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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia
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Friday, May 25th, 2012

Time Event Two views of Lake Negri, Rottnest Island These two multi-image stitched panoramas of the highly saline Lake Negri located approximately in the centre of Rottnest Island were take four years apart. The upper one was created during our recent visit in April 2012. The lower one is from October 2008. There are links to the two full sized HD versions used for Google Earth and a link to some of my Fremantlebiz comments posted on 30 October 2008.

Lake Negri, Rottnest Island As can be deduced from the position of the large rock, each panorama was taken from a slightly different position on the north eastern side of the lake. The more recent one is from about 10 meters further north. There are seasonal variations visible in the two images. The water level was lower this April than in the older one because it was just after summer. All of Rottnest’s lakes are highly dependent on recharging by winter rains. The lake has been known to dry out completely during prolonged droughts such as happened in 2009. I suspect the foot track which can be seen leading to the edge of the lake has been made by generations of post graduate students periodically collecting water samples during their quests for PhDs. Substantial quantities of fossil marine shells, most noticeably Katelysia spp. bivalves, can be seen near where the above pics were taken. These deposits are believed to relate to a period between 4,800 and 5,900 years ago when the ocean level may have been as much as 2.4 meters higher than at present. (Playford P. (1988). The geology of Rottnest Island. Geological Survey of Western Australia. p.40.) Here are three links to my other material on Lake Negri: HD panorama: Lake Negri, Rottnest Island - October 2008 8057 HD panorama: Lake Negri, Rottnest Island - April 2012 Fremantlebiz - Rottnest Island - Lake Negri: © MMXII Paul R. Weaver.
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