Jesse Amiel Ramoso Mdiv-Old Testament Survey

Ptr. Neil Benavidez Professors

Reflection of the Book of Nehemiah

When I heard these words I sat down and wept, and mourned for days; and I continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven. {Neh 1:4 RSV}. How many of us reacted this way? And how many of us does not succeed to our initial plan until we realized that we need to knell down and pray. I heard the qoutes says that he ho stand with the great men knew the value of kneeling down to the greatest person of all its God. Praying is not just superfacial or an action that somebody would admire but rather it is a private action that no body knows what you are doing yet when you do things it will succeed because you prayed. Prayer is the most interesting habbit of Jesus that it attracts to His diciples and asked Him to teach them to pray. Obviously, prayer is very simple in superfacial view but the deep meaning and reason in prayer is very unfatomable. Why, because if the disciples of Jesus wants to learn to pray they just copy what Jesus doing during the time when he pray. Why this things made the disciples to asked Jeus to teasch them, it is perhaps the result of a prayerful man Jesus compared to them. Remember that John teaches his disciples to pray, and some of the disciples of Jesus was the former disciples of John so how come the prayer of John supasses the prayer of Jesus, therefore there is something with the dicipline, the attitude and the intention of prayer. The person who cannot just be answered God because he prayed but rather when he pray, does the person have the right relationship with God. What the prayerful person pray is not because he is required but rather because of His relationship to the master therefore he is boldly to come to his master and boldly ask particular request because he is boldly sure that his prayer will not be rejected because he prayed according to the will of God. I would illustrate this in

my family. When my father desired to buy car I knew he mean it, however we don't have means “money' to purchase the car. Time come when we have money to buy, when I asked him again I knew will have it soon. Same things with God, when we ask to God depends on His will, His time and his purpose/ways. If we the leaders has the same attitude, heart and dicipline of nehemiah we can achieved the same or greater than his achievements on our time. Therefore, the relationship to our God does not only based on our prayer life but rather on how great knowledge we have to his will or Word or bible.

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