Unit 02: UI Config Tool Lesson: Tile Layout

At the conclusion of this exercise, you will be able to: • Get technical information of a component on the CRM Web Client UI • Configure the necessary customizing to use Tile Layout for Overview Pages • Create an own Tile Layout for Overview Pages As a prerequisite for this exercise the creation of an own Business Role and an own Role Configuration Key is necessary. If not already done please follow steps A to D. Instead of using the standard Overview Pages with in Page Layout with all Assignment Blocks among each other in CRM 7.0 there is the possibility to create own Overview Pages in a Tile Layout. In the Tile Layout you can define the layout and position of the different Assignment Blocks .


Create your own business Role A-1 Call transaction PFCG or go to SAP menu path Architecture and Technology -> System Administration -> User Maintenance -> Role Administration -> Roles and copy profile SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL to Z@##_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL. Execute Transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE or go to IMG path CRM -> Business Roles -> Define Business Role Copy business role SALESPRO to Z@##SALESPRO incl. all related objects and assign your created PFCG role.

A-2 A-3


Assign your created business role to organizational model B-1 B-2 B-3 B-4 Call transaction PPOMA_CRM or go to IMG path CRM -> Business Roles -> Define Organizational Model Create a new Organizational Unit or use an existing one. Create a new position Z@##_SLSPRO and save your changes.

Assign your created business role to the new position

Save your entries. . Note down all information about the component and the Overview page which is used. On the popup select ‘Holder’ . Create a new Key D-2 Assign this key to your own Business Role in Business Role Customizing. Create own Role Configuration Key D-1 Go To Role Config Key Configuration. Enter your in 1-1 found component and press Display. 1-2 Define the Overview Page for Tile Layout 1-2-1 Go to the customizing “Register Overview Pages for Tile Layout” Transaction: SPRO  SAP Reference IMG  CRM  UI Framework  UI Framework Definition  Register Overview Pages for Tile Layout Click on new entries and add the in 1-1 found UI component as a new entry.Mark your position and select in the main menu Go To -> Detail object -> Enhanced object description On tab ‘Active’ select ‘Business Role’ and create a new infotype. C Assign your user to the organizational model C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 D Go back to the organizational model or follow steps A1 – A-2 again. 1-2-2 1-2-3 1-3 Configure the new Overview Page in Tile Layout 1-3-1 1-3-2 Go to the Component Workbench with transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB. Put the cursor into the description field and press F2. The relevant Overview Page is displayed automatically after you press enter. Enter your created business role Z@##SALESPRO and save. On the search help select tab ‘User by address data’ and search for your own user Save your settings and relaunch the WebClient UI (call transaction CRM_UI). 1 Tile Layout exercise 1-1 Get technical field information 1-1-1 1-1-2 1-1-3 1-1-3 Log on the CRM Web Client UI with your assigned role Click on Task in the Direct Link Group to create a new task. Mark your position Z@##_SLSPRO and assign your user to this position. IMG path CRM  UI Framework  Technical Role Definition  Define Role Configuration Key.

Select a new Tile Layout and press choose. Click on the Configuration tab Create a copy of the default UI configuration with your own Role Configuration Key.1-3-3 1-3-4 1-3-5 1-3-6 1-3-7 1-3-8 1-3-9 Expand the views tree and select the Overview Page found in 1-1. . Now select the single Tiles and assign the blocks from the Available Assignment blocks view. Save your settings Test your newly created Overview Page in the CRM WebClient. Within the view toolbar the button “Switch to Tile Layout” should be available (If not please check the customizing of step 1-2).