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Mobilink Pakistan

Mobilink GSM (PMCL), a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom, started its operations in 1994, and has become the market leader both in terms of growth as well as having the largest customer subscriber base in Pakistan-a base of over 30million and growing. Mobilink is the first cellular service provider to operation a 100% digital GSM technology in Pakistan that also provides state-of-art communication solutions to its customers. Mobilink Pakistan is the leading Cellular Company which has 10 Million Subscribers nationwide. Mobilink is the biggest Cellular Company in Pakistan. Mobilink introduce cellular networks in Pakistan established themselves as the major cellular company of Pakistan. Covering almost every city of Pakistan. Mobilink is giant is this the reason that they are still expensive as compare to other companies like Ufone and Warid Tel.

“To be a superior communication service company in Pakistan which provides the best value to its customers, employees, business partners and shareholders?”

“To be the leading Telecommunication Services Provider in Pakistan by offering innovative Communication solutions for my Customers while exceeding Shareholder value & Employee Expectations”

 To be No. 1 in all its mobile businesses  Continue to capture more market before competitors arrive.  To increase market share up to 70% this year  To achieve turnover of 20% in 2005  To provide customer with best value for spending and service at low cost

COMSATS institute of information and technology, Islamabad

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In addition to providing advanced voice communication services. He can load a scratch card whenever he wants to and start talking. To achieve this objective.Mobilink Pakistan PRODUCTS Mobilink offers both Pre-paid and Post-paid services. they also offer a number of value added services to their valued subscribers VALUE ADDED SERVICES          GPRS Mobilink Mustt Services SMS Messaging Power Tools Chat Services Dedication Services Power Tools Mail Services Info Services IVR Ring tones/Logos On Missed Call Alerts SALES STRATEGY Mobilink is the first cellular operator to introduce the “franchise “concept in the cellular industry in Pakistan and currently operates the largest franchise networking Pakistan with over 250 franchises/national distributors (dealer‟s operated service centers). they offer both postpaid (Indigo) and the prepaid (JAZZ) services to their customers. COMSATS institute of information and technology. Each franchisee is adequately equipped to process sales. these operate as point of sales (POS) and are branded “Mobilink Connect”. In order to extend its reach even further. Mobilink worked with its franchisees to develop a network of over 500 sub dealers. All franchises have trained sales and service staff fully capable of tackling sales challenges. The user can decide in advance when and how much he wants to spend. They offer tariff plans that are exclusively designed to cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people. Jazz is simple. Islamabad Page 3 . collect bills and offer customer services. easy and loads of fun. taking into account occasional users to businessmen. Jazz is an amazing prepaid service that allows freedom from monthly bills and gives complete control over the customer‟s cellular expenditure.

Mobilink GSM Short Message Service Center allows Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management services that are being provided by Tracker (Pvt. a company licensed by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA). It surveys the markets and modifies its products according to the requirements and preferences of its customers.e. Tracker currently operates from Karachi but can provide these facilities at all those locations where GSM coverage is available CORE COMPETENCE People at Mobilink believe that their Research & development department is its core competence along with their workforce i. Mobilink is basically a customer-oriented company and it always comes up with new features and products. which is there to assist the customers 24hours. At the end of the year 2005. Mobilink has relatively rapid product development processes that allow for timely updating and release of new products. COMSATS institute of information and technology. under the brand name of C-Track. Islamabad Page 4 . At this achievement. their employees. Mobilink crossed its target of reaching up to 10million customers.) Ltd. It was the first cellular company in Pakistan. Bilateral-roaming agreements signed with 100 countries around the world to have true roaming service operational in 151 operators of the world. all the employees at Mobilink got a month‟s salary as bonus in December 2005.Mobilink Pakistan ACHIEVEMENTS ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certification for Billing. which started working on 100% GSM technology. Engineering Departments and CS Contact Center Biggest Call Center in Pakistan.

