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Baraha 2000a

INSTALLATION: Baraha 2000a is distributed as a self extracting executable file named brh2000a.exe. This file when executed will extract the files and installs the Baraha 2000a program. After the installation, run Baraha.exe which is the Baraha 2000a program. Baraha 2000a installs all the fonts for all the languages it supports automatically when you execute the program. This saves you from manually installing the fonts from the control panel. If you wish to give copies of Baraha to your friends/relatives, simply copy the brh2000a.exe file. Please read "Quick Start Using Baraha" in the Baraha help for a quick start using Baraha. Please read "What's New in Baraha 2000a" topic in the Baraha Help for the latest features of Baraha 2000a. Note:
The kannada fonts that come with Baraha 2000a are fully compatible with Baraha 2000/Baraha 2.0. But some of the glyphs have been improved in the new version. We suggest that you remove your earlier versions of Baraha software(including the fonts) and use the latest Baraha 2000a software/fonts. To uninstall Baraha, follow these steps: 1)Close Baraha program and also any other programs using Baraha fonts. 2)Find out the directory where Baraha is installed. For example: C:\Program Files\Baraha 2000 3)Check if the above directory contains your doument (.brh, .kan) files. If yes, please copy them to a safe place. 4)Delete the Baraha 2000 folder. 5)This completes un-installation. If you face problems installing Baraha, please re-start your computer and re-install Baraha.

Baraha 2000a works only on Win32 operating systems such as Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows 2000/Windows NT.

Help: Baraha has built-in help window and also external Windows help file. Click Transliteration | Scripts | (kannada/devanagari) | Transliteration Rule menu command to access the help on transliteration rules. Click Transliteration | Scripts | (kannada/devanagari) | Examples menu command for some examples on transliteration. Click Transliteration | Using Switches menu command for help on using switches for selective formatting in Baraha. Click Help | Help Topics menu command for help on various topics regarding using Baraha software. This will open the external Windows help file where you can get important

tips for doing the following tasks. Sending emails in Kannada. Working with other Windows applications such as MS Word. Printing in Kannada. Publishing HTML pages in Kannada e.t.c. Sample Baraha Documents: Baraha software comes with some sample Baraha documents. You can open them in Baraha to understand writing kannada/devanagari words using english characters. Note: Due to the Operating Systems constraints, the maximum size of the baraha document (.BRH) file is as follows.

On Windows95/Windows98: Between 30KB-60KB depending on other running applications. On Windows NT/Windows 2000: 4GB.

If you plan to create huge Baraha documents containing hundreds of pages, use Baraha 2000a on Windows NT or Windows 2000 machine. However, if you are editing kannada in other word processors using Baraha Direct then the maximum size of the kannada document is equal to the maximum size that the software supports. Copyright:
Baraha is copyrighted and distributed as a freeware for use in documentation/reporting activity, in Govt. and non-Govt. organisations, for jouranlistic/literary activities such as magazines, newspapers and other publications and for other non-profit activities. For any other commercial use, permission must be obtained from the address shown below. Baraha can be copied and distributed to others, as long as no fee is charged for that purpose.

The Baraha software is provided on an "AS IS" basis, without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Baraha software is borne by you. Should the Baraha software prove defective, you and not the owner assume the entire cost of any service and repair.

Send your problems/comments/suggestions regarding Baraha to the following address. Sheshadrivasu Chandrasekharan