THE RUFFIANS© “Antiquity Preserved While Leading Change” EDUCATION: “PRINCE HALL THE CHRIST”

INTRODUCTION ithout Prince Hall, there is no Prince Hall Masonry; it is a common refrain amongst the sodality. It suggests that “Prince Hall Masonry” is a different kind of Masonry. It may be the only “sect” of the Craft which places so much on the “allure” of one man. Prince Hall is not just one of the famous “who’s who” about Masonry like George Washington or Benjamin Franklin, but that he is an emotional “reason,” for Blacks to join the sodality, and by extension, that “reason” may be employed in perpetuating the segregation between “Black and White” Masonry and for retaining the Christian leaning of the organization. Masonry being intrinsically Universal with respect to race and religion could only become black, white or otherwise secular, due to a false or foreign influence, falling outside of the true Masonic paradigm. In as much as it is a “search for truth,” its purposes will always be frustrated and never advanced through apocryphal means. Woe is the Man who becomes a Mason under the false pretense of advancing a racial or sectarian agenda, or who is duped into membership expecting to find lofty ideas, but finds instead a lesser sectarian “club” not supported by the “Ancient Landmarks.”1
Take for example the situation of Bro. Victor Marshall of Georgia, who petitioned Gate City Lodge No. 2 under the “mainstream” Grand Lodge of Georgia. After “getting up the courage to join” and “studying the secret catechisms” for almost a year, found himself in the middle of a


The actual effect of the “Prince Hall” character upon the Craft has been to “religiously enforce” its “blackness.” Via the efficacy of the “heroic” or mythical Prince Hall, the organization is able to “guilt” Black men into choosing it over other Grand Lodges under the idea of Blacks having to “stick together” in order to persevere throughout the Civil War and Civil Rights eras. With the passing of these eras, with the entrance of many Black and White Grand Lodges into recognition agreements and with the emergence of Masonry into the Information Age, many Blacks are opting to join the White, or “mainstream” Grand Lodges. The only reason for the existence of the Prince Hall Grand Lodges was the failure of White Grand Lodges in allowing the discordant passions of bias and racism to characterize their practice, as opposed to adhering to the Masonic Principles. If Prince Hall had been allowed, he would certainly have joined a Lodge of White Masons, but the Lodges of that day were
racially motivated case which drew national attention due to the fact that although the Grand Lodge of Georgia claims to be Masonic, and is “Recognized” by the United Grand Lodge of England, they do not care to accept Black men into membership and went so far as to complain publicly. See “Black Member Tests Message of Masons in Georgia Lodges,” By Shaila Dewan and Robbie Brown, published June 2, 2009 in the New York Times http:// www. nytimes. com/2009 07/03/u s/03 masons .html?_r=2.


CNI Education, II 2. 9. 2010

strictly forbidding the admission of Blacks. was strategically placed within the ritual in order to bar the admission of Blacks. MSA STB 1930-5 found at http://tsmr. and West Virginia. to suggest that out of the shadows strode a tall. Kentucky. Prince Hall. Mississippi.” Although many within the sodality understand that these stories are fabricated.4 There were few if any articles written about him during his life time. unless he is persuaded by the history of past segregation. the prospective is at liberty to consider which of the available organizations are actually “Masonic. Thus "free born" does bar men of African descent in this country from becoming a THE HEROIC OR DEIFIED PRINCE HALL According to Wor:. slim and “well to do” clergical Englishman who became the first Black Mason. The “free born” qualification. according author and North Dakota Honorary Past Grand Master Carl H. and paved the way for African American Masons. Georgia. 2010 . See http://www.” In New York. Many have erroneously thought that such qualification was "read into" the body of Masonry to keep out men of the colored race. see. For various examples of the several ways the Prince Hall history is treated by its Lodges and Grand Lodges.” by Alton Roundtree.” with recognition agreements between Grand Lodges.Carl H. a prospective member has more than skin color to consider before determining which organization to petition. who states that “Prince Hall is not mentioned in the history or literature of his time. and with Blacks being accepted into the “mainstream” Lodges. As the true story of Prince Hall begins to emerge. there are many “histories” regarding Prince Hall. had absolutely no chance of entering one of these Lodges. but not born of parents who have been slaves. Executive Secretary 19291957: "The Candidate". II 2.3 At least in these jurisdictions. South Carolina. " -. Claudy: "Our political requirements are most explicit upon the question of being free born. and as more Blacks begin to experience Masonry outside of the context of any racial implications. Unquestionably "free born" means not only not born a slave.html on 2/5/2010.” Page 21. Today. being Black has nothing to do with which Grand Lodge a person decides to join.” in the sense that they share the objective of preserving the Ancient Landmarks of Masonry. Alton Roundtree. Claudy. 2 CNI Education. Alabama. Florida. the historical Prince Hall was nowhere as much revered or celebrated as the fanciful Prince Hall is today. the following Prince Hall jurisdictions are not recognized by their White counterparts. Arkansas.”5 See for example “Out of the Shadows.“Masonic” in name only. Bro. which one can find by searching the web or the many books on the subject of “Colored Freemasonry. which is still unwittingly muttered by even Prince Hall Masons. moving one step closer to “Masonry. or whose forebears were slaves. which themselves work to For example.2 Many jurisdictions have evolved beyond the ignorance of these eras. being a manumitted slave.htm 2/5/2010. this approach of promoting the “heroic” Prince Hall will begin to lose its efficacy. for example.bessel. 3 2 bring together those men “who would have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance. Louisiana. In these jurisdictions. the PHGL of New Mexico’s 5 4 According to Paul Bessel. even while acknowledging them to be “rumors. and then the first Black Grand Master. 9. most tainted by falsehoods and other inaccuracies. they continue to perpetuate them. It is persuasive to many.

