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SECTION I : Read the following texts and answer questions 1-10. Choose a, b, c or d.

4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with big yard and 2 garages next to Redwood Park for only $200,000

For more information call 0171 346 8926

1. What does the text say about the house? a. It's big but expensive. b. It's big and cheap. c. It's far from Redwood Park. d. None

Hi Jerry,

I'm going to the department store. I want to buy a present for your brother's birthday, some T-shirts for the kids and maybe a dress for me. Your dinner is in the refrigerator.

Love, Beth

2. Who's Jerry? a. Beth's husband. b. Beth's brother. c. Beth's son. d. None

He's young, he's famous, he's Robbie Wilson, the Irish singer with the No.1 hit Me & You! Robbie lives in London but he often travels around the world giving concerts. He loves visiting new places and meeting new people. There's only one thing Robbie doesn't really like about his job and that is traveling by plane! He even hates being at an airport! This evening he is flying to New York. Poor Robbie!

3. What is Robbie Wilson's problem? a. He hates traveling abroad. b. He doesn't like flying. c. He doesn't have any free time. d. None

Hi Tracey, How are you? We've just moved into our new house and I'm so happy! You see, I have my own room now! It's so cool! The house is so big that Mom is still decorating it. It has also a yard where we can sit on sunny days. Please come and visit us on the weekend. Love, Jessica

4. Why is Jessica excited? a. Because the house is big. b. Because the house has a yard. c. Because she has her own room. d. None

Dear Linda, I'm writing to you from Edinburgh, Scotland's beautiful capital. We're having a great time! It's snowing at the moment but the streets are crowded with people shopping or just looking around. You see, the city is famous for its New Year's celebrations and everyone looks so excited and happy. I'm coming back in a week. See you then! Oh, and Happy New Year!

Love, Karen 5. What is Karen not talking about? a. What the weather is like. b. What people are buying. c. What is happening in Edinburgh. d. None

Dear Kate, I'm really looking forward to your visit. Don't try to find my house on your own. My brother or I will pick you up at the station. Just let me know what time your train arrives. One thing is for sure: we're going to have a brilliant time in Poole next weekend!

Love, Ken

6. What should Kate do? a. Wait at the station. b. Go to Ken's house. c. Send an e-mail to Ken's brother. d. None

Located between the desert mountains and the cool, blue waters of the Red Sea, is the luxurious Eilat Princess Hotel. The EPH has three different function rooms with audiovisual equipment available to its guests. Sit back and relax while the hotel organizes your conferences, meetings, or other events. After work, enjoy great food in one of the hotel's restaurants, relax in the pool, enjoy a game of tennis, or just put your feet up.

7. Which of the following can't you do at the Eilat Princess Hotel? a. Swim. b. Water sports. c. Business. d. None

The Chinese New Year is one of the world's most colorful and important celebrations. There are noisy parades and dragon dances not only in China but in all the areas where Chinese people live around the world. The festival celebrates the beginning of the new year. Before celebrations begin, Chinese families clean their houses and buy colorful plants and flowers to bring them good luck for the new year.

8. How do the Chinese celebrate New Year? a. They buy colorful flowers. b. They clean their houses. c. They organize parades and dances. d. None

The ancient Olympic Games first took place in Olympia, Greece, in 776 BC. After taking place for 1169 years, they stopped. Then, in 1894, a Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin, had an idea. He wanted to organize the first modern Olympic Games. Two years later, his dream finally came true and the first modern Olympics took place in Athens, Greece. They were quite a success and twelve countries took part, including Greece, France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and the United States.

9. When did the first modern Olympics take place? a. In 1169. b. In 1894. c. In 1896. d. None

Dear Dr Simpson, I am 19 years old, I never have coffee, sugar, or fast food and I exercise 3-4 times a week. However, I am not feeling very well these days. I feel tired, I don't sleep well, I've lost my appetite and I think I've lost weight. I took some vitamins but they didn't help. What should I do?


10. Why is Yvonne writing to the doctor? a. She believes her lifestyle is unhealthy. b. She thinks she doesn't eat the right kind of food. c. She believes she looks after herself but still has health problems. d. None

Read the following texts and answer questions 11-20. Choose a, b, c or d. Bateaux London and the British Airways London Eye have teamed up to offer two vacation packages. The Dinner Cruise combines a four-course meal and live entertainment with a flight on the BA London Eye for $130 per person. The Sunday Lunch Cruise includes a three-course meal and live jazz together with a BA London Eye flight, starting from $85 per person 11. What is the best title for the text? a. London Cruise Offer b. Dinner with Entertainment c. A Weekend in London d. None One Saturday my friends and I were in town checking out the latest hits in a record store. While we were looking around, they put on my favorite song and I started singing along to the music. Suddenly, I saw a group of people looking at me. I turned and looked at my pals. They were killing themselves laughing! Obviously, I had been singing loudly and really badly. I made a fool of myself!

12. What happened to the writer of this text? a. He sang along beautifully to the music. b. He didn't like the music he heard. c. He found himself in an embarrassing situation. d. None

Dear Millie, I've heard about dry shampoo where you don't have to wash your hair as with normal shampoos. I've asked at the local drugstore but they've never heard of dry shampoo. I've also checked at the supermarket but no luck! Can you tell me exactly what it is and where I can find it?

Julie, Boston

13. Why did Julie write this letter? a. To talk about her hair problem. b. Because she wants information about something. c. To recommend a new product. d. None

Carrie by Stephen King Carrie White is not popular because she's not cool. So, nobody talks to her at school. She always knew that she was different, but when her strange powers begin to develop, she knows that she is special. Suddenly, one night things go wrong in the most horrible way. A classic that is still as frightening as it was nearly thirty years ago.

14. Who do you think shouldn't read this book? a. Anyone who is under thirty years old. b. Anyone who is easily scared. c. Anyone who loves horror movies. d. None

The Mary Rose was built between 1510 and 1511 and was lost in 1545. For many years, the Mary Rose was Henry VIII's favorite warship, fast and successful. And yet she sank - on a fine summer day as she sailed into action against the French. She remained at the bottom of the sea until October 1982 when she was brought safely back to her home port. Now you have the chance to step back in time and visit one of Britain's most famous warships.

15. Where is the text taken from? a. A novel. b. A brochure. c. A history book. d. None

I feel British although both my parents, who own a Chinese restaurant in Bangor, North Wales, were born in Hong Kong. They came over just before I was born because my grandfather thought there would be more opportunities for them in Britain. I've been to China only once and I liked it a lot. It's so different from the Welsh countryside. I have lots of friends from different countries, from Chinese and British to Greeks and South Africans. I often cook Chinese for them. They love it!

16. Where was the writer of the text born? a. In Britain. b. In China. c. In Hong Kong. d. None

For a really good night's entertainment why not go along and see Mick Hodges's latest movie I spy? Though I found Hedi Lopez's performance disappointing and the special effects could have been improved on, the storyline and the plot more than made up for it and Jed Baxter was brilliant in his role.

