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Who are They? Akasha and Asun are Ascended Beings, Universal Chohans from the Great Central Sun of our Universe, who have come to our world along with other Ascended Beings to assist humankind usher in The Seventh Golden Age upon the Earth. As Ascended Masters, They are part of a Divine Plan that unfolds in 2012 and beyond, preparations of which have been ongoing for some 70,000 years. Their Dispensation to the Earth


and all Humanity are the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love, Will, and Grace. Presently the abide within the Higher Dimensions or Octaves of our Planet and Solar System with others of the Ascended and Angelic Host. They are here to assist us in our awakening and resurrection back into our true Glorious Spiritual Nature and to live the Higher Christ Consciousness as Creator Beings. They are providing the current Ascended Master Instruction or Teachings that were once available only in the Ancient Himalayan Mystery Schools. These Teachings include the vital knowledge of all the Activities of the Sacred Fire that one can use for their freedom and resurrection. They have come to assist us in our 'Journey of Becoming' our True God Self as we existed long ago when we first came to the Earth. They are part of Divine Plan to bring 4 of the Great Flames of the Sacred Fire to the Earth to awaken and raise all humankind and the Earth into the Christ Consciousness.

Beloved Akasha and Asun and The Ascended Host We certainly have discovered a lot about the Ascended and Angelic Host, the Great Cosmic Beings, and of the greater Dimensions of our own Planet Earth and our Solar System, through the Ascended Master Teachings. At one time referred to as the 'Lost Knowledge' or 'Knowledge of the Tree of Life', until the last century, these Teachings were only available to Initiates or Seekers who were guided and admitted into the Ancient Himalayan Mystery School, the very place that Jesus Christ Emanuel studied in the missing years of His Life. It was the Ascended Master Saint Germain, who was Jesus father Joseph in previous embodiment, who opened the way for 'The Lost Knowledge' to be available to all who seek a greater understanding of life, self, evolution, universal truths, and more. The Ascended Masters have returned to us the knowledge of our Higher Selves, whom They refer to as our Beloved I AM Presence. The Ascended Host have chosen several Messengers to speak through and teach, offering wonderful paths and enlightenment that guide us back to right relationship with our

with our true Self and how to live an empowering. Discourses. Messenger #2. Love and Gifts. Saint Germain was the first to begin teaching of The 'I AM Presence' and the Sacred Fire. As the Great Cosmic Angel Deva of the Violet Flame. Now Jesus Christ offers us His Golden Heart Flame to assist the illumination of our human consciousness back into our Christ Consciousness. especially the Violet Flame. In 1994. began his training as an Accredited Messenger of the Ascended Host and his progress is a testimonial to the Mighty I AM Presence and the Teachings of the Ascended Host Excerpts of Akasha and Asun's Discourses. fulfilling. In 2008. It was during this time that Akasha revealed They were continuing his training he had received in Past Life Activity. Jayde.Akasha-Asun Creator. 3 . the Great Master Presence of Mother/Father God Source opened the way for our Sacred Journey back to our true God Nature by providing the Great Light Aspect of our Divinity. For 16 years Usa has been transmitting the Continuing Studies of the Ascended Master Teachings. and for 9 years of Spiritual study and Guidance. Messenger #1 of the Radiant Rose Academy. and engaging life while honoring and evolving our spiritual nature. They prepared Usa to be the first of Their Accredited Messengers. Akasha and Asun began Their Public Transmissions and opened the way for others of the Ascended Host to transmit Their loving Messages. and from other Ascended Masters are available for your study and enjoyment in 'The Ascended Masters Section' or 'The Library' where we have archived excerpts of discourses from previous years Akasha is one of 4 Great Flames to the Earth As Jesus Christ Emanuel came to the Earth as the Golden Flame of all Christ Illumination. Next came the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain who in the last century opened the way for the Ascended Master Knowledge previously available only in the ancient Mystery Schools. to be released to the people of Earth when He made His appearance in America. In 1985 the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun made contact with Usa.

