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Chopra is a medical doctor (endocrinogo), its formation was made in the U.S. and India. A leader in the field of medicine of the mind, body and human potential. Its innovative lectures and books blend physics and philosophy (the practical and spiritual), venerable Eastern wisdom and Western scientific forefront. His contribution to the realization of man is highly topical, his attitude is different from other spiritual leaders, who care for their language references to what we call "material", Chopra has no prejudice to talk about money, business success , financial achievement and so on. - This does not mean it is a "trainer" executive coach or people who just want to have something more than money. It's actually far from it. According to Chopra's success, including the economic is not achieved through strenuous effort and violent, competitive strategy and the cold unscrupulous strategy. The man should approach to success and even wealth from one position and a much more spiritual. Success has many aspects and material wealth is in this sense the result of the heavy flow of good to us, from a proper search with clear and specific goals along the path of spirit and based on natural laws that govern all Creation. That is, according to Chopra, wealth is no longer an end in itself, but is the logical outcome of a process during which we have been pointing the spiritual force that leads us to assemble the whole puzzle of success, which includes our health, energy, enthusiasm for life, personal relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, and in this way is also the coveted material welfare. To achieve success there is no way to start by knowing our true nature, in this sense Chopra suggests that we begin to recognize and cultivate the divinity that is in every one of us, universal manifestation of divinity. We are part of that, we have in us 'the divine seed.' Until we know take care of that seed and germinate SHE never get anywhere. TRUE SUCCESS IS THAT THE DEPLOYMENT OF LIVING IN OUR INNER DIVINITY.Understanding life as a miraculous expression of divinity Universal in communion with the Divine within all living things that exist, only then will we be able to understand, achieve and enjoy success. WHAT IS SUCCESS?

For Chopra success in life can be defined as the continued growth of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals. Success is the ability to realize the wishes of an easy way. This requires going to succeed for a spiritual path, knowing and practicing the laws of the spirit.

So get to experience the miraculous, which is the essence of success, which in itself is not a destination but a journey. To accomplish this journey to wealth in all its forms, the guide are the spiritual laws. According to Chopra's conception of everything that exists in the physical world, all we can see, all that our senses are manifestations of the transformation of the 'Unmanifest' in 'manifest'. Our body, the physical universe, all that can be seen is the transformation of the unknown and invisible in the known and visible. What Chopra called the Law is that process of transformation. These processes occur in the field of deep essence of creation, field of "pure potentiality or entity inmanifesto" and upon completion of the process or law, then the universe unmanifest becomes manifest. Spiritual Laws of Success are exactly the same laws and principles that nature uses to create everything that exists in material form, the entire physical world, but in this case are applied to the personal success. THE SEVEN NATURAL LAWS, the seven laws of success. Following this line of natural processes that are linked to each other, potencindose in this interrelation, the possibility of fulfilling a dream becomes a practical reality. THE FIRST LAW: 'Pure Potentiality' It consists of applying 'pure potentiality' in everyday life. - In our essential state we are pure consciousness, that is, pure potentiality. The attributes of consciousness are the knowledge, infinite silence, perfect balance, invincibility, joy and simplicity. Everything is in our nature in a profound sense. According to Chopra, there are three guidelines that we have access to this potential are: - silence - Meditation

- The habit of judging by these three common daily practices and the potential in us will rise above the social and ego I moving our feet and we are align with the world of energy, that broth immaterial which is the source of the material world and is always on the move . THE SECOND LAW: the "giving": Everything in the universe flows, comes and goes. We must live in harmony with this concept. Giving and receiving is the constant flow of the flow, which means "to flow in abundance." If we prevent the circulation of money, if we intend to hoard money and hold onto it, we are preventing the money flowing again in our lives.

To flow provided to us, we must keep in circulation. We must give to receive. Giving engenders receiving and receiving engenders giving. Actually "give and take" are the same: two aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. This is as simple as the idea that I must give what I receive, if I want happiness, I will give joy to others. If I want love, I must learn to give love. If I want material wealth, I must help others to achieve it. These principles apply both for the person to a company or a nation. If we receive the benefit of all the good things of life, LEARN A SILENT WISH everyone all the good things of life. Third Law: Karma, 'cause and effect'. Every action is a force of energy that returns to us in like the way we have produced.Each of us can choose at each step a choice, what makes us "elegidores endless options" .... if someone insults me, it is more likely to offend and I answer in the same tone, however if someone praises me, I'd probably feel pleased (depends on who comes the praise) but this is where Chopra says: "Attention : think, there's always another option. - A person may insult me and I did not offend me. "could even praise me, and I choose to praise that I should boast ..." The point is that we are used to react by conditioned reflex, most of us respond in a predictable and repetitive to stimuli around us. We actually have infinite options available at all times, the simple act of pausing a moment before taking a decision and see how many options we have for this situation. The fact PUTTING ONE TIME AS SPECTATORS OF THE SITUATION, gives us

the possibility to bring awareness to our full potential of the realm of the unconscious, this potential and election observation gives us a lot of power. Chopra says that we pay attention, and we do two basic questions 1) What are the consequences of choosing this path? the heart will respond immediately. 2) Does this decision will bring happiness for myself and those around me? If the answer is "Yes" then go ahead without a doubt, if "No" do not continue on that path ... SO SIMPLE. Choose the option that will bring happiness to those around us and ourselves is what Chopra calls "spontaneous right action." and receive help making the right decisions at the right time of the sensations of our body. The physical world, which in us is our body, who will send the signals. - The body signals are basically two: 'welfare' and 'discomfort'.