On the basis of findings. This transition is obvious in Mobilink repositioning itself and hitting the market with a new face with the catchphrase “Reshaping communication” Joint Promotional Agreements with Various Organizations:  Jazz member Get Member: Opportunity for customers to become the brand‟s ambassador and at the same time earns Rs. It gave customers the added convenience of purchasing quality hand sets of leading manufacturers such as Nokia.100 free airtime. Islamabad Page 5 . COMSATS institute of information and technology.  Mobilink Nokia 9500 offer  MOBILINK-AVIS partnership: Mobilink joined hands with AVIS. Mobilink has undertaken various efforts to ensure that it changes its stance from concentrating on its existing market to growing its market presence.  Mobilink and UBL launch online bill payment facility for Indigo subscribers  MOB. The new Jazz customer will also get Rs. a global brand and the world‟s leading car rental company to offer discounted car rental rates(locally as well as internationally) to all Mobilink post-paid customers. Karachi.Motorola V3 launch  Mobilink –CITIBANK Joint Promotion (free INDIGO and Call n Control connections to all Citibank Credit Card members)  Handset Kiosk inside Mobilink Service Center: a „hand-set Kiosk‟ set up at Mobilink service center at Awami Markaz. they have entered into partnerships with different organizations. Mobilink had a focus on internal growth. All this is evident from the fact that since the deregulation of the mobile service industry of Pakistan. Foreigners visiting Pakistan using the Mobilink network for cellular services were able to receive a 20% discount on AvisCar rental Service. 400 in airtime. it appears that for the past few years (1999-2003). The kiosk was set up in collaboration with Mobile Zone.Mobilink Pakistan Corporate Level Strategy As their corporate level strategy. The main reason for this change is mainly to keep up with the competition and to retain and increase its market share.

25/min still expensive as compared to Warid but giving incentive to subscriber there is an additional cost of RS 25 to add friends and family number. Distinctive Product Features:  Value added services  Online billing  GPRS enabled  Mobilink also started 3 friend and family number with a charge of 2. They make their product unique through: Advertising: Mobilink is using television. billboards and posters to promote Indigo.  Radio: It has a relatively large listeners‟ base and so is an effective way to communicate the message. reaches a broad spectrum of consumers and has the maximum customer impact. Mobilink has always made successful attempts to distinguish their products or services from other in the industry. and radio advertising media to disseminate its message and to build a brand preference but the most preferred is television since this medium is the most powerful. their post-paid brand.Mobilink Pakistan Business Level Strategy As their business level strategy it has focused on Differentiation strategy ever since it started. Islamabad Page 6 .  Billboards and Print Media: The Company has come up with elaborate campaigns. print. COMSATS institute of information and technology.  International roaming: Bilateral roaming agreements signed with 100countries around the world to have true roaming service operational in 151operators of the world.

Telenor. Warid.g. New Technology:  Introduced GSM tech. it has been focusing its products on the upper strata of the society. blackberry is mainly targeted for the business class who can afford it.  Providing services in 413 cities  Best customer service in the cellular market: Biggest Call Center in Pakistan. Since it first started its operations. so it can be quite profitable e. but Mobilink has its service in those areas.bye to AMPS?  GPRS system – fast and inexpensive  MOBILINK GSM Short Message Service Center allows Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management services that are being provided by Tracker (Pvt. That is why its rates are higher than its competitors. the revenue generation remains high. a company licensed by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA).. Islamabad Page 7 . which is there to assist the customers 24 hours. In this way. the PTCL cables have not reached yet. Their differentiation strategy is usually targeted at people who are not particularly concerned with price. Mobilink is a giant in Pakistani mobile industry Tel. To achieve this objective. taking into account occasional users to businessmen. Low Cost Strategy: Mobilink does not follow a low cost strategy. Ufone. mob offers both postpaid (Indigo. indigo and blackberry are relatively expansive packages. Mobilink offers tariff plans that are exclusively designed to cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people. under the brand name of C-Track. etc.Mobilink Pakistan Exceptional Service:  There are certain areas of Pakistan where PTCL connections are not available. COMSATS institute of information and technology. relatively expensive) and the prepaid (JAZZ.) Ltd.  Only cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway. relatively inexpensive) solutions to their customers.