the Mother's Presence. Healing. Akasha and Asun bring forth a nurturing. and Grace. The Transmissions that come forth from Beloved Akasha and Asun and the Ascended Masters through Usa and Excalibur are messages for life in the new millennium and are leading many to fully embody a state of Divine Grace and Higher Consciousness. 4 . Divine Mind. And finally.. Archangel Michael and Saint Germain are providing the Cosmic Blue and Violet Flames for Purification. empowering us to know and trust the Master Presence that dwells within each person. The discourses. the love. in 1985.Akasha-Asun Next in the 1940's came the Great Archangel Michael with His Great Cosmic Christ Blue Flame and Rays to begin the purification process of our Earth and all Her Kingdoms. did Akasha come and begin Her preparations to usher in Her Rose Pink Flames of Divine. Divine Heart and Soul. tens of thousands of people have experienced a whole new freedom in their lives. King Melchior and Queen Alicia (who today is the Goddess of Light) were Asunes Father and Mother.. Love Will. Love. Light. Akasha€s first embodiment was in Delphi. With the healing assistance. Beloved Jesus and Beloved Akasha are providing the Spiritual Polar Aspects of Life and the Sacred Fire: the Golden Flame. wisdom and presence of Akasha and Asun. Transmutation and more. Their presence is truly supportive in our lives. Forgiveness. This work will intensify and expand once more of Humanity uses their own free will that purity is what all truly desire. Her Physical Garment was formed by the House of Melchizedek and was not created on the Earth. the Presence of the two Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun invoke the lost wisdom and love of a Higher Consciousness and lead us to that place within ourselves where our own answers are found. and the Rose Pink Flame. tangible radiance of Divine Love and Light that envelops everyone at Their events as well as being felt in the Live recordings of Their messages.

using the major or many minor dispensations currently upon this Earth — — you are at a critical phase of completing your awakening. Will and Grace and as the Divine Will of the infinite I AM Presence. Akasha’s message: “My message to all the people around the world who are awakening at this time in various spiritual studies and groups. Her authority extends over all other Flames that come from the Great Central Sun. the Heart and Soul of the Divine Mother’s Presence from the Great Central Sun. This force fills all inter-stellar space in the Universe out of which every object. What stands before you in the little time left towards 2012 and the years afterwards.” 5 . is the greatest opportunity since the 2nd Golden Age and that is to actually BECOME that which you have awakened to. Mighty Victory. Quan Yin and Lady Nada. including Beloved Mother Mary.Akasha-Asun Akasha is – the ROSE PINK RAY to the Earth! – is The Divine Mother’s Presence Akasha for all ages and in all civilizations has been a sacred word representing the tremendous magnetic force of the Mother’s Presence. Akasha comes from the Great Central Sun and comes to us in different Divine Roles and Expressions. planet and sun is formed in a state of Universal perfection. the Mighty I AM Presence walking freely upon the earth. She is a Manu. the Sacred White Fire Flame itself. There are numerous Ascended Master Ladies of the Spiritual Hierarchy holding the Mother’s Presence of the Rose Pink Flames. However the overall authority is Mother Akasha. as She IS the Rose Pink Ray. Silent Watcher/Avatar (alongside Maitreya. Akasha is the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love. Surya and Cyclopea) and also one of the 144 Eloha’s from the heart of Creation. your great Cosmic Self.

2012 a planetary shift will unfold and Akasha and the Angelic and Ascended Host seek to assist everyone to be ready for this. will also unfold upon this planet. opening the way for awakened human beings to express and live their full Christ consciousness upon the Earth again. will begin to guide in one of the most amazing GOLDEN AGES that has ever been upon this earth.Akasha-Asun Human kind has become so disconnected from their true source causing lives of such suffering. distress and limitation. Angelic. the Physical Sun. This is a time when many of the prophesies of the Ascended Jesus Christ Emmanuel. White Fire and Cosmic Blue Flames and more. The Ancient Lost Knowledge offers fundamental spiritual practices for humanity. 2012 represents the coming to a completion of the limited human consciousness of man. This includes the Violet Consuming. this will instruct them of the secret chambers and generators hidden deep within the human heart and of the Great Sound. offering people the opportunity to raise themselves up and out of a limited state of being. 2012 is a focus point whereby many human beings awakening to their true nature. that the Ascended. 6 . Between May 26th and December 21st. 2012. In May 26th. Rose Pink. The most critical information for humanity at this time is the Knowledge of the Sacred Fire. and one’s own Higher Self . Galaxy and the Great Central Sun.The I AM Presence. into the original Divine Christ Consciousness/The Mighty I AM Presence. the great Cosmic activities of this System of Worlds. will be fulfilled and the advancement of all activities of life. allowing the Light and higher intelligence of our Spiritual Nature to express more through our Earthly Embodiment. Light and Love Rays. When one awakens and ones own heart guides them to a source of higher knowledge. The Sacred Fire begins to cleanse all fear and discord that has ever registered in our being and world. will work with the elements of Planet Earth and the consciousness of humanity. can produce in one’s life.

