Long term, Short term and Immediate Causes Long term a.

The harshness of the Treaty of Versailles (28th June, 1919) on Germany:
  

Land losses Reparations War Guilt

b. The failure of the League of the Nations to:
 

Keep peace Bring about disarmament

Short term a. Hitler’s aggression:
 

His aims His actions (see steps to war: 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9)

b. The aggression of the other powers:
  

Italy – Abyssinia (1935), Rome-Berlin Axis, Anti-Commintern Pact, Albania Japan – Manchuria (1931), Anti-Commintern Pact (November, 1937) (caused axis powers to be formed)- negative cohesion Russia – Nazi-Soviet Pact, Invasion of Poland

c. The democracies were too passive
  

USA – isolation France – would not do anything without Britain’s support Britain – sympathetic towards Germany, e.g. Anglo-German Naval Treaty (1935) and later appeased her (May/June 1937 – March 1939)

Immediate a. German invasion of Poland (1st September, 1939)

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