59. Sometimes I like a lie-in until noon. 58.

keep driving for another 200 meters and then turn right. 57. wipe your feet dry before you go inside. 56. go to the fork in the road and bear left. 55. Is taking a shower right after workout good or bad? 54. I'm really sick of waiting for a bus for so long. 53. I often check and reply email in the evening before going to bed. 52. Have a good night. 51. I see crashes all too often. 50. You will find a one-way traffic sign. 49. I like wearing perfume. Do you? 48. I usually fall over every time the bus moves off or comes to a stop. 47. I'm sorry, I don't know. But the guard over there should know. 46. go straight until you pass a supermarket on your left. 45. Taking a bath is the most relaxing thing. 44. stop talking nonsense and go back to work. 43

I couldn't d last night. 42. Go and wash yourself! 41. fares, please. 40. The toilet is occupied. 39. Is it all right to park here? 38. take this road and go straight ahead. 37. Use some hairspray. It will keep your hair in place all day. 36. I go to work by motorbike. 35. I hope you have a sweet dream. 34. Do you know where the station is? 33. taking a shower at night helps to regain spirits and endurance. 32. Could you give me a ride? 31. If I can make it to catch the bus, I don't have to walk. 30. is there a public toilet near here? 29. What time is the post office closed? 28. I often brush my teeth twice a day. 27. No need to worry! I will pick you up at the airport. 26. Don't forget to lock the car up. 25. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. 24. I love watching myself in the mirror. 23. take the right fork after crossing a large wood bridge. 22. I'm sleepy but I don't wanna go to sleep. 21. no booze or you will be fined. 20. I often wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. 19. I usually wait for ages before I become tired and fall asleep. 18. I prefer to comb my hair with my fingers. 17. The cops may pull you over because one of your brake lights isn't working.

let me show you the way. 1. 15. 4. stop the car at once. staying up too late? 14. 7. You are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. 8. I got a restless night because of the heat. I was awake till dawn. The toilet won't flush and the sink won't drain. 6. 2.16. . especially when I go to work. Bath time is a time you can really pamper yourself. 3. 10. I smell something. Let's get off the bus. I had a nightmare last night and I lost sleep. I'm going there myself. 12. I have difficulty sleeping. The roads are slippery. I need to answer the call of nature. Drive carefully. 5. I usually put on make-up. 11. People often forget all rules of fair play and politeness and keep pushing to enter the bus. She washed the dirt from her clothes. 9. 13.

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