” all of the “rumors” are repeated. “In 1786. joined in forming the Grand Lodge of Virginia.6 According to research the research of Alton Roundtree.6” The “mainstream” Grand Lodge of New Jersey was also formed by less than three Lodges.. the PHGL of North Carolina’s website states all of the rumors as if they are all true. the historical Prince Hall website under history in a paper entitled “At The under the “about us.” since it is printed annually by the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters. H. 28). which had no warrant until 1773. particularly emphasizing that Prince Hall was “free born. The PHGL of Arizona website first calls Prince Hall a “Worthy Grand Master.” for example the Botetourt Lodge at Gloucester Court House. found on 2/8/2010. Roundtree.” See (Grand Lodge of Washington.html . A lodge U.” and more dependent on the magical effects of “belief” and “faith. Within the Craft of today. its moving spirit. the “mainstream” Grand Lodge of Rhode Island was formed by less than three (3) /mi/index. Roundtree. 330 under the PHGL of Virgina. St John’s Grand Lodge of Massachusetts was formed by only one Lodge.” without further explanation.” and “Prince Hall” tabs are listed all of the “rumors. 37 were from Pennsylvania. See” Of about 50 others. II 2. and Colorado found on their website at http:// mwphglco. Washington.” See http://www.mwphgldc. A Grand Lodge was formed by this nondescript gathering 6 3 CNI Education. but they allow many others to pass. Grimshaw.htm 2/6/2010. See their website at http://www. and Michigan found at http:// miphgl. php?option =com_content &task=view &id=5&Itemid =26 BL found on 2/8/2010. “Regularity” is of the same substance as religious “salvation. DC. L. 2010 . To their credit.azmwphgl.princehall. “In 1791 the lodge in New Port had 113 members.” than objective considerations. 10 attended a ‘convention”—not counting their Worshipful Master.html states the fabricated history without explanation until you click on an article below the history which states that “a lot of the information is false. 9.php?q=node/8. 1791. located at http://www. found on 2/8/2010. This they did on June 27th. they do list several errors by William H. from which the Grand Lodge of Washington is descended. found on 2/8/2010. found on 2/8/2010. Negro Masonry. using many of the same tactics that have been employed in creating religions like Christianity. and the one in Providence had 124. The most infamous gossip.” found on 2/6/2010.html. has been “upgraded” or “deified. On the website for Diversity Lodge No. Examples of excellent attempts at telling the Prince Hall story are posted by Grand Lodges like the PHGL of Ohio at http://www. No Mason can provide one definition for Regularity without setting aside excuses to account for the numerous cases which would fall outside of the definition. An inactive lodge sent one representative. endeavored to create a “hero” out of the historical Prince Hall. fifteen members of Lodge No. Also. html found on 2/7/2010. Understanding how the manipulation of information is used to control populations leads to the obvious question of motive.The gossip has produced both good and some not so good effects. each lodge being extraordinarily large for that period. there were several “mainstream” Grand Lodges that would not fit any general definition for “regular origion. the false history follows a statement that “It must … be assumed that this traditional history is regarded as correct and accurate by the various Prince Hall Grand Lodges. 1939. phaohio.” clearly describing them as such. Grimshaw.htm. According to Bro. Much like the Jesus figure in Christianity. A Committee Report adopted June 15.” and then later states that he was “regarded as Grand Perhaps it was for such a reason that the lodges decided that in spite of there being only two of them they would set up a Grand Lodge. The Masonic Service Association. sent two “ clearly stating them to be rumors.diversity328. 1897). Well-Springs of American Freemasonry. Also on the PHGL of DC website. org/mwphgloh /likphhist. com/grand %20lodge/ history/ prince% 20hall%20 history.” with a mythical history which does not hold up under empirical research methods. the PHGL of Massachusetts website located at See (Haywood.mwphglnc. PGM William H. According to Bro.

” fabricated histories which would cause an unsuspecting prospective member to “believe” them “Recognized. the only retribution that one GL can enact against another is to withdraw “Recognition.php. Simply stated. (Scotland or Ireland) that Regularity is achieved. only an irrational “faith” or “belief” could support any expectation of achieving the designation.” Once you consider all of the “hoops” an organization must jump through in order to get “Recognition” without the imprimatur of England. The only legitimate question that any GL can put to another after it is formed is whether to extend or withhold recognition. of England. It is this same Doctrine which validates African Lodge No. several of them over 100 years old and still in existence. but that it is through the “blessings” or “authority” of the at New Brunswick.the phylaxis.” Due to the fact that all Grand Lodges are Sovereign. For these reasons. This “formula” for Regularity is a “witch’s brew. Mackey’s Jurisprudence nor any other expression of “Masonic Law” is binding upon any Mason individually unless his Grand Lodge has officially accepted such as binding. org/ bogus/history.” used as a “strong arm tactic” to abrogate the Doctrine of Assumption. have “by any means necessary.” which supersedes reason. they can only either extend or withhold recognition. The Prince Hall Phylaxis Society maintains “Committee on Bogus Masonic Practices” with a website located at http://www . Excepting “political” and other types of pressure. like in Christianity.7 For example. within Prince Hall Masonry. this Doctrine would permit any group of men to form any type of Lodge or Grand Lodge whenever and wherever they should so choose.” The complaint is often voiced regarding a Grand Body not following “established” or “agreed upon” rules. It requires one to lay aside commonsensical notions to rely on some “authority. but the fact is that there are very few “treaties” or “agreements” actually in place between Grand Lodges.”9 Still The Doctrine of Assumption is a convention within the Natural Law which codifies the concept of “free will. and for eventually declaring sovereignty in 1827 to “legally” issue charters to Lodges thereafter. many non-Prince Hall African American bodies. that are employed to concatenate and articulate the formula for “Regularity. December 18. Scotland or Ireland. 9 8 4 CNI Education. 7 Grand Lodge of England. Neither the Regis Manuscript. 459’s actions in “copying” its English charter to be shared with other Lodges. The great David Brearley was elected Grand Master.” The most honest definition for Regularity. It was through this Doctrine that the first Grand Lodges. Regularity is not achieved through diligently pursuing the Masonic Principles. 2010 . and thus the notion that there is some “established law” that binds all Masons is fanciful at best.” and ergo “Recognition. 9. where they track “irregular” groups. Most such non-Prince Hall African American bodies were started by Prince Hall Masons who were suspended from the sodality. 1786.8 and to force any new Masonic organization to require the assistance of other Regular bodies in order to achieve a “legitimate origin. where a man does not receive “salvation” as a result of any good deeds or service to humanity. which would survive any “test” without caveat. and that one sovereign can not pass upon the Regularity of any other. there is no outside “authority” to which any GL owes any deference. would be to admit that Regularity is whatever the sovereign in question says it is. Andersons Constitution. Scotland and Ireland were formed.They are the same “mental muscles” as are required to articulate the anhypostasis-enhypostasis formula. likewise there is no basis for any one Grand Lodge holding another accountable to any particular set of rules or regulations. but through his faith that Jesus the Christ is “the Lord”. II 2.” and the right of Self Determination which is inherent within humanity.

