilst being on this trekking expedition, which is quite strenuous and tough to endure. Amalgamation of culture and adventure makes Maharashtra a paradise for adventure seekers. 30. Kamshet paragliding glide across the skies of Kamshet near Pune. fly over the skies of Kamshet looking over hills of the Western Ghats dotted with ancient cave temples and medieval hill fortresses. Learn and enjoy this amazing adventure sport. Contact nirvana adventures 29. Trek in Rajgad trek to the historical fort in the Western Ghats. superb views from the historical fort of Rajgad, Padmavati Machee (north end), Sanjeevani Machee (southwest/west end), Bale Killa (centre) .Explore these different parts of the floors through the hallways, temples and various doors inside the fort. Contact Mumbai Hikers 28. Glider Joy ride in Nashik Enjoy gliding in hilly terrain of Nashik and adjoining areas. Breathtaking view of the Pandulene hills, amazing view of Nashik in the night as well, no engine noise or propeller distraction, one of the most active gliding clubs in India. Contact Deolali gliding club West Bengal is a place of various oddities, from wildlife to trekking, she has it all 27. The experience of being one with the wild at Kaziranga

Kaziranga Wildlife

the only place where you would find the Great one-horned Rhinoceros and Wild Buffalo. Kaziranga is on the banks of the River Brahmaputra and has plenty of swamps and tall thickets of elephant grass, with evergreen forests as well. You can even spot elephants while they move from Mikir hills to the bheels, and plenty of reptiles would be spotted here as well, such as the rock pythons. 26. The Singalila trek provides plenty of challenges Get in close contact with the charms of nature following the Singalila trekking trails. Cross several dotting hamlets, colorful valleys, majestic mountains and dense bamboo groves along the way. This is a perfect trekking expedition for those who love to walk and the trek is for two weeks. 25. One of the best hilly resorts to have around, the Sandakphu Trek Located in Darjeeling, this is a trek for those who seek thrills and chills of trekking amidst the rocky rugged terrains of the north east. Perfect on spot for those who love nature walks, adventure and wildlife combined into one. The sublime charms of the Himalayan range would come in close contacts with you whilst being on the Sandakphu Trek. Plenty of exotic flora and fauna around, such as rhododendrons, magnolias, primulas, orchids and ferns. Contact http// 24. The colorful Butterfly treks of the north east This is not a strenuous trekking expedition, which means everyone can enjoy it, and you have to go slow to observe the various species of butterflies around. This is a perfect haunt for nature lovers, and those who would love to mix adventure with nature spotting. Quite a colorful and very quiet trekking experience this is. 23. Enjoy the call of the wild while on a Boat safari in Sunderbans Known as the largest mangroves across south Asia, Sunderbans is the home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is also home to some exotic flora and fauna, rich and abundant sprawling almost everywhere in the region. It is a world heritage site as deemed by UNESCO, and the Sunderban National Park is a famous hub to be at. Contact http// The wild and daring, haven to trekkers and rafters, come to Arunachal Pradesh 22. Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh: River rafting trips in the various rivers of Arunachal Pradesh cool river water powering over the bed rocks and the fast moving rafts which will definitely get your adrenaline rushing; Brahmaputra, Zanskar, Subansari and other rivers.

We now bring you to the paradise for adventure seekers, Himachal Pradesh 21. Paragliding in Solang: From a height soaring down like an eagle, enjoy the highs and lows around Himachal Pradesh. Near Kullu Valley is Solang Nala, a perfect place to indulge in paragliding. The region is filled with snow capped fields and peaks. The slopes here are perfect for paragliding and very safe as well. The best time to be here would be between May and early September. 20. Take a break from your hectic week and go on an adventurous road trip to Manali-Leh.

Source: You start out at the Hadimba Devi temple and make the three day keep safari tour. On this tour you would come across Baralacha and the well-known Taglang La. Travel through dotted hamlets and villages en route to Manali, camp at Serchu and stop by at the well-known Tsokar Lake. And also stop by the Shey Monastery, the Thiksey Monastery, and the Hemis Monastery too. 19. Perfect way to begin an adventure tour in Himachal Pradesh, try paragliding in Bir.

