@braingarbage With abusive, slandering, stalking, ignorant & misinformed "friends" like u, Mr #Assange doesn't need any enemies! #StopHating @braingarbage Stunning arrogance & ignorance. If u think #WikiLeaks is "dedicated to so much injustice and cruelty" then DON'T SUPPORT IT!!! @braingarbage You are ignorant+misinformed. The only person attacking anyone is YOU. Stop slandering #Assange & stop abusing his supporters! @gerge42 @braingarbage I've never seen "WL attacks on women". If there were "WL attacks on women", this'd be irrelevant to an ESPIONAGE case @braingarbage #Assange never commented on the women. YOU conflate Assange w/ people even remotely connected to him & then attack Assange! @braingarbage SHOW ME WHERE "WIKILEAKS PEOPLE" ATTACKED WOMEN! @braingarbage Your #Assange spamming implies that women are weak/inferior & need to be shielded from criticism. This is morally repugnant! @braingarbage Show me examples of "misogyny". You fundamentally misunderstand people & then attack them using straw man arguments. @braingarbage You slander/attack Mr #Assange & stalk/harass/abuse his supporters 24/7, then claim you are concerned about him?! Puh-leeze! @braingarbage Show me where I "abused" you. Show me where #WikiLeaks engaged in "nazi & antifeminist rants". The abusive slanderer is YOU!!! @braingarbage Show me where I "attacked humans based on gender". How do you even know what my gender is?! Your arrogance is staggering! @braingarbage Your rants are more garbage than brain. Why don't YOU stop attacking #Assange? Why don't YOU stop attacking his supporters? @braingarbage That you can't distinguish gender equality/abusive radical ideology or legal defence/"attacking accusers" speaks volumes. published may 9th. mary rose lenore eng i was attacked by melbourne ninja for decrying the sexism of rixstep, marcello ferrada de noli, sweden versus assange, israel shamir, et al.

naturally it is concerning the low level of personal attack women get in the wikileaks scene for standing up for women's rights and rape shield law. melbourneninja is obviously very rude and misinformed, but like other high and mighty wikileaksers, thinks he's doing christ's work by harassing me. this is republished so the public can understand how degraded the wikileaks scenesters are, and how their attempts to shut down independent thought seem contrary the transparency watchword. other wikileaks supporters who have asked for braingarbage to be censored include: bronwyn macconville, for reporting on her anti-semitic psychic monika of @justice4assange debra sheehan brita sundberg marcello ferrada de noli other cyberharassers include: treisiroon gerge42 it is impressive how easily duped the wikileaksers are by the dogmatic anti-sweden anti-feminist narrative. many of them tweet it all day long. what is concerning more, is the out and out savaging of the women who made the complaint by wikileaks supporters and lawyers. mark stephens tweeted me to say that he never called the accusers "trolls" but then again noli has called me a "troll" for rebutting his pro-honor killing pro-shariah cover up feminist conspiracy narrative, which wikileaks linked to, let's hope, while drunk. otherwise the implications for blaming dead islamic women for your trouble in sweden are such a huge exponential expansion of rape shield violation as to make israel shamir's simple misogyny against the women who made the complaint, plain, before the expanding conspiracy which now includes all women's rights activists and also even dead women versus assange. the cry for help of it, is beyond braingarbage. no one is listening. sweden versus assange will not remove their hateful spoof of gender equity, and now they class bradley manning under the misnomer "gay" when "trans" might be more fair and accurate, irritating the GLBT community with a cruel and dismissive "enough about gay marriage." this certain snarky tone the @wikileaks twitter gets sometimes, i often think is

another actor---another personality. who would be stupid enough to pen a tweet so callous and rude???????? dismissing the entire human rights campaign. my only solace is that no one cares anymore. wikileaks has doomed itself to irrelevance through its antifeminism, crudity, and insensitivity to workplace sexual harassment at the bare minimum of their press secretary, or the larger issues of rape shield law. attacking women based on their gender or based on their work for domestic violence shelters in assange's defense website is a form of gender discrimination which makes the digital workplace a hostile atmosphere. the wikileaks community tries to enforce a dogmatic version of this feminist conspiracy story through cyberbullying and google bombing. they attack anyone with independent thought, or additional information. especially when a cry for dignity and fairness, merits more cyber-abuse. the inclusion of a neo-nazi in assange's defense website at the recommendation of rixstep, a menacing misogynist upon whom assange has built his paper thin case is cause for alarm. rixstep (rick downes) theatens lawsuits upon other wikileaks supporters, and calls people hostile names and uses disgustingly vulgar terms on his twitter. groan rudling kindly pointed out the rixstep-recommended nazi on the defense website, yet has had his letters from mark stephens shopped to rixstep for defamation pieces calling goran rudling 'bipolar.' goran has told of fake opinion he was asked to sign by FSI and how bjorn hurting thought it a bad idea. brita sundberg also. she has also admitted to not being a rape law scholar re changes in consent law. the op she signed had direct chunks written in england. it was a collaborative creative work not based in law, but based in prejudice against women's equality in sweden, which i have alleged to be malpractice. perhaps rixstep has influenced assange, as i have seen a new callous crude style in the penning of the @wikileaks tweets since february. so repulsive it has become, now i understand more a post context for the larry flynt porn cash, the homophobia of pilger, the sexist jokes from zizek, the swedish conspiracy theory. drunken tweets since june 2011. it's beyond my helping. i am just documenting what i can see. it's a mess, for sure. and i'm tired of looking at: i am completely alienated: too educated for the sexist low culture ambiance of the wikileaks scene. although grateful i was for the war logs, the war footage, the cables, now it seems their bad manners have over-run their cognitive marketplace. violations of the

civil rights act and slander of women and gay rights activists, is the last thing we need in the self canonized anti-war movement. if being anti-war means more male dominated sexist heteronormative bullying and harassing, it's time for a new way forward.

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