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Of all the teachings on Samadhi, including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Buddha taught the most comprehensive, precise, and clearest method of entering the many Samadhis. These teachings are presented here. Although, the Buddha is most noted for his contribution of the Insight Meditation Path to Enlightenment, he originally always taught the Insight Path in conjunction with the Samadhi/Concentration path because without it, the Insight Path is nearly ineffective, with it the Insight Path proceeds with rocket like speed to final and complete liberation. Why Master the Jhanas? By mastering the Jhanas, one gains: 1. The acquired skill of direct access to the source of all pleasant feeling and happiness independent of circumstances. 2. Supernormal concentration. 3. Real entrance into higher planes. 4. Supernormal abilities and thus supernormal service capacity. 5. Real contact with enlightened beings rather than simply powerful thoughtforms of them. 6. The capacity for genius and supernormal creativity.
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(Defined by full attention there. Sufficient height of supporting cushions should be under the sitting bones relative to the knees and such that the back is supported without undue strain. Or.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=9b40350840&view=pt&search=inbox&th=1325bb402ef804cd 2/8 . such as repeating to yourself “Focusing on the sensations at the entrance of the nostrils as I breath in. Posture should support forgetting about the body and allowing it to become as still as a statue. Well rested. Developing the ability of liberation as originally taught by the Buddha in India as translated from the Pali (his native language) texts of his talks on the Dharma. Focus on sensations of breathing at the entrance of the nostrils for a count of 10 to 50+ breaths. etc.). 10. etc. Focusing …as I breath out. Goal state: Body and mind are completely filled with intense and energizing pleasant feeling associated with absorption in the object. shift focused attention to the meditation object. Quiet environment that is safe from interruption. Ex. Earplugs are helpful if environment is noisy. Advantage: Awakening of supernormal powers associated with the particular meditation object.Extend to enveloping the Earth and then. light: divine eye. Practicing being a higher Initiate. with an attitude of investigation. extend the space that it contains and then allow the object to fill the space. until it becomes unbounded or seemingly infinite. Ex. Forget about the environment and anything external. do the practice initially with the eyes slightly open or standing up. Focus on the pleasant feeling object.3/9/12 Gmail . Upon attaining one-pointed absorption in an object (joy. Insight Meditation is extremely slow and liberation often impossible). loving-kindness.Fwd: try this jhana meditation 7. extend as far a you can and then let it go out to an https://mail.) You may use self-talk (on a thought level) repetitively to do this. allowing it to intensify and spread throughout the body and mind. 9. ideally the Solar System and then out to an unbounded degree. Ex. Extremely rapid and penetrating Insight Meditation with rapid progress toward permanent liberation and enlightenment (without the Jhanas. Sometimes Harder Method: focusing on a meditation object that is external to the state but facilitates absorption.google. Instructions for Entering the 8 Jhanas For All Jhanas: Sit up straight in a comfortable and stable posture that promotes a balance of alertness and relaxation. With the cushion on the floor. Temporary liberation and enlightenment. pleasant feeling. 8. light. There are two methods of entering the Jhanas: Easy Method: focusing on a mind element/factor of the state strived for as the meditation object that facilitates rapid entrance into and reinforcement of the state. Hands on knees or in lap comfortably. near cross-legged position with calves parallel to each other (not overlapping) is suggested as no circulation is cut off and a longer sitting is made easier. light. Eyes closed. until basic concentration is gained.” Then. If tired. the earth element. loving-kindness. until the fatigue passes. Instruction for Entering the Jhanas with an Object Other than Feeling: 1st Jhana: Put on a smile mudra and maintain throughout the meditation for the first 3 Jhanas.

