Canada and Third World-Final Copy

“In the long run the overwhelming threat to Canada…will come stead from the two thirds of the people of the world who are falling farther and farther behind in their search for a decent standard of living.” former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once said. Canada feels the need and the responsibility to help third world nations. Helping them can portray Canada as a mature, responsible and generous nation. It gives these countries the chance to get to know more about Canada and therefore develop closer ties to Canada. Moreover, aiding former French colonies shows the government’s commitment to French heritage. Canada is benefiting from its action of aiding the Third World.

The question rises for why Canada helps the Third World. After WWII, many former colonies of European empires became independent. After hundreds of years of colonization, these countries’ resources had been exploited and they had lost their ability to stand independently as nations. Poverty came right after their independence. When technology and other media means connect the world closer and closer together, it has become almost impossible for Canada or any other nation to stay alone and unaffected. Refugees from Third World may rush into countries like Canada; and epidemics, originated from substandard living conditions, may eventually spread around the whole world. These refugees and diseases are direct threats to Canada. Canada has aided the Third World, both for humanitarian reasons and to protect Canada’s own

0. it was increased to 0. CIDA spent $2. Canada is important trading partners with countries in South Africa.interests. . machinery and vehicles while Canada’s main imports from South Africa include iron. Also. Canada’s main exports to South Africa include sulphur. aiding Third World benefits Canada’s own economy. the process in which the Third World became engaged with the industrialized countries in negotiations over changes to the international economic system. Aiding the Third World also marks Canada’s participation in international forums. which is very important in the long term. their gratitude grows into closer ties with Canada. By 1995. and it was later transformed into Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). In 1985-1986. Strong and friendly relationship with the Third World benefits Canada. but also stand with international recognition. Valuable connections are also built upon Canada and third world nations.6% of gross domestic product was given as aid and by 2000. Nowadays. Canada was a strong supporter of the North-South dialogue. such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade. As Canada gives help to these countries. External Aid Office was established. In the long run.7%.2 billion in aid to more than 50 countries worldwide. the participation in aiding third world nations also gives Canada a chance to not only stand independently. steel and edible fruits. Just like Canada’s participation in both World Wars. Helping the Third World gains international attention and respect for Canada.

Strong relationship between Canada and third world countries benefits Canada politically and economically. commitment to French heritage is shown through helping former French colonies. The benevolent and generous action of aiding the Third World definitely pays Canada back in ways that we have already known and also ways that we will discover in the years coming. In 1960-1968. However. Canada has chosen to aid third world nations to create a better life for more people and to protect its own interests. during Trudeau’s years. .000.Canadian Universities Service Overseas is a program that has sent over ten thousand skilled Canadians to third world countries. Canadian government is showing its respect toward the French heritage and also its commitment to the French culture. they received $80 million. Canada included former French colonies and became the biggest donor of aid to French speaking African nations next to France. International recognition is gained and the image of a mature nation ready to take responsibility is built. most Canadian aid went to English speaking third world countries. In a world where every nation is linked to one another. Before 1970s. French speaking nations of Africa received only $300. but in 1973. They include university graduates. they further contribute to Canada’s image of concern toward the Third World. mining experts and tradespeople. These people not only gain practical experiences in their fields in third world nations. Moreover.

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