Akasha-Asun At this time there are three great Dispensations upon the earth. may flow through your heart into your life. offering purification. I AM Akasha and I Love you. 1. that now comes from Mother Akasha. Illumination and Enlightenment. so that the Love of the Mother’s Presence that has long been denied on this planet. transmutation and transformation and comes from the Heart Flame of our own Mighty I AM Presence. Will and Grace. The Violet Ray. brought through Saint Germain. Seek that your mind be illumined by the Love and Light of your heart. offering Light. that dwells within and above us. that your heart be fully opened. 3. The Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination brought through the Ascended Jesus Christ Emmanuel some two thousand years ago.” 7 . Akasha’s closing words: “Be determined that you will not be counted amongst those on the Earth whose hearts have closed. 2. The Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love. Seek to be amongst those who continue to live from their heart and pray deeply for Angelic intervention.

eyes and hands becomes the means They pour Their Love and Radiance to all who are willing to receive. discover Their current events. Service and Ascension . Originally this Knowledge was only offered in Ancient and Hidden Mystery Schools on the Earth. and if you find resonance you can subscribe to Their current various Events and Classes or purchase in the Online Store the vast teachings of Akasha and Asun that are available in various recording formats. The Messengers voice becomes the means to carry Their Message out to the world and Their Heart. 8 . Their various Classes. They access the Messengers through the Higher Christ Mind of each one. Their Messages carry the Loving and Healing Presence of the Ascended and Angelic Host. Illumination. as we practice and apply all that They are offering. abundance and spiritual and personal empowerment and fulfillment in all aspects of our lives. health. Weekend Gatherings and Conclaves offer Their wonderful Teachings and as we make Their Messages and Teachings part of our life.Akasha-Asun Their Loving Presence Akasha & Asun offer us Their Higher Knowledge of The Magic Presence 'I AM' that dwells within and above each person. peace. Enjoy walking through this website. Resurrection. the Lost Knowledge of the Tree of Life and the Ascended Master Teachings and much more. They reveal The Natural Laws of Manifestation. You will find posted on the Library Area of the website excerpts of Their Life Changing Messages. They come to gently remind us of the Higher Purpose of embodiment on Earth and the Mastering of thoughts and feelings and how to achieve Spiritual Fulfillment. we begin to experience greater happiness. As Akasha & Asun speak to us through Their Messengers Usa and Excalibur. Their Messages are also published in various books here as well.

awakening and expanding the full creativity and passion of all that we are and dare to dream into active expression and manifestation in our daily lives. how to access passion and express it creatively in our goals and Field of Dreams. the Path of Resurrection. We hope you come to enjoy the Presence and Messages of Akasha and Asun in your life. They show us how to make contact with the Godsource of our lives on Earth and how to express the unlimitedness of our being in all that we desire to experience and manifest in our worlds. 9 . They reveal to us how to communicate with our Essential Self 'I AM'. and The Door to Everything. Akasha and Asun show us how to communicate with Angels and Ascended Beings of Light who are waiting to assist us in fulfilling the Divine Plan of our lives. by which we access genius and excellence into our daily lives and Service. They help us to find our uniqueness and live a life of excellence. Teachings and Spiritual Tools they offer into our use. Akasha and Asun reveal the nature of the Soul. and how to bring forth all the Love and Perfection of our Healed Minds and Hearts into our daily experiences. opens the way for us to advance our awakening and to enter into the Great Path of Becoming. God bless you. Their Guided Meditations. They show us how to effectively call forth the great protection and healing presence of the Angelic Host through Prayer Calls and Decrees. happiness and health.Akasha-Asun Akasha and Asun offer powerful life changing meditations. Their messages reveal a heroic being within each of us and how we can begin to live the most extraordinary lives.

They call our Higher Self "The Beloved I AM Presence".that each of has a Higher Self. Divine Plan and Higher Purpose expressing in our daily lives... that lives in Higher Realms of Light and Perfection. Akasha shows us how to make contact with and enter into a loving relationship with our Higher Intelligence and how to open the way for all It's Love and Perfection. They say this is the real Guardian Angel that some have been gifted to see standing above the Human Form.Akasha-Asun Beloved Mighty I AM Presence – God Presence in and above you The Teachings of Akasha and Asun Akasha and Asun are offering us a gentle remembrance. 10 .

Love. what it is like to live in right use of will and how to attain it. Asun helps each of us to live the knowledge that Akasha offers us. Creative Visualization and about the Incoming Golden Age that is intended to lift Humanity into much greater Light. Awareness and Purpose. Reincarnation. The Fountain of Youth and the Nature of the Soul. Knowledge of The Ascended Masters and how they can help you. The Reality of Angels. The Holy Spirit. Secrets of Manifestation. offering us powerful Meditation techniques that allow each of us to experience the Love of our Heart and Soul instead of living with a concept of God. 11 . Creating Abundance. The Ascension. Achieving lasting peace of mind. Akasha reminds us of the true power and blessings of Meditation. As our Beloved Akasha is charming and loving and yet serious in the knowledge She provides us. Your Life Path. Some of the benefits and knowledge we can receive and experience through Akasha and Asun's events include: The Power of Choice & Desire. Akasha and Asun offer secrets to Personal harmony. The True Miracle of Healing. They speak of the power of becoming Sovereign.Akasha-Asun Akasha & Asun show us how to call forth the Love and Perfection of our Higher Self and that this is the Aspect of our Self that Sacred Scripture refers to when it says that man is made in the Image and Likeness of God Source. Your Higher Self. They offer means of gaining your health back. She speaks of the Master Jesus as an Ascended Master and the great Gift He gave humanity and of the existence of other Ascended Beings who too are ministering to Humanity and Earth at this time. Mastering our thoughts and feelings. Healing Modalities Regaining lost will. This ultimately gives us our freedom from limitation. Asun comes to us with great humor and has a real sense and compassion of the challenges we face in our daily lives. a crowning moment of enlightenment and the achievement of the ultimate goal of Human Life. They show us how to make contact with the Angels and the Ascended Host to draw forth their Light and Loving assistance into our lives. Personal Empowerment. guides us to live a more meaningful life and prepares us for a life well lived. Power of Attention.

