Some of the most respected names in Europe are gathering in Poland and Ukraine during the summer of 2012

Will you be among them?

UEFA offers the only in-stadium hospitality programme

The beautiful game.. it is also a very effective business tool that will allow you to create.a lifetime experience The excitement is mounting as the UEFA European Football Championship finals in Poland and Ukraine is fast approaching. As well as a wealth of amazing football. determination and ambition. The UEFA EURO 2012™ qualifiers and the play-offs are now complete and all 16 nations have secured their place at the tournament. drama and artistry of UEFA EURO 2012™ unfolds on the field. As players will pursue the ultimate victory with pride. will be accompanied by gourmet cuisine and impeccable service provided by one of the world’s top caterers. the Club Prestige programme will offer first class hospitality. Being part of the UEFA EURO 2012™ Club Prestige is not only a truly unique experience. watched from prime-location seats in the eightstadiums. strengthen and further develop relationships that will extend beyond the end of the tournament. Group A Poland Greece Russia Czech Republic Group B Netherlands Denmark Germany Portugal The UEFA EURO 2008™ Corporate Hospitality programme was highly rated by all customers and guests: “One of the best sport hospitality programmes in the world with 99% full satisfaction in 2008 survey”.. A global audience will be watching sixteen of Europe’s finest footballing nations competing for the coveted Henri Delaunay trophy. Group C Spain Italy Republic of Ireland Croatia Group D Ukraine Sweden France England . the same qualities will lay the foundations for the premium-quality service being offered to you and your clients as all the excitement. The most respected names in Europe will be gathering during the summer of 2012 and we are proud to welcome you on board as guests of the UEFA EURO 2012™ Club Prestige and privileged spectators at one of the world’s biggest sporting competitions.Club Prestige .

Finest football. finest experience by UEFA .

. Milan. voted DO & CO “The best catering in first class” . America’s Cup VIP hospitality.200 members of the DO & CO team will be taking to the field with one objective and one objective only: To ensure that guests enjoy a total culinary-sport experience with the UEFA EURO 2012™ Club Prestige. Paris. Rome and Madrid. the Oscars of the airline industry. Kitzbühel ski race.. Frankfurt. DO & CO will be producing a champion-class culinary performance at EURO 2012.. Istanbul. DO & CO specialises in VIP hospitality: from Formula1 Paddock Club. Munich. To match the standards on the pitch. Salzburg and Vienna. Some 1. In 2010 the Skytrax World Aviation Awards. London.gourmet entertainment by DO & CO After EURO 2004 in Portugal and EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. DO & CO are now set to complete their hat-trick in Poland and Ukraine after also playing starring roles at the UEFA Champions League finals in Istanbul. to gourmet catering service in New York.

“We’d like the pleasure of your company” Zbigniew Boniek and Andriy Shevchenko. UEFA EURO 2012™ Tournament Ambassadors .

. fine experience unique Slavic hospitality For the first time in its lifespan of over half a century. complemented by impeccable and friendly service and of course. Ukraine . Where there was once limited contact between the east and west of Europe.. striking art and most importantly. Warsaw. embracing their cultures and “Creating History Together” as expressed by the official slogan for this historic sporting event. Kyiv. special entertainment leading up to the climax of the UEFA EURO 2012™ experience. The joint hosts are determined that the hospitality will be as memorable as the games and the scenery. two countries that combine history. warm Slavic hospitality that will be lavished throughout the upcoming UEFA EURO 2012™ final tournament. Poland and Ukraine will be turning a new page. Poland and Ukraine want to ensure that the football fiesta is matched by a very warm welcome. Poland Possible travel and accommodation solutions UEFA has chosen the Official Accommodation Agency of UEFA EURO 2012™.. In joining hands to stage this final tournament together. UEFA Club Prestige Customers can exclusively book travel and accommodation solutions for selected tournament matches in Poland and Ukraine. the event represents a great opportunity for cultural exchanges and for visitors to discover Slavic generosity and goodwill. the final tournament of the UEFA European Football Championship is heading for Central and Eastern Europe: in Poland and Ukraine. For more information please contact your sales consultant. Visitors will not only enjoy international dishes but will be able to sample local cuisine.

