The Trustees of the California State University California State University, Los Angeles Facilities Planning & Construction 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, California 90032 BUILDING 12 INTERIM SEISMIC UPGRADE REQUEST FOR BIDS NO. TM11-0111
The Trustees of the California State University will receive sealed proposals in the Administration Building Room 501at the above address, of the California State University, Los Angeles campus. Proposals will be received until 2:00 p.m. on the dates indicated below, in accordance with the RFP documents, at which time the proposals will be publicly opened and read. In general, the work consists of installation of steel plate/column reinforcing at selective locations at the basement through sixth floor of the building. The work includes selective demolition and preparation for installation of the reinforcing, and restoration of finishes and materials at the structural work. The work also includes modifications and relocation of miscellaneous electrical, mechanical, and fire alarm devices displaced by the structural work. The work also includes accessibility upgrades and toilet room modifications at the first floor of the building.

Bid Due Dates: Bid Due Time: Maximum Project Cost: Contractor License Requirements: Pre-Bid Conference & Site Visits:

June 21, 2012 2:00 P.M. (all the above) $728,000.00 including allowances B-1 (General Building) June 12, 2012 at 10:00 A.M. Conference Room, Corporation Yard Rm. 202 (Facilities Planning & Construction)

University will provide one set of bid documents to each General Contractor for bidding at no charge on or after the job-walk. Each bidder offering a proposal must comply with bidding provisions of Article 2.00 et seq. of the Contract General Conditions. The bidder should familiarize himself with all the provisions of the Contract General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions, especially Article 2.02, regarding the necessity to prequalify with the Trustees ten (10) business days prior to the bid date. Bidders must be pre-qualified and submit evidence of financial capability and technical experience at least 10 business days prior to bid opening to the Trustees of the California State University to Teri Carr at the following address. Prequalification of Prospective Bidders, Form No. 703.11 may be access at:
The California State University, Office of the Chancellor Division of Capital Planning, Design & Construction Attn: Teri Carr nd 401 Golden Shore, 2 Floor East Long Beach, CA 90802-4210 T: (562) 951-4114 F: (562) 951-4921 E-mail:

It will be the responsibility of each bidder to obtain a bid proposal package in sufficient time to fulfill requirements therein. Bid proposal packages are obtainable only by prequalified general contractors, licensed in the State of California with a “B” license. Evidence of pre-qualification must be submitted prior to receiving a bid proposal package. Bid proposal packages must be requested from California State University, Los Angeles Procurement & Contract Office, located at 5151 State University Drive, Adm. Bldg. Rm 501, Los Angeles, CA 90032, Attn: Tina Mueller, facsimile (323)343-3499 or e-mail This project is a public works project and is subject to prevailing wage rate laws (see Contract General Conditions, Article 4.02-c). A pre-bid walkthrough has been scheduled for Tuesday June 12, 2012), at 10A.M. Interested bidders should assemble at the Corporation Yard, Conference Room #202 (Facilities Planning and Construction) on the campus. It is strongly recommended that contractors attend this walkthrough, as it may be the only time bidders can walk through the project area with the Design Architect or Project Manager. Afterwards, all other requests or clarifications shall be submitted in writing and emailed to The Trustees require the successful proposer to achieve a minimum goal of 3% DVBE participation in contracting construction projects as established in the Request for. Please carefully read the requirements that are contained in the Design/Build Contract General Conditions. Failure to comply with DVBE requirements may cause the proposal to be deemed non-responsive, and the Proposer to be in-eligible for award of this contract. Proposers shall contact the University’s DVBE Coordinator Mr. Thomas Johnson, at (323) 343-3488 or email