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Read some online newspapers and use diigo to create notes and highlight evidence of prejudice in the current/recent

news media. List characters from Mockingbird and the ways they experience prejudice.

Use wallwisher to collect pictures and explanation how they relate to prejudice.

Use Fotobabble to create an audiovisual description of prejudice in one/both of your texts. Explain the narrators motivation at two or more stages in the text. Compare this to another characters. Use images and quotations to show similarities between Mockingbird and any other text with similar language and . Re-write a section of the text in another characters perspective and create an audiochapter using audacity.

List words of affirmation and rejection. Display in a poster that addresses why prejudice harms the victim and the perpetrator. Create a VENN diagram and show similarities and differences of mockingbird and another text. Is To Kill a Mockingbird an appropriate/affect ive title? Imagine you are the author and give a speech justifying why you want this title/selling it to your publisher. Transform the time and setting of the texts (e.g. cowboys and Indians, ancient Rome etc.) and rewrite a scene.

Write a speech against prejudice (choose your own audience and context) and record it using audacity.

Create a concept map on the theme prejudice and note all the texts you have/can see it in (dont forget songs, poems, news etc.) Listen to Maya Angelou reciting her famous poem Still I Rise. What character does it most remind you of? Explain in a formal genre. Write a newspaper article on one or more of the events that occur in the text. Consider the changes you make according to its genre. A lot of texts about prejudice are considered through the eyes of a child. Why would authors make this choice? Write

List the elements of language and style that are relevant to Mockingbird and another text. Highlight any similarities. Timeline the events of Mockingbird and map tension/conflict on a graph.

Summarise what occurs in the final 2 chapters of the text in paragraphs.

Organise the timeline of Mockingbird into most to least significant in terms of conflict.

an expository speech on it. Interview a character from one of the texts studied this unit and record it with a partner. Watch a scene from the movie and evaluate how it compares with the same chapter/section of the book. Be sure to mention the differences created through the different genres. Draw a concept map on all the characters from one text you have read and explore their traits and characteristics. Respond: What if Atticus didnt stand up for his convictions? Write an extra chapter where the main character in the text meets a character from another text (staying true to their characterization). Listen to Mark Fennels podcast. List the audio, verbal and linguistic qualities that make his podcast easy to listen to and enjoyable. Do you think that prejudice is ever excusable? Write both sides of a debate on the topic.

Compare two podcasts and construct a VENN diagram showing similarities and differences. And explain why one is better than the other.

Transform one your novels into any other genre. E.g. poem, song, cartoon, essay etc.

Make your own activity that adequately displays your knowledge of prejudice, Mockingbird, other texts and podcasts as a digital medium.