then you have succeeded in abstracting up into that level or plane of reality and extending your consciousness there. 2nd Jhana: Goal state: Intense pleasant feeling of the object (loving-kindness. it works better to just let it flow out to an unbounded degree.) IMPORTANT: The 4th Jhana is the perfect state. Refocus attention on more refined and peaceful blissful feeling of the object (which aids in calming the mind). If you lose concentration then pull back in. at least 5 minutes. B. Do at least 5 minutes no matter how well you feel or how successful you are. Light. Ideally.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=9b40350840&view=pt&search=inbox&th=1325bb402ef804cd 3/8 . Extend the area by opening up the area and then allowing the state to fill it. Setting aside one day per week or month. Or. Focus on space containing previous state and exclude the contents of the space and all diversity. https://mail. This is because it has perfect equanimity. and others reach as high as the 4th Jhana and are fully awakened there. 4th Jhana: Contemplate how pleasant and unpleasant (pain) feeling are the same. Do every day no matter what. non-bias. The most destructive thing to cultivating Jhana access is skipping a day. Omniscience. for practicing Insight Meditation for permanently rooting out one’s unenlightened tendencies and achieving permanent liberation or freedom from any type of suffering. for some people. Maintain your concentration. light. (Loving-kindness. non-resistance. Spontaneously the mind quiets so there is an absence of thoughts. Find limits of consciousness and expand into unbounded space such that all contents of the space and all diversity are abandoned.Fwd: try this jhana meditation unbounded degree.) overflowing through the entire body and mind to the experience of unboundedness without any thought. it is the effort that counts. Use will to transcend both and rise above them to a higher state that has perfect equanimity (attitude of sameness) and non-resistance to all. When it becomes unbounded. Altruistic Joy. Three Ways to Enter the 2nd Jhana: A.3/9/12 Gmail . and supernormal penetrating concentration. 6th Jhana: Focus on the consciousness or awareness of the unbounded space until absorbed in unbounded consciousness. Willed calming of thinking (when no longer needed to maintain one-pointed attention on the state.) C.google. Intuition. and recommended by the Buddha. etc. A sense of inner confidence or whole-being togetherness should arise in the 2nd Jhana. B. only do so such that one-pointed absorption is not lost by getting dispersed. for all day practice will propel your Jhana abilities a thousand fold. 3rd Jhana: Focus on the refined blissful feeling and complete satisfaction feeling of the object (for example blissful-loving-kindness) to all pervading and unbounded degree such that exciting joy is completely eliminated. etc. and Compassion reach only as high as the 3rd Jhana. 5th Jhana: Two Ways to Enter 5th Jhana: A. 1 or 2 hours per day is best for optimal cultivation. Pervade body and mind with this state and expand to unboundedness. the 5 Elements. However.

. Momentary Joy (like flashes of lightning). . . only upward. Never moving downward. several times. Technique to Refine and Empower the Jhana States in the Jhanas 1. Avoid TV and music with words before practice.3/9/12 Gmail . Minor Joy (can raise the hairs on the body). . . .”. Pass your attention quickly along the spine from the base to the top of the head. You may even mentally verbalize the shift in meditation object. Pervading (Rapturous) Joy (the whole body is completely pervaded. 4. the 1st Jhana devours and consumes bodily and mental afflictions. 5. 2. Reviewing the experience for the degree of its mind elements. like a filled bladder. only moving upward.Fwd: try this jhana meditation 7th Jhana: Focus on nothingness. Uplifting Joy (which can be powerful enough to levitate the body). Bliss. 3. 4. Use it accordingly for this. rising out of unbounded consciousness. Entering quickly. Master each Jhana in Five Ways: 1.”. 5. For example: “Joy. . 3. Averting to (setting your intention to enter and be in a Jhana for a certain period of time). “Blissful Loving-Kindness. . Showering Joy (like waves on the seashore breaking over the body again and again). Tips for an Effective Practice Allow the Pleasant Sensation/Joy in the 1st Jhana to fully mature through the stages of: 1. Exiting quickly. Sustaining as intensely as you can for the intended duration. etc. Joy. Blissful Loving-Kindness. . 2. using the briefest amount necessary to make the shift. or a rock cavern invaded by huge inundations of water). . .”.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=9b40350840&view=pt&search=inbox&th=1325bb402ef804cd 4/8 .google. Use a brief period of applied thought to shift to a higher Jhana. becoming nothing. “Bliss. Remember. 8th Jhana: Become aware of the perception of nothingness and intend the calming of perception. Use Applied Thought to Switch Jhanas. Bliss. to 4. starting from the base and along the spine to the top of the head. Blissful LovingKindness . Joy.”. “Space. The Buddha’s Description of the 8 Jhanas The 8 Jhanas as Described in the Pali Canon with traditional Jhana factors in bold Rupa Jhanas (Fine-Material/Form Absorptions) https://mail. Space. Space.