Enoch Grand Lodge. King Solomon Grand Lodge and others have stood the “test of time” maintaining a presence in their communities for 100 years or more.” may not necessarily remedy its failure to attract those who have heretofore remained at a perpetual distance. following its tenets to the letter. several of these organizations including the National Grand Lodge.masonicinfo .” There are more current perspectives and better ways to present our Craft to the public and to our members. besides “bragging rights” and the fettered right to visit other regular Lodges. Tall Cedars of Lebanon and others. the numbers are waning and the membership is aging. who were raised in the Christian tradition. acknowledged [nor do they seek acknowledgment] by all Grand Lodges. The National Sojourners is an excellent example. it will be more of the principled reasoning than the religious effects that carry the day for Masonry. Understanding the importance of and the “magical effects” of Regularity. This is at a time when the general public interest in Masonry is at an all time high. Currently within Prince Hall Masonry (2010). when after accepting and coming to “believe” in these traditions as historical truths. If the leaders want the memberships to grow. they are confronted with facts which competently refute those beliefs.htm on 1/10/2010. THE FASHIONING OF A DEMIGOD Many. have formed “spurious” Masonic organizations.many others have resigned to ignore or otherwise forego the coveted distinction. There are “spurious organizations” “which … function in a way that consistently reflects worthily on Freemasonry. There is a reason why Dan Brown can sell hundreds of Millions of books. as it was in the years before? In today’s culture. Founded in 1921 by former World War I US military officer veterans who sought to combine their patriotism with their love of Freemasonry … [similar analysis follow] for organizations like the Grotto. Excerpted from http://www. “Prince Hall” or it is difficult to state any actual benefits that flow with the designation. 9. II 2. and make hundreds of millions of dollars in movie sales. No one can deny the enormous effect that revealing the “actual truths” of the Bible and the Christian religion have had on the world. Although the core principles of morality taught by the religion should remain unaffected. we feel foolish and a sense of betrayal at having been made to believe in a myth.” Even so. for whatever reason. High Twelve International. know and understand the confusion which arises later in life. they have invariably lied about or otherwise misrepresented their “bona fides. and relying instead on the Doctrine of Assumption and the merits of their practice. and ignorant of the efficacy of the Doctrine of Assumption. whereas the Christian is able to receive “forgiveness” for the limitless sins of his life so long as he professes his belief … Prince Hall Masonry’s claim of “Regularity” and “Recognition. and thereby revive the whole organization. 2010 . and that every other program on the history channel is about Masonry.10 Although the ability to claim Regularity is a “big deal” within Masonry. They are not. they will have to take a step back from being comfortable with the customs and usages they have gotten used to over the last 200 years. so that. 10 but at the same time many Prince Hall Lodges can not “sell” well enough to pay their “monthly rents. Marshall J Gauvin writes that “[a] 5 CNI Education. Hiram Grand Lodge. and ask themselves whether what they actually do in Lodge meetings is attractive and engaging to the “best of men” in today’s society.

For example.185-c. celebrating Christ's birth on the earlier date and his baptism on the latter. and made martyrs of some of the noblest men and women of the race: and it is today the greatest enemy of knowledge.html found on 1/15/2010. located at http:/ /www. For good or for ill. 11 other symbolic effects. it has absorbed for many centuries the best energies of mankind. Most easterners eventually adopted December 25. the decision as to whether religion or humanity shall rule the world. made perhaps as early as 273. because the sun was created on the fourth day. The question is one of tremendous importance. “[f]or the church’s first three centuries Christmas wasn’t in December – or on the calendar at all … If observed at all. Western Christians first celebrated Christmas on December 25 in 336. and May 28. and some began to speculate on the date … Clement of Alexandria (c. most Christian historians have accepted for centuries that Jesus the Christ could not have been “born” on December 25. and the birthday of Mithras. Birthdays were for pagan gods. infidels. reflects a convergence of Origen's concern about pagan gods and the church's identification of God's son with the celestial sun. except that since According to Elesha Coffman. and upon its determination depends. one of the church's earliest established feasts. to some degree. is growing up in all countries. A Latin treatise written around 243 pegged March 21. fell just a few days earlier. 2010 . The progressive forces of the world are at war with this Asiatic superstition.”11 Prince Hall Masonry is so thoroughly intertwined with Christianity as to share in many of the faults of its methods. the Iranian "Sun of Righteousness" whose worship was popular with Roman soldiers. and March 25 all had backers as well.155) had followed the same line of reasoning to conclude that Christ's birth and baptism most likely occurred on Wednesday.150-c. held on to January 6 as the date for Christ's birth and his baptism. The Christian religion has been and is a mighty fact in the world. Not all of Origen's contemporaries agreed that Christ's birthday shouldn't be celebrated. Polycarp (c. It has stayed the march of civilization. but that the date was chosen for various Excerpted from “Did Christ Really Live. however.215) favored May 20 but noted that others had argued for April 18. of social and industrial improvement.” by Marshall J. Eastern churches. and spreading the conviction that Christ is a myth. November 20. Incidentally. The winter solstice.commanding literature dealing with the inquiry. November 17. but as the arrival date of the Magi rather than as 12 6 CNI Education. Hippolytus (c. after Emperor Constantine had declared Christianity the empire's favored religion. but the Armenian church celebrates his birth on January 6. The question. Origen (c. Seeing that pagans were already exalting deities with some parallels to the true deity. "Did Jesus Christ Really Live?" goes to the very root of the conflict between reason and faith. another celebration of the sun. church leaders decided to commandeer the date and introduce a new festival. the celebration of Christ's birth was usually lumped in with Epiphany (January 6). December 25 already hosted two other related festivals: natalis solis invicti (the Roman "birth of the unconquered sun"). intense in its seriousness and profound and thorough in its research.69c.254) preached that it would be wrong to honor Christ in the same way Pharaoh and Herod were honored. Some church leaders even opposed the idea of a birth celebration. because that was believed to be the date on which God created the library /historical /marshall _gauvin /did_jesus_really_live. as well as for the Christian.170-c. of freedom. The eventual choice of December 25. and of the genuine brotherhood of mankind. including the unnecessary doubt occasioned by the use of myths in the place of facts. For the Freethinker. II 2. April 19.12 The same is true with Prince Hall. 9. the Western church does celebrate Epiphany on January 6. and this war will continue until the triumph of truth and freedom is complete. it is of the weightiest significance. Gauvin.236) championed January 2.

