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LIVE – Are the White Hats Really Winning? What do Collier & the Andromedans Say?
Alex Collier Interview 3-3-2012 59:07 Last Pope-Steve Quayle-Tom Horn 2-22- 2012 Pt. 1 of 3 1:33:28 Interview with Elohim Contactee Ashwin Farinacci* Cliff High on Ben Fulford, Drake, and crew Video Journal
Let's take on a new belief, everyone – that you are divine. Not only that, so is everyone else. Even if they don't respect themselves that way, you can. Let's drop all of the divide-andconquer BS that we've been fed, i.e., programmed with. No one is more important than anyone else. All are equally divine. The whole separation thing is a big lie, anyway. There's only One of us down here – or anywhere, for that matter – only the One. That means no more looking down on people – for anything. No, not for anything. That person is just playing a role. We've got to back away from these roles we've been playing and get some b r e a t h I n g r o o m. This is not who we really are. So what if we forgot that? We're re-membering it, now – and it's about time. So everyone – get a good look at your pet peeves. Come on – drag them out for a look. Got 'em? Now, time to recognize that those are what YOU are projecting on life. They aren't even “out there” at all. They are in you. Come on – step back another step if you don't see it, yet. It's called projection – ever heard of it? I bet you have.


It's because we're not sleeple anymore that we begin to see and know such things. They've been right there, in front of our noses, all along. We just couldn't see – and TPTW (The Powers That Were) just loved to laugh behind our backs at us for not seeing what, to them, was so obvious. I guess they don't get the programming we did. Well, you've heard that he who laughs last laughs best, and we'll all be laughing soon. Only the ones who still believe deeply in the Matrix and it's phony ways are freaking out – now that they see it falling apart at the seams. More and more of us are just refusing to believe – to engage with it – as if it was something important – or even real. I don't think they saw their demise coming quite this way. Poor dears. Oh well. We all have to learn, at some point, that what goes around comes around. You can't keep dishing dirt without getting dirty. It just doesn't make sense. Not that we know everything, mind you. I've no doubt we'd best stay in Heart's humility, ourselves. We've all got big surprises ahead. I don't think any of us knows just what is ahead. Even for the ET crowd – what we can manage to know of them – the word seems to be that what's happening now hasn't been done quite this way, before. So even they are unsure. Hey, change is great. Especially when you're living on today's 3D earth – change is just what you want most. Well, we're getting it. How things will turn out is anyone's guess, at this point. We're constantly creating the “future.” It's always in flux. That's why I don't go in much for prophecy. Besides, just like with Jonah in the Old Testament, prophecy is often given so that the people will wake up and change – so that it won't have to happen. Tough life, being a prophet. Seems they can't win, either way. Now, today there are people believing all kinds of things. There are some really wild predictions going around. Those who create and craft mass beliefs are hard at work – to divide and conquer the herd – to keep them/us apart – and for all sorts of equally nefarious reasons. There are even some of the negative-side ETs involved in this. We'd be surprised to discover who they are, all of those trying to manipulate our beliefs.

It can be a real challenge to distinguish truth from fiction – especially when they're making predictions about the future. Who can know the future, anyway? I am so eager for people to just wake up and realize that WE CREATE THE FUTURE based on what we expect and believe. Right now too many of us act like it's just a crap shoot – as if there's such a thing as luck or coincidence. There isn't. Speaking of interesting beliefs, there are many who believe a whole new world is coming and is almost here – where the “good guys” will completely take over right here in 3D. Many have been convinced that the “white hats” are not only well placed, everywhere – in all the “dark” organizations – but that they are also empowered, there – about to take control. Some believe that all of our monetary woes are about to be solved – that there will be no more poverty, anywhere. This will come from massive, hidden storehouses of ancient wealth – or perhaps be brought in by ETs – I'm not really sure. And, I don't mean to make fun of it, either. I once believed in this line, myself. It was great, looking forward to the regular updates that held the good news – things we all really want to hear and would love to believe. As I shared with you before, Cliff High of web-bot fame has weighed in on this one. He's no believer. By “this one” I mean the whole Drake/Fulford/Wilcock/Camelot story that's been making the rounds for quite some time. I know Cliff coming out against it for the reasons he gave was a disappointment for many – at least those who respect Cliff and his work. Cliff may be down on Ben Fulford, but Alex Collier isn't. Well, what if the Andromedans of Alex Collier fame were to weigh in on this? I think that would be pretty interesting. It deserves a listen, anyway. I know I backed way off from Alex for a while, but I'm about over that. I have an interview of his for you to listen to that helped me rethink my position on that. In March he finally came out and addressed the accusations flying around against him. I think he did a good job. It's up to you to make up your mind, though. In the first 23 minutes or so of this hour interview Alex addresses what the Andromedans say about all the mass firings (or “quittings”) in the financial industry and things of that ilk. You'll

