Curfew in Orissa due to christian conversion Terrorism


Christian Missionaries again created disturbance by attacking a Dalit tribal saint of Kandhamal dist of Orissa in the line of Godhra. Fake secular media blackouts the starting point the attack on the Hindu saint by Christian mob. Christian controlled media publishes bias news and views to spread wild fire to burn the unity of India. There is no publication of photo and news of the attack on saint in so called secular media of India and Europe.

Fake secular leaders and Indian media should not play in the hands of Anti-India lobby abroad. Omit bloody definition of secularism.They should learn some lesson from Godhra. They should initiate move for making peace in the developing state Orissa. Should Orissa be punished because of BJD-BJP rule there?

Pope and Bush are behind the Ram affidavit submitted to the Supreme court by Sonia Gandhi saying that there was no Ram in India. This was done to propagate Christianity in India. Christians in India has become anti nationals and criminals and every Indian should think why during our first war of Independence struggle of 1857 every christian

was killed in the north India. This was because the christians in India were spies and agents of the British. Today the christians in India are antinationals and spies of the West. The Italian christian, Sonia Gandhi alias Antonia Maino is a child prostitute planted in front of Rajiv Gandhi by the Christian Church and Western spy agencies.
Pope wants peace to encourage conversion?

The Pope Benedict on the day of Christmas Eve denounced terrorism and violence that victimised children and women. And he made another appeal for environmental protection, saying natural disasters were often caused by environmental upheaval.

Why do respectable honorable Popes not appeal ever for stopping forceful conversion inspired by Vatican City-ism which is going on all over world since centuries? Religious heads made Conversion terrorism through Christian missionaries is more dangerous than man made natural disaster of global warming.

Is there any Al Gore or Pachauri for global warming of conversion?

Al Gore and Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for warning on global warming. Is there any warning to global warming of conversion in the name of religious freedom? Why is not noble peace prize for discouraging conversion? ‘This should not be because only Christian and Islamists want to convert others. Hindu and Buddhist have no interest in converting to others.

Gore got award for his documentary ‘An inconvenient truth’. Is forceful conversion in the name of religious freedom not an inconvenient truth? Who can dare to present award for stopping the sin of encouraging conversion in fraudulent ways? Who attacked Dalit Tribal Hindu saint on Christmas Eve? So called secular media funded by International Christian Missionaries publishes that Hindus fundamentalists attack Churches. They still follow the Godhra line. Missionary mob injured Dalit and Tribal Saint Swami Laxmananda Saraswati in Orissa on Christmas Eve. There is a 99% blackout of this sin of Christian Missionaries sponsored mob.