When we are making a conscious decision we pay close attention to the body, to ask what happens if we take such a decision, the body sends a signal of comfort or discomfort and we will act accordingly. Every act is an episode of Karma. Stopping to observe before deciding and paying attention to physical confirmation that we give our body the right choices and creating a positive karma. Every act is an episode of karma, such as taking a bowl of soup it is because this action creates a memory and this memory has the capacity to generate desire and this desire generates action again. When we realize this, we become conscious reality generators. The future will then be as good as we want, the best way to prepare for the future success is to be fully aware of this. The fourth law of least effort. The intelligence of nature works without any effort, without resistance, spontaneously. It is intuitive, wise, inspiring. - The flowers make no effort to grow, just do it. Birds and fish make no effort to fly or swim, just do it. The earth does not need any effort to keep its bearings in space. If we are in harmony with nature, in this natural system of action will then spontaneously Law of Least Effort.

According to Chopra to apply to everyday life this Act has three components: 1) ACCEPTANCE: accept people, events, situations and circumstances as presented to us. Accept that every moment is as it should. When we resist against the time in fact we are fighting against the whole universe. WHAT WE WANT IS DIFFERENT IN THE FUTURE, but this will be starting at that time to accept them as they are. IF WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE CHANGE. 2) RESPONSIBILITY: Do not blame anything or anyone what happened, so we have the creative ability to find an answer and a solution. So we face whatever, we always say, "This moment is as it should be," there is a hidden meaning in everything that happens and if at that moment is in a certain way, but we do not like, it must be true for then be otherwise. 3) DO NOT ASSUME A DEFENSIVE ATTITUDE: The most common defensive attack and spent most of our time and energy attacking each other with our opinions or trying to convince them of our point of view. Chopra says we should save all that energy wasted. The stiffness of oak succumbs to the storm, however the flexibility of the rod bends to the storm and survives. WE DO NOT futile efforts.

Chopra says: "Be in harmony with this, accept the moment as it is ... flowing with the universe ... it will come when the right time" THE FIFTH ACT, intention and desire: This idea is based on Chopra energy and information exist everywhere in nature. We can use that energy to our benefit and information because we also have a huge advantage over other natural events: we are aware. And to have a nervous system that is flexible to our consciousness we can consciously change the energy content and quantum information from our body and make it work according to our wishes. This is accomplished through two qualities: THE CARE AND INTENT. ATTENTION energizes and intention transforms. INTENT is the real power behind desire. It is very powerful because it is desire without attachment to outcome. DESIRE is only somewhat weak, the intention is

desired strict accordance with the laws of nature, especially that called the Law of Detachment Chopra (discussed below) Intention combined with detachment gives us a present-moment awareness. Thus it is most effective, while facing the fututo intention, attention is at present. And that intention then will come the future because the future is created in the present. The future we can create through detached intention, but we should never fight against the present. The intention is the attention focused not separated from its purpose. It means keeping the focus on the result we want for a purpose as firm and unyielding that no obstacle dissipates the concentration of our attention. Chopra suggests making a list of all the wishes you have and take it anywhere with you, look in the morning and evening, before the meditations. Have all the time this desire, as we are aware of the decisions we are taking towards this future that we build for ourselves and those around us. SIXTH LAW, which speaks of DETACHMENT We should never give up our intention to fulfill our desires. We give up interest in the outcome of this according to Chopra, derives enormous power. - This waiver is based on attachment to something that is a demonstration of fear pederlo. And as our desires are fulfilled, if what is in us is fear of losing what we have, sure you lose. The attachment to things is synonymous with poverty secure, because sooner or later leads to despair, this makes us lose focus of our attention, dissolve the intentions and we end up losing everything.

Detachment is synonymous with wealth, which does not hinder the Law of Intention and Desire, that is goal setting. WE ALWAYS HAVE A GOAL, but between the start point and the point of reaching this goal, there are infinite possibilities, and if we stick can change direction at any time, if in the way we saw a better opportunity or an ideal higher.That is evolution. Following this principle will force the solution of problems, each problem that arises is the opportunity to turn a profit. If our intention is open to the possibilities, find the right opportunity and the solution will spontaneously appear, people call it "luck." Good luck is simply the union of the state of preparation with opportunity. When the

two are mixed with careful monitoring of the facts from us, comes a solution that brings BENEFIT AND EVOLUTION. -

SEVENTH LAW: The purpose of life Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means "purpose in life." WE EACH HAVE A UNIQUE TALENT AND A UNIQUE WAY Express it. Also unique needs. - When these needs are united with the creative expression of our talents, there is the spark that creates affluence. Expressing our talents to fulfill needs creates wealth and unlimited abundance. According to the Law of Dharma Chopra has three components: The first is the certainty that every one of us is here to discover his true self, your spiritual self. - We are not human beings can have spiritual experiences, but rather we are spiritual beings OCCASIONALLY HAVE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. The field of pure potentiality is nothing that divinity in its essence. Divinity takes human form to fulfill a purpose. The second component is the expression of our unique abilities, each of us has, even more than one. - THAT MEANS THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO AND A WAY TO DO IT (ours) IS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PERSON ON THIS PLANET.When we are connected with that activity (EXPRESSION IS OUR BEST) until time ceases to exist. The third component is the Service to Humanity, when we combine the ability to express our unique talents with service to humanity, we are exercising fully the purpose of life. The right question is, how I can help? And NEVER What do I do with this? then use our unique talents to meet the needs of our neighbors. Finally, a question dear reader: What would you do if you did not have to worry about money, if dispusieras of all money and all the time in the world? The answer to that question should be, "would do the same I'm doing now."