and since Prince Hall Masonry is not a religion. “There exits in the Boston Athenaeum Library. This document states that he (Prince Hall) had worked with the Hall family for twenty-one years. nor is there any other evidence regarding what his birth date might have been. as would have been the case with most slaves.2008. Posted at http://www . All Prince Hall Masons still recite the “free born” requirement.thephylaxis. a Certificate of Manumission.. particularly within the context of a Craft which is wholly about principles.5. The most reliable information regarding the historical Prince Hall would suggest that he was born into slavery. found on /2000 /dec08. dated 9 April 1770. under the foolish notion that they cannot change anything.14 The question then becomes.” in an effort to keep Blacks out. the Prince Hall tattles. by Bro. It is fortunate for them that the historical Prince Hall was not so ignorant! What is unfortunate is that with the proliferation of the “heroic” Prince Hall and the See The Grimshaw Offensive. i.08. See “Christmas. the implications of the “free born” qualification become clear.M.G.” and only incidentally about persons? Many long years /grimshaw.he is historical as opposed to mythological.”15 This was one of the sodalities’ first opportunities to add to the practice of Masonry. 13 Instead of refuting that a former condition of slavery should not have any effect on a man’s ability to become a sonry. together with three other members of the Hall family.” indicating that he himself was unsure about his age or birthday.e.htm. told the “story” that Prince Hall was “free born” of an English father and a “free colored woman of French extraction. including the “search for truth. Prince Hall relates that he was “about seventy. Although Masonry certainly requires a “free will.” there is nothing within the realm of the esoteric principles of the Craft. the date of Christ's baptism. php According to a deposition which is recorded in the Suffolk County Register of Deeds. by John B. 2010 . it was only the Africans. giving Prince Hall his freedom. among the notarial papers of one Ezekiel Price. such that it should not be considered a lie? Can making up the birth date for a person have any other effect or usefulness than to falsely suggest that we know more about an individual than we actually know? And what might otherwise be the harm in admitting that we do not know as much. who were ever “born into” slavery.tripod. and not just “follow the forms” handed down to them. http://fosterglenn.” 15 7 CNI Education. Why December 25th?”. Deputy Grand Master. Grand Lodge of Scotland. George Draffen of Newington. to subsequently become a Mason. 9.D. and signed by William Hall. there should not be any necessity for inventing a birth date when the actual date was unknown. which should prevent one who had once been a slave. P. II 2. It is widely known that slave’s owners did not record their birthdays in most cases.2010.christianity today . html on 8. but that they can only follow the forms handed down to them. biased intentions created the “qualification” that a candidate for Masonry must be “free born. is there any good reason for making up a birth date. P. Throughout the history of nations where slavery was practiced. Thus. 14 See Prince Hall Freemasonry. Williams at http://www.13 There is absolutely no proof that Prince Hall was born on September 12. since 1749. even in the face of verifiable manumission papers. as reported by Grimshaw. once captured by the Europeans.

Deputy Grand Master.htm.G.” even in its various renditions. there was no available painting or drawing of Prince Hall created during his lifetime. posters. and mentioned their receipt in the daily press. there is no evidence that anyone ever saw the original deputation. Just as the Bible describes Jesus as having bronze skin and woolly hair. There are few if any persons who are not familiar with the likeness of “the Christ. resulting from the false image perpetuated of Prince Hall. to be depicted as a light skinned “well to do” Englishman. Davis goes on to say: 'Furthermore. Grimshaw states that Prince Hall was appointed Provincial Grand Master for North America on 27 January 1791. pendants. presumably in place of John Rowe. so has the Prince Hall sodality accepted Prince Hall. a manumitted slave.. Prince Hall was on friendly terms with a number of Boston's leading masons. George Draffen of Newington. every other than the Caucasian race is restricted in visualizing the Christian 16 God in their own image.17 instance. Grimshaw goes so far as to print the text of the alleged Patent. regardless of how counter the image runs to historical context. web sites and other mediums. by Bro.myths of his life. former slave or any other than the fictitious Black Englishman wearing the powdered white horsehair wig. tshits. we are restricted in visualizing him as a native African. Also like Jesus the Christ. Many Prince Hall Masons today actually believe the artist’s rendition to be the actual likeness of Prince Hall. blond hair and blue eyed image of him. event programs. nor is there any other reasonable excuse for how he In this could have become one. Grand Lodge of Scotland. Like the sonry. Like that of Jesus the Christ.” some artist thought it necessary to create a “likeness. It is notable that like “the Christ. II 2. There is absolutely not one historical fact that would in any way support this image. 2010 . and so an artist invented one. the fabulists have gone to extreme measures to fabricate both dates and documents to support their lies. no record whatever in the archives of the United Grand Lodge of England of the issue of such a Patent.” The available history clearly confirms that the historical Prince Hall was never elected or appointed a Grand Master. when there was no contemporary drawing or painting available to verify the visual characteristics of “the Messiah.” the artist’s rendition of Prince Hall portrays European as opposed to African features.” or “Provisional Grand Master. The false image of Prince Hall is brandished on fliers. Similarly. P. The Christ figure is said to have been “a king” or descended from kings.” to be regarded as actual. sporting the then socially popular powdered white horsehair wig. 9. the image is ridiculous in light of any of the reasonable historical contexts. 17 Artist’s rendition of Prince Hall: 8 CNI Education. we have failed to benefit from the lessons of his true story. and the Christian world accepting a white skinned. P. and See Prince Hall Freemasonry.M. Davis expressed grave doubts as to the existence of this Patent and there is of course. http://fosterglenn.J. He freely exhibited the Charter and Book of Constitutions to white brethren in that city. Prince Hall is said to have been a “Grand Master. It is strange indeed that such an important document was not exhibited to the masons of that day in Boston.D.16 As a result of the false image of Jesus. likewise.