17. Which of the following statements would the writer of the text agree with? a. The movie was disappointing. b. The special effects were wonderful. c. The movie was enjoyable. d. None

A woman with a stolen passport was arrested yesterday at Dublin Airport while she was checking in. According to the police, the passport had the name of a woman whose purse had been stolen in a Dublin restaurant last month. However, the photograph on the passport had been replaced by a photograph of the woman that was arrested. The police are investigating the matter to find out whether the woman has stolen other passports as well.

18. Why was the woman arrested? a. Because she used to steal passports. b. Because she changed the photograph on her passport. c. Because the passport she had didn't belong to her. d. None

The display includes an embroidered pink silk dress with matching bolero jacket designed by Catherine Walker and worn by Princess Diana to a state banquet in India in 1992. You'll also see the blue silk dress by Victor Edelstein worn to the dinner at the White House in 1985, at which the Princess delighted guests by dancing with John Travolta.

19. Where is the text taken from? a. A biography about Princess Diana. b. A brochure about an exhibition. c. An article about fashion designers. d. None

gffgff Try to get cash out during the day and when you're with someone. Don't visit the machine if there are other people around and don't let anyone else know your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Put your money and your wallet away before leaving. Don't just stand there chatting to your friends or on your cell phone.

20. Who is this warning aimed at? a. People standing in line in the bank to make a withdrawal. b. People taking money out of a bank cash machine. c. People who dont know how to use a bank cash machine. d. None SECTION II : READING In this section of the test, you will read some short passages and answer some questions about them. Choose the word or words that best complete the sentence. Passage 1 : What are you doing this weekend? MARA: Sunday is the day when I usually have lunch with my friends downtown. But this week theres a concert on Saturday, so Ill see my friends then. Sunday Im staying home.

21.- This Saturday Maras going to ___________. a.- stay at home b.- have lunch downtown c.- go to a concert d.- fix lunch for her friends

Passage 2 : What do you do ?

TONY PREZ : Im a flight attendant with a major airline. Flying isnt dangerous, but it can be stressful. When Im up in the air working, I always have something to do. I like it because I meet a lot of interesting people.

22.- Tonys job is ____________. a.- busy b.- easy c.- relaxing d.- boring

Passage 3 : A vacation postcard

Hi Andre,

Greetings from Mexico. Its really great to be away from school. I was traveling with Paul, but he got homesick and now Im by myself. I have a tent and two sleeping bags, so why dont you come on down? We could go to the beaches, see the sights. And it doesnt cost much to stay here. Think about it, OK ?

Todd. 23.- Todd wants Andre to ____________. a.- stay in school b.- find a doctor c.- send him money d.- come to Mexico

Passage 4 :

Concentration, a special talent.

People who have the capacity for intense concentration have a great advantage. Such people have the ability to ignore stimuli (sights, sounds or anything that can distract a person) and are more likely to stay with the task at hand and solve it. This ability can make all the difference between winning and losing in certain situations for example, for the championship runner competing for a gold medal at the Olympics.

24.- In this reading, concentration refers to a persons ability to __________. a.- stay in one place b.- focus on a task c.- hear certain sounds d.- ignore instructions

25.- Athletes who can concentrate are more likely to __________. a.- compete b.- win c.- relax d.- run

Passage 5 : Henry Ford and the Model-T Henry Ford became famous and rich because he found a better, faster way to build cars. This is shown in the history of the Model-T. When the Model-T was first introduced in 1908, it took 14 hours to build and cost $850. After Ford introduced into his own factory that mass-production techniques that he saw in a meatpacking plant, the time for building a Model-T was reduced to less than two hours. As a result, Ford was able to drop the price of the car to $ 265. By 1927, he had sold over 15 million Model-Ts.

26.- The first Model-T was expensive because it __________.

a.- was new b.- was very popular c.- took a long time to build d.- was built in a factory

27.- The Model-T became so popular because it was ___________ than other cars. a.- newer b.- faster c.- better d.- cheaper

Passage 6.

Its a big country!

When visitors to the United States leave the crowded cities of the East Coast or Midwest, they are likely to comment on the use of space. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and even the central part of Chicago may look similar to great cities anywhere in the world. However, urban areas in other parts of the country, and specially those in the wide West, look different. Take Denver or Los Angeles, for example. Although statistics show that many people there live in apartments, these buildings are small compared to the multi-storied apartment blocks of Moscow, Cairo and Beijing. The mid-size city of Tucson, Arizona (population 700,000), which developed in a broad desert valley with several streams to feed it, covers an area larger than all of Chicago ( population 7 million). In Tucson, most people live in individual houses. They drive their cars (or pickup trucks) to work and shop in large shopping malls with huge parking lots. Perhaps its the farmer or cowboy influence: each family has its own horse and its own piece of land.

28.- Visitors to the United States often comment on the use of space

in ____________. a.- Boston, New York and Philadelphia. b.- the central part of Chicago. c.- large apartment buildings d.- urban areas of the West.

29.- According to the article, apartment buildings in Moscow, Cairo, and Beijing are often __________ than those in Denver and Los Angeles. a.- smaller b.- taller c.- more expensive d.- more beautiful

30.- The average person in Tucson lives ___________. a.- in a house b.- near his or her job c.- on a farm d.- next to an apartment

31.- The article implies that in building cities today, Americans are influenced by ___________. a.- cities on the East Coast b.- their farming tradition c.- Moscow, Cairo and Beijing d.- the need for more apartments

Passage 7 : Staying in touch

People dont need to be in close physical contact to feel connected emotionally. Over the years, various means of communication have been used to enable human beings to keep in contact with one another. Letters, telegrams, and telephones have allowed individuals located in different places to share news and to interact with family, friends, and business relationships.

In todays world, with more and more people on the move, long-distance communication has become even more important. At the same time, changes in technology, particularly the introduction of computers and the increasing use of electronic mail, have made it easier than ever to stay in contact. There are two main reasons why e-mail has become so widespread: time and money. Although mail service and telephones can be found almost everywhere, a letter can take a long time to arrive and phone calls are often quite expensive.

E-mail seems to be replacing other forms of communication for many purposes. As the use of computers has spread, many people use e-mails rather than regular mail to send personal messages. Because it has become so easy to send pictures and information via the Internet, it has also become commonplace to use e-mail in business. E-mail has even given rise to a new type of communication, the chat room, where groups of people who do not know each other personally can talk about topics of mutual interest. While some people are enthusiastic about communication in the modern age, others regret the growing depersonalization brought on by the use of e-mail. Communication has become so easy and yet so removed from the normal process of face-to-face interaction that researchers have concluded that a whole new culture of communication may be forming.

