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Horizon International Flight Academy was established in 2003 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company, the Abu Dhabi government owned investment and development company. Horizon is the first flight academy in the Middle East to train students to a European Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) standard curriculum. In addition to providing aeroplane pilot training, Horizon is also the only academy in the Middle East to provide helicopter pilot training. Set within the boundaries of Al Ain International Airport and housed in a purpose built flight training facility, Horizon has set the benchmark for pilot training in the Middle East. Horizon is ideally suited for training in a focused Aviation environment and is approved by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authorities (GCAA) who issue internationally recognised licenses. Horizon’s staff, a diverse team of multinational instructors, are amongst the most qualified in the region. In addition, Horizon boasts stateof-the-art training facilities and an impressive fleet of aircraft with an impeccable flight safety record.

Other Licenses and Courses provided at Horizon

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Private Pilot License (Aeroplane and Helicopter) Qualified Military Pilot License (Aeroplane and Helicopter) Frozen Air Transport Pilot License (Aeroplane) Commercial Pilot License (Helicopter) Flight Instructor (Helicopter) Instrument Rating (Helicopter)

3.an ICAO Aviation English Level 3 before commencing the course Before license application a student must be at ICAO level 4  Credit for previous experience: In the case of a PPL (A) holder. The ATP License is frozen until the pilot reaches 1. Prices may be subject to change without prior notification. It is an ab initio course. 50% of the aircraft hours flown by the entrant prior to the course may be credited towards the required flight up to a credit of 40 hours flying experience or 45 hours if an aeroplane night flying qualification has been obtained. you will take an English test in order to evaluate your level of English a score of ICAO level 3 is required to enter the course. The cost of the test is AED 300. 5. that is.  Cost of the course Frozen ATPL(A) AED 400. the exam fees and the flying hours mentioned in the syllabus. of which up to 20 hours may be dual instruction. Be a minimum of 17 years of age High School Grade 12 or equivalent and demonstrate a good understanding in Mathematics and Physics Meet the UAE GCAA Class One medical standard Proficiency in English is expected . 4. . multi-engine aeroplanes in commercial air transportation. Additional tuition will be charged at the posted aircraft rates at the time of training. 2.FROZEN AIR TRANSPORT PILOT LICENSE (INTEGRATED) FROZEN ATPL (A)  Aim of the Course The aim of the Frozen ATPL (A) integrated course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-pilot.500 hours of flying experience of which 500 hrs must be in a multi-pilot transport aircraft. no previous flying experience is required.696 Additional Costs: Aeromedical test (payable to the clinic) & Licensing Fees The cost includes the training manuals and books. Upon registration.000/USD 108.  Breakdown of the Course - - Theoretical Knowledge Flying Training Duration of the Course : : : 900 hours 203 Hours (Minimum) 78 weeks (Minimum)  Entry Requirements 1. Confirmation of course booking will be made on receipt of the registration fee.

000/AED 100. 04th March.Payment Schedule 10% 15% 25% 25% 25% Registration Fee After Security clearance and Medical Test commencement of Flying On completion of 60 Hours of Flying On completion of 90 Hours of Flying AED 40.000/AED 100. The individual needs to pay extra fees in case of any additional flying hours or resit of exams.174) 27. 16th September and 25th November. The theoretical knowledge syllabus of the ATPL (A) Integrated course covers the following learning topics: . a refund shall be made for the remaining phases of training but not the current phase. In the event that the applicant decides to cancel registration.Meteorology . 2.Flight Planning and Performance  Scheduled start dates for Frozen ATPL The courses for 2012 are as follows (dates subject to confirmation): 29th January. there will be no refund of the registration fee.304) 27.000/AED 100.174) 27.Operational Procedures . The aim of the ground school is to impart sufficient knowledge to the students to pass the GCAA ATPL (A) examination. 6th May. If the student withdraws then no refunds are applicable. In the event that the application is unsuccessful either due to failure of the medical test or security clearance.000/AED 60.Principles of Flight .174) Refund Policy 1.Navigation .Human Performance . 5.  Structure of the Frozen ATPL (A) Program The ATPL course is a full time training program.Aircraft General Knowledge . . 08th July. 4. If the individual is terminated by the training committee. 3. consisting of Computer Based Training and Classroom Training.Communications .000/(USD (USD (USD (USD (USD 10. the registration fee will be refunded less a 20% deduction for the administration process.870) 16.Air Law .

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