there may be some of the lotuses which. the trainee drenches. the trainee drenches. the trainee drenches. “" "Just as in a blue-. by gaining inner tranquility and unification of mind. stay immersed in the water and flourish without standing up out of the water. 3. steeps. with the stilling of initial and sustained thought. steeps. which is free from initial and sustained thought and is filled withrapture and happiness born of concentration.” 4. steeps. the trainee sits. having no inflow from east. suffusing his body with a pure. encompassed by moisture. even so. sprinkling it again and again with water.3/9/12 Gmail . and clearly aware. bright awareness."There is the case where a trainee -. steeps.28 https://mail. and suffuses his body with the rapture and happiness born of concentration so that there is no part of his entire body not suffused with rapture and happiness. steeps. saturates. He drenches.quite secluded from sense desires. he enters the third Jhana and experiences within himself the joy of which the Noble Ones declare. north. so that they are permeated and pervaded. and suffuses his body with this rapture and happiness so that there is no part of his entire body not suffused with rapture and happiness.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=9b40350840&view=pt&search=inbox&th=1325bb402ef804cd 5/8 . and suffuses his body with this rapture and happiness so that there is no part of his entire body not suffused with rapture and happiness.he enters and remains in the fourth Jhana which is beyond pleasure and pain. or south. steeps.” "Just as if a man were sitting wrapped from head to foot with a white cloth so that there would be no part of his body to which the white cloth did not extend. there being no part of the lake not suffused with cool water. white-. so that there is nothing of his entire body not suffused by pure. remaining imperturbable. even so. saturates.as with the earlier disappearance of joy and sorrow -. and with the skies [not?] periodically supplying it with rain. and suffuses his body with the rapture and happiness born of seclusion so that there is no part of his entire body not suffused with rapture and happiness. He drenches. or red-lotus pond. with the fading away of rapture. He sits. born and growing in the water. saturates. "Just like a lake with spring-water welling up from below. secluded from unwholesome states of mind -. He drenches. bright awareness. bright awareness so that there is no part of his entire body not suffused by pure. and purified by equanimity and mindfulness. even so. west. saturates.google. “Happy is he who dwells with equanimity and mindfulness. bright awareness.enters and remains in the first Jhana which is with initial and sustained thought [to the meditation subject] and is filled with rapture and happiness born of seclusion." Anguttara Nikaya V. suffuse and fill that lake with cool water.Fwd: try this jhana meditation 1. saturates."Further. and suffuses his body with this happiness free from rapture so that there is no part of his entire body not suffused with happiness. mindful. so that the ball of soap powder would be filled with moisture. with the abandoning of pleasure and pain -. even so. he enters and remains in the second Jhana. and suffuses his body with this happiness free from rapture so that there is no part of his entire body not suffused with happiness. 2. saturates. yet would not drip."Further. "Just as if a skilled bath attendant or his apprentice would pour soap powder into a metal basin and knead it together. so that the cool spring-water welling up from below would permeate and pervade."Further. suffusing his body with a pure. suffused and filled with cool water from their roots to their tips so that no part of those lotuses is not suffused with cool water. pervaded by moisture inside and out.