out of “respect” and “in the interest of harmony.” in 19 18 how Grimshaw wrote that “Prince Hall was appointed Provincial Grand Master. and so the fabulists have dickered with the dates. and is a “single source” for various reasoned responses to questions from the most simple to the most complicated. the Grand Historian. In Prince Hall Speaks.”18 the average Black Mason today still believes Prince Hall to be a “Past Grand Master. Wesley. Charles H. have proven both dates to be inaccurate” … “The statement speaks for itself. DC. founded by Ezekiel M. This was nearly nine months before the Massachusetts Grand Lodge was in existence. and that if he did.” are not so quick to correct their Past Masters and older members on such issues. which might have been avoided if he had made proper use of the books of reference of which the Congressional Library is full. which was more than three years before the existence of African Lodge was made known to the English Grand Lodge. II 2. (past and present). 2010 . The younger Brethren who are constantly discussing “the finer points” of Masonry via “Blue-Lite” and other places on the web.19 Bro. Wesley relates The Blue-Lite Research and Discussion Group is a web/email based research and discussion group. but would never make the “agenda” in a tiled Lodge. 1791. 37 of the New York Prince Hall Grand Lodge. (It should be noted that PGM William H. many of the younger Brothers.” In 2010. Bey. the answer depends on the source. The same follows when Past Masters. Coleman. African Grand Lodge was organized in 1808. simply “grin and bear it. by Charles H. of Cornerstone Lodge No. 1781. however.” by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. and its founder RW Ezekiel M. 1808. he did not care to further investigate it. Grimshaw also wrote that Prince Hall was ‘chosen’ Grand Master of ‘African Grand Lodge. Bro. and the name changed in 1808.” mentioned in a Lodge. PHA Washington. For example the Muslim Masons. and to which he had free access. Grimshaw’s vocation was “door man” at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Blue-Lite provides a forum of the kind for discussions about Masonry that should take place within the Lodge.” 20 9 CNI Education. but very rarely do.”20 open Lodge. In addition to a “who’s who” list of the most respected Prince Hall Researchers and writers of today. Blue-Lite provides an “electronically tiled” forum for Prince Hall Masons to candidly discuss any and all matters with reference to Freemasonry. 1808. Alton Roundtree relates that “[i]n speaking of the year (1791. of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts says: “We have been led to believe that the grand lodge was organized in 1791. January 27. examining the records of our grand lodge. Unless he has received his education via “Blue-Lite.with great success. and other Brothers pray “in the name of Jesus. through further study and research that the actual date was December 27. and 1847) that African Grand Lodge was formed. These are preventable mistakes. or even “non-descript” faiths can have a forum for expressing ideas from their perspectives on topics that would should. by the Grand Lodge of England. 9. Chaplains. June 24. it is by a Past Master or an “older” Brother who has never heard it challenged that Prince Hall was a Grand Master.” See Prince Hall Life and Legacy. even if we admit the absurdity of one Grand Lodge “choosing” a Grand Master to preside over the destinies of any other portion of the Craft. from all over the world. Raymond T. This forum has 24 hour constant participation. who know better. its members include Prince Hall Masons. and Masons of other.” and even those who know better are largely silent when the claim is made. 1983 (page 14) The United Supreme Council Southern Jurisdiction. 1827. Bey was awarded “Masonic Visionary” among other accolades for its creation and success. after the death of Prince Hall” … “We have found. from the newly made Master Mason to Grand Masters. the Blue-Lite Research and Discussion Group celebrated 10 years of existence.” It would be nonsensical to speak of Prince Hall being a “Grand Master” before African Lodge became a Grand Lodge. Generally whenever there is a mention of “PGM Prince Hall. and those of African Lodge #459. Any mention of the mythical “GM Prince Hall” within this forum is quickly shut down by its many active “sentinels.

Wesley was commissioned to write the proper history. The “story” regarding the life of Prince Hall was written in 1903. The idea that there is a particular look that is required or acceptable for Masonic work underestimates the variety of cultural norms found world wide as well as ignoring the religious implications of dress. there were no biographies or other articles written about him. Official History of Freemasonry among the Colored People in North America -. William H.” by Alton Roundtree William H. which is untrue. It is partly for this reason that these Lodges come across as sympathetic or mockish regarding the religion. 9.22 and then without much effect. Charles H. What for example would have been the effect of Prince Hall being Muslim or Jewish? Would it then be acceptable for a Lodge to display the Holy Quran or the Torah upon its altars? The fact is that. 2010 .. Grimshaw. 1903. as his version of the story is still being spread via the thousands of Prince Hall websites visible on the World Wide Web.” as distinguished from his being a Christian. 10 CNI Education.” Prince Hall is not mentioned in the history or literature of his time.Tracing the Growth of Masonry from 1717 down to the Present Day: New York and London. II 2. with the majority of Prince Hall members being Christian themselves and believing their founder to be a “minister” or “preacher.Also consistent with the “Jesus model. obviously with little documentation. white shirt and black tie. the effect of painting him as a Christian minister has facilitated the Christianization of Prince Hall Masonry.21 It would be over 50 years before the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters would challenge Grimshaw’s version of the story. 22 21 The effect of this alteration in history is akin to the effect of painting Jesus the Christ as a “Christian” as opposed to the faithful Jew. Christians have struggled with this distinction as the Prince Hall sodality struggles with Prince Hall being “a Mason.” of their faith. it has become impossible to render these Lodges religiously Universal. Although there were documents found which shed light on the positive life he lead. Grimshaw’s 1903 version of Prince Hall’s life was used by the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters and Prince Hall Freemasonry until 1968. Broadway Publishing Company. Also most strategically. the Worshipful Master of a Prince Hall Lodge stood up at the New York Midyear Assembly in January 2010 to infer that the reason we wore the dark suit was to signify that we are in “perpetual mourning” over the death of Hiram Abiff. and was hailed as “the truth. The abbreviated version of Grimshaw’s story appeared in the 1958 Prince Hall Year Book of the Conference of Prince Hall Grand Masters. Prince Hall Lodges invariably require a dark suite. For example. before PGM Daniel Simmons corrected him that such was not the case 23 See “Out Of The Shadows. nearly 100 years after his death. and have been known for turning members away for lacking in this attire. Dr. but that long after his death. Although Prince Hall was clearly religious and had belonged to a church.23 There are also Prince Hall jurisdictions which dictate to the members how they can style their hair. Prince Hall was said to be a Methodist minister or preacher of a church.” regarding the matters covered. a story was “created” with the interests of the writers in mind. The “dress code” within Prince Hall Masonry is a tell tale sign of its leaning toward Christianity. The Prince Hall dress code has led to much confusion within the Craft.

Such notions as these are 11 CNI Education. In Arkansas. a Master Mason is not allowed to wear earrings to a Masonic function. religious head wear is not allowed.” So to say that “only the Master can wear the hat. or a “mark of distinction. since Masonry anticipates that the brethren will be “different. 24 variety of religious and national dress within the walls of the Lodge? Must the Indian or the African who wears a robe or dashiki jettison his traditional attire and don a black suit and tie in order to enter? Since when are the “white gloves and apron” not sufficient? For example. both of which have religious implications. Why for example. thus the argument cannot be made that these jurisdictions are universally available to all religions. The idea is that you must conform. There is no Masonic principle that would be offended by Brothers wearing turbans. nor that they must uncover in deference to the Master. in a Universal fraternity as Masonry. Imagine for example how comfortable a Christian or Jewish person would be. 9.and restricts them from wearing earrings. There is something within human nature which causes an apprehension against those who look or dress differently. or any other religious headwear in open Lodge. in most if not all Prince Hall jurisdictions. and not black.24 This author has found nothing within the realm of Masonic Principles which would cause or require the members to dress alike. In fact.” coming from various cultures and religions.” is to suggest that only the Master may open. any such requirement that they should look or dress alike or that entrance be based on appearance may be discounted as unMasonic. both which impact upon dress. he would have wanted it that way. It neither suggests that other members may not cover their heads in reverence to the deities of their choice. and that all those who do not conform in every little way leave themselves open to unwarranted scrutiny. a good brother may be “nit picked” or otherwise maligned due to the fact that his suit is grey. cuffees. yarmulkes. a position which confuses the principle or concept of Universality with uniformity. (1) the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Bahamas has instituted a policy whereby Master Masons are not permitted to style their hair in any fashion as would be common for a woman. and that since Prince Hall was a preacher. then it must also be accepted that the rules should accommodate every religion. because Masonry is not a religion. II 2. 2010 . The fact is that the Master does not “cover his head” in any religious sense. Unnecessary distractions such as these are part of the paradigm which suggests that everybody ought to look the same. When the requirement is a dark suit. This rule has been interpreted to outlaw “braids” and “locks”. It is this writer’s opinion that this prohibition against covering the head within the Lodge flows from the Christian tradition of males not covering their heads indoors. when one accepts Universality as a Landmark. would one not find every For two examples. Many religions have preyed on these natural fears. giving no particular faith the advantage over any other. once surrounded by Muslims all wearing turbans and robes. The Master wears “the hat” as a symbol of authority within the Lodge. preside and close the Lodge. In fact. This author rejects the argument that the Master is the only one who is allowed to “cover his head” in a Masonic Lodge.

