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Volume 5, Issue 4

Once an IceHole, Always an IceHole

February 11, 2000

the beagle club is having a derby on the ponds on feb. 13. and a bunch of ‘holes are heading to goose pond on feb.19 for the woronoco boys derby.

Super Sunday on the Ponds, Norwich, and the Tri-Lakes Derby
Jan. 30, Hampton Ponds, SUPER BOWL DERBY This is the biggy! This is our numero uno day! This is when I never catch a fish. This is the “Fifth Annual IceHoles Super Bowl Sunday Ice Fishing Derby”. As happened last year the Hampton Ponds Association blended their derby into the same ice and day and made for a real Super Sunday. The old IceHoles flag was raised , ami d many scept ical comments, but Yuglee did fly. Grand IceHole Ray Leutch is working towards a new flag with far fewer mouse droppings on it, and this may be OK. Mostly, one flag or another needs to fly every time out. That is the concensus. Yuglee must be a flying fish, always. Back to the event. Nary a fish was iced that carri ed wit h i t any significance, but many small Pickerel and a couple of Crappie kept a few of us busy (not BigMouth). Thank God for good food and warm weather, not to mention that jug of brandy in my sled, so we had a superb day regardless.

In This Issue...

Pg. 3 - The Supreme Ice Sled, a photo gallery from top to bottom

For Details Call; Ray Leutch 536-2132

Fast Freddy (left) and Leutchy (second from right) wave the flag and the payoff to BigFire Burk and Dick Fulton.

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guys with tickets, this thing was SOLD OUT by the way. There were at least as many who couldn’t get a ticket. Add to the mayhem something like 200 Ice Fishing Sleds, portable cookers, shanties, clamshells, ATV’s, Snowmobiles, and one group even had a barrel cooker with a 10’ smoke stack. Fish. There were fish, but not what we expected. The only trout we saw caught was a 4lb Tiger Trout (now I really know what one looks like). Very few bass were caught and the biggest of those was a 2 lb. 2 oz. Monster. The best team bass was a 13 incher. Although one largemouth came out of Pat Englass’ rig it didn’t measure (just 11 ¾ inches). Donny got one about 8 inches. Bullhead is what we caught, lots of bullhead, all with worms on

the bottom. Ray LaBarre had the foresight to think of this strategy and it paid off. The IceHoles managed to get 1st and 2nd place in the Team Bullhead division. We also got a 1st for Team White Perch. But we got beat out of the Team Championship by Holyoke Equipment Co. by 10 points. One good pickerel would have tied, and had we managed one of those Salmon we would have won it all. We saw 5 salmon iced, and I’m sure there were more. These things were beautiful silver behemoths, averaging around 25 inches and about 8 pounds. We think Pete S. dropped one when his leader broke. His fish made two runs and as I watched the spool on the fishes second run it was turning with unmistakable authority. Solid, fearless, gotta-go-now kind of authority. So that’s the story. If we only had a few more ‘Holes working the ice we might have had one fancy trophy on 4

display at the Sanuita Museum of Fish & Taxidermy. Oh well, wait till next year.

or Fred Pokryzwa 594-2312

Next Official IceHoles Derby: Beagle Club Sunday Feb. 13 Hampton Ponds Unofficial gathering: Woronoco Sportsman Club Saturday Feb. 19 Goose Pond

This news is getting old, but once again Dick Fulton took the honors in our Bass Division and even worse, Bob “BigFire” Burk won the OTHER division with a measly 15” Pickerel. J u mp i n’ Cat f i sh , Batman. How do they do it? Jan. 16, Norwich Lake, Huntingon, Not a whole lot to

report here. The biggest story was the thin ice and an incredible ride in the Ultimate Sporting Vehicle (see Sounder on pg.2). The ride first. Imagine you’re in a Plain Jane van in the very early hours and there is snow falling. You’re headed for a lake you’ve only visited once before and you hope to hook up with a gaggle of IceHoles. You choose the wrong road and decend a mountainside

Inside This Issue
Super Sunday & Norwich Lake Lights and Action on Metacomett A Photo Gallery of Ice Sleds Sounder

Nicole LaBarre “IceChip - Sans Pariel” shows us all how easy it is to simply enjoy the great outdoors. Two gloves, a good cap, and a sweet piece of Danish certainly help, but her smile is what really does it.