Take your seat and join the UEFA EURO 2012™ Club Prestige .

before.Club Prestige Platinum – the absolute euro experience Becoming a member of Club Prestige Platinum opens the door to the most prestigious and exclusive experience available at UEFA EURO 2012™. You and your guests will not only watch the action from a prime location in the stadium but also enjoy the elite benefits attached to the selected hospitality packages which feature your own dedicated skybox. 20:45 hours . during and after the match Premium wines and spirits Dedicated hostesses and service staff Welcome cocktails Club Prestige gift Official match programme One car parking pass for each two packages purchased (upon request) Kick-off times (CET): 18:00 hours. Each Platinum package will include: Access to a private skybox from 3 hours before kick-off until 90 minutes after the final whistle Match tickets corresponding with skybox capacity Premium gourmet dining experience.


the “sky” element was added because these exclusive lounges give magnificent panoramic views over the entire field of play. where a “box” is an exclusive enclosure which offers a privileged view of the stage to a limited number of guests. At the eight venues in Poland and Ukraine.Club Prestige Platinum – the skybox privilege The origins of the name can be traced back to the theatre. luxury lounges is available only to a highly privileged few. the very limited number of skyboxes means that access to these exclusive. In order to adapt to your needs. . At football arenas. we have developed The Club Prestige Platinum Stadium Series which is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the privacy of their skybox for all the games played at a single venue either in Poland or Ukraine.


.Club Prestige Gold – share a vibrant atmosphere For guests who would like to watch the matches in style in a vibrant ambience. Club Prestige Gold is for you. Limited numbers of tables for four or six guests may also be available.and post-match access to the hospitality lounge or village from 3 hours before kick-off until 90 minutes after the final whistle Comfortable seating with a range of bars and food options with pre. Each Club Prestige Gold package features: Pre. It combines top-quality seats with deluxe hospitality services within shared lounges.and post-match buffet Match ticket for the best available seats in the stadium Hostess service Premium wines Welcome drinks Live entertainment Club Prestige gift Official match programmes One car parking pass for each four package purchased (subject to availability and upon request) Kick-off times (CET): 18:00 hours. 20:45 hours Service will be provided before and after the match at tables of ten guests.

Donetsk .World-class entertainment Donbass Arena.

.enjoy group or knockout phase matches We offer you an opportunity to watch selected group matches within Club Prestige Platinum and Club Prestige Gold. These are the matches that are remembered for years to come.. for various combinations of matches. ecstasies and dramas in hospitality of the finest quality and to present your guests with an experience they will never forget.for a world-class event Stadium series – make yourself at home Club Prestige Platinum or Gold Stadium Series allow you to act as host and offer a first-class welcome to your guests at all the games played at a particular stadium. Single matches . The Knockout Series offers a unique opportunity to wrap the joys. Before making your final decision. high drama (Only available in Club Prestige Gold) After the ups and downs of the group phase. Tensions build during knockout games where there can be no stalemate. This is when the stakes are so high that entertainment can easily become high drama. Hospitality packages are available for all of the knockout matches in one country or. Knockout series – high stakes. despairs. These are the matches that turn players into heroes. while Donetsk will be the venue for their last two group matches. The packages offer opportunities to create your own home and ambience in superlative surroundings and to make sure your guests enjoy the EURO experience to the full. you might like to have a look at the match calendar which will show you where the host teams are playing. Single matches are available also for the opening match and all quarterfinal matches. this offers a unique opportunity to enjoy this great event at the ultimate level Club Prestige Gold Poland 16 or Ukraine 16 These two top-of-the-range packages in the Club Prestige Gold programme allow you to act as host to your guests in hospitality lounges at every match played in one of the two host countries including the final in Kyiv.. alternatively. The Ukrainian hosts will play their first group match in Kyiv. one of the semi-finals and the grand finale in Kyiv. Country series – feel at home in every stadium in Poland or Ukraine The crown jewel of the UEFA EURO 2012™ hospitality programme. Fortunes can be transformed by a single mistake or a moment of brilliance. which include one quarter-final. the emotions intensify as the final tournament approaches its climax. Warsaw will stage the first two group matches of the Polish national team and Wroclaw the third. For more details please check the price list. .