Would it disadvantage the Craft to accept that Prince Hall was an exceptional freed slave who found the only white Mason willing to sell him and his cohorts the degrees. Like the “Crusaders” of yesteryears.” THE “STRAIGHT PATH” THAT LEADS AT LAST TO IMMORTALITY We have to first ask ourselves if there is not some useful esoteric lesson behind the “symbols” we now use to represent Prince Hall’s birthday.” (PHA). They are as false as the history of any “bogus” Grand Lodge. that he was not a Grand Master … provincial or otherwise. 9. As The “Born Again [Prince Hall] Masons” is a phrase used to described that large group of mainly Christian. that he was not a preacher. For example. then it is usurpation for them to call their practice “Masonry. Even in the face of competent evidence. 25 12 CNI Education. advocating for divine services and Prince Hall celebrations at Christian churches. and if so. who fight to keep a Christian advantage within the Lodge room by keeping other VSLs off the altars to the exclusion of the Holy Bible. they are not the truth. This manipulation of the facts relating to Prince Hall “changes the game” regarding the question of “why” a Black man should default to this sodality. life story etc. these Brothers have a history of discountenancing education. and then managed to obtain a charter from England before being ignored by them? Would it make a difference to the sodality to accept that although Prince Hall was otherwise exceptional. is that lesson some how more important to the Prince Hall organization than the historical truth? Do the facts that Prince Hall was a slave. They are believed to be behind such slogans within the Prince Hall sodality as “without Prince Hall. Since one of the chief purposes of Masonry is to bring together those men who would have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance. and being reduced to accepting that the information is “rumor. that he didn’t invent the “electric slide. and suffering or permitting sectarian prayers within the Lodge room. and proudly display the false image of Prince Hall via pendants. and have fought against educational movements such as the BlueLite Research and Discussion Group. it naturally follows that those men should look different once they arrive.” facial features.” and “Practice His Actions. that he was never a Grand Master? As good as the Grimshaw tales may sound. change the nature of our institution? Would it make any functional difference if we were to brandish these facts as we have the “heroic version” of the story.” they continue to perpetuate the gossip. “status. etc. The Born Again Masons are also faithful believers in the mythical story of “Past Grand Master” Prince Hall. individual Prince Hall Masons. posters websites. II 2. which they probably received all in one day.25 The fact that different cultures are more comfortable with their own dress and other religious mores is part of the reason for why they might avoid the adherents of other faiths. Masonry is instituted to remedy this error. there is no Prince Hall Masonry. if the Lodges in the South do not want to accept African Americans. or if the Prince Hall Lodges only want to accommodate Christians. and if so.” and that other than that. we really know very little about him. do we not merit the change? The greatest efficacy of the rouse has been to elevate Prince Hall Masonry above “competing” non-Prince Hall African American Grand Lodges. that he didn’t have a chat with George Washington. that he was dark skinned.promoted by what is becoming known as the “Born Again Mason” mentality. 2010 . that his father was not an Englishman.

it becomes necessary to tell more lies or untruths to fill in the picture. it cannot be denied that the Prince Hall sodality has evolved into an impactful fraternity.” PRINCE HALL: “TO MASONRY” BE OR NOT TO BE up as a “search for truth. Religion tells a man what to believe and says that these beliefs are divine. As is the case with the Christ myth. like the stories of fictitious the case with any lie or untruth. 9. The truth just makes for a better platform. and that the “crusades” were a testament to that. minimizing the differences in man and making brothers of former enemies. 14 Volume I No. It may be summed Excerpted from “Did Christ Really Live. 2010 . but “Masonry” is one thing and one thing only.27 Under the influence of Christianity. accentuate the differences in men to take advantage of the fear generated by them. 1. Prince Hall Masonry has been just as slow to embrace tolerance and See What Islam Did For Us. here are the facts. Masonry invests a Man with “tools” which teach him a how to believe. “if it be found that [Prince Hall’s] story was created by art and ingenuity. “they are wrong about that. People who fear the same thing have a tendency to stick together. and ergo a threat. says that all who do not share in those beliefs are essentially different. and its method is scientific as opposed to emotional. Gauvin posted at http:// www. a Lecture by Doctor & Bro.” The “truth” which Masonry seeks is that which lays aside sectarian differences. obtainable through whenever questions arise which challenge its veracity. makes the point that Christianity has traditionally been slow to embrace tolerance and education. Religions on the other library / historical /marshall _gauvin /did_jesus_really_live. 26 13 CNI Education. infidels. Once we tell our children that “Santa Clause” comes down the chimney.” by Marshall J. it becomes difficult to ever say that you “don’t know” the answers to subsequent questions. International lecturer and author Dr.” and thereby brings together those who would have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance. making it difficult to realize the true Universality of spirituality of the Craft. 27 If those racist Grand Lodges in the South can claim to be Masonic without accommodating all of the races. then why can not Prince Hall make the claim without accommodating all of the religions? Although the membership numbers have been steadily declining since the passing of the Civil Rights era. he will have to take his place with the host of other demigods whose fancied lives and deeds make up the mythology of the world.”26 It just creates a situation where someone can always say. The Christian idea that there is “only one way. When we start lying about facts. Traveling from the Grand Lodge of Scotland. on DVD by Adelphic Union Lodge No.html. Timothy Wallace-Murphy. puts Men on “the Level. The Prince Hall organization’s reliance on Christian religious methods and mores has allowed the religion to characterize the organization. we have to supplement the story to explain what happens when he reaches “the projects” where there are no chimneys.” to “salvation. adelphicunionlodge14. II 2. and playing on emotions. Timothy Wallace-Murphey.” is offensive to the Masonic idea that all paths to spirituality are equal.

