Case 5:10-cv-00140-C Document 56 Filed 05/02/12 Page 1 of 3


DOUG FRIESEN, Plaintiff, v. CHARLES N. ERB, Jr., Defendant.

Case No. CIV 10-140-C

JACOB L. ROWE’S MOTION TO WITHDRAW AS ATTORNEY OF RECORD FOR PLAINTIFF DOUG FRIESEN COMES NOW Jacob L. Rowe, attorney of record for Doug Friesen and moves this Court for an order withdrawing his appearance as counsel of record for Plaintiff, Doug Friesen and presents to the Court the following: 1. Jacob L. Rowe (“Rowe”) entered his appearance for Plaintiff at the onset of this action. 2. Circumstances have arisen which prevent Rowe’s effective representation of Plaintiff in this matter. 3. This matter is currently scheduled for trial on this Court’s trial docket for September 10, 2012. 4. Plaintiff has been apprised of and is aware of all deadlines within this Court’s Order (Dkt. 52) filed on March 8, 2012. 5. Plaintiff recently received deposition notices for his deposition as well as Mack Martin’s deposition and the same have been scheduled for May 17 th and 18th, respectively.


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Rowe hereby certifies that he has personally apprised Plaintiff of this request to withdraw and Plaintiff does not object to the same.


Rowe has discussed this matter with opposing counsel Joseph Wells who has neither consented, nor objected to Rowe’s withdrawal, but who has indicated he will file a response to the same.

8. 9.

To Rowe’s knowledge, no successor counsel has been named. Plaintiff is prepared to enter an appearance pro se immediately upon the date of any order withdrawing Rowe from this case.

10. 10.

Plaintiff does not request that this matter be continued. This motion has been hand delivered to Plaintiff. Respectfully submitted,

/S/ JACOB L. ROWE ____________________________________ Jacob L. Rowe, OBA No. 21797 Jacob L. Rowe, P.C. 1309 N. Shartel Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73103 Phone - 405-239-2722 Fax - 405-235-2453 Attorney for Plaintiff JURY TRIAL DEMANDED ATTORNEY'S LIEN CLAIMED


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CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that on May 2, 2012 I electronically transmitted the above document to the Clerk of Court using the ECF System for filing for service upon the Joseph L. Wells 3955 N.W. 23rd Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107 Attorney for Defendant /S/ JACOB L. ROWE ____________________________________ Jacob L. Rowe


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