32.- The main idea of the article is that ___________. a.- these days people dont communicate enough b.- modern means of communication cost too much. c.- letter and phone calls are more effective d.- e-mail is changing the way we live

33.- Modern communications enable people to ___________. a.- see each other more often b.- write more letters and telegrams c.- keep in contact with one another

d.- move from place to place quickly

34.- In comparison with a telephone call, e-mail is ___________. a.- more acceptable b.- more personal c.- slower d.- cheaper

35.- _________ is a new type of communication made possible by e-mail. a.- A personal message b.- A chat room c.- Long-distance discussion d.- Sending information

Passage 8 : Headaches

Everyone has experienced headaches, but only recently have medical researchers begun to learn more specifically about the causes and possible treatments for different types of headache pain. The most common type of headache is the simple tension headache. Tension headaches are usually mild and short-lasting and can result from various factors, such as stress caused by worry or noise. Tension headaches are caused by a tightening of the neck or back muscles, which slows the flow of blood and, therefore, oxygen to the brain. It is the lack of oxygen that causes the pain. Most headaches can be relieved by taking a mild analgesic such as aspirin. Analgesics expand the blood vessels and restore the normal flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. A more serious type of headache is the migraine. Migraine headaches are often extremely painful and can last for hours or days. Like tension headaches, they can be the result of different factors, including stress, hormonal changes, and allergies. Unlike tension headaches, however, they are caused by an abnormal expansion or swelling (rather than a contraction) of the blood vessels within the

head. Medicines that shrink swollen blood vessels can be used to treat migraine headaches. A tiny minority of headaches can be linked to severe physical problems such as head injury or brain tumors. For these types of headaches, there are medicines to treat the symptoms, but there is no cure unless the underlying problem is removed. 36.- This article discusses the ____________. a.- tiny minority of people who have headaches. b.- history of medical research into headaches c.- causes and remedies for headaches d.- physical problems causes by headaches.

37.- A tension headache can result when ____________. a.- the neck and back muscles relax b.- people get injured in an accident c.- the flow of blood is restricted d.- too much oxygen goes to the brain

38.- Migraine headaches ___________. a.- are the most common kind of headache b.- usually last only a few minutes c.- can cause extreme pain d.- have one main cause 39.- Medicines for migraines ___________. a.- relax the head and neck b.- generally relieve tension c.- increase the flow of blood d.- cause blood vessels to contract 40.- Headaches caused by serious physical problems ___________.

a.- cant be treated b.- dont cause much pain c.- have no symptoms d.- are not very common

SECTION III : READING You will read some short passages and answer about them. Choose the word or words that best complete the sentences. Passage 1- What are you doing Today? PEDRO: I usually go out with friends on Saturday night. But todays Friday, and were going out to a football game tonight. So tomorrow night Im staying home. 41.This Saturday night, Pedro is _____________ . a.b.playing football visiting friends c.d.staying home going out

Passage 2.- What do you do?

EILEEN SWEET: Im a hostess at a big restaurant. I greet people at the door and take them to their tables. Day after day, I always do the same thing. Someday I hope to have a more interesting job, but its OK for now.


Eileen thinks that her job is _____________ . a.b.difficult interesting c.d.important boring

Passage 3.- A Vacation postcard Dear Seal, Greetings from France its so good to be back here again! We left the kids with their grandparents in Chicago, and were biking across the French countryside by ourselves. We brought a tent and sleeping bags, so we can camp out if we want to, but were relly enjoying the small hotels we find along the way. Love, Michael and Paula


Michael and Paula ______________ . a.b.have been to France before took their children with them c.d.are visiting their grandparents prefer to sleep outside

Passage 4.- Meditation You observe a person in meditation. On the surface, he appears to be asleep, but hes simply in a trance - a kind of half-sleep in which the person is conscious but able to ignore the situation around him. For the meditator, the ability to concentrate is so strong that everything around him - sounds, smells, movement - seems to fade in importance. At the same time, decision making and deep thinking are often greatly improved.


In this reading, meditation refers to a persons _____________ . a.state of mind c.physical condition




ability to sleep


Meditation doesnt help a person _____________ . a.b.hear better think deeply c.d.make decisions ignore smells

Passage 5.- The Scot and the tea kettle According to one story, a Scottish boy watched the steam lift the top off his mothers tea kettle and realized the power of steam to make machines work. That boy, James Watt, would then go on to invent the modern steam engine in 1769. Actually, the history of steam technology records the successful work of several scientists and engineers before Watt. For example, in 1698, Thomas Savery had introduced a simple steam pump to remove water from mines, and 14 years later Thomas Newcomen invented a better pump. But these pumps werent efficient because they used so much fuel. In 1769, the Scottish boy, James Watt, figured out a way to save three-quarters of the fuel. To honor him, his last name became the name of a unit of energy.

46.- The example of the boiling tea kettle shows that steam is ______________ . a.b.47.useful efficient c.d.powerful necessary

The first steam engines _____________ . a.b.didnt pump water cost too much to build c.d.were difficult to make used too much fuel

Passage 6.- Its a big country! When it comes to body weight, Americans stand out. Most visitors to the United States, no matter where they go across this vast country, comment on the size of

many Americans. In fact, these impressions are backed by numerous statistics. For example, the average 54 American weighs 162 punds, or 15 pounds more than the average person of the same height from Western or Central Europe. Another comparison: at 150 pounds, the average 54 American woman is 24 pounds heavier than her Japanese counterpart. Why are Americans so heavy? Some blame the American diet. Certainly its true that Americans eat more high-fat foods - meat, dairy products, and processed food - and fewer grains and vegetables than people in other countries. But fat isnt the whole story. Lifestyle factors - including the tendency for Americans to drive rather than walk or ride a bicycle to work, to snack throughout the day, and to have so many labor-saving devices in the home appear to contribute to the problem.

48.- According to the article, visitors to the United States often comment on the size of ______________ a.b.population cities people

49.- According to the article, the average Western european weighs _____________ . a.b.more than an American more than a Central European c.d.less than an American lesst than a Japanese person

50.- In comparison with Americans, people in other countries eat more _____________ . a.b.meat dairy products c.d.processed food grains

