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Case  Study   Lupus  Awareness  Campaign  for  the  Office  on  Women’s  Health           Background   Lupus  is  a  chronic  autoimmune  disease  that  disproportionately  affects  minority  women  3  times  more   than  white  women.  There  is  very  low  awareness  and  knowledge  of  the  disease,  especially  among   women  at  greatest  risk.    Our  challenge  was  to  reach  and  inform  young  women  of  color  about  Lupus  in   the  hope  they  will  take  action  if  they  experience  symptoms.           Agency  Role   Muse’s  role  was  to  design  a  multi-­‐platform  communications  program  to  raise  awareness  and   understanding  of  Lupus.  The  objective  was  to  encourage  the  target  audience  to  recognize  the  symptoms   and  to  seek  additional  information  by  visiting  the  Lupus  website.     Strategic  planning  included  qualitative  research  with  the  target  in  3  markets,  individual  interviews  with   physicians  and  clinicians  specializing  in  autoimmune  diseases  like  Lupus,  interviews  with  representatives   from  community  health  clinics  serving  low-­‐income  and  minority  women,  and  interviews  with  key   influencers  and  stakeholders.         Creative  Development   Our  campaign  was  developed  to  do  more  than  raise  awareness  of  the  disease  –  it  urged  women  to  ask   themselves  the  question,  “Could  I  have  lupus?”  Through  our  conversations  with  women  suffering  from   lupus,  we  were  inspired  to  incorporate  the  stories  of  their  experiences  and  personal  struggles.  Our   campaign  showcases  actual  diary  entries  from  these  women,  and  offers  a  pathway  for  answers  and   hope  in  their  battle  with  lupus.     Campaign  elements  included  TV,  radio,  print,  out-­‐of-­‐home,  online  banners.    A  website  and  press  kits   were  also  produced.           Results   This  campaign  was  measured  three  ways:  website  activity,  value  of  media  placements,  and  awareness   tracking  survey.       The  online  component  was  extremely  successful:  in  the  3  month  launch  period  (3/09  to  6/09),  total   website  hits  were  at  5.3  million  and  average  hits  per  day  exceeded  61K.    Average  length  of  session  was   8:6  minutes,  compared  with  an  industry  average  of  2.4  minutes.  Our  banner  effort  delivered  12  million   impressions  with  a  .09  click-­‐through  rate  (industry  average  is  .04).  Most  importantly,  our  site  had  an   open  community  forum  and  a  function  for  users  to  create  their  own  online  diaries.  883  women   registered  with  1,776  diary  and  community  forum  entries  during  the  launch  period.    



  As  a  pro  bono  campaign,  the  success  can  also  be  measured  by  the  interest  and  commitment  of  the   media  industry.    According  to  the  Ad  Council,  the  Lupus  Awareness  Campaign  has  generated   tremendous  support  and  generated  over  $27  million  in  donated  media  since  its  launch  in  2009.         A  national  online  tracking  survey  commissioned  by  the  Ad  Council  and  HHS  in  partnership  with   Greenfield  Online  was  conducted  from  April  2009  to  March  2010.    This  survey  found  that  22  percent  had   heard  the  campaign  advertising  and  15  percent  reported  seeing  or  hearing  something  about  Lupus   compared  to  10  percent  in  2009.    Notably,  one  year  after  campaign  launch,  14  percent  of  women   surveyed  reported  visiting  a  website  for  more  information  versus  9  percent  of  women  surveyed  a  year   ago.            For  More  Information  about  our  healthcare  marketing  services,  please  contact:     Shelley  Yamane   Candace  Rohr   Muse  Communications   email:       email:   9543  Culver  Blvd.,  2nd  Floor       Culver  City,  CA      90232   Phone:  310.945.4100