Creating your own reality. They suggest the God found in many religions is a very limited understanding of Godsource. Power of The spoken word. The Cosmic Light and The Miracle Presence of a Sacred Flame within our Hearts and how to access and use It in our lives. that the God of our Universe is a Heavenly Father and Mother Presence who are absolutely Loving Beings of Absolute Perfection and Mercy and not ones that casts judgment upon Humanity. They speak of Sacred Alchemy. The Healing Presence. benefits and blessings that is available to us through the Knowledge They offer.Akasha-Asun The Meaning of Ascension. It is the application in our personal lives of the Knowledge that we discover that proves the vast changes. This is just the a sample of the Knowledge Akasha and Asun offer us. Cosmic Beings of Light. Ancient Wisdom and how to attain True Power in our daily lives. 12 . They offer us ways and means to experience our spiritual nature rather than to live by a concept of God.

This Instruction was formally taught only in the Ancient Mystery Schools to Initiates on the Spiritual Path. Purpose and Light. harmony. Many important events have taken place and continue to take place influencing the course of Humanity into an upward spiral of greater peace. Through His Chosen Messengers Lotus and Godfre Ray King. Saint Germain. as Master Jesus came to us as the Lord of the Golden Love Ray of Illumination. Saint Germain gave the world the Lost Knowledge of the Great Light Brotherhood known as the Ascended Master Teachings. resurrection. We are entering an Age of Miracles. 13 .Akasha-Asun We are Entering The Seventh Golden Age on Earth A Major Shift took place November 22. In the 1930's. revealed and proved himself to many as one of the Great Ascended Masters who had come to prepare Humanity. an Ascended Master named Saint Germain made contact with several Spiritually minded individuals in America. America and the world for a great Spiritual Awakening and that which would be the fulfillment of the Master Jesus Ministry Saint Germain came to the world as the Living Embodiment of the Violet Ray of Purity and Transformation. the Father of Jesus. who in a previous life was Joseph. 2003 Beloved Akasha and Asun tell us that we have recently entered into the Earth's 7th Golden Age.

2004. which is the Ascension Birthday of Beloved Mary. and touched the Heart Center of millions of Human Beings who They knew were living constructive and God Loving Lives. The Resurrection Dispensation.only the Dispensation given by God and Jesus that created it. On that day we are told. and this center holds an invisible Sacred Golden Flame. 14 . the Archangel Gabriel.Akasha-Asun In the 1970 and 80's. Mother of Jesus. causing that Flame to expand into a Resurrection Flame that would empower us in the future to enter into our Full Christ Consciousness as Beloved Jesus did in his own Ministry. that is to be the fulfilling of Jesus Ministry. that the Dispensation that created the Christian Dispensation.. This meant also the beginning of a new Dispensation. This does not mean the end of Christianity. Usa. Beloved Akasha disclosed that on November 22. entered the Earth Plane with Legions of Angels. The Dispensation given Them by our Creator were The Rose Pink Flames of Divine Love.. Resurrection Day took place on Earth for Humanity while most Humans had no knowledge of it. In 1985 They made contact with Their First Messenger. It is this Flame that these 3 Ascended Masters touched. Throughout the 1900's many Spiritually Minded Individuals made contact with Angelic Beings and the Ascended Host and through these Individual's the Spiritual Host was able to bring great balance to the Earth and influence Humanity into an upward spiral that is moving the Human Race back into greater love and peace. awakening Humanity from a deep sleep of forgetfulness and limiting belief systems. and Grace. 2003. Will. came to a close. and Blessed Mary. many of the Ascended Host had been overlighting individuals on the Earth giving them protection and assistance that Humanity required to move past decades of war. As we now know from Akasha and the Ascended Host that there is indeed a Spiritual Center within each Human Being heart. Akasha informs us that on August 15. Beloved Master Jesus. By this time. Akasha and Asun were preparing for Their Contact with Humanity.

