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Humans are social creatures who can not live alone. In life are always interacting with fellow human beings and the environment. Humans live in groups either in large groups or in small groups.Living in groups is certainly not easy. To create a harmonious living conditions of members of the group must be mutual respect & appreciate. Regularity of life should always be maintained. Regular life is the dream of every human being. Create & maintain a harmonious life is the duty of man. Humans are creatures of God the most high compared to other God's creatures. Humans have ability to think, the ability to sort & choose what is good & which one is bad. With the advantages that a man should be able to manage the environment properly. Not only the environment that need to be managed well, the social life of men is to be managed properly. For that needed qualified human resources. Resourcespirited leader, at least to lead themselves. With the spirited leader of the human will be able to manage themselves, the group & the environment well. Especially in the response to problems that are relatively complicated & difficult. This is where the wisdom required of a leader in making decisions so that problems can be resolved properly.

II. DISCUSSION In real life - the days, both within families, organizations, enterprises up to the government we often hear as a leader, leadership and power. The third word does have a relationship with one another. Some experts argues about Leader, some of them: According to Drs.H. Malay S.P. Hasibuan, leader is a person with leadership authority directing subordinates to do most of their work in achieving its objectives. According to Robert Tanembaum, leaders are those who use formal authority for organizing, directing, controlling the subordinate in charge, so that all parts of the work is coordinated in order to achieve corporate goals.

Whereas according to Pancasila, the leader must act as a nanny that encourage, guide, and guide their care.In other words, some of the leadership principle of Pancasila are: Ing Ngarsa Tuladha: Leaders must be able to make himself the nature and patterns of actions and follow-up fad for people they lead. Ing Madya Mangun Karsa: Leaders must be able to evoke the spirit of interpreunership and creativity in people who guided Tut Wuri Handayani: The leader must be able to encourage people who dare to walk in front of fosterage and could be responsible. A leader may be high achievers for himself, but it is not sufficient if he had not managed to grow and develop all the best in their subordinates. From the many definitions of leadership, can be conclude that: The leader is the person who got the mandate and have the traits, attitudes, and good style to administer or regulate others. The leaders is a person's who have ability to influence and motivate others to do things according to common goals . The function of a leader in an organization cant be denied that a very important function for the existence and progress of the organization concerned. Basically the function of leadership has two aspects: - The function of administration, which held a formulation kebijaksanakan administration and providing facilities. - The Function as a Top Management, namely conduct planning, organizing, staffing, directing, commanding, Controlling, and so on. Summary of leadership in three important aspects can be abbreviated in 3C, namely: Changes in the character of him self (Character Change). Have a clear vision (Clear vision). High ability or competence (competence). That third case was based on an attitude of discipline to continually grow, learn and grow both internally (the development of intrapersonal skills,

technical skills, knowledge, etc.) or in conjunction with others (interpersonal skills development and leadership methods). As John Maxwell says, "The only way that i can keep leading is to keep growing. The day I stop growing, somebody else takes the leadership baton. That is way it always it. "The only way for me to remain a leader is I have to constantly grow. When I stop growing, others will take over the leadership. III. FINAL CHAPTER

Leadership and power have an attachment that cant be separated. Because to be a leader not only by love one another, but many factors. Successfull leaders should have some criteria depending on the viewpoint or approach used, whether it's personality, skills, talents, nature, or the authority which owned the later very influential on theory and leadership styles will be applied. The main secret of leadership is the greatest strength of a leader instead of his powerfull, not intelligence, but from his personal strength. A true leader is always working hard to improve himself before they busy fixing other people. The leader is not just the title or position that given from the outside but something that grows and develops from within him self. Leadership is born of internal processes (leadership from the inside out).