hear, too, about how the “negative ETs,” for lack of a better term, have been actually hiding in and behind us – yes, you and me. It's creepy, other-dimensional stuff that I know to be the case. Like it or not, we all carry entities around – quite a few. They also say that certain Biblical prophesies will have to play out. I've believed otherwise – just knowing that if people wake up and realize the power of their own beliefs we could turn this thing around. (So many of the old prophecies around the year 2000 just did NOT come true.) I say we still can ;) Still, I'm open to what is. It's best to not be attached to any beliefs – none at all. So let's all be more and more open to just listen to what everyone says. That's my suggestion, anyway. Above all, let's not condemn anyone for their beliefs – since their beliefs are none of our business. Then, in the last part of the recording Alex speaks to the specifics against him – from his name change to being arrested and the rest. It's most of the interview. For those already well on our way to awakening, we can make room to believe what he says – how he was set up by the IRS for whistle-blowing. The system is well and truly corrupt. The links I'm providing with this journal represent a lot of listening time, it's true. Those interested in prophecy will enjoy it – such as the last pope, the anti-Christ, the book of Revelations, and the whole NWO (New World Order) thing. In the first part of the Collier interview we get both the Andromedans' take on some of this, along with Alex's views on things. There is even discussion of the “demigods” or ET-human hybrids. What an intriguing situation. Friends, we're all on our own when it comes to what to believe. Just because I'm sharing these links, please don't think that means I believe all of it. I don't. I just believe firmly that we all have the right to know things that are being kept hidden from us, right, left, and center. From the basic facts we can then choose what feels right to us – what to research further and what to drop. Keep in mind, too, that this Collier interview is going on three months old. With things changing as fast as they are now, take that into consideration. I don't know about you, but since the recent eclipse I feel there's a difference. Things just continue to accelerate.

We have the big Venus transit coming up, too – June 5 th, 2012. Though I'm not sure just why, the Mayans felt these Venus transits – which are rare – were important enough to merit their own special Mayan calendar – just to track them. There won't be another transit like this for over a century. Food for pondering. Just fyi, yes, Venus is one of the fastest planets to orbit the Sun. She's also quite small, so the huge bulk of her orbits don't line up with her exactly between the Earth and the Sun. She is usually either above or below that alignment, so that's why such a fast planet can have such a rare transit. Be blessed – and be the blessing you are to the earth and to the Cosmos. You're no small potatoes – none of us are. And our attitude is ever and always our choice. No one can take that one away from you. You get to choose your perspective on things. Let's all keep choosing wisely and well. That way we work together to bring in the New Earth, the New Day, the New Age – whatever you want to call it. And no more judgment of anyone or anything, okay? I don't want to have to be concerned about offending some people if I say “new age” - when all that means is our actual, factual movement from the age of Pisces to that of Aquarius – literally a new age. Let's give both our self – AND everyone else – permission to believe just exactly what they choose to believe. It's not up to us to monitor other folks – or to judge them. In our new world there will be no judgment nor condemnation of any kind – for anything – ever. It just doesn't exist in the higher dimensions – at least, from what I've found so far. Not that I'm any expert, mind you – but we're all multidimensional so we can all explore this for ourselves. So I challenge you – go into Heart and see if you find any kind of judgment at all there – any criticism of anything at all. I hope and trust that many of us are truly finding our own way into Heart space – and coming to know the expansiveness, the abounding Love of it. It's unspeakable – so very Pure. THAT'S the new age, friends. That's where we're all going – those who want higher consciousness and a lift up from 3D. If you're “down” in any way after reading this, please go back to the first few paragraphs and read them, again. Remember, YOU

ARE DIVINE. The world is NOT a juggernaut running out of control. You DO make a difference – you really do! Believe it. Know it. It's time for us all to take our power back from such phony beliefs. Thanks for “listening.” ;-) * The Farinacci interview is something I threw in. It's not one recommended by Alex. I present it as an example of some of what Alex says in his message from the Andromedans – about how these other beings – ETs, Elohim, or whatever – are hiding within/behind us. It gives me the creeps! The guy is nice enough – that's not the issue. It's what these devious insidious beings are doing with mankind.


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