of Ireland Croatia .Spain 10 JUNE 2012 14 JUNE 2012 18 JUNE 2012 France .000 Ireland .France England .Ukraine 11 JUNE 2012 15 JUNE 2012 19 JUNE 2012 Poznan: Municipal Stadium Capacity: 40.000 Poland .Ireland 10 JUNE 2012 14 JUNE 2012 18 JUNE 2012 Netherlands .Italy Spain .Germany 13 JUNE 2012 Portugal .000 Kharkiv: Metalist Stadium Capacity: 35.000 Russia . Czech Rep.000 Ukraine Donetsk: Donbass Arena Capacity: 50.Denmark 09 JUNE 2012 Netherlands .000 Lviv: Arena Lviv Capacity: 30.Sweden Sweden .Eight city venues Poland Gdansk: Arena Gdansk Capacity: 40.England Sweden .Czech Rep.Russia Greece .Croatia Italy .Czech Rep.France 11 JUNE 2012 15 JUNE 2012 19 JUNE 2012 Wroclaw: Municipal Stadium Capacity: 40.Portugal Denmark .Greece Poland .Russia 08 JUNE 2012 12 JUNE 2012 16 JUNE 2012 Ukraine .Rep.Croatia Italy . Greece . .000 Kyiv: Olympic Stadium Capacity: 60.England Ukraine .Germany 09 JUNE 2012 13 JUNE 2012 17 JUNE 2012 .Poland 08 JUNE 2012 12 JUNE 2012 16 JUNE 2012 Germany .Portugal Denmark .Netherlands 17 JUNE 2012 Warsaw: National Stadium Capacity: 50.000 Spain .

whose capitals will open and close the big event. .… in two hospitable Slavic countries GDANSK GDANSK POZNAN WARSAW WROCLAW DONETSK KHARKIV KYIV LVIV 01:00* 05:30 05:00 POZNAN WARSAW WROCLAW DONETSK KHARKIV KYIV LVIV 305 KM 345 KM 320 KM 480 KM 175 KM 350 KM 1810 KM 1785 KM 1465 KM 1750 KM 1600 KM 1570 KM 1250 KM 1515 KM 315 KM 1190 KM 1140 KM 820 KM 1090 KM 700 KM 480 KM 725 KM 700 KM 385 KM 620 KM 1175 KM 1015 KM 540 KM 01:00 04:45 05:30 01:00 02:50 04:00 01:00* 08:00 08:00 01:00* 02:30 03:00 01:00 05:15 05:30 02:30* 39:30 30:00 02:30* 34:15 28:30 02:00* 30:30 24:30 02:00* 35:45 29:15 02:30* 32:30 26:30 02:30* 29:30 25:00 02:00* 26:30 21:00 02:00* 29:45 25:15 01:00* 05:50 05:30 02:00* 23:00 19:00 01:30* 19:30 18:00 01:35 16:30 13:30 01:30* 23:00 17:30 01:10 11:45 11:30 01:05 05:50 08:00 02:00* 18:00 12:00 01:00* 15:30 10:30 01:20 12:30 06:30 01:00* 11:30 08:30 02:00 24:30 19:30 01:30* 18:30 17:00 01:15 06:20 09:00 * No direct scheduled flights available. The 31 matches at UEFA EURO 2012™ will be played at eight new or completely refurbished stadiums in the major cities of the two host countries.4 million fans are expected to watch the drama unfold at the eight stadiums. A grand total of around 1. charter flight travel time is indicated. Every match you attend will be watched by over 150 million live television viewers and 300 million live viewers for the final.

GER 11 18:00 POR .CZE CZE .UKR Winner C Runner-up D Winner 25 Winner 27 KHARKIV 18:00 Metalist Stadium 35.CRO 8 ITA .000 3 2 UKR .FRA 12 20:45 19 20:45 ENG .IRL 15 20:45 24 20:45 28 20:45 KYIV 20:45 Olympic Stadium 60.POR DEN .GER All kick-off times are CET.000 3 - GER .POL 14 20:45 21 20:45 26 20:45 GDANSK 18:00 Arena Gdansk 40.000 1 18:00 10 20:45 18 20:45 25 20:45 30 20:45 3 2 POL .ITA 6 ESP .000 20:45 3 - IRL .SWE 7 SWE . Local kick-off times in Ukraine are 19:00 and 21:45 Group A Poland UKRAINE POLAND Group B Netherlands Germany Portugal POLAND Group С Spain Rep.ENG 16 18:00 SWE .GRE 2 POL .RUS 9 GRE .POR DEN . of Ireland Croatia UKRAINE Group D Ukraine Sweden France England Greece Russia Czech Republic Denmark Italy .DEN 4 NED .000 3 1 ESP .ENG UKR .CZE 5 GRE .000 3 - NED .CRO ITA .000 20:45 18:00 3 - RUS .RUS 17 20:45 Winner A Runner-up B Winner 26 Winner 28 WROCLAW POLAND Municipal Stadium Wroclaw 40.Match schedule – the 31 matches MATCH DAY 1 GROUP STAGE FINAL STAGE MON 11 JUNE SUN 10 JUNE TUE 12 JUNE SAT 09 JUNE FRI 08 JUNE MATCH DAY 2 WED 13 JUNE THU 14 JUNE SAT 16 JUNE FRI 15 JUNE MATCH DAY 3 MON 18 JUNE SUN 17 JUNE THU 21 JUNE TUE 19 JUNE QUARTER-FINALS SUN 24 JUNE SAT 23 JUNE FRI 22 JUNE SEMI-FINALS WED 27 JUNE THU 28 JUNE FINAL SUN 01 JULY 31 20:45 WARSAW National Stadium Warsaw 50.FRA 23 20:45 27 20:45 Winner D Runner-up C 29 20:45 Winner 29 Winner 30 DONETSK UKRAINE 18:00 Donbass Arena 50.NED 20 20:45 LVIV 20:45 Arena Lviv 30.000 3 2 3 FRA .IRL 13 18:00 CRO .ESP 22 20:45 Winner B Runner-up A POZNAN Municipal Stadium Poznan 40.