.perhaps the end of war and the destructive side of Human Life and the beginning of restoring Humanity onto the Golden Path.Akasha-Asun As our Beloved Akasha comes to us upon the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Will and Grace. and our Beloved Asun. This is why Their Presence at this time in our lives is so meaningful as each of Them offer us the means and ways we can create the conditions within ourselves that allow us to step into our full Christ Consciousness and Beingness in the years that are given us on Earth Welcome to this Seventh Golden Age. as Emmissary of the Christ comes to us upon the Golden Ray of Illumination. Love and Purpose that has as it's Glorious Victory. 15 . God bless you.not the end of the world... the Journey back to Life. They are here to assist each of us on the Path of Resurrection which is to assist each of us to step into our Christ Consciousness through application of the Lost Knowledge and Spiritual Practise.. the Ascension for everyone and the Earth Herself.

made contact with him. Greece. the Lady Ascended Master calling herself 'Akasha'. made contact with Usa (Messenger #1) through inner vision and as an audible voice that spoke with him during meditation.Akasha-Asun First Contact In 1985 a Great Ascended Being of Divine Love named Akasha. When Akasha first made contact with Usa. Eventually over many years. For nine years Akasha and Asun assisted him in his spiritual study. growth and 16 . She shared that She and Asun were Seraphim Angels. appeared visibly before Usa. We became aware that She was the Great Chohan Ascended Master of the Rose Pink Flames and Rays from the Great Central Sun. In 1988. They are Twin Flame Universal Chohan Ascended Beings who live in the Higher Octaves and Dimensions of our System of Worlds. In 1987. who lives in the Higher Realms and Dimensions of the Earth. others of the Great Ascended Host have suggested there is much more to our Beloved Akasha and Asun. Usa experienced an event that would forever change his life. did the awareness come that all Ascended Masters are also Angels however not all Angels are Ascended Masters. Usa did not yet have the awareness of the existence of Ascended Beings other than Jesus or Buddha. As his training and studies of the Ascended Master Teachings unfolded. another Ascended Master named Asun. back in 1985. Since discovering much more of who are Beloved Akasha and Asun are. Akasha disclosed much more of Her Dispensation. During a Spiritual Pilgramage in Delphi.

Having direct access with Akasha and Asun. For 16 years They have been transmitting Their Life Changing Messages and Presence. For six years Paul shared with everyone his inspiring celestial soul music and gave of his heart to let people know of the rich spiritual teachings of Akasha and Asun. Together they worked to anchor the Teachings. Akasha and Asun began training Their second Messenger whose name is Jayde. and prepared Him to become Their first Accredited Messenger. Jayde's awakening and preparation has been astonishing and remarkable and he is a living testimony to many Students of the Academy who have come to love and respect him so Asun. The Messages. Akasha and Usa 17 . which Usa had been in search of for several years. International Recording Artist and a channel for the Sacred Music of the Higher Spheres. Usa transmitting the wisdom and love of Akasha and Asun and Paul bringing forth the wonderful music of the Higher Spheres. In 1994 Usa and Paul began traveling throughout North America. During this time Usa met Paul Armitage.Akasha-Asun enlightenment. Today. The Radiant Rose Academy was formed to organize and make available the vast knowledge and Teachings of Akasha and Asun. In 2008. Paul continues to offer his wonderful soul stirring meditation music at the World Gatherings of Akasha and Asun that are called The Conclaves. and the Presence and Power of the Ascended Host.

Transmissions from the 18 . he began to experience dreams of flying. Usa's life and work as a Spiritual Guide. Asun developed Usa's ability to allow his consciousness to ‘step aside’ and open to the Love. Usa has been delivering the life changing messages.Akasha-Asun Their Messenger Usa In complete and total surrender Usa and Excalibur deliver the life changing messages. In 1985. He has been on his Spiritual Life path since the age of 14. His studies began with the Christian Church. Although Usa had been studying on his spiritual path since a teenager. Author and Sage is well documented. after years of study and devotion. Their message reveals the presence of a master teacher. Usa had already entered into the business world in his early twenties. Joel Goldsmith. Usa brings forth a unique expression of channeling. The Ascended Master Asun has been training Usa and Excalibur over 3 embodiments to become the Accredited Messengers of the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun and Their Dispensation to the Earth. then onto Eastern Religious Philosophies and then the ‘Infinite Way’ teachings of Dr. Usa's full biography is forth coming. something wonderful happened. All of that was about to change after his initial contact with Akasha. Apparently the Human Veils were fairly thin in His early years as His path began through his Dream State at an early age. a higher power and force They suggest is found within each of us. he began to experience his past life experiences in the dream state. At the age of eight. As a Spiritual Guide and Messenger for the Radiant Rose Academy. Light. and Wisdom coming through from Akasha and Asun. one of America's foremost Healers and Meta-physicians of the century. An Ascended Master named Akasha made contact with Usa. By the time He was twelve years of age. knowledge. presence and healing of the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun. and love of Akasha and Asun for over 16 years. a miracle consciousness. waiting to be realized and expressed. and others of the Ascended Host. the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love and Grace. Dreams that were pre-cognitive took place as well.