and candles. Islamabad Page 8 . and so they are the part of winning team. The sales force members are some of the best talent in the country and can be distinguished from others on the basis of their convincing power.  Differentiation Advantage:  Because they target the customer groups they offer tariff plans that are exclusively designed to cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people. caps. It took part in the usual trade-show presentations of Asia Pacific Billing and Revenue Management Week. These items are given as gifts to customers by salespeople. radios. They have the passion and the spirit to challenge the norms.  Sales Contests: Mobilink actively carries out yearly sales contests in order to motivate the sales force to put in greater effort.Mobilink Pakistan Functional Level Strategy Sales and Marketing: Mobilink also carries out business and sales force promotions on frequent basis. mugs.  The marketing department immediately identifies and responds to the customer needs  Comes up with interesting marketing strategies which include advertising Mobilink‟s Sales Force: Sales force serves as the companies personal links to the customers. This event has a particularly interesting through line of taking services to understand markets. they offer both postpaid (Indigo) and the prepaid (JAZZ) solutions to their customer. taking into account occasional users to businessmen. To achieve this objective.  Trade Shows: mobilink actively participates in trade shows in order to enhance its business promotions.  Specialty Advertising: Mobilink uses certain items imprinted with its logos well advertising messages such as calendars. COMSATS institute of information and technology. Mobilink fast paced growth is fueled by the foundation of innovation and the relentless work of 4000 dynamic team members.

SMS Marketing: Mobilink uses SMS marketing to send messages directly to customers. These channels include direct mail. catalogues.” Electronic Marketing: Mobilink finds it electronic marketing very important and highly accountable.Mobilink Pakistan Sales Force Objective The chief objective of Mobilink‟s sales force is not only to encourage sales but also to diagnose customer‟s problem and to propose an effective solution thus satisfying them completely. tele marketing as well ase-marketing. Mobilink management believes that:“Today‟s consumers are mobile and today‟s marketing must reflect that. Mobilink also uses a very unique technique to reach its customers directly. Mobilink‟s website not only has attractive design and layout but is also very interesting and easy to navigate COMSATS institute of information and technology. Sales force Structure: Mobilink‟s sales force manages following types of sales force:  Technical and Application Engineer  Service Personal  Distributor Sales Force Direct Marketing: Mobilink also uses direct channels to reach its customers without using marketing middlemen. They play a strong role in improving customer profitability. Mobilink‟s Website Mobilink has paid special attention to the “context” & “content” of its website to encourage repeat visits. Islamabad Page 9 . SMS marketing creates one-on-one communication with the market.

and treat everyone fairly. They have placed their trust and confidence in us. empowerment and harmony. Trust & Integrity: At Mobilink. Passion for Business Excellence: I strive for excellence in all that I do. Third. quality and value beyond their expectations. I take personal responsibility for my actions. Mobilink must find ways to expand total market demand. COMSATS institute of information and technology. I respect and esteem my employees and all stakeholders. it has to try to increase its market share. I believe in teamwork. I recognize and fulfill my responsibility towards my country and the environment I operate in. Islamabad Page 10 . I strive to anticipate their needs and deliver service. This commitment to delivering world-class quality translates into unmatched service and value for my customers and all stakeholders. Responsible Corporate Citizen: As the market leader. it must protect its current market share through good defensive and offensive actions. I take pride in practicing the highest ethical standards in an open and honest environment. and with trust and respect. even if the market size remains constant. Second. Respect for People: My relationships drive my business. first. In return. and by honeying my commitments. I aspire to the highest standards and raise the bar for myself every day.Mobilink Pakistan Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction: Customers are at the heart of my success. Competitive Strategies: Being the market leader.

uncluttered environment to maximize the impact of the marketingmessage  Context and time relevant marketing medium  Instant response mechanism delivering true one to one communication  A digital medium enabling deep campaign measurement and analysis Distribution Strategy: There are three types of distribution strategies. second Extensive Distribution and third is Selective Distribution. Same is the case with Mobilink. While providing its Jazz prepaid cards Mobilink follow Intensive Distribution strategy means that stocking Jazz prepaid cards in as many outlets as possible.Mobilink Pakistan Expanding the Total Market: Mobile phone tele-density has increased to 35 per cent with over 53 million users. The market growth still has 65 percent potential if not more. Mobile marketing integrates across the marketing mix to drive the effectiveness of both above and below the line activities. First Intensive Distribution. It uses the following strategies to expand the total market. The dominant firm gains the most when the total market expands. However mobilink follow both intensive and exclusive distribution strategies. Islamabad Page 11 .  Market-penetration strategy  New-market segment strategy  Geographical-expansion strategy Defending Market Share: The rapid growth in mobile phone ownership has opened a new. Direct. as Pakistan‟s population is over 150 million. mass marketing channel for marketers to reach their target market. Delivering:  Direct marketing channel to customers  Clean. mobile marketing is emerging as a key element of the marketing mix for Mobilink. COMSATS institute of information and technology. responsive and measurable.