51.- The article implies that Americans would lose weight if they _____________ . a.snacked more often c.stayed at home more


rode bicycles to work


ate fewer vegetables

Passage 7.- Personality types What makes people the way they are? Why so some people get angry easily, others always seem to be cheerful, while still others are often depressed? The early Greek doctor Hippocrates thought that personality was linked to the fluids that were known to exist in the human body: the blood, the bile, the black bile, and the phlegm. These fluids were called the four humors.He believed that inside each person, one kind of body fluid was dominant and that this fluid - or humor caused a tendency toward a particular kind of behavior. If the flood (sanguinis) was dominant, the person was sanguine, or cheerful and willing to help others. If the yellow bile of the liver (called choler) was the most important, the person would be irritable and quick to anger. If the person often sad and depressed, the black fluid of the spleen and kidnneys (melan-choler or black bile) was blamed. And the person who had too much phlegm (the thick mucus of the nose and throat) was likely to be lazy, calm, and dull (not very intelligent). Today we know that personality results from a combination of lifestyle and natural factors, and has little or nothing to do with the balance of body fluids. However, even today the words remain: humorous, sanguine, choleric, melancholy, phlegmatic. Although psychologists no longer use them, they have become part of common vocabulary - with some changes of course. For example, today to say that a person is humorous means that the person laughs and makes others laugh, from the idea of having "good" humor. 52.According to the article, the early Greeks knew that ______________ . a.- there are different fluids in the human body b.- people who laugh a lot are humorous c.- everyone shows the same basic behavior d.- personality is the result of lifestyle factors


For the early Greeks, humor was the name for a type of _____________


personality type body part


natural fluid internal organ

54.- Hippocrates believed that _____________ was dominant in a happy person. a.b.blood bile bile phlegm

55.- Today the word humorous is used to describe a persons _____________ . a.b.blood type lifestyle c.d.personality body fluids

Passage 8.- Biofeedback

When biofeedback was first developed a number of year ago, it caused a lot of excitement. People hoped that biofeed-back could be used to cure all kinds of physical and mental problems. Biofeedback is the name for a medical technique that helps people treat certain problems by becoming more aware of their own bodies. In biofeedback, instruments that measure bodily functions such as muscle tension, temperature, and blood flow are attached to the body. The instruments produce signals - for example, a series of sounds (beeps) or a flashing light - that the person can hear or see. The patient then uses the information to help gain control over the function. The most widely used biofeedback instrument is the electromyograph, or EMG. The EMG is used to measure muscle tension. It is made up of several electrodes, which are placed on the skin near a particular area, depending on the symptom. For example, for headaches, a symptom often caused by excessive tension in the neck muscles, the electrodes are placed on the forehead or near the back of the neck. When the tension is present, the EMG produces a signal and the patient is taught to respond by relaxing the appropriate muscles. In many cases, the relaxation of these muscles causes the headache to go away. While biofeedback has not turned out to be a cure-all, it has been used successfully to treat a limited number of problems-especially those caused by

chronic tension. 56.At first, people were very _____________ biofeedback. a.b.c.d.nervous about interested in familiar with opposed to


Biofeedback instruments _____________ . a.b.act like a kind of medicine cause people to get excited c.d.are put on a patients body teach people to exercise


Blood flow is an example of a _____________ . a.b.technique signal c.d.function problem


The EMG _____________ . a.b.relaxes the muscles measures tension c.d.causes movement produces symptoms


According to the article, biofeedback _____________ .

a.headaches b.success

is more popular than ever causes chronic tension


cures all types of d.has had limited


B. Read items 61-120 and choose a, b, c or d. 61. a. This shoes is b. These shoes is c. These shoes are d. None 62. Our new a. friends b. parents c. neighbors d. None are not very friendly. not my size.

63. a. How many eggs do we need b. How much eggs do we need c. How many eggs need we d. None 64. I love skiing, it's a. glad b. boring c. fun d. None 65. I want to buy this skirt expensive. a. and b. but c. so d. None

to make a cake?

it is very

66. The supermarket is _________________________________ a. on Baker Street near the park. b. at Baker Street between the park. c. to Baker Street on the park. d. None

67. a. Not b. Doesn't c. Don't d. None 68. Jason a. take b. takes c. is taking d. None 69. The children Saturday. a. don't b. didn't c. weren't d. None 70. My brother is married and doctor. a. his b. her c. him d. None 71. History is Philip's favorite a. subject b. chapter c. degree d. None 72. a. Could you help me b. You can help me c. Are you helping me d. None

turn left, Mary!

the bus to work every day.

like the party last

wife is a

with my homework, please?

73. Do you know the name of __________________________ mountain in the world? a. the higher b. highest c. the highest

d. None 74. My cousin a. has to b. is going to have c. had d. None 75. Hugh always a. invites b. arranges c. celebrates d. None a party next Saturday.

his birthday.

76. The doctor told me few days. a. I stay b. to stay c. staying d. None 77. Tom a. hasn't seen b. haven't seen c. doesnt see d. None

in bed for a

that movie yet.

78. My grandfather lives on an island in the middle of a big a. lake b. desert c. forest d. None

79. There is to a restaurant. a. anything b. something c. nothing d. None 80. Will you do me a. a favor b. an appointment

to eat at home. Let's go

, please?

c. homework d. None 81. A: How are you? B: ____________________________________________ a. I'm Cathy's brother. b. Fine, thanks. And you? c. I'm 25. d. None

82. A: ____________________________________________ B: I'm a teacher. a. How do you do? b. What do you do? c. Nice to meet you. d. None 83. A: What's for dinner? B: ____________________________________________ a. I'll have a sandwich, please. b. Chicken, rice and salad. c. Is there any spaghetti? d. None

84. A: Kevin broke his leg yesterday. B: ____________________________________________ a. Really? What's wrong? b. Sorry! That's wrong. c. Oh, dear. How did it happen? d. None 85. A: John and I are going to the theater tonight. Would you like to come with us? B: ____________________________________________ a. I'd love to. What time do you want to meet? b. Yes, and I really enjoyed it!

c. Sorry, but I'm busy now. d. None 86. A: Guess who I saw at the airport! Jack Nicholson! B: ____________________________________________ a. Long time no see! b. Sounds interesting! c. You're kidding! d. None

87. A: I passed my driving test! B: ____________________________________________ a. Congratulations! b. Good luck! c. Excuse me! d. None 88. A: Sorry, Karen. I can't go shopping with you tomorrow afternoon. I just remembered that I have an important meeting. B: ____________________________________________ a. Get well soon! b. Never mind. Maybe Molly will come with me. c. Could we make it a bit later? d. None 89. A: ____________________________________________ B: Well, there are some ways to know if your pet is OK or not. First a. Is there something wrong with my cat? b. How can you tell if a cat isn't feeling well? c. How is your cat? d. None 90. A: I got a postcard from Helen yesterday! B: ____________________________________________ She says she is having a great time in Spain. a. Me too! b. Good for you! c. Wait a minute!

d. None

Read items 91-120 and choose a, b, c or d.

