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EDUCATION University Of Southern California M.S in Computer Science GPA 3.41 / 4.0 May 2012 University of Mumbai (Xavier Institute of Engineering) Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering Distinction , GPA 3.6 May 2010 Graduate Coursework - Computer Networks, Computer Communication, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security, Analysis of Algorithms, Database Systems, Web Technologies, Computer Graphics. SKILLS C , C++,JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Perl Scripting. Wireshark, Opnet, SQL, Oracle Products (Oracle 10g), JDBC, ODBC, XML, XQuery, Altova XMLSPY, Visual Studio UNIX, Windows WORK EXPERIENCE Student Grader University of Southern California Fall 11 Present Web Technologies ( Prof. Marco Papa) Student Technical Assistant University of Southern California Fall 11 Present Information Technology Services- Learning Environments (ITS-LE) Software Intern Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India August 09 April 10 Configured, developed and tested an intranet web application National Health and Safety Portal using JavaServlets, which is being scaled for implementation in all branches of TCS India. ACADEMIC PROJECTS Operating Systems: (Programming on NACHOS using C/C++) Thread Synchronization: The project dealt with completing the remaining part of the working thread system and to use it to solve several synchronization problems. System Calls and Multiprogramming: Implementation of Fork, Exec, Exit, Yield system calls and exception handling. Virtual memory: Dealt with use of caching. Developed a software-managed translation lookaside buffer (TLB) as a cache for page tables to provide the illusion of fast access to virtual page translation over a large address address space. Used memory as a cache for disk, to provide the abstraction of an (almost) unlimited virtual memory size, with performance close to that provided by physical memory. Distributed Systems Programming: created a distributed system for allowing user programs across multiple Nachos clients to participate in a single Simulation, without having to know where any other user program is executing and handled packet loss as well. Computer Communications: Peer-to-Peer File Sharing System : Implemented a program that simulates Freenet architecture . This system is referred to as the Servant and it is composed of a collection of nodes. Each node is part server and part client. A user can interact with the client side of a node via a command line interface in order to perform various tasks such as : store a file into the Servant, perform various types of searches, retrieve files based on the result of a search, delete a file from the Servant and destroy all (or most) copies of it. Artificial Intelligence: Implementation of Algorithms using C++ : Implemented Breadth first search (BFS), Depth first search (DFS), A star (A*) and Uniform cost search (UCS) to find the shortest path for the Maze problem. General Unifier(MGU) using C++ : Implemented MGU which unifies variable length expressions by creating an expression tree and evaluating it using the Unify algorithm Web Technologies: Windows phone 7 Application using C#: Architected an application which authorizes the user to Facebook and allows him to enter a zip code and post selected weather predictions scraped from using PERL to the users Facebook profile. The application was developed on Visual Studio for windows phone. Database Systems: Constructed a GUI using JAVA,Oracle 10g, Oracles Spatial Features which displays the coordinates when clicked at any place on the given map and graphically displays the answers of spatial queries.