Usa came into this world with a strong love for things in the heavens but found little peace or fulfillment in the orthodox world of religion. Excalibur (Jayde Dunser) grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan. and move forward in life with a new feeling of ease. meaning and grace in our personal lives. he established The Radiant Rose Academy. His parents enrolled him in hockey at a very young age of 5 years old. and he went on to play in Junior Hockey after High School. In 1989 Usa created a number of public meditation groups and gatherings and in 1994 under the guidance of these two Beloved Masters of Light and his Beloved Higher Self I Am. What is the Regenesis Light Sphere™ TEMPLE OF LIGHT? 19 . They each deliver a profound healing presence that sensitizes each of us to awaken to truth. Their Messenger Excalibur The discourses Excalibur and Usa bring forth truly inspire many people from around the world in their ‘Passage to Enlightenment’. Canada. why we came to the Earth and how to get on with the Journey to our Freedom.Akasha-Asun Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun include life inspiring messages. His Transmissions of the Ascended Masters carry and deliver the Masters Presence and Messages with such purity and certainty. heal ourselves. an Earthly instrument for Beloved Akasha's Dispensation of Rose Pink Ray and Flames to the Earth. Excalibur's presence provides a living testimony to His Guided Meditations into the Garden of our Consciousness. in failing to achieve the God Experience in the world of religion that He turned to spirituality and metaphysics. He began an active communion with the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun between 1985 and 1988 as he began to receive their direct inner healing and guidance. It is for this reason. where deep transformation is possible. The enormous physical endurance that is required to play hockey well prepared his physical garment in transmitting the Ascended Master’s Presence and Frequencies of Light and Love. reminding us of who we are.

"Absolutely. and is over lighted by our Beloved Mother Akasha and Master Asun to assist you in your passages of Resurrection. 20 . emotional and physical bodies. This light and sound envelops your image as it is held in the crystalline structure at the heart center of the Regenesis Light Sphere™. The Regenesis Light Sphere™ is for the benefit of all who elect to have their image placed within its crystalline structure of Light.Akasha-Asun The Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple of Light is presented in collaboration with the Radiant Rose Academy. It is physically located within Saint Germain’s Ascended Master Retreat on a tree-lined hillside of majestic Mount Shasta in northern California. This environment is governed by Mother Akasha. The Regenesis Light Sphere™ is a sacred Temple of Light and Sound dedicated to Mother Akasha and Master Asun. Your I AM Presence acts as the conductor of this energy with the Ascended Masters and great Cosmic Beings as it accesses those areas of your mental. "Is the Regenesis Light Sphere™ a Resurrection Accelerator?" Her response was. How Does The Regenesis Light Sphere™ Work? Life is energy and that energy is also known as consciousness. A student asked Mother Akasha in a private audience." In private audience. It is here the greatest benefits can be obtained in support of your great path of Becoming and Resurrection. You are consciousness having a physical. yes. Master Asun has also shared with students the on-going blessings and resurrection process unfolding for each of them in the Regenesis Light Sphere™. The Regenesis Light Sphere™ is a very unique Temple of Light that interacts with your consciousness. Master Asun. mental and feeling experience. Guidance in the creation of this Temple has come from the Mighty I AM Presence and Akasha and Asun both of whom over-Light and direct the Light energy being generated within this Temple. and the Great Ones who access the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple and utilize the specialized light generations combined with specific harmonic tones. your I AM Presence.

"Next to the Cave of Light in India. Remember what Saint Germain taught all of you…when you are in touch with the image of a thing. when you have your image placed into the Regenesis Light Sphere™. your Light body. "Absolutely Yes". How can I obtain more information? You can obtain more information about the Regenesis Light Sphere™ and this Temple of Light by clicking on the Regenesis Light Sphere™ link below. So. He was asked. God bless you and God bless your Light! In a personal audience Mother Akasha was asked "Is the Regenesis Light Sphere™ a Resurrection Accelerator?" Mother Akasha's immediate response. the greatest I AM Super Grid (which is like a mighty broadcasting station) is located in North America within Mt. If you get the image of the students and use this great universal truth to allow this field. When you have an image of a person you are in touch with the essence of that person. you are in touch with the essence of a thing.Akasha-Asun What is the significance of Mount Shasta? Master Asun spoke into the significance of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ . and the energy portal of Mount Shasta. the great inner activity raises up from the inside of them. your consciousness. and all that is within. "Absolutely. 21 . and your core essence is connected in the Portal of Mount Shasta which is the second greatest I AM Super Grid on the Planet. Shasta. "Can a lot more be done for the students of the Academy if their image is held within the Regenesis Light Sphere™?" Asun confirmed. that great realization is pioneered into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ project. that universal truth. all its qualifications and charges is that which then through imagery gets in touch with the essence of the person." So." Asun continued. If you can get in touch with the core essence of an individual then the great inner work. and that is where the real benefit is. it all hinges on that truth. Whether it is a thing or a person. this Light Sphere.

