Anupam Hore Row House No: 2, Legend Fragrance Survey No: 106/2/7+8, Near Sadanand Hotel, Baner Pune-411045, Maharashtra

Email : Mobile: +91-9860489881 Background Summary 1.9 years of Design, Development and Testing experience on C, C++, Win32 SDK programming in Windows environment, involving product development, enhancement and tools setup. Have been responsible for Integration, Packaging and Release of the product to client. Career Profile • • • • • • Skills Development and Testing experience of 1+ years in Hands Free Telephony products (Through Mobile via Bluetooth) and Tools using C on Linux environment. Testing involving Unit, Sanity, Integration and System Testing. Prepared and executed Test Plans and Test cases. Managing stability of the code by various reviews before each release from Offshore Proven skills in taking up new technical activities with strict deadlines. Development experience of 9 months in bug fixing in Nokia_Auto(Client) and in making Simulator Framework for various devices like camera, motor etc used in the TOHMAS project (client), on Windows environment. Submitted a technical white paper on the basics of Socket Programming.

OS Languages Tools Functional Areas

Windows C,C++, Win32 programming, Socket programming MS Visual Studio, Splint, Bugzilla, Lyra TTT, WinCvs, Test Link Development and Testing

Professional History Company Presently working with Wipro Technologies Ltd Designation Software Engineer Duration June 2007 till date (1.9 years)

Project Experience (in Reverse Chronological order) 1. Final Year Project(Under Dr.B.K Roy)

2. As all information regarding the health of any machine or anything can be found easily in its frequencies so we used wavelet transform to convert those electrical signals into respective frequencies so that we can get both the normal and the abnormal behaviour. This was a evaluation project under the training phase. Levante_App (Nokia) Nokia is developing a product called UHV (Universelle Handy Vorbereitung) UMTS intended to be used in a car. and did code reviews Blue lab IDE My role in this project was to prepare and execute sanity and integration test cases. Germany Automotive.Description The project was based on analyzing any faults in any machines before hand thereby increasing the longevity of that machine. Software Engineer Visual Studio(SDK programming) 3. Mini Project (RLL) Under Wipro Technologies This was a mini project where I developed an online quiz game using MFC programming. Afterwards in the maintenance phase. This product will communicate with the mobile phone via Bluetooth to access and Role Environment Operating System(s) Windows Description Role Environment Operating System(s) Windows Description Role Operating System(s) Windows Environment Contribution Client Domain Description . We used Lab View and Mat lab tools for generating the frequencies Designer and programmer Mat lab. It provides support for the basic phone features like call handling and additionally streaming of audio for playing music over the vehicle speakers from Bluetooth enabled devices Tester. Here I developed both objective type and integer type quiz. This environment was basically used to create Bluetooth applications. based out of CSR Nokia. Lab View. did bug fixing in maintenance phase. While preparing the test cases I used Test Link for updating the test cases and Bugzilla for reporting the bugs. Lyra(Nokia) Lyra is a wireless hands free car kit being developed by Nokia for installation in vehicles to enable hands free operation of Bluetooth devices. Embedded 4. I had an interaction with the Windows based Blue lab IDE used for working on CSR provided Bluetooth Stack. We used Wavelet transform because it is the only transformation been used which gives the knowledge of frequencies happening at respective time intervals.

provide the features of the phone. Chat Server Application This is the application that I developed recently using Win32 SDK programming and socket programming. TOHMAS Automotive. Embedded 5. .The platform is be Monta Vista Linux. Here I am doing an internal project for TOHMAS client where we are planning to give some added features along with their requirements. two ball game using Win 32 SDK programming. (Ubuntu) Linux My role in the project was to fix bugs in the maintenance period and to do code reviews of various modules included in the project. Project Engineer Visual Studio(Win32 programming) My role in this project has been that of a developer and I have been involved in the enhancement phase of the software cycle where I am involved in developing a simulator for the existing project. rSAP (Remote SIM Access Profile). Developer Visual Studio(Win32 programming. Internal Project (TOHMAS) It is the current project that I am in. Germany Automotive. The product shall support various profiles such as HFP (Hands Free Profile). I am involved in making a Simulator framework for controlling the events been send by the TOHMAS devices. Self Development As a self development I developed some projects of my own out of which were a quiz game in Win 32 SDK programming. The application I developed in Visual Studio Express Edition where two different systems can really talk to each other. a snake game in C.C++) Operating System(s) Windows Description 7. C. In the later stage was also engaged in preparation and execution of system test cases. and a Simulator for phone keypad in C. The hardware is be Freescale iMX31 Role Environment Contribution Client Domain Tester did code reviews and did bug fixing. Embedded Description Role Environment Contribution Client Domain Operating System(s) Windows Description Role Environment 6. Currently I am making various property sheets and the GUI part for that Simulator and is trying to develop a communication between them via sockets. Nokia. The work is done using Win32 SDK programming.

Volley Ball) and won prizes for the same. adv maths and English) Personal Information Name: Date of birth: Sex Status Anupam Hore 05th January 1984 Male Single Permanent Address: c/o M. • Active member of the editorial team of my college • Represented my district in carom and won prizes for the same. Silchar Degree Course Electrical Engineering Aggregate% 6.Hindi 74. .Tech Srimanta Shankar Academy 64. Educational Qualification Institute National Institute of Technology. • Represented College in many games (Cricket. Guwahati-12 Assam Present Address: Contact: E-mail: Row House No: 2.C++) Operating System(s) Windows Co-Curricular Activities: • Participated in many social events like AIDS awareness Programs. Pune-411045. Adabari Tinali. Near Sadanand Hotel Baner. Survey No: 106/2/7+8.7(with distinction in maths.Role Environment Developer Visual Studio(Win32 programming. English. Maharashtra Mobile: +91-9860489881 anupam. Adv Maths . Pune.2(with distinction in Maths) 12th HS(Science) PCM Babies Nursery Co-Ed High School 10th Social.hore@yahoo. Science. Maths.K Hore. 304/E Sagar Housing Complex. Legend Fragrance.86(GPA) 1st Class B. • Presently involved in all the social activities of Wipro. Blood donation etc.

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