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Name of Exam Prep Provider IBS Professional Training & Services Limited LOCATION Bangladesh - Dhaka and Chittagong TEACHING FORMAT In person OVERVIEW IBS started its journey in 2008in Bangladesh. Thetotal numb ers of students for various courses of studies are around 650.IBS b eing one of the very fewinstitutesin Bangladesh for providing professional education comb ines high-value qualifications.With a reputation as one of the country’s b est institutions,IBS is playing a leading role fortraining andsupport ofprofessionals in the areas of Professional qualifications. IBS is offering courses from TheGlobal Association of Risk

IBS is offering placement/internship support to ACCA professional level students CTH second batch starts from 1 July 2012 CTH original BPP books are available at IBS library IBS is offering books borrowing facilities from its library. IBS is going to launch FRM© qualification of GARP, USA for risk professionals


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Professionals (GARP)whichisthe only glob ally recognized memb ership association for risk managers. The Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) designation is the glob ally recognized standard for those who manage risk. Certified FRMs are part of an elite, glob al network, and are valued b y top employers across diverse b usinesses.GARP's risk programs are designed to provide everyone -from individuals in non-risk roles to senior managers charged with risk. At IBS we cover all topics in-depth without any exception in a lively and interactive environment. Our training classes run on weekends – Friday & Saturday, 3 hours each for five months. Apart from that there are extra classes on weekdays for those who have doub ts in any topic. We are dedicated to provide our candidates for FRM, ICBRR and FBRto develop a mastery over the entire range of topics covered in the curriculum. All the classesare conducted b y renowned risk professionals from Banking & insurance industry with vast industry experiences.



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Qualifications/ Expertise: All of our instructors have given and cleared the exams for which they are teaching (and may hold other advanced degreese. Industry Experience: Our Instructors are professionals who teach in the context of how a concept is applied in industry.1084. Teaching Ability: All our Instructors share a common trait Benefits of Enrolling with IBS Every instructor has cleared all levels All instructors are professionally qualified Every instructor with at least 2 years of teaching experience Small b atches for enhanced individual attention Over 100 hours of classroom coaching Comprehensive curriculum material + review notes Unique conceptual shortcuts for easy recall Stringent emphasis on prob lem solving ibsbd.g. USA Overview of the training outlines: 140 Hours ComprehensiveTraining 90 Hours Accelerated Training Faculties arerisk management professionalsfor FRM. Windows 2/4 .html This Month Total 543 15695 We have: 1 guests online Your IP: 180. 2012 Visitors Counter Chrome 19. FRM ® Exam Refresher. ICBRR and FBR courses.46. CFA) 2.0.5/23/12 Garp ADDITIONAL DETAILS Courses: We are offering FRM.org/index.php/qualification/garp.for quick visual reference of key concepts FRM ® Questions Overview of Faculties: 1. which enab les students to b etter understand and importantly quickly recall concepts on the exam 3.149.177 Today: May 23. 3 days of prob lem solving and practice of past FRM® Exam papers 3 Mock Tests Extra sessions for personalized doub t clearing Study Materials: FRM ® Exam Guide Book.Concise material to revise the syllab us FRM ® Exam Visual Memory Sheets.7.Comprehensive manual covering each Learning Ob jective from the FRM AIMS. ICBRR and FBR courses from GARP.

org Last Updated on Sunday.2013 Designed by Webmaster Razoan Rabby.html 3/4 .com This ad is supporting your extension Sexy Undo: More info | Privacy Policy | Hide on this page ibsbd. Dhaka – 1209. Bangladesh Cell: +88 01733 0192 40 Phone: +88 02 913 0572 WEBSITE www.ib sb d. Call For Web Support +880 1678135368 or Email: razoan1987@gmail.org/index. Nuruzzaman 49 Satmasjid Road.php/qualification/garp. Dhanmondi.5/23/12 Garp Daily review quizzes and personalized doub t clearing sessions Comprehensive set of practice questions for each module Mock exams that simulate actual exam environment CONTACT INFORMATION Md. 20 May 2012 16:17 MOST POPULAR Qualification Contact Us ACCA About Us FACEBOOK PEOPLES ONLINE We have 1 guest online YOU ARE HERE: QUALIFICATION GARP TOP Copyright© IBSBD 2011 .

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