The Regenesis Light Sphere™ facilitates the assistance of the Great Ascended and Angelic 22 . Also contained within this Temple are multiple occurrences of Flower of Life geometry specifically located to receive various light frequencies. Generators and Pillars of the Diamond Heart. Thus. This Temple is physically located on a tree-lined hillside of majestic Mount Shasta. In a personal audience with Mother Akasha she was asked "Is the Regenesis Light Sphere ™ a Resurrection Accelerator?" Akasha's immediate response was. How Does The Regenesis Light Sphere ™ Work? Specialized Light generators are utilized to create the environment for the 7 Rays of Creation to be drawn into the Regenesis Light Sphere's™ sacred geometric form within the Temple. Divine Intervention. Constantly changing fields of Light envelope the image of each person held in the crystalline structure at the heart center of the Regenesis Light Sphere™. Also infused into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ is the frequency of the Violet Ray. Akasha has indicated that She and Asun can.Akasha-Asun What is the Regenesis Light Sphere ™ ? The Regenesis Light Sphere™ is a sacred Temple of Light dedicated to Beloved Mother Akasha and Master Asun. Mother Akasha's desire is for you to hold the consciousness of the 9 active chambers of the Diamond Heart within your Being. built with the Intent to assist you in your Resurrection process. and a wide spectrum of crystal tones with specific assistance requested respectfully from Saint Germain and the Goddess of Music Melody. Akasha and Asun both over-Light and direct the Light energy being generated from within this Temple for the benefit of all who elect to have their image placed within Its crystalline structure of Light. "Absolutely Yes". and will. it is your unique image placed within the crystalline structure of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ that provides the Free Will for this continual. modulate the frequencies of the Light generated in the Regenesis Light Sphere™ to also anchor in the unique active frequencies of the 9 Chambers.

You directly receive all of these sacred Gifts in the Regenesis Light Sphere™ to assist in the fulfillment of your Akashic Record in the Divine Plan. in direct alignment with your Akashic Record and the Divine Plan. Gold Ray. Gratefully received is the assistance generously granted by the Seven Great Chohans (who are Seven Ascended Masters chosen to oversee the direction of these Great Rays of the Godhead throughout the Universe). Purity. Mother Mary. all 13 Goddesses who work with these Rays. Pink Ray. the Great Avatars of the Golden Robes out of the Great Central Sun. Cyclopea. administering to the feeling side of Life through individual life forms. Mighty Victory. all bestowing Their Blessings and Gifts.Akasha-Asun Hosts who have been asked to assist you. and Violet Ray. Orion. Indigo Ray. Who Assists With The Regenesis Light ™ Sphere? Mother Akasha and Master Asun. Cassiopeia. Emanuel. Crystal Ray. and ultimately your Resurrected Perfection on Earth! 23 . Emerald Green Ray. Peace and Arcturus from out the Great Central Sun are assisting with the infusion of Their Great Rays into the Regenesis Light Sphere™: the Blue White Ray. Jesus-the-Christ. and the Great Divine Director responsible for every Life on this planet and throughout this System of Worlds! A multitude of other Great Cosmic Beings. the Eloheim. the Seven Arch Angels and Their Legions of Angels assigned to assist the Divine Plan. individually and personally. Saint Germain. Great Cosmic Creator Beings: Hercules. Ascended and Angelic Hosts who have pledged Their Gifts include Lord Maitreya. Sanat Kumara and the Empress Goddess of Venus.

a plant form.. "I want you to know that if you wish to connect with one grain of sand in the Sahara Desert. It all hinges of that truth. "ABSOLUTELY! Remember what St. and the great magnetic lines of force are attracting life. Germain taught all of you. whatever has been qualified." Mother Akasha also offered the following information in private audience. Shasta is the portal to the entire powers of nature. "Can a lot more be done for the students of the Academy if their image is held within the Regenesis Light Sphere ™ ?" ASUN said. the great inner activity raises up from the inside of them and that is where the real benefit is." ASUN also stated..Mt. that great realization is pioneered into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ project. you are in touch with the essence of a thing — whether it is a thing or a person. So when you have an image of a person you are in touch with the essence of that person. all its qualifications and charges is that which then through imagery gets in touch with the essence of the person. Next to the Cave of Light in India..when you are in touch with the image of a thing... so that universal truth. which are like mighty broadcasting stations. that are throughout this Universe.. if you wish to connect with a flower in India...Akasha-Asun What Is The Significance Of Having Your Image In The Regenesis Light Sphere ™ on Mount Shasta? Master ASUN was asked in private audience given the significance of the energy portal in Mount Shasta. forces of the elements. an individual being. the structural inner platform of the Earth and Earth's 24 . Everest. if you wish to connect with one snow flake on Mt. If you get the image of the students and use this great universal truth to allow this field. so that the radiation and projections can be absorbed. "There are great I AM Super Grids. Shasta. the greatest I AM Super Grid in North America is within Mt. this Light Sphere and all that is within. If you can get in touch with the core essence of an individual then the great inner work. These are lines of force both electronic and magnetic in which the electronic lines of force are sending forth transmissions.