thinking. 'consciousness is infinite. 8. 14. superconscious sense of resistance bodily sensations perceptions of diversity sphere of boundless space sphere of boundless consciousness sphere of no-thingness sphere of neither perception nor non-perception (perceptual element nearly gone except for only subtle perception of very core/essential individualized self) 19."With the complete transcending of the Sphere of No-thingness. 'There is nothing. non-bias mindfulness. 3. 'space is infinite.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=9b40350840&view=pt&search=inbox&th=1325bb402ef804cd 6/8 . ecstasy. anticipatory pleasant feeling.' one enters and remains in the Sphere of Infinite Consciousness. 11. 16. satisfying pleasant feeling one-pointedness of mind. absorbed attention external sense desires unwholesome states of mind internal confidence. pure universal identity https://mail. directed or applied thought. 10. 12. feeling 20. 13.3/9/12 Gmail . during the experience. inner tranquility of mind unification of mind equanimity. thinking. happiness. Or. 7.' one enters and remains in the Sphere of No-thingness. 5. 15. 9. 4."With the complete transcending of bodily sensations. sustained thought. euphoria.' one enters and remains in the Sphere of Infinite Space. Once you have learned to establish yourself in a particular Jhana and maintain it then your may review it more thoroughly without losing your height of focused attention. and not heeding perceptions of diversity. 17. attitude of all is equal/same. perception 21. sustained attention joy. you may momentary review the state. The following Experiential Elements apply to the 8(9) Jhanas (the 9th is attained by combining Insight with Concentration) 1. one enters and remains in the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-perception. and then redirect your attention one-pointedly back toward the meditation object.google. delight. When you review the experience after meditating you can analyze it for the presence or absence of the particular experiential elements and determine where you where. 6. thinking."With the complete transcending of the Sphere of Infinite Space."With the complete transcending of the Sphere of Infinite Consciousness. rapture. bliss. 18. with the disappearance of all sense of resistance." Digha Nikaya 15 How can you tell if you are in a particular Jhana? You can determine this by the presence and absence of particular Experiential Elements. initial attention pondering. 7. 2. 8. 6. thinking.Fwd: try this jhana meditation Arupa Jhanas (Immaterial/Formless Absorptions) 5.

laziness and sleepiness 24. joy.google. . 24. . . mindfulness 5th Jhana 5. rapture 4. ill will or anger laziness and sleepiness agitation and worry doubt Jhana/Samadhi State 1st Jhana Experiential Elements Present/Active (Underlined is dominant Element) 1. happiness. equanimity 11.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=9b40350840&view=pt&search=inbox&th=1325bb402ef804cd . agitation and worry 2nd Jhana 3. bliss (-24) 5. one-pointedness of mind 8. bliss 5. 12. one-pointedness of mind 10. 23. directed thought 2.3/9/12 Gmail . one-pointedness of mind (-6) Experiential Elements Absent/Calmed 6. internal confidence 25. rapture (-22) 4. unification of mind 4. sustained thought 3. joy. sustained thought (-25) 3. joy. directed thought 2. one-pointedness of mind 15. bliss 4th Jhana 11. 7/8 https://mail. directed thought 2. bodily sensations 6th Jhana 5. directed thought (-23) 2. joy. sustained thought 3rd Jhana 9. sphere of boundless space 12. ill will or anger 23. equanimity 1. bliss 5. feeling all of above and . . sense of resistance all of above and . sustained thought 3. one-pointedness of mind 19. perceptions of diversity 13. rapture 4. rapture 1. mindfulness 5. one-pointedness of mind 10. happiness.Fwd: try this jhana meditation 22. external sense desires 7. happiness. doubt 1. 25. unwholesome states of mind 22. sense of resistance 14. happiness.

Fwd: try this jhana meditation 16. Unbounded Bliss. Transition of Cessation of Feeling. Universal Love. one-pointedness of mind 21. 19. one-pointedness of mind 18. feeling all of above and . 2nd Jhana: higher levels of the Soul/Light body and the Universal Mind. Unbounded Joy. 16. . 17. sphere of neither perception nor nonperception (9th ) “Cessation” 5. pure universal identity Jhanas and Levels or Planes of Reality In each Jhana. sphere of boundless consciousness 7th Jhana 5. Transcendence of Form and Diversity https://mail. the personality is fused with: 1st Jhana: Higher/Abstract Mind and lower levels of the Soul/ Causal/ Light Body. Perfect Equanimity. one-pointedness of mind 17. 4th Jhana: Atmic Body.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=9b40350840&view=pt&search=inbox&th=1325bb402ef804cd 8/8 . . feeling all of above and . . sphere of boundless consciousness 19. feeling all of above and . sphere of no-thingness 19. . . 5th Jhana: Unbounded/Universal Space. . sphere of boundless space 19. 3rd Jhana: Buddhic or Christed Body. feeling 20. perception 8th Jhana 5.3/9/12 Gmail . Universal Will/Life. sphere of no-thingness 15.google.

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