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But you best hope your Cadillac. There was some shaky ice and the gaggle of IceHoles had already departed.. Explorer and Dodge Ramcharger. type of equipment. well. as morning came and throughout the day. but gol-darn-it-all we got out. From custom sweetie’s like Dick Fultons Ultimate Sled on the right. Finding something in it is it’s only problem. glow lights. Wrong.. of lanterns.. Feb. may start at your local Japanese motorcycle motorized Chevy dealership and take skateboard to do basically a test drive in a new everything the Blazer can but Blazer. You’ve been barking up the wrong car lot.’ve carefully nudged your shorts. you missed a real experience. there were more tip-ups per square foot than I’ve ever seen before. And that’s just the (Continued on page 4) sardine stuffed into the can as the lid gets pressed on.. ready for the day afield. Room can go down the highway or the for the boys. unless you’re looking for last weeks garbage.ICE IS NICE ICE IS NICE Sounder by BigMouth not guilty. four Suburbans. You would be burn about 4 gallons per mile taking the same path that less. flashlights. Figure with about 500 guys (no exaggeration). each with 5 type. you’re Ito won’t be able to convince gonna start feeling like the last your wife that you’re ‘absolutely (Continued from page 1) The Ultimate Sport Utility Vehicle. But not unbearable. Waiting for Fulton. seemed unusually warm. With room for everyone and a change of clothes. Labrador blood stains. but the Bass prize carried over to Super Sunday. knowing that it’s a long hard climb out. Just finding a fellow IceHole was akin to finding your buddy at the Super Bowl. Belchertown If you weren’t there. I’ve known a guy for twenty some odd years and he has always had the same basic vehicle. $30.000 luxury SUV off the cart path.. apparently. And when you squeeze three guys all dressed up bring home the velour or leather for a duck hunt and each has interior with claw marks and brought along his 80 lb. Now for your everyday. but eventually we all did manage to get hooked up. It will also have extra cup nearly everyone takes and holders in the way back for the sure enough this baby. including a workable Coleman Stove (something most others don’t seem to have). even Judge plus a dozen decoys. As I unloaded my Bronco the temperature was a reasonable 20 degrees or so and the wind although blowing. and the On-theIce pool... Such a difference. Nope. Dodge Van. It transports new couches a lot better. that’s 2500 tip-ups alone. the plastic job seems less appealing to roving Canines. Now we’re talking conditioning pumping away. path. I never would have believed that you could take a two-wheel drive Flower Devlivery truck out of there. Stare in envy when it negotiates a gravel ramp to deliver a boat and four fellows worth of tackle before sunrise for a full day of Striper fishing. Without a doubt these guys can. Sanuita. Lake Metacommet.. A simple. Still need the 4x4 but want a little more economy? You might stop by the Isuzu If you set out to dealer where you can count on a find the ultimate SUV you double overhead cam. Just walking onto the ice at 5:00 am to the sight of dozens. It has all the features necessary.. that really impresses. to the paltry example of a plastic toboggan strapped to an old milk crate that BigFire drags around (left). Two of the iceiest IceHoles of them all. Without a doubt. with no inviting protuberences. The first problem was going be locating my partners amongst this mass of Eskimo pie. Leutch and Mr. 32 valve. . And by the way. But if you try to them on top too. your honor”. the CD player booming some country tune and the air Expeditions. Seems like everybody has their own idea of what makes the bset Ice Sled. BigMouths Green Machine (below) is exemplary... guns. I think they can cut bait. go for the . Ice was at a premium and it was almost impossible to locate our holes in some semblance of order. They closely related cousins the Ford think of everything. er. If you’re really serious. Ray LaBarre won everything we had going.. strap music as you venture into the ‘em onto the luggage rack wild world in a 4 wheel drive topside. utilitarian. And it knows it’s own way onto and off of the ice.. We tore up the gravel. MANY dozens.these guys are the fishiest... A couple of guys already fishing told us that they had seen a big group of ‘Holes across the lake. 2 Luckily the Van with the White Hat roared up just in time to set things straight and we convinced all to turn around and get back into it. “this is going to be a great day”. When everyone would skip over the mid-size aboard is wearing stuff and a Tee shirt. you luxury and lots of seats. Folks ran out their type in the dark and when first light came we found that each of us had at least one or two type on the other side of somebody else. you you need to go. and tennis big boys. Only after we got to the bottom did BigMouth fully appreciate our situation. I thought to myself.. And although it doesn’t turn a lot of heads on the New and Used car lot. It’s carried tons more equipment. it’s the heads that turn when we all pile out. 6. IceHoles have got an example of every type. all of them chewing up snow and ice. run-of-the-mill. like it’s occasional 5th passenger. You could hear 8 or 10 augers running in the blackness at any one time. and decoys.. guns. Pay attention the next time you’re in the field and you see a run-of-the-mill Dodge Van drive past the spot where you’ve carefully nudged your $30. feeling that 4 1/2 inches of ice just couldn’t support so much crap. It’s bettered my gas mileage. I have seen the light. Watch as it snakes across frozen cornfields to deliver it’s bounty of dogs. the dogs. and ATV headlights blazing in the darkness was worth the trip.000 luxury SUV off the cart shoes. These guys . this ice sleds aren’t too wide or tall baby is guzzling gas just like a or else you’ll be trying to strap big ‘ol Caddy. Here they are at Super Sunday 2000. This IS the Ultimate Sport Utility Vehicle. but what the heck do I know. and if the byway tapping your feet to the goose dekes are too big. and decoys. uh. It has gone virtually anywhere my 4x4 Jeeps/Broncos/Blazers have gone... meaning a 20” (or so) Pickerel. Unfortunately. biggest “other” . Watch as it snakes across fellows can ride around in relative frozen cornfields to deliver it’s comfort. Although. but that they seemed to have left. and all this before 5:00. Mr. besides a place for the tired souls to sleep fully stretched out for the ride home later that day. towards the lake. Now for the fishing. 3 . It Ain’t What You Think. can take you almost anywhere and you’re wallet is fat. it just got colder and that wind turned from a friendly breeze to a bone chilling blast. Yeah. With bounty of dogs. Time to go.

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