Jesse Amiel A.

Ramoso Mdiv-Foundation of the Ministry

Prof. Doreen Benavidez Professors

Gladly Surrender

To understand surrender that is with gladness is to see the better benefits and highest virtue of the future result. I can illustrate gladly surrender in a chess game, sometimes I had to sacrifice my officials in order for me to clear my way to attact and destract the plan of my opponent. The moment he will take my sacrificed officials I know he will be lost the game, but offcourse I will feel sad and bad because I lost something. In doing this I will feel mix emotions gladness and pain, pain of losing my officers because it is a part of the plan and gladness because I see a better future advantage on my side. The view of gladly surrender in this article is focused on the Triune God's activity on how they Gladlly Surrender Jesus to die on the cross to gain us back from the prison cell of Satan. Gladly surrender was designed and intentionally willed of God for redeemption before the foundation of the world. I can imagine that moment when the Triune God descided to surrender their begotten Son to die on the cross somewhere in the human history and time they where glad when they did this because they knew that the people will be redeemed will become partakers of the Divine Nature of God. Love is the heart of the divine nature of the triune God, this love exclusively flow for them only, but the moment Jesus died on the cross they know that the Divine joyful intimacy will be shared to human through the flow of love from the triune God to human and back to triune God. When this flow spread to human then the human extend it to church and the church extend to the world then this is indeed it is gladly to know that when you sacrifice one the return are many. However, when we see the result which is good and and benificial we need also to understand that when the triune God sacrifice Jesus they did not feel the pain and loneliness the moment Jesus separated for the first time from the triune God? This is indeed painful too, but this pain is just temporary rather than enjoying the eternal fellowship of the triune God to us “body of Christ that is

church” back to triune-God. This now becomes principle, that when we do in our ministry we should have this kind of attitude when we sacrifice our time, finances, recreation and even profession just to reach out souls. Gladly surrender is to understand that there is a price in surrendering to Jesus and to be sure it will be joyful and gladly the moment you will reap the result in it. Therefore, we should imatate the principle of Jesus Christ when He gladly surrender on the cross when He was here on earth. To surrender ourselves is to give everything what we have even to the point of death. This is what happened to Jesus, because what urges Him to do so is the LOVE of the triune God the divine joyful intimacy that circulates to them. This intimacy kept Jesus focus His ministry to death because thats what the triun God wants as they willed before the foundation of the earth. Therefore, when we accept Jesus as a Lord and Savior we will partake this intimacy of the divine nature by default. By default our spirit urges us to pray, to crabe the Word of God, to reachout souls to serve or to go spread that love to the whole world. When we comply this this, people begin to see the body of Christ in us, then when they see the image of God in us, they will see the Triune God in us, when they see the triune God in us they start to feel the intimacy of the divine nature in us, now they will start to get attracted to it and because this is what God wants to all people, God magnitized this person in order to get infected of this flow of intimacy. This is what happened when we gladly surrender our life to Jesus not for us to be saved but also be a sacrificed to do what the body of Christ should do. The body of Christ should be a healing hand, sometimes a father to the fatherless, a financial provider like a parents, or a caregiver like in the hospitals and etc. This is what we need to wake up, once we had this Love we should fulfill and do the same pattern as God innociated the ministry of SELF-Sacrifice and Gladly Surrender.

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