(High Growth. High Market Share) Jazz One Cash Cow-(Low Growth.Low Marketshare) Jazz Octane COMSATS institute of information and technology. Low Market Share) Ja z z E a s y Dog-(LowGrowth.Mobilink Pakistan BCG GROWTH-SHARE MATRIX Star . Islamabad Page 12 . High Market Share) Jazz Ladies First Mobilink Indigo Jazz Budget Question Mark-(High Growth.

 The network service of Mobilink is distributed over a wide area.  Pioneer in GSM service in Pakistan  Number of customers is more as compare to any other mobile service provider in Pakistan.  The customers of Mobilink are very much satisfied.  Mobilink short message service center allows Vehicle Tracking and Fleet (VTF) Management services.  Mobilink provides good service to its customers.  Highest market share not only in terms of number of subscribers but also in terms of revenue.  Large number of corporate customers  Economy of scale  Mobilink and Muslim Commercial Bank have made a combined effort in order to maximize the ease and the satisfaction of their respective customers by offering them all banking services from their very own mobile handset. Islamabad Page 13 . therefore it is the biggest strength.Mobilink Pakistan SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths:  Mobilink is an acknowledged market leader of all the companies of its kind  Only cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway.  Mobilink has a distinctive competence  It has adequate financial resources  The company has good competitive skills  Mobilink has effective product innovation abilities  Increased brand equity  Premium brand image COMSATS institute of information and technology.

Islamabad Page 14 . targeted to a market that delivers Internet Protocol packet services to over 650 million GSM subscribers  Mobilink can expand its target markets and enter new market segments  This company has faster market growth so its must try to introduce such packages that attract more and more customers  Being a market leader they can make head to head competition to their competitors and to make them out of market COMSATS institute of information and technology.  The services of Mobilink are wide spread such that you can see many small outlets in every market area. Billing mistakes in indigo bills is common  Mostly process are not efficient in the routine jobs  There is no proper software available for Inventory system Opportunities:  Before start of more new companies can target as many new customers as they can  Can lower prices to make business difficult for new companies  Mobilink is completing field-testing and certification of its General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) products.Mobilink Pakistan  Jazz Advance  The company has hired well-qualified and able employees in all its departments. Weaknesses:  Mobilink provides costly services to customers as compared to other mobile companies  Sometimes the network is busy and over loaded which results in poor connectivity  Customer services centre is not providing good quality services  Mobilink is expensive in comparison to other networks  Network problem and voice quality is still a big issue  There is lack of interdepartmental communication.

Mobilink Pakistan  By organizing events for some social causes they can improve the image of company  Mobilink can increase its market share by entering new market segments  Mobilink has an opportunity to add further products to its existing product line Threats:  New market players are coming in near future.  Current price war may reach at a position where only brand names survive.  USP while Mobilink is now thinking about that technology  Due to intense competition Mobilink is losing its market share  Telenor has introduced H-Stick through which by inserting the Sim in that device you can connect through internet at your laptop or PC  Political and economical instability and terrorism in the country COMSATS institute of information and technology.  After PAKTEL is captured by china. Islamabad Page 15 . it introduced many new packages which attract the consumer more than any other.  New companies can offer packages for corporate customers in better way.  Wireless local loop service providers too targeting areas which are less developed.  Due to expensive quality of service now a day‟s customers can shift to other companies.

it negatively affects the brand image. Due to running in economies of scale. so it also has a threat on MOBILINK Company. It has ability to work in highly competitive environment that has created after new companies entrances. U. As Mobilink provides expensive call rates to customers as compared to other mobile companies that also have a bad impact on company. Islamabad Page 16 . where coverage of no other company can reach. WARID & TELENOR have also strong background which enables them to fight with exiting company effectively. it easily lowers prices to prevent new entrants.  Currently providing not good quality service because of changing their network from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz. it has introduced such packages that have  increased the company revenue with more customers. so it may lose its customers.Mobilink Pakistan Tows Matrix of Mobilink STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES   OPPORTUNITIES THREATS As market leader it can target more & more customers.fone that has also large number of customers and being subsidiary company of PTCL is a big threat on it. Due to high recourses it can easily remove threats of other competitors.   COMSATS institute of information and technology. As sometimes the network is busy and over loaded. that irritates the customers. It easily met the challenges appeared after PTCL & PAKTEL privatization.     PAKTEL has great threat after privatization that is not so easy to handle. Call disconnectivity is too much. It can target due to high financial power & competitive skills in those cities and villages.     As it has a good brand image.

