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Ethics Pariwara Indonesia (EPI)

Said SPONTANEOUS Foreword from the Chairman of the Task Force Completion TKTCPI

The quantity and quality of the effort was no longer able to spell, when the formulation of this advertisement ethics began to be read. Incarnate then surely the praises to the presence of the Lord of the Universe, as big and hard work, now almost completed. Almost? Yes. The long journey back mix of advertising ethics this country has not reached the finish line. He does not will never get there, senyampang advertising remains a human endeavor in the work and effort. Which almost reached the kebersetujuan all parties that this advertising ethics can be understood and then became an integral part of behavioral advertising practices and Indonesia. Thank God, I hope the resources and efforts to remain attached to the perpetrators of the advertising industry itself. Certainly it should not matter if it's so complicated mathematics to calculate the power and the efforts made in improving the ethics of this. One thing, because ethics will never be perfect. Another thing, because the process is long, wide and almost patterned. Therefore, since the initial brainstorming was never stopped even though the clock is often gone back to the same numbers, but the new date. Continues, reams of terms of reference of foreign countries argue with home recording experience.Then, the script after script, from the philosophical to the practical meaning of knitted to have a speech and a way to organize our ad in the barrel indonesiawi. Indeed, this is not only time consuming, but it's hard to contain the amount of a schedule or agenda. However, ukara and feel of our advertising is very dependent on the men and women own advertisement. Ethics is just like the outline of the arena, limiting movement of the players who diwasiti by the players themselves. In fact sometimes encountered, the linesman was not present when the ball is rolling advertisement. Therefore, it is essential that ethics go hand in hand with the rhythm of the game from the owners and distributors of the message, including from the tumult of the audience. Advertisement that contains a set of ethical values and behavior patterns of advertising morality is even more significance for those who are in the market. Are not they quite often have to squeeze up to pay for various products that happen to have advertised on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, or billboards. Yet they understand that the advertising message is not a command to go to a store cashier, but the art and trade strategies to choose from. The next step for the formulation of ethics of this advertisement is now the remaining two. The first step in the form of appreciation, and secondly, the ratification. Appreciation is a collective step of advertising agencies and practitioners on the meaning and power. This step is followed by providing input sedapatnya enlightened, so that it becomes richer, contain, and Digdaya. Ratification would be a step was confirmed by the advertising industry which is supported by the media, service providers, and manufacturers. In order for the supporters who are also trustees agreed that the advertising marketing communication ethical society will be able to deliver to market a more just and wise. Therefore, it would be wonderful and wise if the representatives of the advertising community to sit together, bertukarpikiran, and agree on the Like ratifying assemblies. Concurrent with the second step, the public would be engaged to examine, whether the advertisement is indonesiawi ethics has been matched with the level of our daily lives together. They can be academics associated with advertising, target market or consumers, even the media can also be just the audience who happened to receive exposure to advertising messages. That's why we have to believe early on the need for too many initiatives to promote this ethic. Mainly that he obtained the actual forging, not only in the realm of its own industry, but also in public, where it must be nurtured and raised.

Processes that determine precisely located on the finalization of the agenda. Estuary is here. Closing point in the last sentence would be a sign that the advertisement ethics Indonesia is worthy of being part of advertising life in this country. Perhaps there is no ribbon scissors, no need to also beat the gong, because ethics is only going to touch the conscience, not a mere naked senses. And if the ideal formulation of ethics that we agree on this truth has been integrated into Indonesia daily practices of advertising, then we all deserve to say: "that really ads, only ads that are true." Proper expression of love to everyone who has con Rembug with time, ideas and thoughts. Than just put a punctuation mark for the script when the script was formulated, to the taking strategic steps for indonesiawi ethical meaning. For our own, just as well that deserve thanks we received. That's it.

Jakarta, July 1, 2005

Patih , Wadyabala concurrently; Ari R. Maricar (PRSSNI - National Association of Private Broadcasting Radio Indonesia) Wadyabala: Baty Subakti (Advertising Agency for PPPI) Christian Tooy (SPS - U.S. newspaper publisher) Dewi Fadjar (ATVSI - Association of Indonesian Private TV) Hery Margono (PPPI - Association of Indonesian Advertising Company) Nuke Mayasaphira (AMLI - Association of Foreign-TVC Media Indonesia) RTS Masli (DPI - Advertising Council of Indonesia)