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1. Which one of the following is not / are not typically part of a multimedia specification ? a. Text b. Odors c. Sound d.

Video e. Pictures 2. Which of the following is not a stage of multimedia production ? a. testing b. planning and costing c. designing and producing d. marketing e. delivering 3. Which of these is not likely to be the responsibility of a project manager ? a. Managing the overall development and implementation of a project b. Overseeing budgets, schedules, creative sessions, and team dynamics c. Acting as the “glue” that holds the project together d. Understanding the strengths and limitation of hardware and software e. Developing extensions to the authoring system 4. Which of these is not likely to be the responsibility of a multimedia designer ? a. Creating interfaces b. Creating budgets and timelines for the project c. Ensuring the visual consistency of the project d. Structuring content e. Selecting media types for content 5. Multimedia writers are typically involved in writing all of the following except : a. Proposals b. Script voice‐overs c. Actors’ narrations d. Authoring‐language scripts e. Text screens to deliver messages 6. A family of graphic characters that usually includes many type sizes and styles is called a : a. Typefaces b. Font c. Point d. Link e. Node 7. Multimedia becomes interactive multimedia when : a. The user has some control over what information is viewed and when it is viewed b. The information is displayed by a computer with a touchscreen or other input device c. The information is available on the Web‐ either the internet or a local area network d. Quizzes and tests with evaluations and scoring are included e. The user can change such attributes as volume and type size 8. Which of these statements regarding the MIDI audio format is not true ? a. The sound can easily be changed by changing instruments

Encapsulated PostScript c. RGB b. 2 b. Buffer b. Sampling b. Quantizing e. Streaming 10. zooming. Synthesizing c. Circles c. fades. Lines b.216 13. 16 c. Boxes 14. Each individual measurement of a sound that is stored as digital information is called a : a. Vector b. is called : a. Which image file type is best for photographs ? a. Vector‐drawn objects are used for all of the following excepts : a. Panning.536 e. The process recording a sound. and tilting b. Stream c. Sizing d. Byte 11. zooms. Sample d. 16. CMYK e. stored in the form of thousands of individual measurements. Sounds can be stretched and timing changed with no distortion of the quality 9. Photographs e. Polygons d. Bitmap d. each at a discrete point in time. and dissolves . Capture e. Spoken audio can easily be included c. Sound tracks can be created using sequencing software d. Laser 12. Files are generally smaller than the same digital audio sound e. Wipes.772. A 16‐bit image is capable of representing how many different colors ? a. Shockwave e. HSB c. 65.b. GIF d. CIE 15. Most authoring packages include visual effects such as : a. Which of the following is not a color specification format ? a. 256 d.

The term “cell” derives from : a. Which of the following is not a television signal format ? a. Digital paper 17. Multi‐Phase Element Grid c. SECAM e. The clear sheets that were used for drawing each frame of animation have been replaced today by : a. The fact that the inks used in early animations were based on extracts from celery plans c. The clear celluloid sheets that were used for drawing each frame 19. The standard frame rate of a computer animations is : a. 30 frames per second e. 15 frames per second c. Tweening e. Meta‐Program Environment Graph d. Epoxy resin e. MPEG stands for : a. Morphing d. Fiberglass d. PAL d. The fact that the first animations were the work of communist dissidents who were organized into cells e. 24 frames per second d. HDTV 20. Acetate or plastic b. Inverse kinematics 16. Micro‐Phase Electronic Guidance . MPEG b. Multiformat Processed‐Event Graphics b. NTSC c. 10 frames per second b. An abbreviation of the phrase “composite element” d. The concept of each action in a sequence being a separate element or “cell” b. it depends on the file’s settings 18. Titanium c. There is no standard. Moving Picture Expert Group e.c.