Socio-cultural forces. Socio-Cultural Factors As Pakistan is an Islamic country and people are very strict in case of Islam any thing against the philosophy of Islam on either print or electronic media are treated as against Pakistan. our competitors. Islamabad Page 17 .Mobilink Pakistan Mobilink external-environment Analysis The Mobilink external-environment includes their external customers. Political Factors Environment is investor friendly telecommunication sector is under de-regulation. Economic Factors Mobilink should consider long term and short term state of a trading market. so there are some problems like licensing for installing boosters and towers. Telecommunications Companies who are targeting upper-end of market mostly published and aired their advertisement in English language are not attracting their customers. it shows that Mobilink is also affected economically by these economic factors of Pakistan and their sales are less. Most of the people dislike anything extra-ordinary or something which interrupt their culture or subculture. agents and distributors. suppliers.. COMSATS institute of information and technology. etc. Economic forces. Before WTO (World Trade Organization) implementation government already took steps in de-regulation of telecommunication sector. That‟s why Mobilink made their ads in the National Language of Pakistan and their ads fully reflects the culture of the Pakistan. Inflation is controlling by state bank and under strict eyes but unemployment rate is going up and up with the increase of level of poverty. Monopoly of PTA will be going to end at the end of 2005. and Technological forces are the part of the external environment. But now the political environment of Pakistan is so much disturbed. The country forces affecting the environment e. Political forces.g. use of frequency and other interlinked matters of Mobilink are affected by it. If the political environment of Pakistan is stable in the then country will be doing excellent on economic front.

Mobile Internet (WAP). although their rates are high but high class afford them and use them. Conference Calling.Mobilink Pakistan Technological Factors Telecommunication companies have technology with which they can compete in the Pakistan and now companies are investing in their infrastructure to not only expand but also to upgrade their existing structure. Mobilink other new services are CITI Mobilink credit cards. So. Pocket Stocks. but the high class or business class use their services. these technological factors also affect the sales of the Mobilink against their competitors as they provide more technological services. Animated pictures Polyphonic ring tones. Mobilink Internet Connection and Blackberry connection. Islamabad Page 18 . COMSATS institute of information and technology. Virtual Private Network (VPN). General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). Wallpapers. Currently Mobilink is the company who is providing Multi-media Messaging Services (MMS). and Voice Mail at low price and Telenor is proving an addition feature that one can see TV channels on their cell.

and the competitor become more equal in size. This is the major issue that the management of the company has to face all the times. Potential Entry of New Competitor Barriers to entry may let some competitor to enter the market but Mobilink do not have any threat from such competitor because they use current technology and do not compromise on their technology. Rivalry also increases when customer may switch to UFONE or other connection when cost is high. Mobilink manages the counter moves of new entrances by leverets¶ in its prices of call rates and attractive packages to all its customers all the time to restrict the new entrants. and TELENOR. WARID.Mobilink Pakistan PORTER FIVE FORCES Rivalry among Competing Firm Mobilink has the following competitors UFONE. Islamabad Page 19 . COMSATS institute of information and technology. The intensity of competition increases as the no of competitor increases. ZONG.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers Employees are the suppliers of Mobilink they do not bargain with Mobilink as they are loyal to the organization and Mobilink is provided them maximum facilities so that they remain in connection with the company and show the commitment in the best way they can with the company. COMSATS institute of information and technology. This will be the real competitive edge of the company. Bargaining Power of Customers Customers do not bargain with Mobilink because their packages and services are fixed on all the Mobilink franchises. So the main point of focus should be that the rates should be attractive for the customers. Islamabad Page 20 .Mobilink Pakistan Potential Development of Substitute Products There is a potential development of substitute‟s product because all the competitors are provided almost same services at cheep rates as the Mobilink is providing so in order to be the most attractive it has to cover all those areas where the competitors have not yet covered in order to b the leading and the most favorite company of its users.