91. I had the most ____________________________ experience last night. a. furious b. frightened c. frightening d. None 92. John ____________________________ how to download information from the Internet, he will help you. a. knows b. is knowing c. can know d. None 93. ____________________________ the beach, we found an injured bird. a. When we have cleaned up b. As soon as we were cleaning up c. While we were cleaning up d. None 94. Do you have ____________________________ to the Internet? a. control b. access c. entrance d. None 95. There is not ____________________________ to go skiing this weekend. a. snow enough b. enough snow c. too snow d. None 96. A: How long ____________________________ English lessons? B: For two years. I started when I finished elementary school. a. have you been taking b. have you been taken c. have you taking d. None 97. You ____________________________ take the bus, I'll drive you to work. a. have to b. needn't c. should d. None

98. That school started a special program to ________________________ paper, so that used paper can become something useful again. a. recycle b. pollute c. improve d. None 99. This skirt is on sale, there is a 40% ____________________________. a. deposit b. discount c. charge d. None 100. A: I don't really like playing tennis. B: ____________________________. a. Neither do I b. So do I c. I don't too d. None 101. By next June Tim ____________________________ enough money to buy a new car. a. is saving up b. will be saving up c. will have saved up d. None 102. Jenny would look after the kids for you if you ____________________ her to. a. have asked b. asked c. will ask d. None

103. Peter Sellers, ____________________________ played in The Pink Panther, is my favorite actor. a. that b. which c. who d. None 104. I never have time to read more than the newspaper ________________. a. headlines b. articles

c. sections d. None 105. Not all journalists have ___________________________ information. a. embarrassed b. reliable c. innocent d. None 106. ____________________________, it was too late to go to the movies. a. As soon as I finished b. Before I had been finishing c. By the time I had finished d. None

107. You ____________________________ if you don't want to miss your flight! a. would rather hurry b. had better hurry c. shouldn't hurry d. None

108. No one is answering the phone, they ____________________out. a. can't have gone b. could go c. must have gone d. None

109. At the end of the hour, our teacher told us that we could ______________ the test if we hadn't finished yet. a. carry on with b. carry out c. get away with d. None 110. My cousin ____________________________ cheating on his final exams. a. caught b. had caught c. was caught d. None

111. A: Cindy, I'm afraid I can't make it to the dance tonight. B: ____________________________ a. That's OK, I'll make it for you. b. Oh, that's a shame! c. OK. Let me know. d. None

112. A: Why don't you buy that dress? B: ____________________________ a. Well, I'm $10 short. b. I like the sound of that. c. So what? d. None 113. A: Richard really went out of his way to help me. B: ____________________________ a. Did he find his way in the end? b. Yes, he's a good friend! c. I can't believe my eyes! d. None 114. A: Why don't you use your credit card to pay? B: ____________________________ a. Well, first of all, I spend too much and then b. For this reason I don't like credit cards. c. It's no wonder I don't like credit cards. d. None 115. A: I'll never do that again, ____________________________! B: Was it really that bad? a. to my surprise b. that's more like it c. that's for sure

d. None 116. A: ____________________________? He looks terrible! B: Well, he works very long hours and doesn't get enough sleep. a. Is Joe up for it b. What's up with Joe c. Is Joe up yet d. None 117. A: Will it take you long to fix the car? B: Don't worry, Mrs Carson, we will have your car ready ______________. a. for the time being b. in no time c. from time to time d. None 118. A: We must do something about the traffic problem. B: ____________________________. What do you suggest? a. That's true b. That's too bad c. Take it easy d. None

119. A: Hey, Martha, are you OK? B: Not really. This morning I woke up with a terrible headache, and __________________________, I left my purse in the taxi on my way to work! a. let's face it b. tell me about it c. to make matters worse d. None 120. A: Do you know anybody who would be good for the job? B: Yes, actually, I ____________________________. a. have someone in mind b. know someone in charge c. see what you mean d. None

121. Are the bags ready? Yes, __________. a.- theyre b.- there are c.- their d.- they are

122. The gas station is ________ Main Street. a.- on b.- at c.- next d.- close

123. I cant speak German __________ can I. a.- No b.- Never c.- Not d.- Neither 124. David enjoys __________ sports on TV. a.- watching b.- watch c.- to watch d.- watched 125. These days, married. a.- most __________ women keep working after they get

b.- most of c.- almost d.- the most

126. Were very __________ about the news. a.- excited b.- exciting c.- excite d.- excitement


We hope __________ you again soon. a.- see b.- to see c.- seeing d.- that see

128. Mount Everest is ___________ mountain in the world. a.- the high b.- high as c.- higher than d.- the highest 129. Teds never gone mountain climbing, ________ he? a.- does b.- is c.- has d.- was


The package still hasnt arrived. I wish I ________ it earlier. a.- was sending

b.- had sent c.- am sending d.- have sent


Could you tell me where ___________? a.- is the post office b.- the post office is c.- is it the post office d.- it is the post office

132. Bill would have done something about the problem if he ______ about it. a.- did know b.- had known c.- was known d.- would know 133. I met Carl many years ago. _________ him for a long time. a.- Im knowing b.- Ive known c.- Id know d.- Ill know 134. The Taj Majal is really worth __________. a.- to see it b.- seeing c.- you see it d.- see 135. Id play the piano better if I _________ more. a.- practicing b.- can practice

c.- practiced d.- will practice


Would you mind _________ down the radio? a.- turn b.- to turn c.- you turn d.- turning


I was interested _________ the violin. a.- to study b.- study c.- in studying d.- studied


This fruit needs _______ before you eat it. a.- to wash b.- being washed c.- you wash it d.- to be washed


By this time tomorrow, _________ in Montreal. a.- Im arriving b.- Ive been arriving c.- Id arrive d.- Ill have arrived

140. What happened to Kate? She must _________ about our appointment. a.- forget

b.- be forgetting c.- forgot d.- have forgotten


Sue is used _________ up early. a.- get b.- getting c.- to getting d.- to get


The tie _________ costs only $10. a.- that I like b.- I like that c.- what I like d.- I like it


________John, I like to cook. a.- Unless b.- Except c.- Instead d.- Unlike


Before _________ for work, I usually have a cup of coffee. a.- to leave b.- leaving c.- that leave d.- leave

145. I bought an audio course __________ I could improve my French. a.- in order b.- so that

c.- that d.- in order to


For me, Mathematics is ________ difficult than Biology. a.- more b.- the more c.- most d.- the most


Id prefer _________ at home this weekend. a.- not stay b.- no staying c.- not to stay d.- dont stay

148. Susie feels really tired today. She should ________ to bed earlier last night. a.- go b.- have gone c.- went d.- be going 149. Jims boss demanded that he ________ to work earlier. a.- has come b.- coming c.- is come d.- come 150. The older I get, _________ I become. a.- more impatient b.- the more impatient

c.- most impatient d.- the most impatient

151.- Where are the stamps? _____________ on the desk. a.b.There are Theyre c.They d.Their

152.- I live _____________ 4040 Oak Avenue. a.b.on at next

153.- I cant swim very well I cant _____________ . a.b.too either neither

154.- On weekends, we enjoy _____________ friends. a.b.visit to visit c.d.visiting to visiting

155.- _____________ everyone I know plays a musical instrument. a.b.The most Almost c.All d.Most of

156.- My new job is very _____________ .