9. the New York Brother would be allowed to visit a tiled Lodge. The UGLE does not recognize the Prince Hall Grand Lodges in the states where they do not have mutual recognition with racist Grand Lodges. 2010 . There are many “mainstream” Lodges all over the world that allow multiple volumes to remain on the altar. which makes it difficult for the Christian mind to countenance other religions. 28 believes a story to be myth and the other reality. whereas the Alabama Brother would be left outside on the porch. unless it was another Prince Hall Lodge. but again Prince Hall does not raise a quarrel. with its Christian orientation. that we ought to be able to meet somewhere together on “the level. avoid cooperating with each other simply because one Believers in other faiths are allowed to be obligated on the VSL of their choice. They accept the fact that if a Prince Hall Mason from New York and one from Alabama were to travel to England together. is no more or less “Masonic” than the southern Grand Lodges who have fought to maintain a “White” orientation.” Prince Hall Masons say “Holy Bible. due to its loyalty to the UGLE. To the Christian. Prince Hall Lodges will only allow the Holy Bible to grace its altars. and although any volume of the sacred law is sufficient in Masonry. could encounter another Grand Lodge that was “perfect” in every respect as regards the Ancient One of the negative effects of religion is to create lines of separation between the different Peoples of the world. Although most religious believers say they agree that we all believe in the same God. Although Masonry is so far intertwined with religion as to lay us under obligation to pay homage to deity it must not be a respecter of any particular religion if it is to grow amidst the challenges of this new era. The Prince Hall sodality. Masonry on the other hand says that since we are all from the same God. but Prince Hall does not quarrel with them. NOT AGAINST CHRISTIANITY 14 CNI Education. Likewise the Prince Hall Mason cannot understand the benefit in cooperating on any level whatsoever with non-Prince Hall African American bodies unless they obtain Recognition from England. but would deny them recognition so long as England did. Prince Hall Masons have a “one way” approach to regularity.28 Even in the ritual where “HB” used to be translated “Holy Book. These Lodges typically tolerate Christian (sectarian) prayers.” Religion can make two men with essentially the same sense of morality. The UGLE recognizes many racist Grand Lodges that do not admit Blacks. and so discountenance any Grand Lodge that is not recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England. He is a “heathen” to the Christian that does not believe that Jesus died for his sins. such that it is better to keep a distance from those with different beliefs. II 2. A Prince Hall Grand Lodge.” Prince Hall Lodges typically have “divine services” and celebrate “Prince Hall Day” at Christian churches … never at a synagogue or mosque. but these volumes are not allowed to remain upon the altar throughout a meeting as does the Holy Bible. it matters not what a man “doeth unto others.” unless he is also willing to accept Jesus. the irrationality of religion allows them to also believe that this God would lead everyone other than Christians astray. regardless of the countless ways that various “Regular” Lodges have come to fruition.

000 Masons belonging to the Grand Lodge of New York.” Masonry is a Craft where although we respect the lives and characters of our members throughout all ages. There are “closets full” of non-Christian and Christian Masons who love the Craft. and there are even Lodges there that open with multiple volumes of sacred law upon their altars. but for the fact that they desire and intend to practice the principles of the Craft. are simply not suitable for Masonry.” If this statement is true. If Muslims and Jews and other religious adherents felt comfortable and welcome in Prince Hall Lodges. for example. This does not degrade Christianity or any other faith. The meager numbers which we now boast give some clue as to which direction most have taken. so that they are kept in due bounds with all mankind. let us not confuse his intentions by saying that he was not “dedicated. It is not about practicing his actions. or (3) he could simply leave the fold.” Black men. which are part and parcel. The Christian based membership has made it extremely difficult to bring real Masonic education into the Lodge. When a non-Christian joins a Prince Hall Lodge. it is not necessary to have a “hero” figure. but who have to “keep their heads down” and practice “in the dark.” (2) he could fight to correct the organization. who can not level themselves with those of other religions. (1) he could simply acquiesce in the religion and “go along to get along. George Washington or any other person. In New York. and is “turned off” by prayers “in the name of Jesus. there is no Prince Hall Masonry.” That fact is that he did not find the Masonry that he expected to find. then it is probable that the membership numbers would be greater than what they are. and so was faced with three choices. there are merely 4. 2010 . Those who desire education are forced to turn to the internet and other venues to practice their Craft. One of the greatest of the Masonic principles is that a man should so subdue his discordant passions. should not join out of respect or reverence for Prince Hall. The religious orientation is not prevalent under the GLNY. the Masonic principles. II 2. The preoccupation with the details of Prince Hall’s life is a distraction from and has very little to do with “Masonry. Those adherents to organized religions. It is better that Masonry should influence the religions as opposed to the other way around. while the leadership in our Grand bodies sit and wonder why the numbers are not increasing. WITHOUT which PRINCE HALL? “Without Prince Hall. Even a Christian in a Masonic Lodge should diligently work to reduce the effects that his religion might have in characterizing the Craft or ostracizing adherents to other faiths. 9.This article is not to paint any negative picture of Christianity.” or being pressured to attend church services. but more clearly exemplifies that the Bible is only there to represent all other VSLs and the useful principles that they all share in common. when he leaves the fold.” that which was designed for tiled Lodges. then maybe it is time to rid ourselves of Prince Hall … at least the fictitious one. but about trying your own “by the square. who join Masonry today.000 Prince Hall Masons compared to over 50. but just to say that no religion should dominate the practice of Masonry. The general animus which the Muslim feels for the Jew or the Christian toward the 15 CNI Education.

