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91F Premasvarupa (Form of Love)

Lord Krishna is very popular as an icon of love or prema. There are several instances
where people have shown their love for Krishna in different ways and the way in which
Krishna reciprocates is also different.

9 c T*
9 1


rgopa praayasulabha tvaccaritre hi da
gha prema svaktavacanai varan kartumhe |
puy vkm adhijigamiu ctako'ha ca ka
prempra navajaladharaymala devame ||1||

= lord of lakshmi and gopi
9 = easily accessible by love
c = in your life T* = is indeed seen 9 = deep love

= words written by me
= to describe = I wish
H = divine grace
= wishing to get
= I am like a cataka bird

* = Krishna 9 = filled with love

= dark like a new rain cloud
= lord = I worship

O Krishna, who is the consort of Shri (Lakshmi) is also the lord of the gopis (wives of
cowherds) because you are easily accessible by love, I wish to describe with my words
the deep love that is seen in your story. For this I seek your divine grace, like the cataka
bird and hence worship you Krishna who is filled with love and dark like a new rain-

Chataka is a mythical bird which always quenches its thirst only from raindrops that fall.
So it is always looking at the sky in search of a rain cloud. My plight is not so bad
because I am looking at you, Krishna who is dark like the rain cloud and hence always
filled with love

Krishna and Kaliyas wives

7q +
c 9 9 1c
T* c


klindym te viadharapatau nartana vkya ng
patyu pram sajalanayan prrthaymsatu tvm|
da sarvai uragapataye dattajvam ca ka
prempra navajaladharaymala devame ||2||

7q = In Yamuna
= on the snake king
= your dance
+ = upon seeing
= the snakes (kalingas wives)
= with tearful eyes
c 9 = their husbands life
9 = prayed
c = to you
T* = who was seen by everyone
c = who gave life
= to the snake king

In the river Yamuna when you danced on the head of kaliya, the snake king, his wives
prayed to with tears in their eyes. I pray to that Krishna, who was seen by everyone
giving life to that snake king, who is dark like a new rain cloud and full of love.

In bhagavata purana it is because of the entreaties of kaliya's wives that Krishna steps
down from the snake's head.

Krishna and Kuchela


c (q 7 1


* 9

smtv hdyn uitadivasn sannidhne gurostn
badhv caile pthukam anayat tvatsampe kucaila|
muerarthe vitatasakalarprasdam ca ka
prempra navajaladharaymala devame ||3||


c = remembering
(q = pleasing
= those days spent
7 = in the presence of guru
q = tying
= in a piece of cloth

= flattened rice
= brought
cc = to you

= kucela
* = for just one handful
9 = provided entire wealth

Kuchela, remembering the days spent with you in gurukula, ties some flattened rice in a
piece of cloth and brings it you. I praise that lord who gave entire material prosperity for
just one handful of dried rice.

Krishna took one fistful of that flattened rice and ate it, and then took another in hand. At
this Rukmini who was none other than Sri devi caught hold of his hand, preventing the
Lord from eating more of it. The Devi said, O lord! By what you have already eaten you
have conferred on him prosperity here and hereafter.

Such was Krishnas pleasure on seeing Kuchela that he forgot himself and wanted to eat
more of the rice. By eating more, Sri, the goddess of fortune would have had to serve at
the devotees home. To save herself from such a plight, she restrained Krishna from
eating more.

Krishna and Arjuna

1 @ 1*


yotsye nha mama gurujanai srdhameva bruvam
prtha bodhasphuritavacanai uddhadhra svaiyam|
tmrma samarabhuvi ta srathbhtaka
prempra navajaladharaymala devame ||4||

c1 I will not fight
with my gurus
thus spoke pArtha
1 with enlightening words
@ uplifted
1* his disciple
c one who revels in the Self
- on the battlefield

* that krishna who became a charioteer

With enlightening words, you uplifted the spirits of your disciple Arjuna who said, I will
not fight with my preceptors. I bow to that Krishna who revels in the Self, yet, became
charioteer for Arjuna on the battlefield.

Krishna and Akrura

1+ cc
c |TH
1 1 c

svmydea hananaparamapyharat tvatsampe
so'payat tvm uragaayana kdgakrrabhgyam|
hetustatra sphaikavimala mnasa payasi tva
prempra navajaladharaymala devame ||5||

1+ lords order
although it was to kill
cc to you
he saw
c you
lying on a serpent bed
|T H What a fortune for Akrura
1 the reason there is
c you see
1 crystal clear and pure heart

Knowing very well that Kamsas orders were meant to bring your death, Akrura brought
them to you. Despite this, how fortunate was Akrura to have seen you as Vishnu under
the river! The reason there is that you see only the pure heart which is clear as a crystal. I
bow to that lord who is filled with love and dark like a new rain cloud.

Krishna and Gopis

4 T* 1
+ 9 T


bhakti dv anupamitarasa nrado vismito'bht
ki v vakye viralavacanai gopikprema tdk|
tbhi srdha gahanayamuntrakuje ramantam
prempra navajaladharaymala devame ||6||

4 T* seeing their devotion
incomparable essence
1 Sage Narada was surprised
+ what can I say
with insufficient words
9 T such is the love of gopis
with them

in the deep groves on the banks of yamuna

7 one who sports

Seeing their incomparable bhakti, when even Sage Narada was amazed, what can I say of
the gopis love for Krishna. I bow to that Krishna who plays with the gopis in the banks
of Yamuna.

In 4, Sage Narada shows the gopis as example for the highest form of bhakti
who forget themselves being completely immersed in Krishna.

Krishna and Yashoda

1 T* c

1 c7

c c 9 1

sye dv nikhilajagat y tvay saprv
ki sva putra sakalajagata deva ityanvabht s|
ktv thtka tridaapariada prrthaymsa yasmai
prempra navajaladharaymala devame ||7||

1 in the mouth
T* after seeing
the entire

* which was created earlier by you

7 did she realize/experience
1 her son
to be the lord of the worlds

c c she did thu thu

9 and prayed
to devas
1 for him

When Krishna ate mud, Yashoda asked him to open his mouth and show. The moment
she saw the worlds inside his mouth, did she realize that her son was the lord of the
universe? She immediately took some mud in her hand, circled it over his head and spit
on the mud. (this is a practice followed to ward off the evil eye) I bow to that Krishna for
whom Yashoda prayed to the devas.

Krishna and Radha

7c 7
1 7 11
1+ ~ 1

vm devyo sakalabhuvane te bhavantyo bhavantu
asmka tanniravadhikasukhasyspada vchita yat|
rdhe rdhe iti nigadite stambhatuly sthita ta
prempra navajaladharaymala devame ||8||

beautiful ladies
in the entire world
7c have become yours
7 Let them be!
1 our desire is
711 to have that recipient of limitless bliss
the mere mention of the word RADHA
1+~ like a pillar
1 who stands

There are many beautiful ladies of yours, let them be! My desire is that person who is the
recipient of your love which is the ultimate bliss equal to brahmAnanda. I bow to that
Krishna who stands frozen like a pillar upon the mere mention of the word RADHA.