Jesse Amiel A.

Ramoso Mdiv-Old Testament Survey

Ptr. Neil Benavidez Professor

Critics and Summary for Ruth and Books of Chronicles: Dillard Book of Ruth in this book is very difficult to distingues the writer. The book posses the possible hint for the dating and writer of the book. These are the “contain of Aramisms”, “legal customs”, links of superscription and priestly language, and third part of Hebrew canon “Ketubim”. However the purpose of the book might be to contrast the the harsh post exilic policy of Ezra and Nehemiah. However many scholars favored that the posibility of the date of book was during pre-exilic because of the mention of the grandfather of David. They suggested that the author is Solomon. If Solomon is the writer then its purpose as suggested is for ligitgation of the kinship of David and also to ligitimised the foriegners to partake the worship in the temple. However there are some suggestions that Samuel authored the book. Some suggest that the author is a woman, others object that the book of Ruth is not a legal document rather it is a narrative. The genre of the book is Novella, the literary style is plotted with the highly skilled on mannipulating the balance between virtue and dramma. The theological message is “be loyal like Ruth and kind like Boaz, then God will reward you”. The book of Chronicle is highly political motivated. The story book clearly exist/happened during the post-exilic period. The posible writer was Ezra-Nehemmiah, first part was Ezra and second part was Nehemiah. There are four reasons why Ezra-Nehemmiah; 1st Chronicles ends with a decree of Cyrus, 2nd The apochryphal book 1 Esdras qoute 2 Chronicle 35, 3rd . The use of common linguistic substratum of fourth century Jews living in Judah, 4th interest of the weekly Sabbath, the reports many instances of their preaching, and the omited/edited story of David and Solomon and their sins as a king. Literary structure was based on the needs of the audience that is why the data presented is edited and sensored compared to book of Kings. Theological issue is that “Has God fails” after they experience the

destructiion of Jerusalem and their back on Jerusalem as God promised. When their back to jerusalem, the questioned in their mind is that are we still connected with God, is God still interested in us? Critics to book of Ruth. IN my personal analysis of this date of this book and the writer and it's purpose was quite diffirent. In my personal openion the book mgiht be re-writen and it is edited version during the time of post-exilic period that fit to their situation. Why? It is because of the literary intentions of the book and these are; the kinsman redeemer, the association with foriegners and its marriage, the political foundation of the local of government. After exile, there was a potential land dispute for teretories and boundaries, there were a racial disputes because of mix-marriage and there were also governmental dispute of who's who should descide for the local dispute for legal problems. These were crisis during the time of Ezra-Nehemmiah. The story of Ruth highly fitted to this circumstances. However I donnot disagree the aboved mentioned of the possibilities raised by scholars. The book originally written during later part of the Judges time because of Boaz. I think the first time it was written this book is during Solomons time and then it is re-edited and during the time post-exilic period. Critics to Chronicles. Once I heard that the Malaysia changed their history, I thought to myself can a nation change the original history? This is what happen to the book of Kings versus book of Chronicles. I thought the scripture cannot be change, in this case it is clearly that they intennionally changed the book? If we will compare the story of David and Solomon in the account of book of Kings and Chronicles we can see the diffirence. The difference is that in the book of Chronicles the genealogy is highly relevant and the bad side of Solomon and David does not appear in Chronicles. However this kind of alteration is legal and does not violate the canon standard, because they did not change the story however they just cover the story that might raised a possible national dispute. The situation of the Israel as a nation was crucial, they have to revive their constitution against Persian constitution, revive their religious responsibilities and political power and most of all they have to stablish the lineage ODF David inorder to stablish kingship and power. If they will not omit the sin of David and Solomon, there will be a possible failure of installing a king from the lineage of David. Therefore, this alteratin is legal in the sight

of God and in the sight of men. There are times that we need also to do the same thing not to tell a lie but to avoid the dispute and missing the mark of God is marked before us. However we need to be very carefull in doing this because this is an extremely thin line between truth and lies.

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