for reasons that do not impact his or anyone’s health or welfare? There is nothing intrinsic about Prince Hall Masonry.” This is the type of control that one man can not wield over another as long as the truth is available to all parties.” That by any means necessary he sought for the sustenance of the spirits. The churches. 9.Zoroastrian is “discordant passion. which is part and parcel a search for truth. join some organization that will tell him not intercourse with others.pdf on 2/7/2010. there should be little tolerance for making anything up that does not have the imprimatur of symbolic usefulness. the effect of which retarded the “free will. which they call “gyenyame” and that during the captivity they were fed only “epa.” they should remember that Prince Hall’s first desire was to join a White Lodge.” then it can not have its own version of history that only its members accept on faith. 29 Hall leadership will have to answer the question “why should Blacks join their Lodges. even in jurisdictions where there are recognition agreements between White and Black Lodges. Coleman. or that makes a hero figure /History /Ray%20Colemans %20History.” See “Prince Hall History Education Class.” Rather let us create of him a demigod who toiled thirty years under the yoke and thence broke his chains to assume his sovereignty! That he then Assumed the Right to direct the destinies of the spirits around him. who is free to intercourse with any other man on this planet as he should so choose. which distinguishes it from other Regular Grand Lodges. would that it should be for a loftier purpose than to be a “follower. Within Masonry. but was rejected in every case. but they must “turn the corner. “[Prince Hall] made several attempts to join the lodges in Boston.” which contained a poison. 2010 . A MORE PURPOSEFUL MYTH Then again … if we must need create Prince Hall a demigod of any sort.” of the nature implicated within Masonry. There will have to be a transition toward Masonry and away from religion. and designed to be subdued.” by RW Raymond T. Coleman Grand Historian Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons Jurisdiction of Massachusetts. it being food for their souls and the means of their salvation. For those zealous Brethren who are bent on “practicing his actions.29 The Prince According to RW Raymond T. mosques and synagogues will always provide a sanctuary for practicing the sectarian views of the various religions. Where the manipulation of such information is concerned. These spirits are only sustained by truthful information. princehall. but that credible historians reject. This religious modus for practicing Masonry limits man.” and become Universally Masonic in order to grow. the usual objective is “control. found at http://www. Why should any good man. II 2. instead of broadening his horizons. over the options of “mainstream” or non-Prince Hall African American bodies. If Prince Hall Masonry is not to be a “religion.” Let us then tattle that gyenyame is an herb grown only in the secret gardens of the Lodges on the island of Adelphi. to 16 CNI Education. forsaking the need of any pulpit or other “elected creed. There is certainly no reason that the Prince Hall Grand Lodges should have to disappear along with the eras that made them necessary. and then be explained as such.

the more “tangled web” you can weave.” and (4) symbols and allegories.” and that he was diligently and constantly plotting to perfect “the Union. he would 17 CNI Education. that you should communicate the greatest truths through symbols and allegories sufficiently expressive that no nation be to distant. (3) “secret modes. at the expense of equality.” that the Master can set the Craft at “work. That during his contemplations he received the Ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry. 2010 . or Ireland and just fast forward to his assertion of sovereignty. Since there are no Universally agreed upon Landmarks. so that you may not be misled by similitude or resemblances. explaining them thus. As PGM Grimshaw would attest. stating that they were (1) Great Architect (2) Universality.which no Man can travel. with multiple volumes of the “Sacred Laws” upon its altar. second. We can state that Prince Hall wanted the spirits to “work. which he obligated himself to preserve and maintain. We can leave out any reference to Prince Hall feeling as if he had to depend on the authority of England. and can demonstrate certain other “signs” to enable him to gain admission …. Scotland. various etchings would appear upon his breast. II 2. nor any people too barbarous to fail to understand their meaning. and finally. Certainly every good hero has to have an enemy.” giving them the proper instructions to harvest the gyenyame. and representation from every known culture. to be “brothers to the greatest extent” with all mankind. using the differences amongst the sectarians to stoke their fears in the interest of gaining some usury advantage. third. we could say that with a gavel and a sharp instrument. and that if they mastered them. 9. and declaring himself Grand Master and writing out Charters for all of the Lodges in the land. Then every thing can run smoothly until his enemies show up. They are always at odds over the most insignificant details. And it is only when this Lodge is declared “duly open and in order for business.” He practiced his Craft every single day and would never take a holiday from it. the more details you give.” there was no regular means by which Prince Hall could obtain passage. save that he have certain passwords. that he “secret mode” through which the Great Architect communicates will be to etch upon your breast. even when the spirits asked him for his birth day. The only way for Prince Hall to bring them into “the Union” will be to establish a truly Universal Lodge. so he sat in deep contemplation for seven years. Prince Hall chiseled the Ancient Landmarks onto a stone slate and presented them to the spirits. The other Gods having already “gotten the word out. regardless of race color or creed. that they would be considered Fellows of the Craft. and since we are simply making up our own myth. they might reach the Land of Adelphi where there was gyenyame aplenty. first that we should always seek counsel from the Great Architect alone. over the time of which. His enemies could be his biased and racist peers and all of the religious zealots who are constantly trying to gain advantage. to supply the workmen for the building of the Temple.” and so he favored calling them “workmen. the meanings of which he would try to exemplify in his daily life. He then told them that as long as they maintained the same.

The Ruffians “Antiquity Preserved While Leading Change” 18 CNI Education. who we know would have preferred an integrated Lodge. The time may soon come when the heroic Prince Hall is taken to task and required to “bear his cross. we might remember that a Universal Masonry should result in only one Grand Lodge per state. as Masons. What should then become of the medicine once the patient is cured. Fraternally. we owe a duty to clearly state whether we are dealing with fact or fiction. for what purpose? Let us not blame it on Prince Hall.respond. but a “Grand” one. 9. etc. as opposed to simply following the lead of others. save its Christian orientation.” so that the Craft is allowed to reach its fullest potential. then you will find some reason to celebrate. 2010 . and shall humanity and not religion rule the world. And that “Prince Hall Masonry” rose up in response to an “ill” or “sickness” in the Craft. not a Black one. or a Muslim one etc. If we can think past racial pride for a moment. or the Muslim to find a Muslim Lodge etc. When practiced according to its tenants. much like the medicines used to cure physical ailments. wherever it exists. CONCLUSION Whatever methods we use. while in the others Prince Hall may be the only “Masonic” option.. or a Christian one. so he never instituted any dress code beyond white gloves and apron. Masonry or religion. and thus shall its purpose not be frustrated. until our work is completed.” We could explain how he was very careful about making any rules that would violate any of the Ancient Landmarks. In the states where Blacks may join the historically White Grand Lodges. He never wanted to discourage anybody from attending Lodge and sharing in his program. “if I tell you it is today. truth or mythology. and if so. This is what Masonry is. then if found worthy you will receive it.” in jurisdictions where racism no longer draws a line within the Craft. Each state or jurisdiction will one day answer the question as to whether “Masonry” exists within their boundaries or not.. II 2. but that every Mason should work to maintain a Universal Lodge. or a White one. The key to any level of survival will lie in mastery and practice of the tenants and principles of the Craft. Masonry presents a level where every variety of human being may find equal solace. It is not for the Black man to find a Black Lodge. the Prince Hall Grand Lodges will bear the blame for perpetuating a “color line” within the Craft. leaving us one day further outside of ‘the Union’ we wish to inspire. Wait. lest he become addicted? Would we share in the guilt of those pharmaceutical companies who perpetuate ills so that they may continue to sell their medicines? Is it proper to maintain a “Black Masonry.

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