especially towards e-commerce  Better customer incentive plan  New competitors are entering into the cellular market so Mobilink should improve their services and offer attractive packages to hold their customers  Another important thing is the positioning.Mobilink Pakistan Recommendations:  Mobilink should provide less costly services to their customers so that the rival companies cannot reach to its standard  They should try to improve their customer service centers for customer‟s satisfaction  Mobilink should target those areas which are less developed for providing their services  Mobilink should offer less expensive packages to the customers otherwise customers will switch off to other cellular brands  They should try to provide good quality service and resolve the problem in connectivity because it irritates the customer  Try to lower their call rates because it creates a bad effect on customer  Establish Research and Development Department  Ensure Network quality  Focus on subscriber retention  Adaptation of value added services.  MOBILINK mostly give attention to interpersonal training while they must consider the technical side of the work as well COMSATS institute of information and technology. Islamabad Page 21 . Mobilink should give more attention to their brand image in the minds of customers because nowadays customers attract to brands  They should provide better packages for the corporate customers  Their internal environment should be as strong so that they will perform well in a highly competitive environment  MOBILINK should give keen attention towards the proper training of the employees about the newly implemented systems  Refreshing courses will help the organization to float smoothly  Mobilink should improve its customer care services being the largest service provider around the nation.

the latest technology and services. reliability and integrity Conduct regular meetings on weekly basis with my staff regarding issues that they are facing and try to solve them accordingly Make assurance that all the sales are genuine and there should be no fake sales Conduct training and development seminars on regular basis Conduct of extracurricular activities.e.Mobilink Pakistan                       Innovation in technology Lower SMS rates to other networks To cover all of those sites where other operators have coverage while Mobilink doesn‟t To provide more training programs for technical employees Improvement in Customer Services Employee retention plans needs to be more efficient Should introduce new brands GPRS service should be improved Make better use of internal resources and reduce reliance on outsourcing Make assurance of quality of services and to assure quick response of respective team to fix the issue Make continuous expansion in the network to maintain the leadership Changes should be what customers want the most i. Islamabad Page 22 . backed by quality. There are many HR decisions that are taken by the other department. there should be a clear delegation of authority regarding decision making for HR department Employees were not aware of the in depth policies so employees should be consulted while policy formulation stage Benefits and rewards are too complicated for anyone to understand Mobilink should simplify its reward system for its employees to understand well    COMSATS institute of information and technology. Try to advertise all the important roads. Complete focus on customer retention by providing them better services and strongly emphasize on employees retention Try to make up to date my staff with the latest state of the art tools and techniques to run each business domain Strong interdepartmental communication which is lacking and Provide equal opportunity for growth in each department Change its market strategy from time to time. places. So. sometimes reactive sometimes proactive and always active Improve the database and different software that are using now days by using powerful tools of advanced databases Eliminate the culture of “yes boss” and to encourage the two way communication with all staff members. and chowks by name of Mobilink Human resource department is not fully authorized to take all the decisions.

This important function of HR does not have recognition in Policies‟ statement. This practice can cause disharmony among employees for power.  The decision making is delegated to managers with goals set for each term promotion.Mobilink Pakistan  Mobilink pursues Zero-tolerance policy for disciplinary actions. Team based structure (like throne at PMO) should be preferred in all departments COMSATS institute of information and technology. This is good but not in all cases. Islamabad Page 23 . Mobilink should look towards its discipline polices and try to be a bit more lenient  Mobilink HR lacks in terms of career planning and development. Mobilink should have a look at this. hiring and firing is virtually in the immediate boss‟s hand.

So mobilink is facing many threats but still it is trying to maintain its position in market due to its brand loyalty and its image set I the mind of customers and also having lots of strength in organization which makes its one of the best organization. Although it‟s not a long-run strategy. COMSATS institute of information and technology. Islamabad Page 24 . Vertical Integration Mobilink makes Sims and its black berry from Motorola. So company become independent and it will not come in pressure of suppliers. Telenor. So it is better time for company to go for diversification and go back to growth stage. Horizontal Integration They should acquire their competitors in order to achieve horizontal integration because we see many players in the telecommunication sector including Ufone.Mobilink Pakistan Recommended strategy Diversification Strategy From swot analysis we came to know that Mobilink is having very god position in market and it is the market leader in telecom industry but with passage of time there asr more competitors who is entering. Warid and Zong in the mobile phone sector. So if Mobilink go in backward integration and manufacture its own Sims it would give more edge to the company. They should also be more focused towards the quality of operations being carried on out their. it is the strategy to get the profits or benefits for short-run. Cost Cut Strategy Mobilink should use standardized technology and equipments in order to achieve low cost service process.

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