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Famous Robots
I had a lot of fun this afternoon taking on the “Where’s Wall-E” challenge. There’s this cartoon which was shared by George Takei which is filled with different representations of well known robots from different science fiction shows. Some are popular, some contemporary, while others are a little more obscure. I don’t know if you have to be a fan of science fiction to recognize a lot of the robots, because many of them have become ingrained into our culture. Probably the hardest robots to identify for me were the reboots (like the robot from the “Lost in Space” movie) or the ones that look similar to another robot. This cartoon received a lot of attention. If Facebook users weren’t naming the robots they found, they were either responding to other users’ questions or asking why a certain robot wasn’t included in the cartoon. Yes, as hard as it can be to believe, there are more fictional robots out there.

How many robots in this drawing can you identify either by name or based on the movie or television show they were in? Answer here

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