I AM That I AM. physically." As a result of the information provided by Mother Akasha. Each image holds the unique energy pattern of the person and since it is within the portal of Mt. your Light Body is there in the Portal of Mount Shasta the second greatest I AM Super Grid on the planet. gnomes. all things on this planet can be accessed. It may be a challenge for most people to get into the energy portal of the Cave of Light in India or the portal in the Royal Tetons. the elves. unicorns. etc. mentally. Shasta is the portal to the underworld of the elemental beings. however. your consciousness. Shasta. especially the four (4) elves assisting Mother Akasha's Dispensation to obtain the essence (morphogenic blueprint) of every plant/flower/herb on the planet that has properties that would purify and cleanse the blood and all the organs and cells of every person's body who's image is held within the Regenesis Light Sphere™. A specific call has been made on your behalf to Peter of Pan asking for his assistance and that of the elemental beings. Simply ask to receive all the benefits provided therein for your best and highest purpose and intent. It is a universal truth that where you place your attention. Know your image represents your I AM Essence! The Rays of the Seven Fold Flames with your image travels through the portal on the side of the mountain that provides the access into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple. the following action has been taken for all students who have their image held in the Regenesis Light Sphere™. Mt. mermaids. you can get into the portal here in Mount Shasta via the Regenesis Light Sphere™. dwarfs. emotionally and spiritually. Here you receive the 25 . So by your actions when you have your image placed into the Regenesis Light Sphere™. bathing all aspects of your Being. there you are in consciousness and in your Light Body. fairies. and it is so. Your image moves into the crystalline structure at the center of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ where a multitude of different colored Light Rays blend with the Beloved Seven Fold Flames of the Mighty Eloheim. As you enter inside the Temple you are greeted by the Sacred Geometry Christ codes and the Flower of Light blueprints that sustain the origin of all Life.Akasha-Asun atmosphere.

seven days a week. "Absolutely — the relationship is 100%. the impersonal I AM. located within the I AM Super Grid and Portal of Mount Shasta. A photo with only you in the field of view is important so your entire energetic signature is captured in the photo. by simply clicking on the "Subscribe" button below and then follow the instructions to send in your photo for placement into the center of this Temple where the crystalline structure will hold your image. the crystal kingdom and new energy systems. the individual I AM. Master Asun. Receive the blessings of Mother Akasha. AH HA's and epiphanies that's 26 . and as your image and Presence was projected into that. and not infused with the energetic field of another. a whole outpouring of love from the inner core of your being unfolded and that reveals the dynamics of the new states of consciousness of harmony. There is a real relationship unfolding with the Regenesis creations of unified states of consciousness.Akasha-Asun benefits of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ twenty-four hours a day. all the Great Ascended and Angelic Host and Great Cosmic Beings Who overLight the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple with Their Blessings and Gifts. Student Testimonials A student of the Academy asked ASUN in private audience about the Regenesis Light Sphere. Enjoy being bathed in the Light and Love of the Regenesis Light Sphere™. attended by the Great Ones. Please send in a full-front view (head to toe) picture of yourself. "When my image was placed into the Regenesis Light Sphere at approximately the same time I experienced a great outpouring of love and it continued for about 1-1/2 hours. God Bless You and God Bless Your Resurrection! How Do I Access The Regenesis Light Sphere ™ Temple? You can access the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple. Was there a relationship between these two events and what was the cause of this?" ASUN's response.

....Akasha-Asun going to unfold in living the new I AM paradigm...I remember so well because as if by magic..it feels like the Song of my Heart is singing out to the world. and then everything stopped and I was totally still.." ********* Another student of the Academy had the following experience... It was working on every level of my being.com 27 .akashaonline. "I distinctly remembered the exact moment that my image must have been loaded into the Regenesis Light Sphere because what would have been that exact time . So welcome more and more of it... mental and feeling side.. It was profound!" www..I found myself totally transfixed. It reminded me of the accelerator chair in the Royal Tetons described in the I AM Green Book..it feels like I am encapsulated in an impenetrable cocoon of the Great Sparkling Light & Love that it is.Oh my. even though I was with a friend of mine in a noisy downtown & the next moment found myself looking up at a nearby tree at the light casting its rays through the leaves & a gentle breeze.. yes totally stilled by a great silence that came upon me. physical.