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CLASSES     Introduction Local Class & Global Class Which class to be used in real time: Local or Global? Drawbacks of Procedural Program

GLOBAL AND LOCAL CLASSES • • • • • • • • • • Creating Classes Attributes and Methods Instance components and static components Attributes Methods Using static Components Editor mode of the class Builder Data types as components of classes Difference between static & Instance Methods Difference between Static & Instance Attributes

OBJECTS AND OBJECT REFERENCE • • • • • • Creating and Referencing objects The self-Reference “me” Assigning References Multiple instantiation Object creation in a factory method Garbage Collection
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09030098866.8790898802 Page 2 Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Contact: 040-64608866.CONSTRUCTOR • • • • Instance constructor Static constructor Sequence of constructors execution Difference between static & instance constructor LOCAL DECLARATIONS OF A CLASS POOL • • • • Local types in class pools Local classes in class pools Refactoring Assistance Conversion of Local Class into Global Class EXCEPTIONS             Exceptions Introduction Function module exception handling Non-Class based Exception with flow diagram Non class based exception without message Non class based exception with message & message class Class based Exceptions Different Exception Class Types Local & Global Exception Classes Propagating Exceptions Defining Exception Texts Mapping Exception Texts To Message IDs Clean up in class based exceptions with inner and outer Try block INHERITANCE:     Inheritance Introduction Designing the inheritance Interface Visibility of Instance Components in subclasses Visibility of class components in subclass Email: bandis.

8790898802 .com Page 3 Contact: 040-64608866.  Redefinition in Local and Global Classes Instance & Static Constructors In Inheritance INTERFACE • • • • • • Interface introduction Standalone interface Composite interface Implementation of interface in local & global classes Aliases Abstract methods in interfaces POLYMORPSHISM • • • • Method overload and method override Static and dynamic type with object references Assignment & rules between reference variables Wide casting and narrow casting ABSTRACT CLASS • • • • Abstract class introduction Abstract methods & final methods Difference between interface and abstract class When & why & in which situation should go for abstract class or interface PERSISTENCE CLASS • • • • Persistence class introduction Base & Actor Class Transaction Service Business Key & GUID use in Persistence Class Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Email: bandis.

CL_GUI_SPLITTER_CONTAINER c. ON_F1 k. PRINT_END_OF_LIST h. CL_GUI_DIALOGBOX_CONTAINER e. 09030098866. PRINT_END_OF_PAGE g. CONTEXT_MENU_REQUEST USER_COMMAND b.ALV OOPS 1. DATA_CHANGED Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Email: bandis. CL_GUI_DOCKING_CONTAINER 2. Toolbar & Drop Down Preparations Page 4 Contact: 040-64608866. MENU_BUTTON j.8790898802 . CL_GUI_EASYSPLITTER_CONTAINER d. TOP_OF_PAGE i. PRINT_TOP_OF_PAGE e. Field cat Generation :Semi Automatically . AFTER_USER_COMMAND c. ALV TREE USING CL_GUI_SIMPLE_TREE 3. ALV Programs using CONTROL FRAMEWORK a. BEFORE_USER_COMMAND d. CL_GUI_ALV_GRID b. Manually& Automatically 4. INTERACTIVE EVENTS IN ALV a. cell 5. BUTTON_CLICK m. DOUBLE_CLICK n. PRINT_TOP_OF_LIST f. Colouring a row . Placing button in ALV GRID 6. ON_F4 l.

Run Time Services( RTTS )   Runtime Type Information (RTTI ) Runtime Type Creation (RTTC) c. Introduction to Design Pattern 2. 09030098866. Narrow cast in interfaces Up cast in interfaces Wide casting in inheritance DYNAMIC PROGRAMMING a.8790898802 .technology@gmail. MVC Pattern with encapsulated Controller class 5. 3. Page 5 Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Contact: 040-64608866. Singleton Pattern CASTING 1. Dynamic token specification   Dynamic specification of operands Dynamic specification Of Clauses Email: bandis. MVC Pattern Introduction 3. MVC Pattern Object Model Class with example 4. Field symbols and data references     Generic Data Types Field Symbols Data References Casting in Field symbols b. Factory Pattern 6.ADVANCED OOPS HIGH END OOPS PROGRAM ONLY FOR WEBDYNPRO ABAP CONSULTANTS DESIGN PATTERNS 1.

Defining query parameters 5. Setting Up The layout 3. In-depth working Examples with different flavours of ALV • • Simple 2D table display Hierarchical ALV display using OO Approach Page 6 Contact: 040-64608866. Hierarchical ALV 12. Static Filter 10. Aggregate Operations( Subtotal & Grand Totals ) 9. Adding Footer & Header Using Factory Method 5.d. Determine Keys of persistent object with open SQL 2. Changing Column Settings 7. Filter Operations . Special Dynamic Specification Of Clauses    Dynamic Procedure Call Dynamic method call Dynamic Function module Call ABAP OBJECT MODELS 1. Maintain Display Settings 6. Defining filter conditions Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Email: bandis. Adding PF Status For Hierarchical Models 13. Complex selection using Query Service 4. Events in ALV object Model PERSIATNCE CLASS IN DEPTH a. Simple selection using Query Service 3. Reading Persistent Objects 09030098866. Setting Default & Custom PF Status 4. Sort Operations 11. Creating & Instantiating Persistent Objects c. Selection of persistent Objects 1. Apply Colour & Handle HOTSPOT 8.8790898802 .

Transaction service 4.8790898802 . Internal Structure & Functioning of object services 1. ABAP / CA / OOPS With ABAP Project ECC6. it’s very hard to survive as technical consultant. It has become mandatory for every ABAPER to know and have very good grip in OOPs Programming.0 With EhP5 Page 7 Contact: 040-64608866.e WEBDYNPRO. Comparing the Query Services & Open SQL d. CRM ABAP TECHNICAL WITH WEBUI /Deep Drive/OOPs EhP1 Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Email: bandis. In this institute you don’t learn OOPs just with write statements in methods as in other institutes!!.Everywhere OOPs is used . Course offered: 1. Also it has become mandatory to know the UI programs i. WORKFLOW. ABAP Project with OOPs 3. Instance Manager & Persistent Manager 3.6. CRM With EhP5 2. OOPS is offered free with any course you do from BANDI’S Technology. WEBDYNPRO With OOPS ECC6. Passing concrete values for Query Parameters 8. OOPs is mandatory if you wanted to shape your careers with WEBDYNPRO ABAP.Knowing OOPs will definitely make you the best consultant. Class Agent & Base Agent 2. Defining the sort conditions 7. Implementation of transaction manager & Services FACULTY NOTE: No OOPs . I have worked in SAP MOBILITY SOLUTION and still working in WORKFLOW & WEBDYNPRO ABAP . 09030098866. WORKFLOW With BRF+ / OOPs 4.0 With EhP5 Netweaver 07-02 With EhP5 5.

Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Email: Page 8 Contact: 040-64608866.8790898802 . 09030098866.

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