Jesse Amiel Ramoso Mdiv-Foundation

Prof. Doreen Benavidez Professor

Graciously Self-Acceptance

IN this book, Graciously Sef-Acceptance revealed the very vital enemy of the effectivity in the ministry and the whole aspects of the persons potential, and that's self. The interesting part of this book also points out the model of acceptance which is a model of a Triune-God. He started his view by taking the illustaration of “billard balls”, the individual posses its own charteristics and functions in the game and has its own autonomy. However, this kind of view to self is somewhat very western culture, they are very individualistics, separates from another, self-contained, self-reliant but less effective in teamwork and unity in diversity. As I mentioned earlier that the model of Trinity make us sencer to understand how should the human functions each other in contrast to unity and diversity. The model of Prosession and generation made a picture of how the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit made in harmony to their ministry. The Ministry of the Triun God is to LOVE, this love that flows in the heart of the Triune God exclusively are now extended to us. When we fail to understand the beauty of booth weakness and advantages, failure and successs and being helpless and being helpful if we fail to see how Jesus modeled it by himself. These things come to our live to appreciate the beauty and the purpose of God, if we don't get it as it is part of the the will of the Father, we fail to understand that we are each other unique and has a certain functions in the world that world really complement to our society. Each of us has its own capabilities and it is divinely design and we call it gift. If we base our standard to the one who is very gifted in the certain area of ministry, we not only fail ourselves we fail also the community to maximise that gift. When we are in the harmony of the FLOW of LOVE of the Triune God we have no fear. Many church

officials are afraid of being sack in their position if they see somebody who is raising up to their maximum level of thei gifts and talents. The result is they will suppress that brother then these three common things happened in the church. First, the brother will not grow into his potentiality in that church to maximize his gifts. Second, the others will not grow because he did not use his gifts to e others. There could be many will be revive or encourage through his gift but since he was suppressed then no body grows. Third, the whole church disobeyed the will of God by rejecting his sevant. Therefore, as a leader a one simple mistake due to sefl-centered choises will end up eternally failure for the whole congregation. That is why we need to understand that we cannot fully function as a true minister if we do not grasp and partake the DIVINE NATURE of the Triune God which is LOVE. The result we will do ministries inspired not love but by personal interest or hidden agenda. If we share and partakes the LOVE of God that flows to the Triune God we will be an agent of change and spiritual transformation.

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