€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € ** Final in lounge .

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uefa. which are available on the official website www. Any breach of these regulations may result in refusal of entry or expulsion from any stadia and/or hospitality facilities. Applicants shall provide the names and nationalities (including ID document numbers) of their guests to UEFA. with no right to refund. Applicants cannot elect to cancel. Tickets and/or passes may not be used for commercial purposes such as. 5.Terms and conditions 1. All purchases will be subject to the detailed terms and conditions of sale for the UEFA EURO 2012™ Hospitality Packages. which will be paid in addition to the prices mentioned above. VAT – all packages purchased in respect of matches played in Poland will be subject to 8% VAT. Applicants shall retain their match ticket(s) and hospitality pass(es) for corporate/personal use and shall transfer (free of any charges. 9. refuse entrance to the stadium or the hospitality facilities of the entire party (applicant and guests) with no right to refund and the relevant package(s) will be cancelled. shall be governed in accordance with the Stadium Rules for UEFA EURO 2012™ and the Ticketing Terms and Conditions for UEFA EURO 2012™ both of which are available on the official website www. without limitation. 7. use as a prize in a competition or sweepstake. dates and places of matches (and consequently to the hospitality packages) due to unforeseen circumstances including without limitation force majeure. There shall be no VAT applicable in respect of packages purchased for matches played in Ukraine. This document is provided as a summary and for information purposes only. 6. In the event that applicants refuse to provide such details. 2. costs. 3. and which will be provided to purchasers and must be accepted by them during the ordering process. if necessary. and the use of match tickets and/or hospitality passes. advertising. for promotion. The re-sale of ticket(s) to third parties is expressly prohibited. Payments may be made by credit card and by bank transfer. safety and security concerns or decisions from UEFA or any other competent authority. . return or exchange packages which have been purchased. 8. and all sales are final. UEFA reserves the right to make alterations to the UEFA reserves the right to reject the allocation of the relevant packages or. cash or non-cash consideration or benefits in kind) the remaining tickets and passes to guests for their personal use. 4. The price payable for purchases of UEFA EURO 2012™ Hospitality Packages shall be paid in one installment within 10 days of the date of acceptance of UEFA’s offer by the purchaser. Entrance to and conduct within any and all stadia and/or hospitality facilities. .ch Web: www.euro2012@uefa.For more information please contact the UEFA EURO 2012™ Club Prestige Customer Service on the following numbers: Poland: Ukraine: +48 22 500 94 44 +380 44 521 94 03 International: +48 22 500 94 40 E-mail: hospitality.

Donbass Arena Ltd. Narodowe Centrum Sportu. FC “Metallist” Media office. All rights reserved. the UEFA EURO 2012 logo. No use for commercial purpose may be made of such trademarks without UEFA’s approval.Impressum: Produced by UEFA Design: Brandia and Pulse Layout: Pulse Photos: UEFA. Chernichkin © UEFA 1998-2012. Action Images. The UEFA and EURO 2012 words. DO & CO. BIEG 2012. December 2011 version . mascots and slogans and the UEFA EURO trophy are protected by trademarks and/or copyrights of UEFA.. SMG Polska.

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