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Chapter 10


No doubt all modern discoveries and inventions are due to blessings of Islam. Islam encourages man to explore the nature to understand his creator. But few Europeans philosophers were against this concept. Later they accepted that Islam is the base of all miracles and wonders in modern age of global village.

Islam and science

Islam greatly emphases man to explore natural resources and nature s principles. Scientists had proved that almost scientific and nature s laws are same. Before Islam people believed in different gods. They strongly believed on superstitions and bad illusions. In Quran,Allah stated that he never change his rules. All scientific progress is due to Islam not due to Greek, Europen and Russians. Islam ordered man to follow only right believe after complete verifications. there is hundreds of verses in Quran in which Allah ordered man to think about nature. Nature discovery is also a great worship of God.European philosophy only forced man to live in life of dreams not of practical.

Scholars of undalis
Muslims were great scholars of the world. Europeans snack the knowledge of Muslims from libraries of Iran and Iraq. Iran was headquarter of Muslims books the beginning there were two groups of Muslims.Eastern philosophers and west philosophers. East were Arabian and Iranians. While west were undails. Eastern researches were based on thought and dreams. On the other hand Europeans experiments were reality base.many western scientists did great jobs and discoveries. Hakim abass for the first time study knowledge about stars.Abne Khalid studied rules of ups and downs in life.undelles scholars used inductive method that is result from observing specific thing to general. Europeans made many experiments on Muslims hypothesis. Basically Muslims discovered the natures miracles but Europeans became owners of these discoveries fraudently. Modern age of aqleatparasti Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W was the leader of leaders. He is international role model for us in every sphere of life. He was the well-wisher of this whole universe. He turned the imaginations of people in reality.He able a man to accept the great miracles of the universe. He agreed man to see signs of Allah in natural phenomena. He told man the limitation of wisdom. And develop relationship between action and knowledge in religion. He told people that there creator is a single who control the vast universe lonely. He gave message of Allah to HIS people.he guides man in every trouble and hardship. He made us aware from the rules of nature. He told us about day of judgement. He gave the message of

politeness, democracy, freedom and short he is the well-wisher of every small grain in this universe.