Paragliding in Bir Kangra Valley is a paradise for those who would love to go paragliding. Bir in Himachal Pradesh allows paragliding at 2600m. The region is also known to the ridge lifts and the natural thermals as well. Close to Bir are Dharamshala and Mandi, other famous tourist attractions for adventure seekers. 18. Heli Skiing in the area bound by Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chandrakhani Pass.

Heli Skiing Source: Take a ten minute sortie and be at a height of 14000ft, on a slope. This would be with the help of a helicopter, dropping you on a snow peak top. From this top you would criss cross your way down. The remote locations are perfect for heliskiing in Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chandrakani Pass as well.

Contact http// 17. Cycling in Kangra, Una, Hamirpur and Bilaspur Rafting on the Sutlej near Shimla on the Beas near Kullu, the Ravi near Chamba and Chandra in Lahaul. For river rafting, the waters of the Himalayan range are perfect. Plenty of rapid staircases and rocky banks on its route, crevices and breathtaking deep gorges to overcome, the swirling foaming waters of Sutlej, Beas, Ravi and River Chandra, beckon and challenge the daring and the adventurous to come try their forces. 16. The popularity of Golf at Naldehra should be experienced by everyone Golfing at Naldehra, a 18 hole course at a height of 2044 meters, speaks of royalty and excellent well personified. The premier clubs are nestled high and offer golfers one of the best grounds to indulge in the sport. One even gets to experience playing a par 68 nine hole course as well, and surrounding the scenic place is a thick forest, which beckons and challenges the best of all golfers from across the world. 15. Adventure seekers would love the Mountaineering Expedition to Hanuman Tibba & Deo Tibba

Hanuman Tibba The Hanuman Tibba(5892 m) expedition is a difficult climbs, not for the weak at heart. One needs to dodge the snowy slopes and the rugged rocky terrains to enjoy this mountaineering expedition. Deo Tibba(6001 m) too comes with challenges tough as its counterpart. If you are willing to slog and rough it out, come along from May to October and face the challenges. Sandy, pristine, multi-cultural and a haven for tourists from across the globe, Goa is a non-stop thrilling destination 14. Follow the trails of a different adventure while Quad biking to Butterfly Beach in Goa

Quad Biking Goa Source: An unforgettable adventure, certified guides to help you through the wilderness of Goan jungles, enchanting Butterfly beach tours, swimming in the pristine waters of Butterfly Beach,

quad biking to and fro, cross rugged hills and biking through 3 rivers, moving along rolling paddy fields, the trail of quad biking to Butterfly Beach in Goa is exciting. Contact https// 13. Thrill your chills and have a great lazy Sunday afternoon - Surfing at Anjuna from Panjim which is in North Goa it is a sixteen kilometer drive to Anjuna. At this beach you can snorkel, wind-surf, Swim and fish along with surfing activities. While you are here, dont miss out on the trekking trails at the great Anjuna Hill. Best time to be here would be from early December to late February 12. Paragliding at Anjuna: Take a deep sigh and watching the shores that fills with frothy waves At North Anjuna you would be using the top cliff for take off because of the south west winds. When you are at South Anjuna, you would be using the smaller cliff for take off because of the North West winds, which are strong. You would experience the best soaring conditions in around one kilometer of flying space; adventure activities are at the Curliest beach shack, south of Anjuna. The beach is excellent for sailing, swimming and unwinding after your paragliding soiree. Contact http// 11. Discover the underwater kingdoms of Goa, go Scuba diving the shores of Goa are shallow and there is abundant marine life, rich in colors and textures to please the visual senses. It is totally an adventurous thrill which would satiate the adventure seekers soul. Shipwrecks of World War 2 and fascination exotic underwater creatures, visibility ranges from five to twenty meters, plenty of fish varieties such as the eel and the tuna to be seen, best time to go scuba diving is from October to April. 10. Parasailing in Goa brings out the best thrills ever imagined Candolim Beach, Majorda Beach, Anjuna Beach and Baga Beach are places where you should be to enjoy soaring through the air. A total birds eye view of the magnificent coastline of Goa unfolds before your eyes. Total height to go above would be 300feet from where you see Goa below, the blue sea and the Western Ghats as well. October to April is the best time to enjoy this sport. 9. Go deep into the waters of the Goan shores, enjoy Snorkeling Popular as an adventure sport in Goa, snorkeling allows for undersea exploration. Navy Island and Bat Island in Goa are famous for this adventure sport. You could even be at the Grand Island for a full day adventure and snorkeling. Plenty of dolphin watching spots falls on the way to