excitement excited


exciting d.excite

157.- Is the report done yet? No, but I hope _____________ it by tonight. a.b.finish that finish finish finishing

158.- This apartment is _____________ one weve seen all week. a.b.cheaper than the cheap d.c.the cheapest

the cheaper

159.- Bobs never been bungee jumping, _____________ he ? has c.d.does was

160.- I had an accident. I wish I _____________ more careful. a.b.was being will be c.d.have been had been

161.- Can you tell me where _____________ ?. it the bank the bank is is the bank is the bank

162.- If I had known about the accident, I _____________ it to the police. a.reported c.was reporting


would have reported


have been

163.- Janice moved to Paris. _____________ there for a year already. a.b.Shes living She lives c.d.Shes been living She was living

164.- This book is interesting. Its really worth _____________ . read read c.d.reading being read

165.- If I went to live in a foreign country, _____________ my friends. a.b.Id miss Im missing c.d.I missed I miss

166.- Would you mind _____________ in here. a.b.dont smoke not to smoke c.d.not smoking no smoke

167.- Are you interested _____________ shopping with me? go in going c.d.go going

168.- Before a film is finished, it needs _____________. a.they edit it be edited


to edit


being edited

169.- By the time you get this postcard, _____________ New York. a.b.Id left Im leaving c.d.Ill have left Ive been leaving

170.- You look tired. You must _____________ hard today. a.b.worked have worked d.c.working

to work

171.- We are not used _____________ our own meals. a.b.cook to cook cooking

172.- The man _____________ lives across the street is a dentist. a.b.who he c.d.whose what

173.- Everyone took an umbrella _____________ me. a.b.only except c.d.unless instead

174.- Before _____________ breakfast, I usually take a shower. c.eating


to eat


that eat

175.- Im going to flying school _____________ I can learn how to fly my own plane. a.b.that in order order to that

176.- Maria is _____________ intelligent girl in our class. a.b.most the most c.d.more the more

177.- I would rather _____________ evening classes. a.b.dont take not take taking d.not taking

178.- Ken failed the test. He should _____________ more. a.b.studying to study c.studied d.have studied

179.- Barrys uncle recommended that he _____________ more money. saved c.d.saves will save

180.- The earlier children learn to read, _____________ for their education. a.good c.the better


the good


the best


Did you anywhere interesting last weekend? a) go b) going c) was d) went I work as a teacher and my wife , too. a) do b) is c) work d) does I think taxi driver a) her job is b) she's a c) her job is an d) she's What is your home town ? a) situated b) age c) like d) located Im afraid I here for your birthday party. a) have not to be b) am not being c) will be not d) can't be How are you? a) high b) wide c) long d) heavy How long married? a) have you been b) are you c) have you d) been








Would you like help? a) a b) some c) me d) I They go to the cinema a) tomorrow b) much c) rare d) seldom He hasnt played since he the accident. a) had b) has had c) has c) had had This is the best tea Ive tasted. a) never b) ever c) already d) still Im looking the summer holidays. a) before b) forward c) for d) forward to My girlfriend born on the 2nd of September 1974. a) is b) was c) had d) has been This beer tastes . a) badly b) lovely c) well d) normally In life can make a mistake; were all human. a) anyone b) some people c) not anybody d) someone









She knows that she to pay now. a) had better b) needn't c) should d) ought If he about it, Im sure hed help. a) had know b) knew c) has known d) knows I'll return the newspaper when I through it. a) will have looked b) looked c) have looked d) look They said they come, but they didnt. a) can b) will c) may d) might They were hard questions that I had no chance. a) so b) some c) such d) quite






I don't have a cent to give you. I ...... bought a new computer. a) just buy b) had just bought c) 've just d) soon will Mum gave her job when I was born. a) in b) up c) off d) away It's all right, we hurry. We have plenty of time.



a) mustn't b) shouldn't c) can't d) needn't 204 You have a terrible fever! call a doctor? a) Shall I b) Do I c) Must I d) Will I Joanna looks in her new dress. a) nice b) nicely c) like nice d) such nice Mr. Haines wants to his office. a) that you come b) you come to c) you come d) you to come There are around to start a cricket team a) enough young boys b) boys enough young c) young boys enough d) enough youngest boys These bottles of plastic. a) are making b) are make c) are made d) made are Do you know where ? a) did I put the keys b) put I the keys c) I put the keys d) I the keys put Magda knows a lot about badgers, but she a live one. a) doesn't ever see b) hasn't ever seen c ) hasn't ever saw d) didn't ever see We wash the curtains year.








a) b) c) d) 212

three times a once three every every couple

The loudspeakers won't work unless you those cables. a) connected b) connect c) don't connect d) can't connect You should give . a) to your mother this letter b) this letter your mother c) letter this to your mother d) this letter to your mother Marian has old books. a) very much b) a lot of c) lots d) a very lot Hania has got two children, ....... ? a) hasn't she b) has she got c) has she d) haven't she Let's think something nice. a) after b) about c) for d) to A Jaguar is than a Fiat. a) more expensive b) expensiver c) much expensive d) expensive The TV's too loud. Please, . a) it turn down b) turn it up c) turn it down d) turn down it It's a pity you here last night.








a) b) c) d) 220

weren't aren't 'll not be 'd not be

What about for a walk? a) to go b) I going c) going d) go I made one or two mistakes, but of my answers were a) much b) most c) more d) few You can't cross the road when the light red. a) 'll be b) was c) were d) is I have a problem. help me please? a) Could you b) Should you c) Were you able to d) Will you able to Our neighbor is to Ireland. a) going travel b) going to travelling c) go d) going to travel Do penguins fly? No, they . a) aren't b) haven't c) don't d) won't train are you taking, the express to Poznan or to Skwierzyna? a) Which b) How c) Whose d) Who correct.








This is story. a) a very interesting b) very an interesting c) very interesting d) very interested Marta takes the dog for a walk the evening. a) in b) at c) on d) to We haven't got Polish friends. a) no b) any c) none d) some Simon can't to you now. He's busy. a) talked b) to talk c) talking d) talk Have they finished working yet? I don't think . a) it b) this c) so d) that






Somebody stole his wallet so he money from a friend. a) lent b) earned c) borrowed d) lended We must go now. Call the waitress and ask for the . a) bill b) invoice c) price d) cost He's a friend of ..



a) b) c) d) 235

them theres theirs their

Have you had to eat? a) too many b) some more c) to many d) enough I my boyfriend since Christmas. a) didn't see b) haven't seen c) don't see d) hasn't seen Who was the woman ? a) spoke to you b) that you were speaking to c) that you spoke d) that you were speaked to Is than his father? a) Matt taller b) taller Matt c) Matt more tall d) Matt as tall as She was 29 on her birthday, she? a) didn't b) hadn't c) hasn't d) wasn't is it from here to Berlin? a) How long way b) How long c) How far d) How many Good ! I hope you get the job. a) chance b) Fortune c) Luck d) wish The doctor has told her that she must give drinking.








