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Process management Product/service design process (1) Are your product/service specifications clear?

Yes, Nokia mobile give user guide manuall to the customer in which mobile specification are clear. Product specification in user guide include physical features, power and memory, communication and navigation, image and sound, software, accessories, support and related documents. (2) How do you seek employee input before you introduce new products/services or make product/service changes? Nokia company collect information from employee through questionnaire and conduct focus group before introduced new product. (3) Do you give clear, standardized work or process instructions to employees? Yes, nokia give work process instruction guide to employee. (4) Do you strive to interface all design, marketing, operations, and legal functions throughout each project? Yes, company strive to interface all design , marketing, opertions and legal functions each project.

Process control (1) Do you use statistical techniques to control processes? Statistical process control metheod are widely used in Nokia for high high volume production process may vary within statistical control limits without being out of control leading product to product variation between product parameters. (2) Do employees engage in self-inspection? Nokia self inspection conducted in an independent and detailed way and designed by the competent employee og the Nokia.

(3) Do you continually use internal or external audits to make sure that you deliver quality products and services, innovation and continuous improvement of processes? Nokia company only conducted internal audit to imporove the quality because internal audit is the part of internal control.

(4) Does your organizational culture encourage innovation in all aspects of your processes? Nokia human resources polices, organization structure, learning environment , culture, team focus and organization process encourage innovation process in all aspects of process. Nokia also design technology strategy for enabling the company growth. The company strive for an open technology approach that encourage and support innovation in the industry , enable fast adoptation of new technologies and advance healthy competition.

(5) Do you emphasize the continuous improvement of quality in all work processes?
Nokia commitment to quality improvement is a continuous management process. It is both a business strategy and a personal responsibility and it is a part of their culture and values.