Grand Island. Enjoy beer, fresh fruits and traditional BBQ lunches while snorkeling. Bait fishing is another attraction to be enjoyed along with snorkeling at the Goan islands. 8. Deep Sea Fishing in Goa challenges your patience Explore aquamarine life in its most virgin waters of Goa, untouched and unspoilt. Snorkel and fish for species such as the Barracuda grouper, kingfisher, and the snapper while Deep Sea Fishing in Goa. Dive deep into the waters and be one with its pristine serenity, watching schools of fish pass by you. 7. Be adventurous on this trip in Goa and try Jet-Skiing Colva Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Miramar Beach and Benaulim Beach during October to April are the best places to try jet skiing in Goa. At high speeds one would be talking to the gushing waters and waves, be ready to zip around and watch the horizon chase you from behind as you Jet Ski through the ocean waters. Contact http// 6. Fancy talking to the winds, try wind surfing in Goa the best place to go wind surfing in Goa would be the Dona Paula beach during October to April. Get pulsating action and be elated when you embark on this water sport, hold on to the sails and balance well while traversing the unruly waters of the ocean, strong winds hitting you while you windsurf in the evenings surely pumps up the adrenaline. 5. Go ahead and indulge in a favorite activity of Goa, water skiing During October to April, the Cidade de Goa, Bogmallo Beach Resort, and Taj Hotels in Goa organize the most sought after adventure for tourists and locals alike, water skiing in Goa. Feel the waves of the ocean splash against your body, balance on the tow rope while you are dragged on the surface of the waters, talk to the winds and challenge the high speeds, thats water skiing in Goa for you. 4. Let your imagination soar wild while you go Dinghy sailing in Goa if you have the passion for sailing and love the open seas, Dinghy sailing is the sport you should indulge in. you need to be ready for some adventure, since this is a daring trip that you would remember for your life. Sailing over the azure waters of the sea, talking to the calm winds, bright sunshine engulfing you all over, and being visited by marine life as you sail above, thats what we call a Dinghy sailing experience. 3. Come close to the faithful friends of the sea, go on Dolphin Trips to experience it all

Watch the graceful dolphins at play in their natural surroundings, jumping around and diving deep. The best places to go dolphin spotting are Candolim Beach Goa, Calangute Beach Goa and Palolim Beach Goa. They would jump and play, maybe pose for a picture or two with you; dont forget to carry your cameras while traversing the pristine habitat where the dolphins thrive. 2. A perfect recreation plan, go Canoeing in Goa and relax on the calm waters Travel the vast coastlines of Goa, paddle through the lakes, beaches, rivers and still waters in and around Goa, all of this while you go Canoeing in this wonderful paradise. Thrilling times ahead when you soak in the flora and fauna around with lush forests and hillocks that allow rivers to meander through Canoeing in Goa is done all year round, and one doesnt have to be an expert to experience this thrill. Contact http// 1. Bring on the wild side across the waters of Goa on a lofty Water Scooter ride enjoy the high speeds across racing waters, zoom through the surface of the sea and talk to the winds at the same time enjoying Water Scooter activities in Goa. Popular spots for the adventure would be at Dona Paula jetty, Cidade de Goa, Majorda, and Candolim beach. Dolphin spotting is a possibility while indulging in this sport.

Jet Skiing

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