a) from b) to c) off d) up 243 There was a lot of noise so I didn't understand what she was . a) saving b) telling c) speaking d) talking I drink beer than wine. a) would like more b) prefer c) had better d) would rather I gave her earrings for Christmas. a) a pair of b) a set of c) two d) a Would you like some more tea? There's still left. a) few b) a few c) a little d) little She didn't want the job, . a) however well paid was it b) however well paid it was c) for how good pay might it be d) however good pay it was He has been for armed robbery. a) blamed b) accused c) charged d) arrested The financial director for almost an hour. a) kept us to wait b) kept us waiting c) made us to wait d) made us waiting I've often at the Wiejce Palace Hotel.








a) b) c) d) 251

stayed sleeped remained rested

I didn't realise that the coffee shop was the other side of the road. a) by b) for c) on d) in We have for a receptionist but haven't appointed anyone yet. a) advertised b) announced c) advised d) noticed She's very beautiful but that kind of woman doesn't to me. a) fancy b) appeal c) attract d) turn on The language school that I attend is 20 kilometers . a) far b) away c) distance d) long





"I'm going to the cinema on Saturday." "So ." a) I am b) do I c) I do d) am I They him of scratching the car. a) blamed b) accused c) punished d) arrested They had to leave the flat because they couldn't pay the ...



a) b) c) d) 258

fare hire rent salary

She at me and then turned away. a) viewed b) regarded c) responded d) glanced The book shop rang that the dictionary you ordered has arrived. a) to say b) to tell c) for saying d) for telling If he hadn't drunk so much, he sick. a) didn't feel b) wouldn't feel c) hadn't felt d) hasn't felt Maria has two sisters, but she doesn't speak to of them. a) both b) any c) either d) neither Hubert is an uncle of a) Kim b) Kims c) Kim's d) Kims' We discussed the house plans our way to the shops. a) by b) on c) in d) to George goes to by car. a) a work b) the work c) an work d) work








Have you found a job ? a) soon b) still c) longer d) yet My boots are dirty. I'd better take them before I come in. a) off b) away c) on d) up What did the man say ? a) at you b) to you c) for you d) you anything



268 Do you think I should move to Ireland? You shouldn't do you think it's the right thing to do. a) When b) Unless c) in case d) if 269 We can finish the rest of the eggs for . a) a breakfast b) the breakfast c) breakfast d) a breakfasts If she doesn't my sight at once, I'll scream! a) go out from b) go off c) get away from d) get out of Last week we .... to Warsaw. a) go b) went c) goes d) none I .. the film we saw at the cinema on Wednesday. a) doesn't like b) haven't liked c) didn't like




d) none 273 Magda .... in England for her holiday last year. a) was b) were c) is d) none My mother .... never been to a cricket match. a) hadnt b) haven't c) has d) none Joanna .... her new mobile phone. a) is losing b) loses c) has lost d) none ...... ever seen a comet? a) Did you b) Have you c) Do you d) none If I were rich, I .... buy a huge farm in Somerset. a) will b) shall c) would






They .... pass their exam if they studied hard. a) would b) will c) did d) none I wish I .... play a musical instrument. a) can b) could c) should d) none When Gregory arrived at the disco, Hania ..... .



a) b) c) d) 281

already left has already left had already left none

If I ..... on holiday to Poland, I wouldn't have met Donata. a) didn't go b) haven't gone c) hadn't gone d) none By the time you get this letter I ...... a) will have left b) am going to leave c) would leave d) none


283 What are you doing tonight? B: I'm not sure, I .... to the cinema. a) will go b) would go c) might go d) none 284 Simon forgot .... the lights before he left. a) turn off b) turning off c) to turn off d) none It's no use ...... to him. He doesn't listen. a) to speak b) spoke c) speaking d) none Karla was offered the job ...... having poor qualifications. a) despite b) although c) even though d) none The offer was too good for David to turn ... a) off b) down c) away d) none Eric's father ordered him .... out late again.





a) b) c) d) 289

not to stay not say not staying none

If only I .... to the barbecue instead of staying at home. a) went b) had gone c) did gone d) none

SECTION I A. Listen to these short extracts and answer the questions that follow. Choose a, b, c or d. You will hear each extract twice.

290. Where are Claire's black shoes? a. Under the bed. b. On the bookcase. c. Behind the curtain. d. None 291. What did the woman buy? a. A shirt. b. A sweater. c. A jacket. d. None 292. What is Noah doing? a. He's swimming. b. He's talking on the phone. c. He's windsurfing. d. None 293. Where are the people? a. At home. b. In a restaurant. c. At the supermarket. d. None 294. What doesn't the vacation include? a. A hotel near the beach. b. Two meals a day at a hotel. c. Sightseeing tours.

d. None 295. What doesn't Judith want to do again? a. Go camping by a lake. b. Go hiking in the mountains. c. Stay in a hotel by the sea. d. None

296. What has Gary done? a. He's lost his passport. b. He's put his passport in his bag. c. He's brought the wrong passport. d. None 297. What does the girl find interesting about the new cell phone? a. That it fits inside your ear. b. The way you use it. c. That it looks like a watch. d. None 298. Where are the people? a. At home. b. In a car. c. In the middle of a lake. d. None

299. What sport is the man talking about? a. Tennis. b. Baseball. c. Table tennis. d. None

Listen to ten short extracts and answer the questions that follow. Choose a, b, c or d. You will hear each extract twice. 300. When will Mike let Colin know if he's coming to the party or not? a. On Sunday. b. On Thursday. c. On Friday. d. None 301. What surprised Sheila during her trip to Cairo? a. How cheap everything was. b. How big the pyramids were. c. How good Egyptian clothes were. d. None

302. What is the relationship between the man and the woman? a. Husband and wife. b. Customer and waitress. c. Colleagues. d. None

303. What happened to the Warrens' house? a. An earthquake destroyed it. b. An airplane crashed into it. c. A tornado hit it. d. None

304. What did Tim do at the train station this morning? a. He took part in a movie. b. He took part in a survey. c. He took part in a competition. d. None

305. Why did Cheryl buy her costume? a. To appear in a play. b. To go to a party. c. To appear in a movie. d. None

306. Why is Ethan late? a. Because he overslept. b. Because the taxi driver got lost. c. Because he had to wait a long time for the bus. d. None 307. Where is Jack Pritchard? a. At a TV studio. b. At a hotel. c. At a coffee shop. d. None 308. Why does Craig want to get some aspirins? a. His wife has a headache. b. He is going on a trip in a few days. c. He is worried about his new job. d. None

309. What does the woman say about the movie? a. It has won a lot of awards. b. It should have had more information about Sophie's marriage. c. It was quite disappointing. d. None SECTION II : LISTENING F

You hill hear conversations and answer some questions about them. For each conversation, first read the situation and the question or questions. Then listen to the conversation. Answer the questions after you hear the conversation. Respond to the questions by marking the correct answer ( a, b,c or d ) : Situation 1 : Ann and Tomas are at a coffee shop. Theyre talking when Yoshi comes in.

310.- ___________ are meeting for the first time.

a.- Ann and Tomas b.- Ann and Yoshi c.- Yoshi and Tomas d.- Ann, Tomas and Yoshi

Situation 2 :

Ken and Nancy are at a restaurant.


Ken ___________ .

a.- is having steak tonight b.- stopped eating steak c.- eats steak a lot d.- prefers chicken to steak

Situation 3 : telephone.

Joe calls Ramons home. Ramons mother answers the

312.- Joe __________. a.- talks with Ramon b.- leaves a message for Ramon c.- will see Ramon in class d.- will call Ramon at school Situation 4 : A reporter is giving todays weather forecast. 313.- Its hot and dry in __________. a.- Colorado b.- Florida c.- Miami d.- Boston 314.- In Miami, it will be __________.

a.- clear b.- rainy c.- dry d.- cold

Situation 5:

Bill invites Jennifer to go to dinner and a movie.

315.- Theyre going to ___________. a.- leave work a little early b.- go to the movie before dinner c.- see the movie tomorrow d.- have dinner at 7:00


Jennifer doesnt accept right away because she cant

a.- eat a late lunch b.- leave work early c.- go to dinner d.- see the movie

Situation 6 : Jerry and Sue are talking about their plans for the summer vacation. 317.- Sues family usually ___________. a.- stays home b.- goes to the beach c.- visits friends d.- takes a trip

318.- This year Sue is thinking about ___________.

a.- going fishing with her dad b.- visiting her mother c.- learning how to sail d.- taking a trip with friends Situation 7 : Melanie is talking to George about her laptop computer.

319.- Melanie is angry because ____________. a.- she cant use her computer b.- her friends dont have a computer c.- Carol doesnt want to return the computer d.- George wont lend her his computer

320 .- Carol __________. a.- lent her computer to a friend b.- broke Melanies computer c.- borrowed a computer from George d.- just bought her own computer

321.- George doesnt usually lend things because ____________. a.- he doesnt have that much to lend b.- his friends dont need to borrow anything c.- lending things can change a friendship d.- its better to borrow from a bank

Situation 8 :

Natalie and Chuck are talking about their experiences abroad.

322.- Chuck went backpacking __________. a.- in Brazil b.- by himself c.- after high school d.- with his father

323.- Chuck says he would have liked to have seen Portugal. He means that he ___________. a.- went there, and he liked it b.- didnt go there, but he wanted to c.- went there, but he didnt liked it d.- didnt go there and he didnt want to

324.- While Natalie was in Japan, she ____________. a.- traveled all over the country b.- lived with a Japanese family c.- learned Japanese quickly d.- got very homesick

325.- Chuck doesnt want to ___________. a.- travel anymore b.- learn a foreign language c.- stay at home d.- live abroad

Situation 9 : Ben and Margaret are talking about their jobs.

326.- Margaret started working in fashion design __________. a.- when she opened her own store b.- at a small design company c.- with one of her teachers d.- before she finished her studies

327.- When Margaret was younger, she didnt know that __________. a.- design school was so expensive b.- her dreams could never come true c.- it took so long to become successful d.- she wanted to make beautiful clothes

328.- Ben wanted to become a ___________. a.- doctor b.- lawyer c.- writer d.- reporter

329.- Ben likes ____________. a.- being a reporter b.- taking classes c.- writing novels d.- teaching literatura



You will hear conversations and answer some questions about them. For each conversation, first read the situation and the question or questions. Then listen to the conversation. Answer the questions after you hear the conversation. Respond to the questions by marking the correct answer (a, b, c, or d)

Situation 1.-

Tony and Alex are talking when Meriko comes in. Are meeting for the first time. c.d.Alex and Meriko Tony, alex, and Meriko

331.- ____________ . a.b.Tony and Alex Tony and Meriko

Situation 2.-

Rick and Sharon are at a restaurant.

332.- Sharon ____________ . a.b.usually eats fish is eating the chicken going to have fish prefers fish to chicken

Situation 3.telephone.

Karen calls Jasons home. Jasons father answers the

333.- Karen is going to _____________ .


speak with Jason at work call back in an hour


wait for Jason to call send a written message

Situation 4.-

A reporter is giving todays weather forecast.

334.- It will rain today in _____________ . a.b.California the Northwest c.d.New York most of the country

335.- Todays weather in New York will be _____________ . a.b.typical sunny c.d.cloudy warm

Situation 5.-

Dom calls Phil about playing golf.

336.- They are going to _____________ . a.b.have lunch together play golf next week c.d.go to a business meeting meet early in the morning

337.- Phil cant play golf tomorrow afternoon because he _____________ . meeting someone for lunch is getting ready for a meeting


has a meeting until 4:00 needs to leave a meeting early

Situation 6.-

Linda is asking Jim about his plans for the summer.

338.- In the summer, Jim usually _____________ . a.b.stays in the mountains takes trips with his family c.d.visits his parents goes to the beach

339.- This summer hes planning to _____________ . a.b.stay at home go to the beach with his dad hike in the mountains

Situation 7.-

Peggy is talking to Tom about her car.

340.- Peggy is upset because _____________ . a.c.b.d.she cant use her car Karla doesnt like her car her parents wont help her Tom doesnt understand her

341.- Karla _____________ . a.borrowed her parents car c.will fix Peggys car


has her own car


is buying a new car

342.- Peggy doesnt lend money to friends because _____________ . can change the relationship she doesnt have much to lend her friends have plenty of money her parents wont let her

Situation 8.-

Henry and Gloria are talking about their trips abroad.

343.- Henry went to Mexico _____________ . himself with his parents c.d.after school to visit a friend

344.- When Henry says that he "would have liked to have seen Brazil," he means that he _____________ . a.c.b.d.went there, and he liked it wanted to go there, but he couldnt went there, but he didnt like it didnt want to go there, so he didnt

345.- Gloria went to Poland because _____________ . a.b.she wanted to learn the language she traveled there with a friend c.d.her family moved there her sister invited her

346.- Dottie _____________ . a.b.wanted to go home learned Polish quickly a job in Poland loved new things

Situation 9.-

Diane and Conrad are talking about their careers.

347.- Conrad got into advertising because he _______________ a.b.studied advertising in college heard about a job opening c.d.liked to help people was tired of his old job

348.- When he was young, Conrad wanted to _____________ . in advertising become a doctor c.d.stay in school go into business

349.- Dianes parents didnt want her to _____________ . a.b.start her own business finish college too successful change her career

350.- Conrad _____________ . a.b.owns his own company enjoys working in advertising c.d.thinks his job is boring wants to leave his job